‘Hello New Thighs!’: Chrissy Teigen Welcomes Pregnancy Curves with Open Arms

11/14/2015 at 10:30 AM ET

First comes the bump, then come the the … thighs?

Chrissy Teigen continued to showcase her changing baby body on Instagram Friday, with a new look at her bare thighs.

In the image, Teigen, 29, lounged between two chairs in only a nude, longsleeve leotard with a piece of brown fabric draped over her belly. The model struck a pose, her hand glued to her bare bottom.

“Hello new thighs! You appeared out of nowhere but I am not mad at it,” she wrote.

Chrissy Teigen's new thighs
Courtesy Chrissy Teigen

Teigen and husband John Legend  announced they were expecting their first child just last month after a public infertility struggle.

“We’re so excited that it’s finally happening,” Teigen wrote at the time. “Thank you for all your love and well wishes. I look forward to all the belly touching! Xx.”

Since breaking the big news, Teigen has been sharing her pregnancy journey on social media. She’s even shut down critics of her growing bump and dietary choices.

“If you wanna give me unsolicited baby advice on the damn cereal I eat/what I wear u better unlock your profile so I can see your perfection,” Teigen tweeted after fans attacked her for munching on Fruity Pebbles and Cap’N Crunch.

Pregnancy cravings and new thighs aside, Teigen is still keeping in shape during her pregnancy. Just last week, she and Legend were spotted hitting the gym in L.A.

– Lindsay Kimble

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guest on

What happened to her going off Instagram and twitter after she got bashed? Yeah right

my theory... on

I think she created “fertility issues” to gain more attention when she was ready to announce her pregnancy. Just hope she has a good pregnancy and healthy child.

siobhan on

I knew she’d never stick to that promise to stop sharing her pregnancy.

heather on

Is something wrong with this woman? Did she eat too many paint chips as a kid?

Jennifer on

Who lays on 2 chairs in a leotard when pregnant? Oh yeah, this moron. Oh, and honey, those aren’t even close to pregnancy thighs.

karen on

What happened to “I am not going to share anymore?” This girl is a glutton for punishment. And wow, that looks super comfortable and natural laying across two chairs – haha!

bmaren3 on

Poor woman.. her thighs aren’t sticks anymore. What a tragedy. I wonder if she cares that people with real weight issues will see this garbage.

Angel on

I’m sorry I thought that was Bruce in a leotard…

Anne on

What kind of a stupid pose is that? Doesn’t look very comfortable.

Tosha on

I thought she sd she wasnt going to share anymore preggo details n pics!!!?? I was so looking forward to not seeing her damn face!!! What an attention whore!! Cant stand this lil cambodian boy looking bish

Aja on

What I don’t understand is why everyone cares so much about celebrities diet and exercise choices. People are just cruel and evil on social media. Happy John and Chrissy get to celebrate the joy of having a baby, especially since she’s had fertility issues.

Kathy on

Such an annoying women she is. Why do some people feel the need to report on every detail? Women have had babies since the beginning of time.

Anonymous on

If she already posted this on Instagram (and her account is for the public to see), why need to write an article about it? Does People really need to break it down for her on what her post is about? Thighs, right, because no one has ever seen one.

not a fan on

She’s obnoxious.

VirgotheVirgin on

STFU already. You always had thighs, which is why you insisted that people were “fat shaming” you before you got pregnant. Practice what you preach, and get off social media. No one cares about your fat thighs.

Not a bitter mysogynist on

A lot of jealous, bitter haters. No woman should pay attention to them. Chrissy keep doing you. There are many more women out there who like you but don’t spend time commenting on blogs or social media. Hope you have a happy pregnancy!

Carolyn on

What a silly, vapid woman.

Angela on

So much hate. Man, people cant stand to see a woman who is beautiful AND funny. This girl is awesome and those of you who want to bash her because she was born with good looks and a killer body can shove it.

Jill on

Wow, ONE nice comment out of 15. You all must be some crabby a$$ people. I think she looks great. Stop being so mean! Sheesh.

Anonymous on

That is the most ridiculous pic!! Poor girl doesn’t even realize how stupid she looks….too self-absorbed to even care.

millierob on

Because your comment was so nice, Jill? Talk about the epitome of hypocrisy.

Keely on

chrissy teigen is a clown! How the hell is she pretty? She looks like the Joker in drag .

Paula on

She is self absorbed, gorgeous lady though.

mamaofthree on

This picture just strikes me as odd. The pose makes it LOOK like she’s at a fashion shoot. But when you look around, it’s like she got back from an errand run at whole foods and some chocolate store, set down her purse, her phone, her water, and gum, changed into a nude leotard (also…what? Who has those lying around?) and handed her assistant her phone with instagram filters on. I don’t mind people trying to be honest about their pregnancy bodies, but what in the world is this? Do they not have a couch she could lay on? You intentionally shoved together two kitchen chairs and balanced between them? Just…what?

uncle on

Who lies across two chairs like that? Is she mentally ill? And Fruity Pebbles? Jeez….and “thighs” and then “it”? Plural to singular? She needs some middle-school primers. She is just so poorly educated What is that “sash” doing there? And where is her pubic hair? And why does she dye the hair on her head, and why does she wear so much makeup? What is WRONG with her? Is it in the DSMV?

Anonymous on

She can have selfie on the bed, instead of two chairs!

guest on

I really do like Chissy Teigen and John Legend but this is going to be. loooonnnnnggggg pregnancy if every day there is documentation. I wish them the best especially after their struggle.

msliftbig on

Wow why do people hate this woman?? I’m happy that she’s gaining weight and having a healthy pregnancy!

Gracious on

I can only imagine my husband’s face if I were to strike a pose like this. Bahahaha!

Justamea on

I really like her and happy she is pregnant. I know you can stop pregnant thunder thighs by working out while pregnant.

Sunny on

Dumbest pose ever.

Reallywhy? on

Sooo John took the picture?? It’s a better way to make your point then this overly dramatic photo….and of a private pic she could have just sent to her husband. Women do embrace our ability to have a pregnancy but if you are sharing by all means be polite. This isn’t sports illustrated and the point that she is/was a model…no need to be tacky. Really? Why?

Hannah on

Why would she “lounge between 2 chairs” , for no explainable purpose, and why would People cover it??? Sheesh!

Anonymous on

Seriously? A baby bump pic is good enough. This wasn’t even just a candid shot, say she was in a bathing suit laying in a chaise. She’s posing on two chairs in a bodysuit? Whatever. Eye roll.

Whyme on

Seriously? A baby bump pic is good enough. This wasn’t even just a candid shot, say she was in a bathing suit laying in a chaise. She’s posing on two chairs in a bodysuit? Whatever. Eye roll.

Angela on

Ooh that pose posture is just ridicules.

nelle on

Congrats on your pregnancy Chrissy and eat what ever your pregnancy cravings desire, forget the haters!

gigi on

dumb picture

Anonymous on

Lovely post.

Dogman69 on

It looks like she is going to let one rip!

Dogman69 on

Are you kidding?! She is holding one cheek open to let one out!

Vz on

Yes that is a good pose

Hea on

I don’t get it..? Perfectly normal thighs.

Amand on

That has to be the most awkward pic I’ve eve seen!

Tg on

That picture is just plain weird. Her thighs grew bc her brain shrunk.