Jessie James Decker on Sharing Postpartum Pics: I Wanted to Show What a ‘Real Body Looks Like’

11/13/2015 at 01:30 PM ET

Jessie James Decker is keeping it real.

The singer-songwriter has always been open with her fans on social media — especially when it comes to motherhood.

From posting breastfeeding pics with her newborn son Eric Thomas Decker II to sharing her postpartum pooch on Instagram, the “Lights Down Low” crooner has regularly offered an unedited lens into the world of stretch marks and c-section scars from her point of view.

“I am so glad that I was able to show mommies what a real body looks like after baby,” James Decker, 27, tells PEOPLE exclusively of her decision to post candid shots on social media. “I have my scar and pooch, and 90 percent of the time I look a mess!”

Jessie James Decker

While we’re not entirely sold on the latter (she’s a contouring queen, after all!), the star, who is teaming up with Babiators to launch exclusive Aviator sunglasses, continues to raise awareness of the societal pressure facing new moms.

“Women are too hard on themselves to be perfect,” says the singer, who is also mom to 18-month-old Vivianne Rose. “I think it’s more endearing to just be real. I also think it’s important for women to support each other.”

I appreciate all of the sweet comments about how tiny I look after baby! But I don't want to mislead any mommy's who just had babies and are stressing! I gained 55 pounds with my daughter and only 27 this time! I gained so much with her because I threw up every day for five months and of course was starving after so I would shove anything in my mouth to make that hunger feeling go away. This time I ate very normal and would take occasional walks. I am still 15 pounds away from what I was originally before I got pregnant with Vivianne. I take occasional walks but haven't done anything yet to try and lose weight and am in no rush! Nursing mamas should def not try and do any severe diets or milk supply will run low! My tummy is still swollen and you can see my c-section scar and pooch! I had another due to my 9lb baby and petite frame. So no rushing and no stressing about losing weight! Wanted to make sure y'all saw what my tummy looks like under the tank top and blazer…I do wear a belly waist train thingy a few hours here n there which helps c section mamas and swelling to go down. I am so glad we all can support each other. Being a mommy is so rewarding but hard work so we need to stick together and help each other out. I'm not perfect but I do my best. That's what it's all about. So never be hard on yourself. I'm going to try and do more posts like this. So feel free to ask anything below and will try and incorporate it in another mommy post! ❤️y'all

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Back in October, James Decker revealed her post-baby body after an influx of comments noted the star’s small frame one month after welcoming her second child with husband Eric Decker.

“I don’t want to mislead any [mommies] who just had babies and are stressing,” James Decker’s photo caption read. “Wanted to make sure y’all saw what my tummy looks like under the tank top and blazer.”

The singer’s new holiday single, “This Christmas,” is available Friday.

— Grace Gavilanes

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mono on

This woman is sooooo annoooooying!!!! “Show what a real body looks like”. We know. Women have been having babies for many many many years in case you didn’t know! Idiot! Get over yourself!

heather on

She’s showing her stomach. Not that big of a deal. She’s not exactly putting herself out there.

msliftbig on

She has nothing to prove! She looks great though.

anz13 on

She’s awesome!

Anonymous on

Omg!! People comments on here are so rude. Can you say jealous much. I think she looks fantastic for having two kids so close in age. If you have nothing nice say then keep your comments to yourself. People have nothing better to do with there time then be rude to others. It’s better to honest then to hide the truth.

Kyla on

I think she is gorgeous and has two beautiful kids. At least she is not trying to sugarcoat what it looks like after having a baby. Keeping it real instead of lying to people is what I admire in a person. Way to go Jessie James Decker!!!!

robinepowell on

Good for her. Though I can’t see the C-section scar.

hessin on

hate it when a chick posts a picture showing how thin they are after baby, and stating they aren’t going to be pressured into losing the baby weight too quickly( what baby weight???)….well guess what….you are clearing posting that pic to show off…or you wouldn’t have done so. p.s…real women don’t bounce back so easily without trying. pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm on

Nice hair. Doesn’t look super damaged despite the bleaching.

Stella on

This is shameless attention seeking/fishing for compliments behaivor. Not to mention this same “article” and photo were posted several weeks ago, I just can’t recall if it was on here or usweekly.

Me on

“I am so glad that I was able to show mommies what a real body looks like after baby,” James Decker, 27, tells PEOPLE exclusively of her decision to post candid shots on social media. – I don’t need anyone showing me what a real body looks like after baby. I have seen my own, thank you. “Mommies” aren’t the ones who need to know this. Duh!

Amanda on

My God, some of you people must live completely miserable lives! She posted this photo months ago, it’s not her fault People is just now talking about it. She had people commenting on HER photos about how skinny she was, so she posted a belly pic showing it was an illusion. Why are you people so upset by that? If she had posted the picture in her skin tight dress and they complemented her body after baby, you same people would be whining that “no regular woman looks like that after having a baby.” She can’t win either way. What’s so hard about skipping over an article that you know will piss you off?

JIll on

Agreed Amanda! What’s with all the hostility on here! You all need to take a chill pill! She looks great to me. I’m still trying to lose that extra 10-15 pounds from when I had my little one 5 months ago!

CJ on

OMG My stomach looks like that after a good meal out with wine with my hubby!! LOL Hey ladies – let’s love ourselves and who we are and not worry about anyone else but

Dingosbaby (@dingosbaby) on

GAWD not again. I doubt anyone cared the first time you posted. You need a lot of attention, girl.

robinepowell on

@ Amanda: I agree with you 100%!!

Olivia on

She looks great. Congratulations on the new addition.

Jan on

I don’t understand how she claims to found her “soulmate” after sleeping with so many guys. but none of my business…. *sips tea*

Sara on

Love her. So beautiful and so down to earth.

mono, your issue is with yourself – not her. You are self-projecting, big time.

Nally on

She has nice long hair and she looks fit after having baby.

Lynne on

Love you Jessie! You always look great!