It’ll Be a Boy for Amy Davidson

11/13/2015 at 05:45 PM ET

Break out the blue confetti!

The baby actress Amy Davidson is expecting with husband Kacy Lockwood in March is a son, she confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“I personally am looking forward to watching Kacy with a little boy; seeing the bond the two of them will create,” Davidson, 36, tells PEOPLE.

The couple found out the sex of their first child during a gender reveal party — “One of the most amazing nights of my life,” the mom-to-be says — hosted by close friend Lacey Chabert.

Amy Davidson Expecting Son Kacy Lockwood
Amy is holding Stride Rite shoes- Courtesy Amy Davidson

“Lacey actually picked up the blood test results from my doctors office in a sealed envelope,” says Davidson. “I wanted her to be surprised too, but she wanted to be positive that the baker got it right. She wanted to make sure everything was perfect, and truly it was.”

While driving to the big reveal — a nautical-themed party to honor Lockwood, a boat captain — Davidson admits she and the dad-to-be were “full of nervous excitement” over slicing into the cake.

“There were all these adorable baby blue and pink anchors everywhere,” the 8 Simple Rules star shares. “We had the most gorgeous two-tier cake that was, of course, pink and blue! We were sure it was a girl. We had no doubts. The second we cut into the cake and saw the blue inside, Kacy and I were floored.”

She continues, “I have never been so surprised in my life! Ever. My friends said they’ve never seen me that way before. Red face, nervous, tears of joy. The moments before actually making that cut were out of body for me. I kept stalling. I wasn’t ready. I kept telling Kacy to wait a minute.”

Since both Davidson and Lockwood believed they would be welcoming a baby girl, it took some time for the news of a son to set in.

“After we made that cut, we both had that moment where we thought the baker got it wrong! It took a little bit for us to digest that we were having a boy because a girl was so real for us. We even have our girl name picked out!” explains the actress, adding they have yet to decide on a boy name.

“Now that I’ve had time knowing there is a little dude growing inside of me, I am thrilled beyond words. Everyone keeps saying the bond between mother and son is so unique and strong and I can’t express how excited and blessed I feel to be able to experience that.”

And now that they know the sex of their baby on the way, Davidson jokes she has a good guess as to who their son will take after.

“Lockwood genes are extremely strong, our nephews look exactly like my father-in-law, so I’m picturing our baby to be a mini version of my husband,” she explains. “I’d love to put them in matching outfits, but I’m not sure that’ll fly with Kacy!”

She adds, “We both look forward to t-ball and birthday parties and holidays with family. And mainly going from two to three. Or actually four to five — Stanley and Sophie are our first babies. Furry, but still our babies.”

— Anya Leon

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Sandy on

I have never heard of this person, but she strikes me as seriously annoying. What the hell is a gender reveal party? Trust me, nobody cares besides maybe your mother and your husband. A separate party for this? Get a grip. Let me guess, guests are expected to bring gifts to these parties? Sort of the same as i feel about a “smash cake” at first birthday parties. So goddamn annoying I can’t freaking take it. And one more thing, the first time those stupid little dogs bark and wake up a baby you just took 2 hours to get to sleep, you’ll feel like drop kicking them. Ok rank over. I feel better

Sandy on

I have never in all my life heard of something as annoying as a “gender reveal” party. Nobody besides your husband and maybe your mother really care. Trust me.

Sandy on

The first time those stupid little dogs bark and wake up a baby you just took 2 hours to get to sleep, you will feel like drop kicking them. Once the baby comes, you will truly understand that they are not babies. Just dogs.

guest on

Sandy, it’s the latest thing for the past few years and not just for celebs. I find it a little obnoxious too but people seem to want to do it. We live in a self important society unfortunately.

Sandy on

I guess so, guest. Do you think they expect gifts too? Probably the same type who have a smash cake photo shoot on the first birthday. Just shoot me now.

heather on

Gender reveal party? Ughh why? What’s next, conception party?

facelessbandit on

Think about how much more excitement she would have felt if she waited to find out at the birth.

Karla on

Ooh look like we could have several different type of parties before a child is born.

Andrea on

These two dogs are so cute lol.

Bree on

@facelessbandit think about how much more excited she is to make her own choices regarding her pregnancy and child and do what she and her husband want.

I found out what I was having before delivery with both my pregnancies and have no regrets. Like Amy and Kasey I was positive I was having girls, unlike them I was right both times although I would have been happy either way.

Congrats to the whole family. Enjoy your family and don’t listen to all the rude haters. They are just miserable trolls.