Kim Kardashian West Steps Out in a Completely See-Through Jumpsuit as She Approaches Her Final Month of Pregnancy

11/08/2015 at 10:45 AM ET

If you’ve got it, flaunt it — a baby bump, that is.

As Kim Kardashian West‘s final weeks of pregnancy near (the star is due in December), she’s fully embraced her pregnant figure. The reality star stepped out on Saturday — in an outfit reminiscent of the daring sheer Givenchy number she wore to New York Fashion Week  — for the 5th Annual LACMA Film + Art Gala in Los Angeles.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Sheer Jumpsuit
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Much like her other barely-there maternity ensembles, Kardashian West’s black lace jumpsuit left little to the imagination.

Kardashian West, 35, accessorized with her usual oversized coat, peep toe shoes and a multi-layered silver choker necklace.

While there’s no question that the star is now confident when it comes to dressing her pregnant body, she admitted that struggled to find her style during her first pregnancy with daughter North, 2.

“Everyone used to say Kourtney [Kardashian] had the best pregnancy style, so I would borrow a dress she wore when she was pregnant, and OMG it did not look the same!” Kardashian West wrote on her website in September. “The side-by-side comparisons were just not good for my soul, so I finally had to figure out my own style that worked for ME!”

Now that the star has found what works for her (tight-fitting dresses and loose overcoats), she feels proud to show off her new curves.

“This time around, I know what I like — plus, I am confident and not trying to hide my bump. I actually want to accentuate it,” she wrote.

— Lindsay Kimble

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Mom on

She has not an ounce of class totally disgusting

Ginger on

This woman is such trash. Her children will be so embarrassed some day. I feel sorry for them.

Wilma on

Oh my. . . there’s so much to say about Kim’s pregnancy outfits and those comments would mostly be profane. Does this woman have no shame? Truly truly SAD. . . .

Carrie on

I hope she reads these comments, because I just want to tell her that having a baby is a beautiful thing, but to try to continue to show off your sexuality in practically nothing is not.

jg1965 on

She looks horrible. Look at her hands.

Darryl on

As a man looking at her, I don’t see anything remotely sexy about her.

Grace on

This woman looks TERRIBLE!! How can she even think she looks good? Put some clothes on, for goodness sakes!!

dee on

It is so sad her only worth is in how she looks. She could be doing so much good with her money to help young women. I hope her daughter grows up to be the opposite of her and realizes there is more to life. Thankfully the 2nd child is a boy.

Anonymous on

She is disgusting!

CJ on

You don’t need that much attention mama. It’s time to put some clothes on. I know you made your fame by taking your clothes off but you need to graduate and move on and find some class. Ask yourself: are you a stripper or a mom?

anon on

Tasteless, classless, utterly disgusting

Anonymous on

Fashion calls it a ” see-through jumpsuit” I call it a curtain I did not use because it was UGLY .

Dawn S on

She really is such a beautiful woman. Glad she feels as sexy pregnant as she does–heck, I felt the most beautiful ever when I was pregnant, it’s an amazing, miraculous, powerful feeling to carry one’s child and a gift sadly not all women are able to do and should be celebrated. While I want to commend her confidence to wear the things she wears, I can’t help but think she’s surrounded herself by so many “yes” people, she really has no concept of how distracting her wardrobe is to her real beauty.

KW on

I think the biggest issue with her is that she has messed with her face way too much for a 35 year old. She and I are the same age and I look 10 years younger because I embrace the aging process. I don’t understand how a woman can create an app (aside from her stupid “game”) that has some beauty tips when she looks like a freak. Women of Armenian/Eastern European/Middle Eastern decent should never take tips from someone whose sole purpose was to change those distinctive features. She really was a stunning girl before!

kimSUCKS on

Fashion calls it ” see-through jumpsuit” I call it a curtain I did not use because it was UGLY!

DumpsterDiving on

Kim you went trough my trash ! Gurrrrl that was my table cloth !

bella2758 on

Not worth the time.!!!!!!!!!!!

Elf on

All fake, the face, boobs, ect! She’ll have the baby, a zebra, and then more plastic surgery to firm up the tummy area, so she is still fat but a firm fat, not hanging fat. Who calls and finds this sexy? The thin gals who starve themselves to look hot are just as bad! They do the fake boobs so they have some, maybe some ass injections, again fake! Being real and happy with your self and body is sexy, being in proportion for you is what is heathy and natural. Women can be stupid and not love themselves,men on the other end don’t even care if they gave bald spots, guts or bad bodies, they still love themselves! Gals be real and you, that’s hot and sexy!

Skiwoman on

Kim has no class or sense of dignity

Tyre on

Disgusting as usual!

Pam on


melome on

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ALT on

WTF is wrong with her? There aren’t enough years or shrinks to figure out what’s wrong with her. I’ve seen hookers dressed better than this and that’s saying a lot?

mary kay kay hauke on

has this women no shame!!!

Kat on

She never ceases to amaze me with her lack of style. She is as tasteless as the ho-bag she is!

rosemary on

she is a pig! nuff said! no class, no morals!!!

Karen on

As long as the public keeps watching their show, and picking up print media with them in it, they will have the spot light. Once WE get tired of them and stop perpetuating their money, they’ll go away.

Sue on

Oh dear God!!! WE DON’T CARE!!! There are children being abused, people getting shot and killed for no reason…why does anyone care about these disgusting people? PLEASE STOP GIVING THEM YOUR TIME! I used to read your magazine religiously…loved the stories. It’s now filled with crap like this.

Nycgirl437 on

Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. I can’t….unsee…. Ew

Tiff on

She looks stupid as usual.

Anonymous on

Really? She is a pretty girl; why does she have to wear these ridiculous, unflattering outfits?

marie on

She always looks bad, but this has got to be the worst, except when she is naked.

Dan on


Jessica on

As I much as I dislike her and her family, I have to admit that I admire her for at least trying. When I was at the end of my pregnancy I wore my husband’s sweats and baggy t-shirts and never left the house. However, if she is putting forth the effort to dress up, try not to look so ridiculous! Those long coats and slutty dresses are so tacky!!

ariana on

It’s far from being “completely see through fabric.” Geez, how dumb can people be!? It’s lined with nude colored fabric. Nothing is showing.

just say no on

Her needs for attention overrides good sense. It’s almost sad how much attention she needs and how she goes about getting that attention. Her mother taught her wrong.

Tina on

I just have one thing to say, WHY???

Helen on

Omg…what was she thinking?

Oh Kim..give it up on

Go away…please. She looks like a pregnant or fake pregnant Joclyn Wildenstein with her feline face.

LIN on

She looks like one of those balloon curtains I have hanging in my kitchen window.

Just a Duck on

Why? Barf.

Anonymous on


KZ on

Her hands don’t match her Botox face.

max on

Whoops, she forgot to change before leaving the boudoir. No one but your husband wants to see this. Please, get dressed.


LMAO she is absolutely gross. That last line about not hiding & confident blah blah blah is a joke, she’s worn trench coats the ENTIRE pregnancy to cover her arms & ginormous rearend. Stay classy KarTRASHians!

guest on

1. She looks like a pig!
2. Kanye dresses her and he has no class or taste.
3. What “respectable mother would dress like that?
4. Looks like she is wearing curtains. She graduated from the couch cover, I guess. It’s a shame. She used to be such a pretty girl.

Oh My! on

This picture tells a story. All the mommas here know how it is when you’re on the last leg of your pregnancy . . . you’re big, you’re bloated, you’re constipated. The look on her face just cries out, “constipation”, and the fact that she’s out in her jammies and a trench coat tells me she’s on her way to her local Walgreen’s for some relief.

Melome, can’t wait to try that pancake recipe! Sounds deeeelish.

Betty on

It would be a headline if she weren’t putting her whole disgusting self on display. I have never seen any other person dress in so much sheer or see-through or low cut or just not there clothing.

Anonymous on

Oink Oink!!!

B.A. on

Gross. I can’t even.

Anonymous on

Oink, oink!

Rastah on

Yuck on Yuck 😱😳🙀💩

njb on

Oink oink!

Eiliries on

I like Kim and all, but her maternity wear is disgusting/trashy. She looks SO much better when she’s just out in jeans and a simple top.

sd on

It must feel sad to have to pay PR companies to keep you in magazines to stay “relevant”. She’s is a marketing “product” to everyone, seems that even to her husband. What will she do when she starts aging?

Kelly122 on

You know, I normally don’t go along with the virulent Kardashian hating that goes on around these message boards. I do find them self-obsessed and shallow, but plenty of people are, and they don’t receive the same sort of hatred. BUT…this outfit…just…wow. It is one thing to want to celebrate your pregnancy curves, but it is quit another to leave nothing to the imagination. Seriously, nobody except your husband needs to see that much of your pregnant body. Nobody but your husband WANTS TO!!! I begin to see the “anything to get attention” attitude this poor deluded woman has. I gave her the benefit of the doubt for a long time. This outfit is making me rethink that. Just…wow.

rubyovertherainbow* on

Classless and clueless.

gross on

She is such a low class POS.

Carla on

Why does she look so mad? I guess she learned that from Kanye.
She probably calls it sultry and sexy. It looks dumb to me.

MnNice on

She is really trying to stay relevant in the media by wearing outrageous costumes. Who would dare wear such a thing in public. This is more Frederick’s of Hollywood and should be reserved for privacy of home.

Tom on

True to the KarTRASHian way, this pig dresses shockingly low class and is more suited to Maxim or Penthouse magazines than People. She and that whole family has no shame…and they should. I am so dissappointed in People for putting Khloe on the cover this week as a victim. Giving these disgustting people even more media attention.

Jayrock on

I love me some kim y’all need to stop hating

Christina on

I only read the article because of these comments… So much better than the article!!! 😀 And SO True! Put on some clothes Kim KarTRASHian 😀

Janet on

Lawddd. Theres nun she wont do steppn out n lingerie n pregnant. No morals or respect for herself body husband marriage etc. They all sick n need prayer. Where wud n e of the clan b without $$$$$???

Sara on

She looks terrible. Somebody should tell her this is not a great look for anyone let alone somebody pregnant.

Valerie on

no class at all. she desperately needs a REAL stylist.

Anonymous on


Shark on

Kim you look ridiculous as usual. You need to go back a few years when you chose your own dresses.

Tara on

Such a shame Kim seems to think she’s white. She’s half Armenian. All that makeup to whiten her face while the rest of her body is darker just looks silly.

Stacy on

she looks good but I hope she wasn’t too cold

Anonymous on

Looks like a gown and robe!

Kathy on

Dresses like a $2. whore.

Anonymous on

Why she felt the need to have work done on her beautiful face is beyond me, unfortunately she is getting to the stage where she is becoming unrecognizable.

Debra on

She is so nasty

Chris on

This ENTIRE family is nothing but a bunch cum guzzling gutter whores

Esalu on

She says it all “…so I finally had to figure out my own style that worked for ME!” It’s ALL about Kim. All of our comments of disgust make no dent in her armor, and her kids will be self-centered and narcissistic just like she is. They will know no shame nor self-respect. Maybe if we stop clicking on these articles, reading and comment on them, they will stop? Advertisers won’t pay for pages that aren’t being read…that is the only way to stop this!

robinepowell on

Well this outfit didn’t work for her either.
I don’t know why she feels the need to flaunt it quite like that. No need to show off her naked body pregnant or not.

Pose for Playboy if you want everyone to see you naked.

Anonymous on


sloan on

She might as will be naked we have already seen everything.. Pregnant porn star She can certainly trash a designer gown

Melissa gonzales on

Nasty ass bitch. You look stupied and I’am sick of your ugly ass on my newsfeed every damn day,,,, if its not you then its your dumab ass family with dumb ass story.

TMI, just NO.....!! on

TMI, I do agree! BUT….next month when she pops that boy out, I would bet my house that haters will be saying it was a “fake” belly! hahaha

Rachel on

I mean this bish has absolutely no shame. Tragic…

donna on

This is the most DUMBEST outfit I have seen!! And she thinks she’s styling~~you so are not!!!

Sloan on

Disgusting she must continually show her butt breast and vagina.
She can pron star any designer dress

PG on

Attention whore. Disgusting!

Anonymous on

Oh why? You are a mother already.

Qdpie109 on

She is such a piece of trash!

IMO on

I still think there is a possibility that it is a prosthetics and a surogate con-job could be in play. If Heidi Klum can become Jessica Rabbit you can achieve that also with a belly.Millions do not matter here Facial hormones change your face towards the end of a pregnancy, you can not fake that. Some pictures have a difference in skin color because of her spray tan cut specifically around belly not matching in a direct line. For that to be unthinkable for most, seems to match up with her personality.

Disgusted on

She is so gross. Her taste in everything is terrible and she has not one bit of class. Disgusting.

Nobody on

Ugly hands, ugly person

katarina on

She looks like a demon!

cammom on

Hey Kim if ur so confident this time around why are u wearing huge loose coats?

Kim KarTRASHian on


Noma on

Trashy Water Buffalo Alert!

LT on

This is THIRST at its WORST. She looks 50.

I kniw she’s delusional – but did she really think she could pull off Kourt’s style by trying to wear her old pregnancy clothing??? She can’t see petite vs. Amazon here???

Poor thing – as father time is coming a calling. All the money in the world wont be able to turn back the hands of time. I guess she’ll be a Kris clone in her attempts to stay young. Kris looks harder by the day. Funny thing is – she’s been the master pimp who is now captured by the game. That 30 year old man us grinning all the way to the bank. Good for him!

Anonymous on

It cracks me up that she thinks she’s so “couture” when she is just tacky! How can she think this looks good?? This look is only appropriate for the bedroom.

chylle on

This woman can’t stand when she’s not naked and getting attention. Yes, people are staring but for all the wrong reasons. Because a once pretty woman is now one of those plastic surgery freaks like the cat lady. What has she done to her face?

Jason on

She is one of the uglies cow in the country.

Guest on

KarTRASHIAN wins again…..she looks horrible ! What a fat pig….Why can’t Ryan Seacrest and the E! Network get it thru their thick heads that no one …and I mean NO ONE cares about this entire family. Spending 2 million $$ on a party for the whore’s momager is disgusting. How many families could have been helped with that money. Too bad these selfish b*tches care for only themselves

thea on

that is just awful

Sally on

What color belly is she wearing

terry on


Paula on

Gross……just completely gross. Why doesn’t anyone stop her before going out in public with these clothes? Caitlyn Jenner has better taste in clothing than Kim does. Maybe Kim should ask her for suggestions.

next373 on

Looks like last year’ whore. Oh that’s right, she was and many years prior as well.

next373 on

Would any mother or sister want their son or brother to be involved with any of the women in this family? The two Jenner girls are so attention deprived, with such excuses of parents who are so concerned about satisfying their vjj’s. The girls are textbook cases of acting out from needing attention. What balanced person has the need to post underwear pictures of themselves on the net everyday. Then there is pornstar mama who thinks the world still wants to see her fat ass. Then there is the basketball whore. She can speak with out using the
the F word in every sentence. I guess that’s what the home school diploma gets you. At least Kourtney has a college education. Apparently low on the self esteem, after hanging on to that addict for so long. Robert Kardashian sized Kris up pretty well when he refused her alimony. She latched on to Bruce’s deep pockets real soon. That tells you what kind of whore she is.

sfmom on

This is why you don’t want to live in an echo chamber surrounded by yes men and sycophants. You will end up dressing like this and you’ll be so entrenched in your own massive ego and lack of self awareness and no one around you will have the decency to tell you how horrible you look.
Sad really…money can’t buy you love, or honest friends.

DDP on

I’m sure her children will one day grow up to be stunned at how classless their mother is… in her “fashion” and every which way. Disgusting!

Dawn on

Tasteless, and disgusting That is what she is! Well, if the attention whore wanted attention, she got it

betty on

Kardashian looks like a hooker in that horrible outfit.

D on


M roberson on

She is a nasty piece of trash. She has zero elegance and never will. I pity her children.

rm on

with a lot less make-up and a whole lot more clothes she could be really beautiful. Why would anyone let her dress like that.

Sasha on

I find it amazing how much hate and negativity people spew out. I don’t care about Kim and her family enough to waste my time typing hateful things. Beauty is as beauty does…