John Stamos on Having Kids: ‘When the Time Is Right, It Will Happen’

11/08/2015 at 12:03 PM ET

Whether he’s Uncle Jesse or Grandfather Jimmy, one things for sure, John Stamos loves working with kids!

“We obsess over the twins,” Stamos told PEOPLE of how he and costar Josh Peck dote on Emelia and Layla Golfieri, who share the role of his granddaughter on Grandfathered when he attended the 2nd Annual Goodwill Gala in Dana Point, California on Saturday . “We went to Disneyland last week, me, [Josh] and we took the twins.”

Its clear Stamos has a lot of fun with his on-set family. When it comes to his real life family, however, it’s fun with a slightly different twist. “I don’t get advice,” the actor joked of what his real-life sister Alaina Talarico (who’s husband is the CEO of Goodwill) wants to impart on him the most. “I get a stern, ‘It’s time for you to have kids, go impregnate somebody … but make sure it’s a nice girl.’ ”

John Stamos at Goodwill Event
Jerod Harris/Getty

“I don’t know what the other side is. I’ve never had [kids],” the 50-year-old actor said. “When the time is right, it’ll happen. This year has been about clearing my head, being healthy and getting my career on track. I think everything will fall into place as long as I’m good, solid and spiritual.”

Spirituality is a daily regiment for Stamos. “I meditate and I pray every day,” he said. “I studied transcendental meditation when I joined the Beach Boys and it’s helped a lot since the work schedule has been so hectic.”

It has also been a particularly difficult year for the actor. In June, he was charged with a DUI and entered rehab for substance abuse in July. His mother also passed away last year. However, tapping into his spiritual side has given him “clarity and calmness.”

“I’m always in such a turbulent up and down,” he said. “So you are looking for consistency.”

A good friend can do wonders in bringing about consistency. And since the show launched, Stamos has drawn a lot of inspiration from costar and buddy Peck. “He’s a spectacular human,” said Stamos. “He’s a guy who lives right and is a good honest person. Everyone is asking him ‘what are you learning from John?’ And I’m actually learning from this kid, cause he’s got it right.”

—Raha Lewis

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Just a Duck on

When the time is right? Like when he’s 80?

Denise on

I love John. But when you’re 50 and the time hasn’t been right, it’ll never be.

guest on

I applaud him for living his life on his own terms. Obviously he doesn’t want children, not everyone can be a parent. No one should have children just to please others, he’s made a decision that’s right for him. Also he doesn’t have to deal with baby momma drama.

Anonymous on

I’m thinking the time will NEVER be right if you are 50 and still waiting for the right time

Anonymous on

He’s 52 not 50.

Anne on

Honestly,, get a proofreader. Or writers who know grammar.

Janine on

If he wanted to have kids, he would by now. He’s 52 and a player. That’s okay. He doesn’t have to be a family man if he doesn’t want to be one, Pretending that he’s waiting for the right time is kind of ridiculous at this point.

Debbe on

I just don’t think anyone should consider having kids this late in the game. Once you do have kids you love them SO much then you worry the rest of your short lifetime wishing you would have had them younger so you can see them grow up. I am 49 and my mother is 75 and I am so blessed she is still alive, I still need her at this age, so I feel bad for kids who lose their parents in their 20’s.

Debbe on

Also, I don’t think he realizes that in order to have a child now, he would probably need to pick a much younger woman (like he does anyway) and you will end up leaving the woman to raise the kids, and to be a widow and the kids lose their dad before their time. I wouldn’t subject anyone to that. I personally would not have a child this late in the game. I had a crush on John when I was 16 as he is a few years older than me and the differences between him and I is that I let myself age properly and I refuse to date younger men, even though I look younger than my own age and have had opportunities just as he has had. I don’t take the bait. I want someone to grow old with and if I can’t find that, I will remain single.

Dottie on

Forgive me for saying this, but in the wise words of Chris Rock, “Even roaches can have kids”. What’s more, parenthood is not for everyone. So for Pete’s sake, have children because it’s really what you want ~ not because you’re “expected” to do so.

fan on

I remember when he was married to Rebecca Romijn he was the one who wanted kids and she was the one not prepared. Anyhow wish him the best hope it works out for him later.

Virginia on

Get it right, People! Alaina’s husband is not the president and CEO of Goodwill – that would be Jim Gibbons. Talarico is pres/CEO of Goodwill of Orange County, CA…a big difference.

fruit fly on

He is as gay as they come- which is fine, that’s what’s popular these days. But the way he talked about his male costar sounds more like a crush. . Just the two of them taking the twins to Disneyland? Ok…

melissa on

If anyone actually remembers, John Stamos has always wanted kids. When he was with Rebecca, she didn’t want kids and he wanted kids VERY badly which was one of the reasons why she left. They both said so in various interviews. Then she left him for that other weirdo and had kids. John Stamos got the short end of the stick.

PV on

He is actually 52 years old. He looks younger for his age.

Yiles on

I respect him for not having kids. Most people have kids and they shouldn’t or don’t really want them. The sister is an irresponsible moron who obviously resents his freedom on some level. All studies show having kids makes you miserable and no child should be brought into the world to fulfill the neurotic demands of a relative or or society. We are overpopulated enough.

Anonymous on

Yiles, having kids only makes you miserable if you don’t want them. Having kids has been the best thing I have ever done and it fulfills me daily.
That said, if someone doesn’t want kids they definitely shouldn’t have them. And I love John Stamos but I think the time for having babies has passed for him. Study after study has showed that men DO have a biological clock and older fathers are the cause of many issues in children due to damaged DNA in the sperm of older men. At this point John enjoy the children around you, if you feel like spoiling a child there are plenty already around to choose from. Doesn’t make you less of a person if you have never biologically created another human.

Andrea on

For men you can still have kids after 50, or you have options to adopt.

guest on

I pretty much agree with everyone else. I think if it was a priority for him he would have made it happen already. Once you start getting up there in years I don’t think it’s fair to the child. John it’s ok to be a bachelor!!

Anonymous on

Yay he is a great actor! Loving him on the show Grandfathered.

Anonymous on

Please don’t.

Julie on

Please don’t.

A guy in their 50s would have to do this with a much younger woman.
That confirms my opinion on him. Sleazebag.

Samantha on

Very few celebs have the courage to be forthright about not wanting to have kids. John Stamos is 50 and he’s a great looking (and probably wealthy) guy. If he hasn’t had kids by his point, it’s probably because it’s not something he ever really wanted to do. I wish people would stop worrying about other people’s reproductive choices and mind their own business. Not everyone wants to have kids.

camilletoe on

There is a typo in the second paragraph of this article. The sentence “his real-life sister Alaina Talarico (who’s husband is the CEO of Goodwill)” is incorrect. The word is WHOSE (possessive), not “who’s.” Aren’t these articles supposed to be proofread by editors?

Les917 on

Sorry, John, but in fairness to your potential children, that ship has sailed. At 50, you are too old to start a family. Perhaps you could consider being a foster parent, or adopting older children. But having babies that will just be graduating from high school when you are 70 is not fair. And any woman who is the right age for you is also too old to be having kids.

Cali on

At what point do you all have the right to dictate when someone is the right age to have children???? Give me a break. Life is not predictable. Any child would be lucky to have John as a father at any age!

KZ on

He is a wealthy guy, could have kids at anytime of age, he has plenty money to afford of raising the kids, so there shouldn’t be any problem for him.