#LikeFatherLikeSon: Kim Kardashian West Shares Pic of Matching Gold Chains for Kanye West and Son

11/05/2015 at 02:00 PM ET

It looks like the new addition to the West family will have some bling to match Daddy’s!

Kim Kardashian West shared a sweet pic of two diamond-covered gold chains on social media Thursday. The only difference between the two is the size, as one is made for a baby-sized neck.

“#LikeFatherLikeSon Thank you so much @lorenridinger @jrridinger @amberridinger @duanemclaughlin for the chain to match daddy’s!” the 35-year-old reality star captioned an Instagram photo.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West son gold chain
Courtesy Kim Kardashian West

Kardashian West is expecting her second child with husband Kanye West next month. While the baby’s bling seems to be good and ready, the couple is still trying to pick a name for their little boy (Kim loves the name Easton).

She recently showed off her burgeoning baby bump at her Troop Beverly Hills-themed baby shower last month in striped pajamas with a few of the buttons undone.

Kim Kardashian baby shower son
Courtesy Kim Kardashian West

Baby boy West will be following in his big sister, North‘s, footsteps. For her first birthday, the toddler received diamond stud earrings from family friend (and celebrity jeweler) Lorraine Schwartz.

“They are approximately a half carat each,” Schwartz said about the jewels to E! News. “I am happy to be starting North off early as a diamond girl.”

— Char Adams

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kathy from fla on

Oh spare me! Another example of poor taste! These people lack class and taste..I wish they would all just disappear!

katy on

Great way to strangle your infant

rubyovertherainbow* on

That’s just disgusting. What is the matter with this woman?

cheryl on

unfriggin real………so class and no friggin taste….Can u imagine what this kid is gonna look like.????????????//

cheryl on

hummmmm, Lorraine Schwartz didnot send MY daughter no Diamond earrings……….wonder why??????? discrimination maybe

Onx on

The boy is already having a chain even he is not born yet.

Guest on

I really hope she’s not going to let an infant wear this!!! How dangerous and stupid!

Taz on

Ghetto as hell.

Bella on


Anonymous on

Um the father and son gold chain lol.

fatalreview on

it will be hilarious when another girl pops out-but I guess they GMO’d this kid cause obviously Kanye was demanding a boy-and the 100 ultrasounds probably leave no doubt-I still think its a girl-guess they better hire lots of security some hungry homeless person will be snatching at the toddlers wearing jewels-ever see a dog follow a kid around with a sandwich?

Josie on

Oh and the name!!!!! Easton West!!!!! How ridiculous! !!! North & Easton West!!!!

Ala Lemon on


Anonymous on

I’m betting his stupid name will be Wilde…Wilde West!

Mandi on

I’m betting on Wilde…Wilde West!

Guest on

She’s just stupid enough to put a chain around an infant’s neck so he can choke to death. A mini thug! He’ll probably have pierced ears too. These people are such trash.

robin on

I’m sure she’s not going to put the necklace on there son when he’s an infant! They haven’t named him yet and she can by her son whatever she wants. I’m sure the Kardashian/Jenner Family wishes all of you Haters would go away!

Robin on

She can buy her son whatever she wants. I’m sure she’s not going to put that on him when he’s an infant. They don’t have a name for him yet, but it’s not Easton. I’m sure the Kardashian/Jenner Family wishes’ all of you haters would go away!

Sally on

Disgusting! One of the SEVEN deadly sins comes to mind!

Gina on

Who gives their toddler diamond stud earrings on their 1st birthday?!? Friggin’ ridiculous. I pray every day that the Kardashians just disappear altogether.

Zolla on

It’s ridiculous to have gold chain for a toddler!