Haylie Duff: My Baby Fussed Every Time I Nursed Her After Exercising

10/29/2015 at 09:00 AM ET

Like many new moms, Haylie Duff was eager to get moving again after giving birth to daughter Ryan Ava in May. But the Real Girl’s Kitchen star┬ádidn’t realize a little exercise would have unintended consequences — for her breast milk.

“At the two and a half, three-month mark I was like, ‘Okay, I’m ready to go back to spin and yoga and Pilates. And the minute that I started exercising, my baby fussed every time I nursed her,” Duff, 30, said in a frank PEOPLE Mom Talk video about the ups and downs of breastfeeding.

Haylie Duff daughter Ava Ryan photo
Courtesy Haylie Duff

Duff, who appears in the video alongside fellow celeb moms Soleil Moon Frye, Molly Sims and Garcelle Beauvais characterized the issue as “a real struggle” in nursing.

“[It was] the lactic acid that’s released into the milk,” she said. “So if you’re exclusively nursing, there’s no time to release that without having a nightmare child fussing.”

— Kathy Ehrich Dowd

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onganosrus on

I was the HUGEST advocate for breast feeding. After a month of my son screaming & having the worst gas & explosive vomiting, I spoke with my Pediatrician who told me I could suppliment but she wanted me to go back to breast feeding. I tried formula & pumped. Then I went to 1/2 formula & 1/2 breast milk & he was crabby…tried just breast milk (bc I REALLY wanted to breast feed) and he went back immediately to being gassy & vomiting. I went back to the formula & kept him that! I feel breast feeding is something very exclusive to each child! You have to know your child & know when to try something else for them!

Tieraney on

Onganosrus, due to medical reasons I couldn’t breastfeed any of my 3 kids either. And guess what, they all turned out perfectly healthy.I wasn’t breastfed either. I have no regret or guilt that they had to have formula. I haven’t even thought twice about it. I personally can’t stand breastfeeding Nazis. Do what’s best for the child, it won’t matter anyway down the road!

jewels1972 on

Yes, BF is a personal choice. Women should NEVER feel shamed if they choose not to BF. Each mother has the choice to do what is best for her & her baby & no one should interfere with that. It’s no one else’s business!!

Jason Michael Barry on

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