Chrissy Teigen Slams Baby Critics in Twitter Rant About Dyed Foods

10/29/2015 at 09:45 PM ET

Chrissy Teigen once warned the world to “get out of [her] uterus,” but some of her followers didn’t take heed.

The FabLife co-host shared a photo on Instagram of one of her nightly cravings — a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and Cap’N Crunch mixed.

“Cap’N Pebble cravings, nightly,” Teigen, 29, captioned the photo of the cereal.

Much to her dismay, Instagram users chimed in with some “unsolicited” prenatal, dietary advice, shaming the expectant mom for eating dyed and processed foods that are “beyond bad for baby,” as one commenter put it.

“Don’t feed your baby that dyed crap,” another follower wrote.

Fed up with her followers input, Teigen took to twitter, blasting a round of tweets directed at those who offer unwanted advice on her pregnancy.

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Cap'n Pebbles cravings, nightly

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

“If you wanna give me unsolicited baby advice on the damn cereal I eat/what I wear u better unlock your profile so I can see your perfection,” Teigen tweeted. “Yes I am living off dyed food. Tuna too!! Gonna try to dye my tuna actually. Then have an icy, dyed vodka soda and that’s just lunch.

“Then I’m gonna f—in take the trapeze class I’ve been meaning to take. Then maybe do a 3 legged race then probably rent sumo suits and battle strangers. Then a nice cigar in the hot tub oh today will be a delight indeed.”

While she’s faced criticism about her pregnancy at every turn so far, it seems many of her followers agreed with her sentiments, as each tweet was favorite at least 2,000 times.

Earlier this month, Teigen announced that she and husband, musician John Legend, 36, are expecting their first child together after being married for two years.

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Katie on

I indulged both times at moments like her and my kids were born strong and healthy and still are. A woman at my school is vegan and ate very healthy during her twin pregnancy. Both babies were born at their twin due date and deemed healthy and diagnosed at two with severe autism. It’s a crap shoot. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Sherae Staples on

Good for her! I get so tired of these new-aged, hippie dippie, holier than thou moms that think they’ve reinvented the wheel when it comes to pregnancy and parenting. This woman is richer than you can fathom and likely is receiving the BEST possible care. I think her doctor– you know, the person who actually KNOWS what’s good for you– tells her what’s okay and what’s not. Enjoy your cereal, Chrissy!

mommea on

She’s classless, sometimes it’s what you don’t say that speaks millions…..hope she cleans up her potty mouth before her baby arrives…..

Diane on

People need to STFU about other people’s pregnancies. Mind your business. Worry about yourself. I ate a Milky Way everyday for the last 2 months of my pregnancy and my son is healthy! Oh, I’m not a Chrissy fan!

Christine on

Not my concern what she eats or drinks. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and baby. She may want to consider either getting off social media during the pregnancy, or at least to quit reading comments that total strangers make that seem to be causing her anger/anxiety. For sure, that isn’t good for her or the baby.

Jill on

I find her to be extremely obnoxious & she’s constantly emasculating her husband. That being said,I think it’s FINE to eat cereals like that while pregnant, everyone is entitled to their opinion. She needs to develop thicker skin & not respond, it makes her look extremely obnoxious…oh wait I said that already 🙂

Jane on

What I can’t understand is why people follow her if they don’t like her. Do people really have the time of day to follow people they don’t like just to say mean things about them? I hate the Kardashians, but I’ve never once been on any of their social media sites or commented on their postings. Just leave people alone if you don’t like them. Move on and concentrate on those you do like. Life is better that way.

Amanda on

@mommea Maybe you’re classless for criticizing her! Hold up,you are classless

Michelle Hummingbird on

I completely agree with Katie and Sherea. These “new moms” seem to think that they are holier than thou. I had one pregnancy that resulted in twins. Besides being taken out of work, medical advise, I ate and drank anything and everything. My twins were born 4 days before their due date AND went home with me at discharge. To our Colorful Commentator…congrats to you and John! Fill your cravings for mixed dyed cereals and whatever else your baby might want to try as the pregnancy progresses. (Mine wanted ginormous dill pickles from any deli in the vicinity…I can’t stand pickles!) Can’t wait to see your creation! Take care and live well…God Blesz

Robin on

Why is it a crime for her to eat sugary dyed cereal? She’s not drinking while pregnant and some women crave junk food while pregnant.

I’m sure she’s eating healthy during the day and if there’s anything wrong with her diet, her doctor will tell her.

Amanda on

@Jill Grow up and get over it! She can say and do what she wants!

JanM on

I think Chrissy needs to stay off Twitter and other social media sites for awhile. She’s a tad touchy. Honestly, if you’re going to put every detail about your personal life out there for everyone to see, you have to expect some negative comments.

Kimber on

OMG, get over it, woman. You put every aspect of your personal life out there and you WILL get unsolicited advice. If you want people to “stay out of your uterus”, keep your business to yourself!

Guest on

If you don’t want people commenting then stop blasting every second of your pregnancy online! When is this baby due? It’s going to be an etremely loooong pregnancy for ‘us’ all! Chrissy needs to run off with the Kartrashians so the People magazine can report on REAL celebrities!

Sky on

It’s a shame that just anyone can pro create ….

Shan_40ish on

Good for her! I was very careful with what I ate, didn’t smoke or drink, did light work-outs, and took care of myself and ended up having my baby at 25 weeks (he’s fine btw. 19 years old and in college). It really is a crap shoot! Same with militant breast feeding moms. A friend of mine nursed all 3 of her kids until they were a year old and swore up and down that my formula fed baby would have all kinds of digestive and allergy issues. All 3 of her kids have severe food allergies. One is allergic to nuts, corn, eggs, and gluten. Meanwhile my child has zero allergies. And before I get attacked for bottle feeding a preemie, I pretty much had to Because my son had yet to develop the suckling reflex and even the industrial dairy cow breast pump I rented didn’t offer enough support for my prolactin levels to keep my milk flowing at the level necessary to sustain a child.

Amanda on

@Sky Same could be said for you!

Anonymous on

@JanM or you need to stay off social media sites!

Amanda on

@JanM Or YOU need to stay of social media sites and this site!

Amanda on

@JanM No. You need to stay off social media and this site!

Amanda on

@guest Just stop and grow up!

YS on

I agree, she shouldn’t eat that crap.

Guest on

i do believe that @Amanda is Chrissy’s online identity. Grow up & stop trolling. Who are you to judge anyone else’s opinion? It’s called Freedom of Speech look it up!

tomtom on

She’s so obnoxious. Always mouthing off about something. Just shut up and be pregnant. Post stuff for the world to see, and you will be judged for it. That’s how it goes!When will this Gremlin woman just shut it? (Too bad the one child rule like they used to have in China couldn’t be applied to her as well)

Erin on

I like her more and more. We, as women, get so much crap from the world about so many aspects of our lives. We shouldn’t have to take it from other women. Let’s support each other and get out of each other’s businesses!

Frankie on

I like the people here commenting that she shouldn’t post such personal moments for all the world to see. Because a bowl of cereal is so personal. Anyone who has been pregnant has experienced the unsolicited advice, good for her for speaking her mind.

Anonymous on

So all of you over opinionated obstetricians, please tell me how eating cereal will harm her baby. Obviously, you have not been pregnant or know about pregnancy cravings. I just had my 6th baby and you know what? They are all fine, they survived me eating some junk food, sugar, fried foods, whatever, while in utero. Why don’t all of you perfect eaters keep your unsolicited opinions to yourself. She is finally pregnant after years and she is excited… worry about your own family’s health. Go look in your own kitchen and look at all the less than healthy food you have. Trolls.

Suzanne on

Dear goodness people, let her be pregnant in peace. If she wants to share on social media, that’s fine – why does anyone think she should be the one to keep her cereal selection private when instead the mouthy, obnoxious, opinionated folks could keep their thoughts private? For heavens sake, everyone makes their choices and it’s not up to us to live for anyone else or critique their every decision. Be NICE. Mamas, support one another, don’t be rude.

Guest on

I do believe that @Amanda is Chrissy’s internet name. We all have a right to voice our opinion. Maybe it’s time YOU grow up & stop trolling the net. It’s called Freedom of Speech Chrissy, oops I mean @Amanda.

Isa on

Isn’t a shame that they feel that they have the right to monitor our lives by giving condescending advice about the way we live. It really went viral when social media gained popularity and everyone opened up their “exciting” lives to the public. Chrissy walked right into her put down by posting her craving because it is human nature to bring down someone who has a privileged life.

huntlynn on

If Chrissy Teigen tweets all about her pregnancy to the public then she should understand she will get a boat load of unwanted advice. Maybe she should take the high road and ignore it or just don’t tweet about her pregnancy if she can’t handle the unwanted advice…just a thought

Unknown on

Ignore those stupid idiots Chrissy, you eat what you want, if others do not like that TOO FLIPPING BAD FOR THEM!!!!!!

Barbara on

Everyone has an opinion about “Famous” people. So long as Chrissy is taking care of herself, seeing the Doctor and doing what she thinks is best for herself and her baby is what counts. Also, almost every woman on the planet indulges in some kind of craving that isn’t the best for them. Thank God the her cravings aren’t drugs or alcohol. Everyone ease up on this woman. Stress is SO much worse than a bowl of colored cereal a day.

dawn on

I don’t care what she eats or drinks it’s her body and baby, but when you post your life on social media you should expect one or two or more people to criticize what you do. Stop posting everything you do and think and will be amazed how no one really will respond.

Yaya on

If I’m classless for calling her out for being classless, so be it. She referred to her miracle child as a “damn thing”, that’s just low and disgusting. She has such a foul mouth with no regard to what she is really saying 99% of the time.
I agree, dyes are disgusting and severely unhealthy. They are deemed toxic in other countries…but we live here and it’s hard to escape in food, in clothing, in products and materials, etc. Our usual beauty regimens from shampoo, perfume, and makeup has been shown to come up as over 200 toxic chemicals alone in cord blood. Like another poster said, wrong if you do, and wrong if you don’t. It all can still just come down to genetics and God’s plan. We all just do the best we can though.

Amnanda on

@tomton No you shut up!

Amanda on

@huntlyn take your own advice and shut up!

Anonymous on

@dawn take your own advice you probably do the same thing and shut up hypocrite!

Amanda on

@Frankie she can if she wants shut up! Just because she posts a lot about her pregnancy doesn’t mean stupid people have the right to be rude they don’t neither do you! Go away!!!!!!

facelessbandit on

*slow clap* those hippies need to go to hell.

Sara on

People are such freaks. Worry about your own problems. I ate instant potatoes and other crappy food my entire first pregnancy and my daughter was healthy as a horse and is in Honors classes now. So *middle finger to all you judgy a-holes*!!!

Denise on

@tomtom, that is completely the wrong attitude. Why is it normal that you are judged for things you post online? Why do you just assume we are all here to judge? This is what’s wrong: that is the wrong attitude. Live and let live. We should all try to see the best in eachother. Judgement is such a dangerous thing. Also, your last comment is beyond heartless and so, so wrong on all kinds of levels. I’m sure Chrissy and John will make great parents, it’s absolutely NOT okay to say people shouldn’t have kids just because you are annoyed by them. FFS, you don’t even know them!

Charity on

Her tweets show she has ALOT of anger. She is not a nice person. Hope that baby comes out normal.

Tara on

I don’t understand why she gets so much hate & bullying on social media. I would understand if it was against the Kardashians but they seem to be loved on social media. If people don’t like Chrissy, don’t pay attention to her.

lila on

The comments here are hysterical. You’re sticking up for her like you know her. If you are “famous” anything you put out on social media is fair game for criticism. I personally think she is annoying….and all her crying about not being able to get pregnant was probably caused by all her drinking and smoking. I wonder is she put down her cancer sticks or if she still has one to cap off that nasty bowl of cereal she inhales nightly.

sdb on

it is her pregnancy and her dietary intake is up to her, but she should bear in mind that she is uploading images on a social platform that is designed for people to respond with comments. perhaps she was only hoping to receive flattering comments from her fans? not very realistic. she needs to either grow a thicker skin or lower her profile on social media.

Marlow17 on

It’s not always easy to stay off social media completely, especially when you’re excited about being pregnant and want to share some stuff. On the other hand, there is going to be negative comments no matter what you do. Look at poor little North West. Her mother puts her hair up – people complain it’s too “tight” and not a good thing to do. She puts her hair down and people say it’s “unruly.” You can’t win. So the only option is post photos and ignore the trolls or just stay off social media altogether.

Jackie on

While it’s no one’s business what she eats, her response is a bit extreme. It makes her look very childish. If she can’t take criticism, maybe she should get off social media.

Summer on

She’s just saying what every pregnant woman who has received unsolicited advice is thinking. People feel like it’s OK to comment on everything a pregnant woman eats, drinks, wears, and does, as well as comment on her body. Incredibly rude. Good for her for hitting back!

Kestrel on

I ate a well-rounded diet, including cold cuts (gasp!) and dyed foods both times I was pregnant and my boys were 8.2lbs and a 10.1lbs.
I never had an issue with nursing even once.
I knew 2 women through the charity board we are on and they were pregnant at the same time I was. They were the SoulCycle, yoga, kale smoothie types. Both had small babies: 3.11 lbs and 4.6 lbs and neither could nurse well.
One of mine turned out to be gifted, especially in mathematics – he started high school at 12 years old. One of the their babies was profoundly autistic and the other is…let us just say they don’t have cats anymore and I won’t let him enter my house.
Babies are pretty darn resilient. They aren’t protected by prayers and angels but by evolution and science. Mortality rates in religious countries is far lower than those who have secular governments.
The point: trying to do everything right can easily cause stress, anxiety, depression, guilt and those will DEFINITELY make you and your baby’s lives much worse than eating cereal.

Connie on

I loved @Sherae Staples comment!! Totally spot on. Our daughter was adopted as a 3 day old infant and was born to a teen mom who did not have any prenatal care. They estimated she was about 3 weeks premature and only weighed 5 lbs at birth. She is a beautiful 17 year old young lady today and is the healthiest of our children – go figure! Yes you should take care of yourself but come on folks – seriously being upset over her eating cereal?!!! LMAO

Maci on

Thank you for being a real person, and shutting down the elitist, holier than though, pseudo-intellectuals who have an answer for everything!!

mona baugh on

Maybe she should get off social media while shes pregnant so it won’t cause her stress. BUT, I’m from the 60’s. We drank, smoked, didn’t take vitamins, ate whatever we wanted and 99.9% had healthy children. We didn’t know any better!! Now we do, BUT she has cravings, give her a little break. We didn’t even have car seats that you must have to even get the baby out of the hospital now. Folks, look around at your parents, grandparents, older people, WE all made it. Give her a little break, you would do that with anyone you loved who was pregnant.

ErikaL on

This woman annoys the crap out of me, but really, people need to stop the pregnancy shaming.

veronica on

MYOB is what I say.

Ariel on

You shouldn’t eat dyed cereal at anytime of life… wake up, America! Eat real food.

Anonymous on

I was never a fan of hers, but in recent weeks I feel differently. People sitting behind their computers need to stop judging others for what they wear, eat, look like, how much they weigh, etc. The nasty comments against children, men, women, and fellow mommies is getting out of hand. I read them on FB, on other sites, AND here everyday. There is no purpose in posting a negative nasty comment other than to be a nasty and mean person. Young children are becoming bullies and they are learning it somewhere….wonder where!

Sara on

Why can’t people just mind their own damn business?! Out of everything she COULD be putting in her body (drugs, alcohol, etc), she’s being slammed for eating cereal? Really? Honestly, these “perfect” people have way too much time on their hands!

Yaya on

She called her own supposed miracle baby a “damn thing” as a response to the world. She is trash. Through and through.

If people want to take the risk for yourself and for your children, so be it. Your lives. Keep in mind you only have one and health isn’t guaranteed tomorrow for anyone. Today’s careless intake could be next year’s cancer or deficiency, Heaven forbid. Educate yourself first than make a decision before speaking.

Fact is, dyes are toxic, so are GMOs, and only a billion other chemicals used in American culture. Our medical care system in this country is first and foremost a business oppurtunity and ensures its future patients with the neglect of said facts. While other countries, openly studied, discussed, and BANNED all the very same chemical compounds that proved to be detrimental to health, Guess what???? We use those 2000+ toxic chemicals to man, in our food, clothing, and personal products. We’ve only banned 3 measley compounds. Over 200 strands of toxic chemicals are found in cord blood alone from our shampoo, makeup, and perfume. Not cute no matter how adorable any baby is on the outside.

Let me ask you this… don’t you wash your newborn’s clothes before they are even born to dress them in it? Why??? W.e your reason is….. Yeah well, ingesting it is worse.

Will it kill you today to eat it? No. Can it kill you or worse decades from now? Yes. Point is, why risk it? We are all genetically different, what harms one, can go by dormant in another. We are all wrong if we do, and wrong if we don’t honestly. But with the choice to care or not? Why choose not to???
She obviously doesn’t care, with all the money in the world, to eat healthy but that’s not surprising based on the way she refers to said child in utero. But I care and if that makes me an educated new age hippie…I can live with that.

For us regular folk, it isn’t easy to escape from all the toxicity. It is so deeply ingrained, I bet most don’t even realize the lower health value in our GMO packed grocery stores or think that they are actually sniffing in formaldehyde when they buy that new blouse or onesie. But you are intaking those chemicals, whether you care or not, your grandchildren will have to care and work hard to restore natural resources to the world. Trust me.

Bee on

Everyone is like ‘oh she’s such a sweet person. So happy for her.’ When news broke of her pregnancy. I’m sorry, but I’m not seeing a sweet gracious person is in any news of her since she announced she was pregnant. Hoping it’s just hormones, cuz she seems like a *delight*.

#bakingtwins on

Like she said “get out of her uterus”!!! I’d love to see a pregnant woman who didn’t give in to her cravings! I’m pregnant with twins and I dare someone to tell me what to eat! Back off body shamers!!!!

Brooke on

There is NOTHING worse than the SancticMommy culture out there

Anonymous on

She eats what she likes! It’s her own business.

Woopty Doo on

Just because babies are born fine doesn’t mean that you aren’t effecting them with the things we eat and use. Just because you don’t care doesn’t make this a “hippie” issue only as it effects everyone who eats in this country. You’re just foolish if you choose to ignore science and fact. Things are okay now but won’t be 75 years from now between exponential growth and the empty vessels we call genetically modifed food. Laugh it up but when our grandchildren are infertile and ill equipped to handle actual nature, it’s on every one of you who refused to pick up a book.

Yaya on

As for Chrissy, I don’t know her, I don’t watch her, don’t listen to her husband, I just like celeb baby announcements as I love all babies. As for her, the way she carries herself, speaks crudely, and the way she referred to her own baby is my problem with her. She’s the “Damn thing” that needs to leave her uterus out of the media if she can’t handle commentary, good or bad, because she thoughtlessly cursed her own child in anger. Did she really think it was a good comeback? And do people really accept calling your child damned like it’s nothing?? That is the most shocking part about everything to me. That her eating crappy cereal is a big thing but her cursing out her unborn child goes unnoticed? Smh disgusting. She needs to grow up and stop throwing silly tantrums that really would only effect the one person, excuse me “damn thing” in her uterus.

Yaya on

Back to the chemical convo, I should add that no one is perfect. I most definitely indulge in chocolate, take out, cereal, and wearing something fresh off the mannequin, etc etc. I am not above anything of the sort. I’m only human and I like what I like. Indulgence in moderation is healthy too. To me the key really is research, knowledge, and common sensed moderation. Oh and just caring in general to at least find out for yourself what is the truth. Like in all aspects of life, knowledge gives you power.

Emily Fulton on

“Quote – Not my concern what she eats or drinks. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and baby. She may want to consider either getting off social media during the pregnancy, or at least to quit reading comments that total strangers make that seem to be causing her anger/anxiety. For sure, that isn’t good for her or the baby.”

I completely agree Christine! She needs to stop responding to every tiny bit of criticism she gets! She’s just feeding the negativity and they’re gonna love it and just go back for more every time. A dignified silence is always such a better response!

Yaya on

Food for thought:I don’t try to come off as a hippie *hole no more than some try to come off as a naive *hole. I’m not judging anyone based on whatever you do for your own, we all do the best we can one way or another. I could care less until people get mad and sneer about the “hippies” trying to do right. Like it’s bad to go out of your way to be healthier? If you don’t care, that is on you but don’t feel some type of offense when others do.

Amanda on

@Charity Shut up! You don’t know her!

Amanda on

@Yaya Shut up and mind your own business!

Amanda on

@Yaya You’re anoth one of the sanctimonious ************ here stop,judging and trying to control her!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ******** prude!!!!!!!!!

Amanda on

@Emily Fulton Stay out of it it is not your business!!!!!!!!

Yaya on

@Amanda there is a difference between being sanctimonious and being educated. If you actually read anything you’d see I personally don’t care what anyone else does, I stated that, I just gave my own fact based stance. No one is perfect, not me, not you, and especially not Chrissy. Get over it lol
I can see why you are defending Chrissy btw….you’re both overly sensitive. Bless your heart.

Anonymous on

Omg. Eat what you like, I’m sure ur eating healthy too. I have three boys and with my first I gained 70 lbs, didn’t eat well at all, retained a lot of water but I still ate like crap. Today, so far he is my best eater, loves salad and will try anything. Being pregnant is a blessing enjoy it, u look amazing

guest on

I just cannot get past her huge forehead.

Anonymous on

She looks great no matter what she eats, good for her.

Lena on

If I am not interested in a positive way, I don’t click on any links about that person. The thing I wonder about is why there are so many people who act as if they can’t avoid reading about, being bored by, shocked by, or whatever emotion we have when reading about someone they claim they don’t care about! What the what?! Don’t click on it, and PLEASE! Don’t comment some negative BS on one wants to read! UGH….Are you really that pathetic that you want to insult a stranger? About her cereal? Get a real life….

Terry Dooley on

Go, girlfriend!

Pam on

She eats what she likes! It’s her own business.

Maxine on

Have seen her on TV talk show, she looks gorgeous.