Kim Kardashian West Shows Off Burgeoning Bump at Baby Shower

10/26/2015 at 09:30 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West‘s Troop Beverly Hills-themed baby shower featured an A-list crowd and a special appearance from the mom-to-be’s bare baby belly.

In one of many photos exclusively released on her website, Kardashian West poses with some of her best friends and sisters — Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie — all matching in striped pajamas from the Beverly Hills Hotel.

As Kardashian West shows off a hint of a smile, a few undone buttons allows her bump to peek through her loungewear.

“We drove up to the shower and the valet had on the same attire that the Beverly Hills Hotel employees wear,” the reality star wrote about her shower on her website. “There were pajamas from the Beverly Hills Hotel that everyone was given to change into and troop leaders were serving Girl Scout cookies!”

Kim Kardashian baby shower son
Courtesy Kim Kardashian West

#TROOP All my baby shower pics are up on my app & website!

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“We had the best brunch and, of course, finished it off with beignets and hot cocoa!” she shares. “It was the best, most child day ever with all of my closest friends. It couldn’t have been a better day.”

Kardashian West’s Sunday brunch and celebration was held at the Azoff estate, the same mansion where Kardashian celebrated her first baby shower for daughter, North, 2, and where sister, Khloé married Lamar Odom.

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Geri on

As much as I dont care for the Kardashians I have to admit this was kind of a cute theme and not completely over the top.

Julia on

Do women really have baby showers with kids beyond the first? Don’t they already have the gear from the previous pregnancy? Must just be me.

em on

Like totally cool Kim…omg.

Veronica on

She threw HERSELF a baby shower. classy. Who does that? Only those without taste, class or manners. Any member of THIS no-class clan.

Emma on


Nikki on

thats the most dumb azzzzzzzzzzz theme for a shower…what are they little kids having a sleep over in their tents…so lame..they look stupid

Nikki on

stupid theme, like little kids having a sleep over in their widdle tents..LAME

Anonymous on

I want a troop Beverly Hills party! Good idea.

Geri Too on

Burgeoning prosthetic bump you mean.

meepmeepmeep on

LOLZ who are those chicks next to her? kendal and kylie without instagram filters??

Sandy on

Was kimbo’s usually huge protruding belly button PhotoShopped? It appears to have been altered.

Jasmine on

She is disgusting even in her pjs. Why can’t she cover herself up????? This whore piglet never changes.

Desiree on

Last week they were grieving, this week party time!

Edie on

Obviously, the ulterior motive in *deliberately* showing her bare baby bump is to quell the claims she hired a surrogate to carry their child. She (and the rest of the krew) are outrageously transparent.

Kimberly on

Can we please go back to the days when we didn’t have to share every little detail about our pregnancies and our lives. Everyone gushes about a new baby but soon Kimmie that will be just another brat running around like yourself….trust me I really feel sorry for that little kid, money and all. It doesn’t matter because he has two narcissistic parents and the poor little girl she dresses in black, that is not a color you associate with young girls. That is Kanye’s influence I’m sure. This family is beyond ridiculous. I wish I had another name!!

Molly on

This is the one of the few pictures she is not overly dressed! One of the few pictures she looks natural, good for her.

Anonymous on

Who cares she shows off all her body and gets paid for like a high paid hooker

Get a clue on

I can’t look at these pajamas without thinking of the uniform at Auschwitz. I’m sure they are designer and crazy expensive but they scream concentration camp to me. Just my opinion.

Robin on

I like Kim’s Baby Shower theme, this way she could be comfortable too. How much fun it is to get together with family and friends and just have fun! Kim looks beautiful, even when she’s pregnant. I’m sure she can’t wait for the Christmas, her baby boy will be the best gift ever!

Jessy on

The party goes on…. No more grieving for Lamar??

charlotte on

@Julia – I completely agree with you. I am of the opinion that it is tacky to have a second shower, even if the sex of the baby is different the second time around. I guess that doesn’t apply to no talent “celebrities”, though. She is tacky enough, LOL!!

Anonymous on

@Julia: agreed. Second baby showers are ridiculous. Especially when the kids are so close in age. My SIL’s work threw her a baby shower for her 2nsd kid, but her family did nothing (the kids are 2 years apart).

@Geri: my thoughts exactly. Nice pic of a FAKE bare belly.

Anonymous on

I’m sure Kim got paid for all her pictures!

lilly pond on

They are all trashy pigs.

Laura on

@Julia I agree 100%. I’ve always been taught it’s bad taste to have a shower for a second (third, etc.) baby. A friend of mine had her second child less than two years after her first (both boys) and she had THREE showers for the second baby and over 80 items on her second registry!! New babies are always exciting and worth celebrating but to have a full shower (or three) accompanied by a huge registry is tacky.