Simon Cowell’s Son Eric Adorably Crashes Interview with Terri Seymour

10/23/2015 at 06:00 PM ET

Simon Cowell‘s son Eric Philip is already getting used to the spotlight.

Eric,  20 months, toddled into a recent Extra interview as his famous dad spoke about joining America’s Got Talent as a judge, and quickly stole the show.

Eric made his dad proud as he teased Extra‘s Terri Seymour by pretending to offer her a carrot but then giving the snack back to Cowell, who high-fived him and said, “That’s my boy!”

Cowel, 56, says he and his son, whom he named after his late father, have a lot in common.

“When he just wants something, he’s like me. He says it over and over again,” he explains.

Simon Cowell's Son Eric Crashes His Interview

Cowell and girlfriend Lauren Silverman welcomed Eric in February 2014.

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Callie on

His son is GORGEOUS!

Sharon24 on

He looks retarteded

Guest on

His son looks just like him!

tammyinthewey on

Wow. Civil exes.

jacyee on

could he be more gross in that white t-shirt? YUCK. and in the article the typist omitted the second L on his name….and “Philip” should not have two Ls in it….never mind the parents spelled it that way

laura on

grow the kid’s hair out. And how do you “make dad proud” by pretending to give someone something?

Linz on

WHOA! He actually dated that reporter for a few years, they get along pretty well!

GigiOC on

OMG that boy looks like Lauren’s ex husband! Simon better get a DNA test ASAP!!! Calling Jerry Spring!!!!

Kathy on

Sharon24, that remake was rather crude. Show’s what kind of a person you are.

Ginger on

Simon’s little boy is adorable!! Beautiful eyes.

J on

Simon is friendly with all of his exes and I thought if he lived with them at the time of break up he left them the house. I’m sure I read that somewhere. Also, not only his he close to her but I think either she’s his godmother or he’s the godfather to her child. Some exes remain close – Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant are close and he’s the godfather of her son…

Tiffany on

I think some of you commenters need to spend less time on and more time on Read a book. Learn to spell and form coherent sentences please. Especially you Sharon24.

linda on

Sorry, but the kid isnt so cute….

Tanley on

That kid is the spitting image of Andrew Silverman – Lauren’s ex – and their child, Adam. Ha! Simon got played big time.

Anonymous on

Sure no question that’s Simon’s boy! So cute, and what a precious smile! It seems to have warmed Simon’s heart. I didn’t care for him until he stepped up to help Susan Boyle so much. He may have made a lot of money, but it isn’t easy to work with someone, however talented vocally, who has Aspberger’s, and from the moment she sang, he stepped up even though she didn’t win the competition. Her voice moves me, and I think it was a wonderful thing that he has helped her however difficult it has been at times. He seems to be taking parenting seriously, so good on him! As for Sharon24…you need help, and no one cares what such a rude person thinks! That’s a beautiful child, who seems to be more intelligent than you are.

dc on

He is a cutie.

Megan on

Sharon24, if you are going to call someone “retarded” at least spell it right. Pot meet kettle..

Anonymous on

Didn’t he date her?

Anonymous on

I’m so happy for Simon. Wee Eric is so adorable.

Lana on

Simon needs to lay off the plastic surgery! He looks ridiculous!!

Anonymous on

His son is so cute LOL.

Shalla on

Eric is NOT Andrew’s child. Look at old photos of Simon, Eric favors him so much. Plus, I’m sure Simon has had DNA test. Simon is a wonderful father but at his age, he needs to start thinking about his health. Constant sunburns over and over, heavy smoking, he’s a poster child for skin/lung cancer. Little Eric is adorable. You can also tell there’s great chemistry with Terri and Simon. Wish we knew more of Lauren’s personality. Lauren seems like a doting mother to Eric, and that’s what counts, not her gf status to Simon.

Alaia on

Cute kid for sure…but is he really “crashing” if someone BROUGHT him in and set him there?

Rebecca on

Wow, that baby definitely looks like Andrew Silverman.

Marlene on

Hey Sharon you are calling this kids retarded when you can’t spell it correctly. What wonderful person you must be. Besides even if he was thats a really stupid word. Go.find an adult to pick on you slouch.

kianna7777 on

His little boy is literally the cutest thing ever!!!

Andrea on

Simon is 56 years old? and his son is just 20 months old.

Brooke on

Eric actually looks EXACTLY like Simon if you pull up his baby pics. He also favours his mum a lot. Love his little accent already.

Harry on

Congratulations! I wonder if Simon is exposing Eric to another language. This new company, Smart Coos, , states that it let’s parents teach kids at least two languages from birth. Of course, Simon can afford a multilingual nanny but it’s good that there’s a company that provides that support for them and let’s other parents teach their children a second language from day one if they cannot afford a full time nanny.

Sally on

Sharon 24 AKA: Troll, makes a statement like that but can’t even spell the word!! Now who’s the mentally challenged one?

パネライスーパーコピー on