Kelly Clarkson Reveals She’s Expecting a Boy

10/23/2015 at 12:45 PM ET

Kelly Clarkson Pregnant Expecting Son
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Kelly Clarkson‘s adding a boy to her brood!

The “Invincible” singer took to social media Friday to announce the sex of her baby-on-the-way, sharing an adorable shot of daughter River Rose, 16 months, with the caption: “In other news, River’s gonna have a little baby brother 🙂 #itsaboy We’re so excited!”

Clarkson, 33, first shared that she and husband Brandon Blackstock, 38, were expecting in August, surprising the audience at an L.A. Piece By Piece tour stop with an impromptu, emotional announcement.

“I was not planning on announcing this, but … I’m totally pregnant,” she said, crying onstage at the time.

“My makeup artist is backstage hating me right now. I just don’t want you to think I’m on pills or drunk …I’d like to apologize to my husband. That was not planned. I just didn’t want you to think I was crazy or something. Honestly, I’m just so hormonal today. … I haven’t vomited yet. That is a freakin’ win, y’all.”

The American Idol alum — who, following doctor’s orders, had to cancel the remainder of her tour — opened up about wanting to expand her family in a PEOPLE interview back in February.

“I want another one … But I’m just a little frightened because [River is] so perfect,” she said. “I feel like something horrible’s gonna come out of me. Because she’s so great — like, the yin to her yang … But I won’t put that out there. I’m gonna project happiness.”

Clarkson married Blackstock in 2013, making her step-mom to Savannah, 14, and Seth, 8, his kids from a previous marriage.

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Kathy on

Happy for the family!

Andrew on

A boy what? Hippopatomus?

High Pitch Eric on

Kelly Clarkson!

Guest on

Rude much Andrew? Congrats to the family!

Anne on

Andrew, please get yourself a more happy, content life. You must be a miserable soul.

Guest on

Congrats Kelly. I had a feeling it would be a boy. 🙂

Mrs. B on

Congratulations Kelly. I hope you have an easier pregnancy this time. Morning sickness is no joke.

Donna on

She announced her pregnancy in August, get your facts correct

Jo55 on

She is adding to her brood? What brood? C’mon People, Wikipedia is free.

Just a Duck on

Great. Now she’ll be 200 pounds overweight.

Shan_40ish on

Donna, the article states she announced the pregnancy in August. It also says in a previous interview that was conducted in February that Kelly talked about wanting to have another child.

Edie on

It would seem Andrew is one who is willing to say something hateful for attention — even though the attention is negative.

() on

Good for her! @Just a Duck on : Why are you so inconsiderate? Carrying and delivering a child is nothing simple. It is a miraculous process. Please do not insult as I’m guessing you are saying this because you experienced you’re mother being 200 pounds overweight after giving birth to you?

dancer92136 on

She deserves all the blessings she gets. Great singer, amazing person, loving mom. Congratulations.

charlotte on

Congratulations to Kelly and her family!

sally on

People, stop worrying about her weight! Pay attention to yourself and quit the bashing of other people- you don’t even know!

Catherine on

I hope they name him Mountain

nampybampy on

Kelly Clarkson reveals post-delivery weight! ooooh…and she is right, you do tempt fat when you have a second one. My brother said of his wife “I think she is greedy” because she wanted a second one; and the second one has been a truckload of problems. I’ve seen that happen in many families. Here’s to stopping at one! And here’s to logging off to not read those who refute my observation….

and Kelly didn’t “take to” or “share.” She “posted” and she “announced.” Hers is a very short marriage, and it will be full of organisms now!!! Gotta say, that little potato baby of hers finally grew into her face, she is a looker!!!!

and it’s P!nk who said her daughter was perfect, but not “so” perfect.

I love Kelly. I mean, I really love her. Well, the Kelly I know through publicity.

nancie on

Name nominations:


TLC fan on

OMG she is so loud and obnoxious! She MIGHT be likable if she fixed those two things.

Just a Duck on

@(). Nope. My family had pride in themselves. My mother was wearing a grey striped form fitting sheath dress when she left the hospital after having my younger brother. And that’s even though she had major surgery when she was 5 months pregnant. No one in my family would be caught dead looking like an elephant.

lola on

@just a duck….
but you behaving like an absolute a@@ wipe is totally acceptable?!
Hmm… some families!

Tracy on

Oh Andrew, try to be happy for others. Kelly is a lovely woman and mother and her son will be as delicious as River 🙂

Becca on

Congrats!! River is so cute!!

Lily on

So happy for her!! Love her honest style – No fake stuff from her!!

Christy on

Congrats! A girl and a boy! The perfect little family.

Rebeccah on

Kelly Clarkson is just way too over the top with everything. I’m happy for you but honestly, reign it in a little bit. Overkill is annoying.

Mary on

Her little girl is adorable!

Volly on

A boy and a girl, perfect.

Asha on

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I read awhile ago on a website that she broke up her husband’s marriage with the mother of his kids?
How is it that people are celebrating this, but all jump on the bandwagon when the roles are reversed. Dont get me wrong its great that she’s happy etc, but I think its sad that because she’s a woman its deemed OK?

Fearoucious on

One boy and one girl. What are the odds of that?

Sm on

Maybe after this one she will lose some weight. Sorry but not sorry. There is nothing appealing about being fat.

Anonymous on

Asha- She didn’t. They met while he was still married, and Kelly apparently developed a crush on him, but from what she has said, she respected the fact that he was taken and didn’t pursue him romantically until AFTER he and his then-wife had broken-up.

Granted, it’s entirely possible that Brandon left his wife because he had the hots for Kelly and wanted to pursue her…but if so, that was HIS decision and HE is the one who broke up his family (something his ex-wife seems to realize as she has nothing but nice things to say about Kelly and her step-parenting of their kids).

Anonymous on

I am curious why people post that she is fat or overweight or Giuliana Rancic is too skinny or certain child are ugly or overweight. I understand commenting on an outfit and saying it is not something you would wear or don’t think it’s flattering. I understand commenting on someone’s hair or makeup. But, to go as far and insult someone’s size or looks whether it be a child or an adult is beyond disgusting. You don’t know what the person is going through and why they may be smaller or larger than you deem acceptable. People are very insecure already and may be trying to change the way they look, if possible, why insult them? Does it make you feel better? There are so many children bullies today. Sad because when I was in school I don’t remember any. Parents are to blame and a lot of them are posting here.

jennifela on

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