Glory Johnson Posts Cute Photo of Newborn Twins: ‘My Sweet Babies Opened Their Eyes Today’

10/23/2015 at 12:10 PM ET

Glory Johnson twins photo open eyes

They’re keeping her on her toes already.

WNBA star Glory Johnson took to her Instagram account on Thursday to post an adorable photo of her newborn twin daughters‘ tiny feet nestled next to each other in their hospital bed.

A picture of Johnson with the word “Mommy” written across it can be seen hanging in the background, in front of the baby girls.

The 25-year-old Tulsa Shock player captioned the snap, “My Sweet Babies opened their eyes today!!! #AvaSimone#SoleiDiem #JohnsonTwins.”

Johnson later shared a follow-up Instagram post featuring a fitting inspirational quote: “There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.”

“Mommy Loves You 1 Week 4 Days #JustTheBeginning#KeepFighting #AvaSimone #SoleiDiem,” she captioned the second post.

Johnson gave birth to her two baby girls, Ava Simone and Solei Diem, via c-section on Oct. 12, much earlier than their February due date.

In another Instagram post welcoming her daughters, the WNBA star wrote, “Born a little earlier than expected, I have no worries because these babies are fighters just like I am.”

Johnson’s wife, fellow WNBA star Brittney Griner, filed for an annulment of their May marriage just one day after Johnson announced in June that she was pregnant via in vitro fertilization with a donor’s sperm. The annulment was denied in August, however, and the two remain legally married.

— Tierney McAfee

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cynic1018 on

those lesbians are crazy. i love you and want to get married and have babies with ya, oh wait, i changed my mind 😦

Wow on

I think marrying Glory was like the Lesbian edition of The Heartbreak Kid. There is just something a bit coocoo about her o.O
God Bless her daughters though, they’re so tiny, I’m glad to hear progress. They have a long journey ahead and send them many well wishes.

Jo55 on

I love you and want to get married and have babies with ya, oh wait, I changed my mind – is HARDLY the exclusive domain of lesbians. Not even close.

mschwellinger on

So if their annulment was denied, do they just go forward with a regular divorce now?

Anonymous on

Is her wife involved with the girls? I realize they are no longer together but am assuming they moved forward with this pregnancy with the intention of being parents prior to their break up….

Katie on

These babies have a hard road ahead…very hard for a singleton to be born that early, but twins have it even harder. Hope they do well, and are okay!

Anonymous on

mschwellinger- Yes, they are (that was mentioned in the original post about the annullement being denied).

Jessica on

Glory Johnson is far from crazy.The article is about her love for her premature twins. She is no different from any other adult who has made adult mistakes in judgement choosing a partner. That’s why we have what is called divorce, child support, child visitation. It’s not a new phenomenal. All this media nonsense recklessly portraying her as anything but the person who never left her unborn children, who prayed for their safe arrival, a person who gave up her career and income for athe safe birth of multiple at risk babies. She’s the one sitting in NICU. And the entire shame is its women with the vicious comments. Where is the Human Rights awardee? Where is that partner who was clearly involved with the IVF procedures calling “herself” dad? Where is the media frenzy on the partner who instead of taking responsibility is in clubs getting Ego stroked while pregnant wife goes through hell. Noooo Glory Johnson is far from coo coo. It’s the idiots who post these comments about this new young mother who is coocoo. GOD bless these miracle babies and the mother who carried them and obviously NEVER left them.

Ida on

I really don’t think Griner is a terrible person. She must have had some legit reason for filing for an annualment the day after Glory announced her pregnancy.

Anonymous on

Who cares about their relationship. ..prayers are needed for these lovely babies. God bless them with health.

Anonymous on

Yay the cute picture of double little feet!

Paula on

The twins have long road ahead them, hope they’re doing well.

TG (nicu nurse) on

This picture is not of the twins feet together. That is one baby’s lower half. Twins this critical would never be in the same isolette. The author should get facts straight before writing.