Glory Johnson Shows Off Her Stomach Days After C-Section: ‘Let’s See If I Can Bounce Back’

10/22/2015 at 12:00 PM ET

Glory Johnson is already working on getting back into her pre-baby shape — just days after giving birth to twins via c-section.

The WNBA star posted a photo of her stomach on Instagram Thursday morning, 10 days after welcoming her daughters.

“Let’s see if I can bounce back,” she wrote. “#CantLiftForSixWeeks #FingersCrossed #CravingAGoodWorkout … Who’s with me?”

But Johnson’s primary focus is on her baby girls: Ava Simone and Solei Diem were born Oct, 12, much earlier than their February due date. They were each 1 lb. 7 oz. at birth, and in an Instagram post about their births, the 25-year-old Tulsa Shock player wrote, “Born a little earlier than expected, I have no worries because these babies are fighters just like I am.”

Glory Johnson body after baby twins c-section
Courtesy Glory Johnson; Inset: Getty

Johnson announced her pregnancy via in vitro fertilization with a donor’s sperm in June and revealed the sex of the babies in August.

Johnson’s wife, fellow WNBA star Brittney Griner, filed for an annulment of their May marriage the day after the pregnancy announcement, but the annulment was denied in August and the pair remain legally married.

Johnson sat out the last WNBA season due to her pregnancy, but faces a seven-game suspension when she returns to work, due to her arrest earlier this year for domestic violence.

— Andrea Park

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Melissa on

I’m sorry but shouldn’t she be more concerned about the health of her very premature babies, than taking belly selfies and talking about losing weight? I just find it inappropriate to be taking about losing baby weight right now

Me on

How about focusing on raising your child? THAT is what you have made priority by bringing a human into this world. Who cares about your stomach or your career?

mack on

Can’t help but think what a disgusting person she is. Focus on your two helpless babies, not your ability to get your body back. I don’t see how anyone can have respect for this woman.

Kay on

Considering she didn’t carry her babies very long I don’t doubt she can “bounce back.” Eye roll.

Shannon on

Umm, does anyone see anything wrong with her hashtags? I seriously can’t with this person…. Her babies have a very long fight ahead of them.

Evie on

Our daughter (our 4th child) was born in 2013 weighing 1 lbs 7 oz, being delivered 12 weeks early. My figure was the last thing on my mind.

button on

This is crazy. She’s a 25 year old extremely fit individual. Of course, she’ll bounce back. Besides, the photo doesn’t even show the lower abdomen area which puffs out after cesareans!

Jenny on

Pretty sure this woman has some serious mental issues…

gracie on

What is wrong with this woman? Posting selfies and hashtagging about crossed fingers and a workout while her infant daughters are fighting for their lives? Seriously, sh ehas to be mentally off.

Sara on

OMG, seriously?! Those poor girls are fighting for their lives right now and she is more concerned with getting back into shape?! What a horrible woman. I am starting to see why her wife left her so quickly…

Miranda on

Um…. She wasn’t due to February which means she was only 24 weeks pregnant when she gave birth. So I think it’s safe to say she will bounce back, smh. At 24 weeks with both my children, you could barely tell I was pregnant. And more importantly why is she worried about that when she has two 1lb babies that need her???? Get a grip, woman!

Lida on

Wow! This girl is mentally unstable! Why would anyone in their right mind post selfies about losing weight and “bouncing back” days after delivering twins who are fighting for their lives number one and also she delivered after only 24 weeks of pregnancy! She didn’t even put on the bulk of what would be her baby weight! Plus she’s a 25 year old professional basketball player. She is genetically predisposed to have a body like that

steve on

Seriously WTF! She is a disgrace to all mother’s who have babies fighting for their lives in the NICU! It’s called Priorities lady, your body is the last thing you need to worry about. What a loser! She had what 3 lbs of babies in her tummy, SHAME ON YOU!

Terry on

This woman really comes across as profoundly stupid, and emotionally retarded. She needs to get in touch with reality. Her babies are the priority and their health is not assured. She should not give a flying flip about her stomach.

Honestly Honey, no one else does.

guest on

Ummm, shouldn’t she be more concerned for her very premature twins rather than how fast she can bounce back. What a moron!! Doesn’t deserve kids.

misslee on

She is truly unwell. Your children are fighting for their lives and will be for a LONG time. Your first instinct should not be to post on social media at all, much less casually musing about “bouncing back.” How about hashtag will my babies live?

Mrs. B on

This is why I don’t like social media. People are more concerned with selfies than their own families. It’s no wonder this country is in the shape that it is. What happened to priorities?

Dawn on

Wow! she should be focusing more on the babies then loosing weight and getting back in shape so quickly. Your body will bounce back, concentrate on the girls. Selfish!

Heather on

She was BARELY half way through her pregnancy. She is an athlete. Pretty sure she will bounce back, and that she doesn’t need to post that.

Kathy on

She got what she wanted, children and a poor sucker to support them. How about she shuts up and goes away.

Joe on

I feel sorry for all the children of this generation. Moms are too absorbed with themselves and social media than their babies.

Kelly on

She only went to 24 weeks, she is WELL over 6 feet and I promise you she didn’t get that big. And seriously, who cares about their stomach when they have micro-preemies to worry about? Focus on hoping/helping your children live, and without any major developmental neurological issues.

Kady Doring on

OMG What an idiot.

Wow on

Something about her always seems so off to me…..and the way she speaks so cavalier about her daughters who are fighting to survive and focuses more on working out to lose the itty bitty belly her daughters were lucky to even have made is cold.
I pray this is a coping mechanism to stay positive and not some weird psycho obsessive mumbo when her babies need her and a lot of nurses to get through the next few months. It seems she expects a big fight out of these tiny babies without a second thought. I think those girls need empathy, patience, and a whole lot of bonding and care as much as one can provide in a hospital because fighters or not, it is a rough ordeal for anyone let alone tiny premature babies to get through.

Edyie on

Well she sure has her priorities right. Showing off her stomach when her children have to be fighting for their lives every second. Being born 4 months early and living is pretty much unheard of.

Geminismom on

Currently sitting next to my sleeping, surviving twin baby. My girls were born at 24w5days in June. We’re waiting nervously for the ambulance to show up now to move her to a children’s hospital, because at 4 mos old she still can’t breathe room air, much less feed orally. Between pumping, caring for her and my 8 yr old, I’m lucky if I haha bite that’s not hospital food. She’s delusional, self absorbed to the fullest or both if she’s remotely concerned about body image at this point. She’s blessed that both her girls survived, IMO, her priorities are whack.

Michelle on

Why do women feed into this body after baby nonsense? Why is it a contest? why aren’t we focusing on our babies that JUST came out of our bodies?? I can’t stand it!! Priorities people!!

Bee on

As much as I have an issue with social media, what people post, and how obsessed our society is with it, I’ve discovered something profound. People can post whatever the hell they want! She’s a professional athlete, and that’s how she will make the money to care for those children, so it’s perfectly reasonable that she would be ready to get back into shape. Further, who’s to say that she isn’t concerned about her babies? You can actually see the title of a story prior to opening it, reading, and commenting. So if the title turns you off, keep moving! It’s simple. It’s very easy to assume that the majority of these comments come from lonely, miserable housewives who have nothing better to do while their children are napping, but then again, I have too little info to go off of, don’t I?

Kate on

I don’t even know what to say to this. Wrong on so many levels. “People” you should be ashamed posting this story. Wrong message, even if she did carry to term. The fact that the babies are fighting for their lives makes this even sicker.

Kim on

She has 2 extremely premature babies and she is worried about her tummy? Give me a break. Nothing but a golddigger, I hope she gets nothing in the divorce. Those are her baibies to raise, nobody else’s.

heather on

This is disturbing.

CJ on

Lets remember, Glory is only 25 years old and still has growing to do as a person and mother. Also, she is a professional athlete, she actually needs her body to feed, cloth, and most important, provide the medical needs her daughters may have. Give her a break

Luv4kali24 on

Melissa, I could not agree with you more, you said EXACTLY what I was going to say!

Runthusiast on

Oh this will be good. Here come the perfect parents who know everything and are going to judge this woman because they know ALL!

Lana on

Her babies were born at 24 weeks and all she can think about is a good workout?? Someone’s priorities are out of whack.

Guest on

When my kids were born premature I was a wreck and couldn’t care less how I looked. I just don’t get it….

sheila smith on

Give me a break!Leave this young woman alone!She gave birth to these babies; not none of you judgemental people. Where’s the negative comments about Brittney Griner? Have she even had the decency to go to the hospital to check on her babies? Glory Johnson is going to be a wonderful mother.

lyssa on

Praying for the babies born into this mess, she needs to focus on the care of the babies and how she will do that career or no career and as a single parent at this point! Get your priorities together Johnson !

Vanessa on

Wow glad to see she has her priorities right…prem babies or getting her figure back. Gee, big decision.

Muila on

Worrying about her body image? She needs to get her priority straight.

Anonymous on

Worry about making milk to keep your babies alive, not losing the 12 you put on!!!

Ida on

sheila smith, the babies are not brittney;s, it has not been proven that britteny was even aware that glory had ivf. glory is trying to stick it to brit. glory’s 1st sonogram stated she was 10 weeks pregnant when she announced the first few days in June. if you look closely at the pic’s of the babies they don’t look like 1 lb babies. I hope she gets nothing from brit.

Rebecca on


1. Her babies are in the hospital. How exactly is she supposed to take care of them if she is (presumably) at home?

2. Do you expect her to just be miserable all the time? (clearly you are, if you’re criticizing her like this) Shame on you for judging how she’s feeling. You don’t know what it’s like to be her right now.

3. This very well could be a coping mechanism or an attempt to focus on the positive.

4. She’s an athlete who just had babies, but they are in the hospital, AND she is on maternity leave. She also lives alone. Can you maybe think for a second and imagine how bored she might be right now? Maybe that post was just to lighten the mood a bit.

It makes ME sick to think that some of you would only be satisfied if she wasn’t on Twitter at all, or was posting about how miserable she was and how everything is terrible.

Grow up, and stop judging other people’s lives. It’s not going to make those little girls get better, and it’s not going to help Glory. So can it.

Lucky on

This is beyond disturbing! My heart aches for those little girls laying in the NICU fighting for their lives. The fact that they have someone so mentally unstable as a mom makes me sad. How are they going to feel when they look back and see what their mom’s priorities were at this stage of their lives. That was the last thing on my mind after my children were born and they weren’t born 16 weeks early. In fact at 24 weeks pregnant what do you have like maybe 5lbs to lose. The sad part is Glory says that her body is what will support her children as a professional athlete. I hope her organization thinks twice before signing her again because she is a disgrace to the WBNA.

Judy on

As Glory states on her instagram account, “If I don’t maintain my health and my body, I can not provide for my children. I don’t expect you to understand the life of a professional athlete or what we go through in order to continue our careers after we have children.” Just the fact that she feels the need to justify her “selfish” selfie should tell us something. SMH

Worried on

Is this girl in denial? Denial that her girls might not survive? Denial that if they do they might have serious neurological issues? Maybe right now is not the time to be worrying about her body. I hope these girls have someone in their court no pun intended. I pray they bounce back from the stress they endured in the womb and now outside as well.

jessiemaystorm on

I don’t like to make flash judgments on the lives of others, but I can’t help but think it’s pretty poor taste for her to be posting selfies and fitness hashtags while her two tiny daughters are fighting for their lives.

sfmom on

Those babies were born at 24 weeks. If either of them is lucky enough to survive, it is likely that they will have a VERY long and difficult road ahead of them.
She is absolutely insane to be posting selfies of her belly and talking about “craving a good workout” – career or not, livelihood or not – no woman in their right mind, with two micropremies in the NICU would post a selfie on Instagram like this. Totally bonkers.

Anonymous on

Wow…mom shaming and body shaming a woman who just had a terrifying and traumatic birth experience. Way to go. Do you all feel better about yourselves now?

Paula on

Looks like she has the right priority after giving birth of the babies.

Anonymous on

To Ida and all you people who think Brittney Griner didn’t know about the babies that Glory Johnson had!! Here’s the link!

Faye on

I work in a NICU. While it’s wonderful to stay positive, I find that her comments are insensitive. I know she doesn’t realize it, of course. All babies, especially micro preemies like hers are fighters. What’s disheartening is that no matter how much money you have and all the technical advances we have, we still have babies pass away from being so premature. I just hope other parents don’t use her experience and become jaded with NICU life. It is an up and down journey. I wish her baby girls well.

Deborah Miller-Ciampoli on

Glory Johnson, you are a pathetic excuse for a mother! Worrying about your stomach and bouncing back from a c-section?? Make no mistake, your stomch will survive. Those precious baby’s, maybe not!! I feel sorry for those precious baby girls.

Katie on

FIRST, you should be at the hospital with your babies, not taking stomach selfies. SECOND, be honest when you post that. You didn’t carry them to full term only 24 weeks. Don’t mislead other mothers thinking they should look like that after 10 days when they’ve carried their babies for 40 weeks. You’re a sorry individual. Shame on PEOPLE for even giving this crap a spotlight.