Sheer Magic! Coco Austin Dazzles in Outrageous Maternity Ensemble

10/22/2015 at 09:15 PM ET

It’s safe to say Coco Austin will not be wearing mom jeans once she welcomes her bundle of joy in December.

The soon-to-be mother shared some photos on Instagram as she picked outfits for a party on Thursday.

In one photo, Austin dons a sheer, polka dot ensemble complete with a high-waisted black leotard-esque bottom that conveniently covers her barely-there baby bump.

“Feeling my inner lady gaga in this dress … picking out fashion for tonight’s party wi/David Tutera,” she captioned the pic.

Coco Austin pregnant sheer dress baby bump
Courtesy Coco Austin

In the second snapshot, the model wears a pale pink, long-sleeved maxi dress accented with gold sparkles and a more visible baby bump.

“Another option … Picture does not give this dress justice … its so sparkly,” she wrote.

A third picture shows the blonde bombshell in a black floor length dress with a tulle skirt and major cleavage which captioned, “Ok now I’m just having fun … Playing dress up is such a girlie thing to do! (Another option for tonight) Max is obviously over it …Lol.”

Austin and husband Ice-T announced in July they were expecting their first child together. Since the news broke, they’ve also revealed they’re preparing to welcome a little girl, to be named Chanel Nicole.

Ice-T has two adult children, Tracy and Letesha, from previous relationships.

Austin spoke to PEOPLE about her excitement at having her first child, saying, “I took the test and when I found out, I ran downstairs. He was on the computer and I was bawling, screaming. He thought someone died. He was just as surprised as me.”

She added, “You never think it could really happen to you —  that you can actually make a human being — and when you do, you’re like, ‘Wow!’ It’s a miracle how life can happen.”

— Naja Rayne 

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Justme on

Outrageous ? Apparently you haven’t seen Kk. I love coco, and she looks beautiful…

Callie on

I wish she would get some class if only for 9 mos. I understand what her “job” is but it’s unnecessary to dress like a ho all the time. She’s better than this, come on Nicole!

Sammantha on

Coco. I am sure you are a wonderful person and all. But please put your boobs away. It’s a lot more flattering for a woman to be a little more graceful and such in how she dresses, especially when pregnant. You would look a lot classier if you just put them away and covered up a little. There are a lot of very FLATTERING wardrobes like that.

Lisa on

I usually think women who are pregnant are some of the most beautiful women in the world. But this woman? She just looks nasty. Actually, some of the pictures I’ve seen of her BEFORE she was pregnant looked nasty and tacky. So nothing new here…..I’ll just move along.

Love Coco on

I love her. She seems like such a sweet woman, who truly loves and adores her husband, as well as his other children. I know a lot of people critique her, because she tends to be a little “out there” where her fashion is concerned, but she’s adorable. And btw, I love her in the second dress. I bet she is going to be an awesome mom.

jeans75 on


dd on

omg everything she owns is cleavage baring!!! how can she do anything around town, people never look at her eyes, they are always looking down…

guest on

This woman has no class what so ever! Apparently her purchased boobs are more important to her than her unborn child!

Seacrest's Gynocologist on

Chanel? Latesha? Seriously? Why not Hoodrat and Ghettonica?

fuzzy pumpkin on

Ices grandson will be 20 years older than his aunt which is Chanel.

Dianasanchez on

She looks great. Congratulations to her and ice!

Dee on

1st way. 2nd & 3rd….didn’t look too bad.

Robin on

I thought Kim Kardashian had bad maternity fashion. Coco has got her beat.
Explain why we need to see her obviously enhanced cleavage? That pokadot dress was the worst of the tree.

Kx on

Congrations to her and Ict-T on the new addition.

Katelyn on

Your pregnant! Class up a bit, it’s only 9 months it’s not that difficult.

jacket on

Anyone else remember Carol Doda?

This woman needs surgery very very soon. and she means “do justice” not GIVE justice.


desiree on

Is it me or is her baby bump actually getting smaller… I don’t believe she’s eight months pregnant for one minute.

cj on

Money does not equal class or good taste. Yuck

sally on

Those boobs! I swear they have their own zip code! She’ll have to be careful not to smother the baby with them while feeding the baby.

Tessa on

I love Coco. I don’t care what any of the haters have to say. I used to watch their show and I have always loved her. She really seems like a very sweet and down to earth person. I know she will be a great mother just in the way she always keeps an immaculate house and takes care of her husband. She has boobs and a butt, so what. She can dress however she wants! She looks amazing and more importantly it looks like she feels amazing. Leave her alone. Go on Coco!

Anonymous on

I think I just threw up in my mouth!!!

Catfite on

I like the pink one if they could add something to the top. LOL I like her and Ice together.

Vol on

Her maternity outfits should compare Kim Kardarshian’s outfits.

Anonymous on

We get it, you’re expecting and we are happy for you, but do you always have to dress like an ex Baywatch porn star? Hope all goes well with the baby and congrats! Beautiful name for the baby by the way…

Debs626 on

I feel so sorry for that poor baby, this woman is not mother material.

Mary on

Why? Just Why?

Nancy on

LOL. That is all.

Linni on

A girl I know of was tiny like that with both her pregnancies. It was like a cantaloupe size bump so some ladies just don’t get huge when pregnant. What of it?

cBlack on

Dazzles??????? She still looks like the prostitute she was when Ice Tea married her!!!

Anonymous on

She and Ice-T are lovely couple lol.

Cynda on


CovrUrAzzUp on

Ice-T and Nas-T. I’ve seen hookers on the street with more class. That poor baby girl doesn’t stand a chance.

jlo27916 on

Coco is beautiful. Yes, she has an outrageous body, but she is extremely likable and seems pretty down to earth. Oh and she’s no dummy. She looks gorgeous in the pink dress!

jlo27916 on

Coco is beautiful- say nasty things about her if you must, but she’s no dummy and she has a good heart. I think she looks gorgeous in the pink dress- She still looks gorgeous in the others but they are not my taste.

NV on

She kinda more look like a hooker than pregnant woman.

Sheri on

Her child will be SO proud of her!

kayte on

She’s beautiful.
For those knocking her for showing her large breasts and a small baby bump- it’s hard to cover a chest that size and of course her bump looks small bc her boobs are huge!

Mrs. B on

She looks disgusting!😝

Gramma2three on

Wonder how old the daughter will be when she starts dressing like Mom?

Anonymous on

Dazzles? Really? Her boobs are ridiculous.

VirgotheVirgin on

I love it. She’s true to herself. No one should live their lives based on the definitions of others.

Anonymous on

Dazzles? Really? Those boobs are ridiculous.

Dee on

Love the second dress. So what, she has implants…..they are not on your chest so GET OVER IT!!!!

Women are the most pathetic of the species, all we do is drag each other down and criticize and berate our fellow women. Can’t just congratulate her and move on? Nope…gotta get nasty and call her names, talk trash about her unborn child.

Like you all lead some perfect lives!!! Bunch of HATERS!!!!!
There is never a shortage of MISERABLE, UNHAPPY, LONELY people online leaving messages of hate for others. Smh.

Anonymous on

Gross. I have larger breast and I’m getting a reduction and lift in January. Wendy Williams and Coco need to get with the times. This is not the 80s/90s anymore. It makes them look larger than their frames actually are.

anne on

I’m sure her child will be so proud that her Mom looks like a hooker—and couldn’t even try to look decent when she was pregnant. Disgusting.

diamondsmiles on

I like Coco, too! I love her attitude! I wish her and Ice the vest with baby Chanel@ XX

diamondsmiles on

I like Coco, too! I love her attitude! I wish her and Ice the best with baby Chanel! XX

She knows what people want to see and shows it. If Ice is alright with it, it’s no anyone’ else’s business. If you can’t say anything nice…

Her mother takes a lot of her photos.

diamondsmiles on

Damn! Cannot figure out how to edit!

KG on

She went with the pale pink dress. My friend was at the party and posted pictures with her.

dana on

Nothing dazzling about that horrific set of melons. No compassion applies since they were artificially acquired.

um on

The blinds said she’s secretly going the surrogate route.

Tish on

Put some clothes on, woman!

heather on

That top dress looks ridiculous.

Anonymous on

She looks like a the madam from a bordello.
Surely no man would find this attractive????

gardenboy on

She looks like a madam from a bordello.

Anonymous on

Anyone that has posted POSITIVE COMMENTS WHAT THE F..!! SERIOUSLY, this is just a HO HO HO there is no motherhood style for her. If this is how beautiful looks like, I wonder what ugly looks like? Justme?Sheri, “proud of what” is the daughter going to be dressed with no clothes?? Both are not suitable for parenthood only a “certain R rated show”

S. on

She seems like a nice person. The boobs beed to be covered up more. It is very unflattering on her.

Laurie on

Sorry, These are just gross! Dazzles? That’s a big No!

maya on

She is who she is and she shouldn’t be ashamed because some tight arses on here are jealous. She’s happily MARRIED and has been for YEARS. That’s way ahead of the curve in Hollyweird. Wishing them all the best.

rubyovertherainbow* on

This lady doesn’t dazzle in anything pregnant or not. She looks like a hooker.

Anonymous on

How is she smaller than Kim & both due in December??? Yikes Kimmie!

Christina on

I seriously can’t decide which is worse…CoCo or Kim K.

Lauren on

Dazzles or disgusts?

Angela on

Are these supposed to be costumes or real fashion? Why are her breasts so exposed? She looks ridiculous.

WJ on

That polka dot thing is a mess. If she had just covered up a little more boob in the two gowns, I would say she looked stunning. But alas, too much boob makes it look trashy.

Trini on

The second one is a nightgown please don’t dress like KK the ho. You are a sweet pretty woman please dress accordingly

max on

Gross. Is a silicone baby going to pop out? Will it suckle silicone, too. Honestly. Have some class. Not everything has to be sexualized to death.

Charity on

She is a WHORE and always will be.

vero on


Tara on

That is one classy momma!

Jen on

Ooh classy!

Sal Coates on

Coco Austin is a very beautiful, sexy, & shapely, young woman! If she was free to marry a man, I’d be very interested in marrying Coco, because I’m single & lonely!–Sal Coates