Pregnant Kim Kardashian West Shows Off Her Belly (and Flashes Some Serious Leg!) with Two Outfits in One Evening

10/21/2015 at 09:45 AM ET

When you’re Kim Kardashian West, one outfit just doesn’t suffice for two different events. The expectant reality star brought her fashion-forward maternity wear A-game on Tuesday evening with two very different looks.

For her first outfit of the night, which she wore to co-host the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Show with husband Kanye West at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, Kardashian West donned a sheer navy top and a glittery skirt with a serious thigh-high split.

She covered up with a navy duster jacket. The mom of North, 2, who is expecting a son in December, wore her hair down in loose waves.

Kim Kardashian West
SPW/Splash News

Later in the evening, the reality star slipped into a totally different outfit for dinner with her hubby at Bouchon restaurant in Beverly Hills – perhaps an early birthday dinner, as she turned 35 on Wednesday.

For the special night out, Kardashian West went for all black with a maxi skirt that accentuated her bump and a long-sleeved satin shirt with slits up the arms. She tucked her hair back into a sleek, low pony and accessorized with some serious neck bling, including a thick black choker embellished with diamonds.

Kardashian West seems to be slowly returning to her busy schedule after the famous family spent much of last week visiting Lamar Odom at the hospital in Las Vegas.

Khloé Kardashian‘s ex was hospitalized after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel last week. He regained consciousness on Friday after four days in a coma.

On Monday, the former NBA star was airlifted from Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas to a hospital in Los Angeles with Khloé, who has been by his side since he was first hospitalized. On Tuesday, Khloé broke her silence for the first time since the accident to thank fans for their outpouring of love.

–Aurelie Corinthios

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cj on

She brought her “A” game?! She always ALWAYS looks ridiculous in her clothes while pregnant. There is not one ounce of class in how she presents herself in clothing.

Anonymous on

Say what you want about being jealous and a hater but honestly…does she look in a mirror? Those outfits are terrible. The one on the left make her boobs look weird and neither are figure flattering. Does she even own a nice pair of maternity clothes?

Foxy on

There are 8 articles on the main People web page. Why? Do they own this rag mag?

Mingo on

She looks much more able for this pregnancy. But her taste in clothing seems really experimental right now and it’s not a good time to try it. It’s hard to dress a body that is expanding weekly.

Realist on

She is gross
Her family is gross

Nica on

She completely ruined 2 outfits that she actually could have FINALLY looked semi-decent in. The black one, although fitted (i’m being kind) didn’t look half-bad but she chose to wear a choker. She doesn’t have a particularly long neck and it quite top-heavy atm. No bueno. The 2nd outfit, the thigh-high slit to expose swollen legs is weird, to say the least. Why this girl won’t accept her pregnant body and wear clothes that enhance her current shape is beyond me. I don’t know what she’s trying to prove but she must be a glutton for punishment.

Shelly on

Ugliest maternity clothes I ever seen. Always 2 sizes to small. She needs to get a bra that fits.

kathy from fla on

Kim has NO CLASS and NO TASTE when it comes to fashion! Does she ever look in a mirror?! Yuck!

kathy from fla on

I challenge this mag to NOT print one article about the KarTRASHians for at least 24 hours…wait , make that 15 minutes! Really, People? Enough is enough with this no class family!

Nancy on

My God People Magazine .. . . aren’t you SICK OF HER YET?! She has to be the most VAIN person on the planet. LOL.

Edie on

Welll … God knows she cannot continue to allow Lamar and Khloé to upstage her with their real-life challenges and all … she MUST regain her position of power within the public eye! How better to do it than with the classic, but oh, so boring T & A & T? (The latter T stands for “tummy.”)

Teri on

Well at least she is wearing a bra.

Teri on

Well at least she is wearing a bra!

cita on

gotta love her. to heck with all you critics and haters. Go away.

Joan Smith on

this poor girl is a mess. she looks so bad and flaunts it constantly. what is it with this family? do they need attention so badly they are willing to dress like hookers and expose themselves on all the media? oh i get it! it’s the money! did i mention the word hookers?

CAM on

Ok, that slit makes it clear that not only does she want to show her vaj, but she wants to give a sneak peak of her son. Can she dress any tackier??

Melissa on

You can see the stitching pulling and hanging on for dear life in that black silk thing. How is she comfortable?? I jut don’t understand!

cj on

I just don’t get wearing such tight clothing especially during pregnancy. You can have form fitting clothing, even in pregnancy, but these clothes don’t fit and are tight, not form fitting.

amyinoaktown on

Halloween isn’t for another 10 days…must be celebrating early?

Max on

Notice she’s not wearing the hunk of glass on her finger. Had to cut it off maybe? WHY is she sticking that side of beef she calls a leg, out like that? Looks like a giant redwood. She has a 3″ long neck; not built for a chocker. AND, those God-awful boobs !!! Get a maternity bra that fits ! She must use a side-show mirror. OK -I feel better.

Judy on

Why does the media continue to glorify this woman? Does she really have lemmings still following her? I wish she would just go away.

Ingrid on

Why doesn’t someone tell this woman how ridiculous she looks? Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience but the way she dresses just makes her look like a cow.

lilly pond on

Trash. No Class. Disgusting. Please make these useless people go away.

Magda on

She looks super uncomfortable. She can’t for the love of God just once wear something loose and flattering. It’s like she strives to look like poo.

Margo on

Cheap. Tacky. Past “It”. Classless. Lump O’ Lard. A-Sexual. Middle-aged. Z-List. Desperate. Clueless. Vapid. Amoral. All terms that describe this HOBBIT perfectly.

IMO on

OK we get it, Lamar was found unconscious at a Brothel. They keep repeating this part as if it’s some kind of badge.

Trey on

I swear, I think I see the new kid’s head sticking out !

Chouchou on

Her clothes are not well fitted on her , as she is fat she apparently takes large sizes but the sleeves are too long the shoulder line is too long , length on dresses is horrible … She is a beautiful girl but trying too bee too edgy is risky especially when you use to have no sense of fashion and you are advised by someone like Kanye …..

Tiffany on

Shelly- Exactly what I was thinking. Her clothes are much to tight and she needs to be properly fitted for a bra. There shouldn’t be an excess up over the cup.
She dresses for attention and I guess she accomplishes that but more often than not she looks horrid.

Chele on

She will just die when the cameras are all gone……..what will she do without all the documentation of her exciting world wide adventures and monumental contributions to society? Please give credit where credit is due……she makes me laugh during my lunch break in this boring accounting office for sure! She also makes me feel good about my wardrobe choices on a merger salary, not perfect body & no full staff to do my hair and make-up, or a nanny and driver but I still make it to work on time, dressed and children fed and off to school. Just saying she’s good for something.

rubyovertherainbow* on

The dress on the ;left looks like a halloween costume. No taste, no class.

casmia on

“Gee…Lamar seems fine now. Gotta sprint to get my giant arse back in the headlines”.

When she got preggo this time around, I recall her saying something about the maternity fashions mistakes she made the first time and vowing to do things differently. Well… I see no positive changes happening. She has a really ugly pregnant body and the high leg slit is not something most of the world needs or wants to see.

hb on

Didn’t think she could get any worse But she did . What a Mess

Krista on

What’s with her sleeking her hair back in an ugly ponytail every day? Not a good look. I also don’t get why she purposely made her butt massive yet continues to cram her body in pre booty clothing. Own it and go up 2-3 sizes or take that crap out of your trunk so you can keep wearing the same size.

Pam on

She looks ridiculous! Her poor 👣

Whatevah on

I was a fan of Kim’s earlier looks, and I think she has a lovely shape. Kanye’s styling isn’t as easily likable. But she’s the one that has to wear it, so if she loves it, more power to her.

I’m not a huge fan of her post-marriage wardrobe in general. It feels severe and ill fitting. The first outfit is IMHO an odd mix of textures and the cape sleeves are awkward. I’d have liked this better if it was sleeveless, and a little bit less tight across the bust. With the choker, it’s like there’s no breathing room in this ensemble.

The second…looks like the skirt is too small, the way it twists to the side below her belly. The shirt doesn’t seem to go with the skirt, and the sheerness of the top seems out of place with the heavily detailed skirt. The oversized coat looks like a bathrobe. I do like that she let her hair down and leaves her neck bare in this one.

Carol on

I wish she would dress like an expectant mom or maybe Kanye won’t let her. Kourtney always looked so nice. Kim is just too into herself. Clothes are disgusting.

riri on

Who tells her what looks good on her? She looks like crap in that dress.

Sloan on

Ugly Ugly Ugly

lilly pond on

Simply TRASH.

robert on

pregnant whore, nothing new here

robert on

Whore with an unborn child. Nothing new here.

fuzzman656 on

Barf barf barf.

Nonee Friend on reserves the right to remove comments at their discretion.

ITS discretion, not their discretion. Got proofreaders?

Anony on

This that a cross on her necklace?!?!?!?

Jack Mehoggoff on

Hoe bag!

Mark on

Kim’s leg is sexy!

Hea on

Could the poor fabrics stretch any more? At least pick out your size, Kim. And loose the kimono nightgown.