Coco Austin Reveals Her ‘Must-Have’ Maternity Jeans

10/18/2015 at 11:48 AM ET

Nicole “CoCo” Austin‘s baby bump may be itty bitty, but she knows how to accentuate it – and stay comfortable.

The mom-to-be, who’s nearly 32 weeks along with daughter Chanel, revealed her “must-have” maternity wear on social media: jeggings.

The star, 37, shared a photo herself on Saturday wearing a pair of faux-denim printed leggings, which she paired with a casual blue t-shirt, cropped white jacket and sneakers.

Coco Austin's maternity jeans
Courtesy Coco Austin

“Shout out 2 these leggings that look like jeans,” she tweeted. “They’re so comfy while preggers. A must have ‘Coco Maternity wear.’ ”

The leggings, which have the appearance of faded, acid-wash jeans, are from Tinka’s Closet, which Austin dubbed one of her “fav boutiques.”

Austin, whose husband and the baby’s father is Ice T, wrote on Twitter Friday that she was surprised by how closely fans are following her maternity style.

“I never thought my attire that I’ve been wearing during my pregnancy would get that much notice,” she said. “Thank u to all the compliments #fashionista.”

She added that she felt uncomfortable showing off her “little lump” until her baby belly started to show more, giving her a “boost of confidence.”

And some further fashion advice for expectant moms? Austin says embrace the challenge.

“I think my go to maternity wear has been flowy chic tops w/leggings & Maxi dresses,” she dished. “Its [sic] harder 2 dress for the day but liking the challenge.”

Will Motherhood Change Coco’s Signature Sexy Style?

– Lindsay Kimble

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Desiree on

I don’t believe she’s really pregnant.

and is she showing off her new butt injections in that first pic?

Me on

Doesn’t she realized how gross and tastless she looks?

tracie on

We should just be happy she hasn’t posed in a provocative nude pregnancy photo.

Anonymous on

#1 – what’s wrong with her face?
#2 – where is her 32 week belly?

Lynne on

What in the world is wrong with her bum?? Does she honestly think this looks natural

Maggy on

My guess is shebis actually carrying the baby in her ass.

MW on

That is one HUGE dumper.

Guest on

Well now we know why she has no baby bump. She is carrying the baby in her butt!

Pam on


Momo on

Just had a bowl of tuna pasta and look more pregnant that this bimbo!!!

Nancy on

I find it very hard to believe that she is 32 weeks pregnant. So in 8 more weeks, she is going to have a 7-8 lb baby? Find it hard to believe….and I like Coco and Ice…..I’m skeptical!

Joey on

Ewwwwww, she has the same butt as the KKlan. Looks like she’s carrying the baby backside. Ladies, unless you’re born with a large derriere, please I repeat don’t do this to yourselves.

Shalla on

Indigo Rein is one of my favorite brand of jeans. They’re not promoted by celebs, but I love them, especially the bootyful skinny with the high waist. Bought my daughter several pair during her pregnancy last year, and that’s all she wears now. As for CoCo, I met her in 2013 and she was one of the kindest women I’ve ever met. Though our encounter was brief, she has zero ego, and is lovely in person. Really short, though.

Kat on

So tired of seeing these trashy women show their ass to the world, when you have an ass that big like her’s and the Kartrashians, please hide it!
It’s disgusting! Coco in that throng pregnancy picture was gross!

button on

I wonder how it felt to get her buttocks skin stretched out like that with silicone. It must have felt tight and itchy at first….

srq7 on

I feel so bad for all of these women who apparently don’t realize that their fake butts just make it look like they are wearing a diaper filled with $%*#

dd on

why is she flashing her rear while she’s pregnant….

Common on

Is her butt real?? Wow.

noone on

She looks just fine ppl. Stop hating all the time and show some love. You go girl.

Nardia on

Yay her rear is larger than her front.

Anonymous on

The baby must be in her ass

Zippy on

She’s awfully small for how far along she is.

Volly on

At least she hasn’t post any nude pregnancy pictures.

Katie on

I was 5’3″ and weighed 104 when I was 4 months pregnant with my #3, and didn’t look any bigger than she does at 7 months. I never got huge and my baby weighed more than 7 lbs at birth. It amazes me that people think al pregnancies look the same; how big you are depends on how long you are in the torso, and how the baby is positioned, etc. I never got big with any of my pregnancies, and no one I knew gained 60 lbs with a pregnancy, unless they didn’t bother to see a doctor, who would quickly say, “Get a grip on your intake!”. She always poses weirdly, and that makes her bump look sort of small. Her butt and breast implants are doing her no favors in these pictures, either, BUT (no pun intended)…she and Ice-T seem so happy and excited to be parents, it would be a shame not to be excited for them, as well!!

Kanola on

That’s a sexy pair of jeans

Anonymous on

Katie- Thank you! In addition to what you said, other celebrities have carried small as well (Nicole Kidman and Gisele Bundchen are two examples. The former only looked about six months tops when she delivered!). But I guess everyone has forgotten about that.

I also don’t get why everyone is saying Coco’s butt is fake. It very well could be…but some women (and men, for that matter!) DO have naturally big derrieres!

mommytoane on

Ok so. Like Kim Kardashian she’s pregnant in her rear end?

Carol on

I agree with Desiree, I just can’t believe she’s pregnant. Any woman out there will tell you by 7 months you have to have a belly. That’s when the baby starts gaining weight. And what is with her butt? Maybe the baby is in there. Just saying.

sally on

Her A$$ is bigger than her baby bump! I think her baby is going to come out of her A$$!

lilly pond on

Is she pregnant in her butt? Trashy and disgusting.

Rachael on

32 weeks? Where is the baby?

Kolla on

Ok Kim Kardarshian has the same kind of pregnant real like her.

Cocolatta on

There is no baby in there unless her a$$ ate it.

Rian on

This woman is menopausal…look at her age. She is NOT having a baby. She’s buying a baby.

Vola on

Um she is more look like a hooker than a pregnant woman.

Anonymous on

Rian- Menopausal? Seriously?! She’s 37! I would HOPE she’s not going through menopause at that age!

In any case, she actually DOES have a belly (a small one, but a belly none the less!). It was visable in a picture she posted to Instagram a week or so ago (which PEOPLE in turn posted here). You can also see it in the side-view photo here if you look close. Some women just don’t look that pregnant from the front!

Anonymous on

Ooh her rear is large lol.

erica2 on

Donkey Kong comes to mind! G-R-O-S-S. I am all about a woman having curves but she crosses the line to borderline offensive YUCK. I wish CoCo the best with her pregnancy but I wish she would buy an ounce of class and modesty. She needs to be a better role model for her daughter.

heather on

If people are being serious when they compliment her maternity style, they must be blind. It looks like she’s wearing a diaper.

Hea on

This truly is Generation Ass. Can we skip the next..?