Chrissy Teigen Swears Off Tweeting About Pregnancy After Body-Shamers Attack Her Baby Bump

10/18/2015 at 04:00 PM ET

No more baby tweets for Chrissy Teigen.

Less than a week after breaking the news that she and husband John Legend are expecting their first child, Teigen’s much-anticipated baby bump arrived. But along with the snap came a slew of body-shamers, criticizing the mom-to-be for her already plump bump.

The criticism has led the 29-year-old to swear off tweeting about her pregnancy.

“No more preg tweeting for me, lesson learned!! Back to food and reality TV and hay things,” Teigen tweeted on Sunday to her nearly 100,000 followers.

Chrissy Teigen baby bump
Courtesy Chrissy Teigen

Earlier that day, the 29-year-old shared a photo of her brand new pregnancy belly on Instagram, connecting the post to her Twitter.

Wearing a black dress and a white sweater, Teigen’s new curves were on display in a bathroom mirror.

“Somebody is early to the party,” she wrote.

Teigen, who hit the red carpet merely one day after revealing the pregnancy, faced immediate speculation from fans across social media about if she’s expecting a boy, a girl or twins .

The model retweeted and responded to fans commenting about the size of her growing stomach, often with simply a frowning emoji face.

“Good thing I am unoffendable or this would be a rough few months,” she wrote on Sunday afternoon.

She quickly shut down rumors that she and Legend are expecting twins, noting that her IVF treatment included the implantation of only one embryo.

“I did IVF. One at a time. It isn’t twins. I can see the damn thing. Get out of my uterus,” she wrote, and added, “I put one embryo in. I have ultrasounds every few days. I didn’t announce at a week.”

Chrissy Teigen white dress pregnant
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Although the star has sworn off tweeting about her journey to motherhood, she maintained her sense of humor throughout the whole ordeal, joking that her changing pregnancy body was her own doing.

“It’s my own karma! I love bumps so I loved saying how round/big/beautiful they are on others. Don’t worry, friends,” she wrote.

– Lindsay Kimble

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kelleye1980 on

@Mia, what’s to understand? They have been struggling to have children. Yes, she’s pregnant- not everyone announces it right away. You can still talk about struggles while being pregnant.

Dee on

“Get out of my uterus”?? Hope that was a joke since she jumps at every opportunity to place her uterus, butt, boobs, legs and other parts of her anatomy on display

button on

This is going to be a long 9 months….

anne on

I really wish the phrase ‘baby bump’ would disappear–it is so trite and overused.

Anonymous on

Nice picture of the bump.

Vamanos on

Popped means the baby has come.

Mia on

Obviously she waited til she was past her first trimester before she announced she was pregnant so it didn’t pop at 1 week geez how obtuse can people be?!!

Sunnis on

Congrats to both of them. Hopefully, she will not notify the world on every single detail of her pregnancy.

Some things are very special and should be kept and documented between her, John, and the baby.

Mia on

People are really silly I mean seriously. obviously she waited til she was past her first trimester before she announced she was pregnant so it didn’t pop at 1 week geez how obtuse can people be?!!

Me on

This woman is really annoying… And her husband too!!!!

Anonymous on

I wish she would go away. I’m not interested in seeing her or anyone else’s baby bump.

Guest on

@Me I completely agree. she is annoying although legand and has come out with a few good songs.

Jane on

Ultrasounds every few days? Is that even safe?

Vet Mom on

Hoping her pointless talk show gets cancelled so she’ll have plenty of time to be a mommy!!! Lmaoooooooo No one I know likes this ditz!!!

kb on

I’m guessing boy. That pic looks like she’s carrying low.

heather on

That pic of her in the white dress was last week? Was she wearing a girdle? And now she’s got a significant bump.

Kathy on

Do we really need to see this?

Juli on

Chrissy has a cute little baby belly.

ML on

“I can see “the damn thing”

Kat on

Guest – when you pop, you pop. Some women can pop overnight. It is whenever your muscles stretch.

Kare on

Congrats to her! As a fellow future mom after years of struggle, and blessed by IVF, it is amazing how wonderful finally popping can feel!

unknown on

She’s a complete narcissist and a baby is going to steal her limelight.

Jen on

If she’s having ultrasounds every few days, there is something wrong. I had a high risk pregnancy, and I only got one ultrasound a month.

I feel bad for celebrities when they are excited about something (her pregnancy), but don’t want to post because of all the negativity.

karen on

She probably just ate a cheeseburger.

Andrea on

Popped may sounds more like describing the child is coming out than describing the baby bump.

ImALadyToo on

It is not a bump; he or she is a baby. Bump – how juvenile.

Anonymous on

Jen- I doubt they would have announced the pregnancy if something was wrong. It DOES sound odd that she’s getting ultrasounds every few days, but I’m guessing they’re just being extra cautious since it took her so long to conceive.

Anonymous on

Yap she is a very stylish lady, have a good sense of fashion.

Guest on

She’s still annoying.
Just PG and annoying now.

Misty on

It bothers me that she is feeling like she can’t post about her pregnancy because of negative comments. They have tried so hard to have a child…why can’t people just be happy for them?

Guest on

Oh Misty, just stop w the bleeding heart.
She hates on people all the time
And pimps herself out there every chance she gets

Guest on

Misty …just stop
She hates on people all the time
And poses neck ed every chance the narsisst thought crosses her mind

Summer on

I don’t think she meant “every few days” in the literal sense of every 3-4 days. Most likely, she was having ultrasounds about once every 1-2 weeks during her first trimester to check on the progress of the embryo. It’s perfectly safe and standard practice for those with recurring miscarriages and/or IVF (spoken from experience). It’s also normal to have a flat stomach one day, a little belly the next, and flat the day after. A first time mom doesn’t really show until several weeks into the second trimester, especially if she’s in good shape like Chrissy. Bloated, sure, but not showing. I didn’t show until close to 20 weeks with my 3 kids, and I’m tall and stay in shape like she does.

Valarie on

Ooh the bump is little, if you’re wearing looser clothes, it will hardly to see.

Guest on

Hope the baby gets father’s temper.

Rem on

I can not stand this chick. It’s strange how she loves to do so many selfies of herself and whine about not getting pregnant and now she’s pregnant and her face isn’t in the picture? I dunno somethings not right.

Zol on

Cute baby bump. Congrats to her.

Dawn S on

I just love this woman! Doesn’t take herself too serious, sees humor and laughs whenever possible. That’s how to live life! She can share things, but it doesn’t give people the right to know everything or to say cruel things-why can’t some people figure that out? I hope she has a beautiful pregnancy and I can’t wait to see that Bebe-he or she is going to be gorgeous!

lilly pond on

She sounds like kim k-trash. Both of full of themselves. Who cares about either one of them.

lilly pond on

Not really a fan. She reminds me of kim k-trash. Always showing off way too much of their bodies. Nobody cares.

Tiffany on

I would imagine she is at least 3 months pregnant because that is what you are told to wait until in case of a miscarriage.
At she has a small frame so it’s quite possible she would pop early. My SIL is about 14 weeks along and being so tiny she already has a little baby bump. It’s too bad that people want to be mean on what it the happiest time in her life.

guest on

She screams for attention and then screams when she gets the attention. I find it hard to believe she will be able to keep herself from tweeting.

Edie on

What the hell is wrong with people! I love her bump! She’s tried so hard to get pregnant and is so excited!

Anonymous on

Where are these comments from body shamers???? Also, an ultrasound every few days?! Wow.

Lysia on

Who gives a hoot what a bunch of internet morons say?

Beth on

You don’t announce a pregnancy until the 2nd trimester, esp. if there is a history of fertility issues. I admire her honesty in dealing with her issues because it is something many people won’t understand until they go through it. She can be a real advocate for those who are dealing with this struggle.
How can people be cruel during this time? I think it is wonderful she is going to be a mommy, and the bump is adorable. Online bullying is still the trend, and I think it is a shame more people don’t practice kindness.

Kelli on

Why do people feel the need to say such mean things? If you don’t like her, then ignore her! As someone who went through IVF, finally being able to tell the world you are pregnant is amazing. Couldn’t those who decided to be jerks realize she must have waited to announce until she was farther along? Also, why are we shaming a pregnant woman about her body? As for the twins thing, just because you only put one embryo in doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. That embryo can divide and you can have identical twins. I hope she has a happy healthy pregnancy and baby. When you’ve struggled with infertility, it’s all the more special when you finally get to hold your baby in your arms.

lynn on

Why on earth would she be offended that people speculate that she may have twins or about the size of her belly? So what?? She is a public person, who is constantly in the limelight – mostly by her own doing – then she gets annoyed that people are interested in her? I initially thought it was sweet that she posted the pictures and was so happy, but now she just seems like a narcissistic jerk.

Guest on

Why do haters continue to read every article about her if they dislike her? Haters are such a pathetic group. They’d have nothing to do if they didn’t hate.
I am very happy for this couple.

Catherine on

@mia if you rewatch the interview on her show she always used the past tense, not present “it was difficult”, “it wasn’t easy”, etc. She was pregnant during the interview but had not made it public. I’m kind of surprised people didn’t pick up on her language in that interview.

arabrabbra on

She is GOREGOUS and very thin so of course her bump will show very early! CONGRATS GIRL! Cant wait to see pics of this little one!

Marsha on

How unfortunate that she lets this stuff get to her. She should know by now how people LOVE to cowardly hide behind their tech device and say mean and hurtful things to complete strangers. It’s the world in which we live, but she’s a beautiful woman and she’s growing a person inside of her. Who the hell cares what these losers have to say!! If you gain 20 lbs or 80 lbs the end result is the same. You’re going to be a mommy! Congratulations!!

Kathy on

Some of you are pathetic and so full of hate. I am not a fan of hers or her husbands but wish them well and be on your way. If you have nothing kind to say, well I am sure your mother taught you better. You are tiny minded & hate filled & so so sad. Congratulations to them and may your pregnancy and child be filled with health and happiness.

Lees on

She probably realizes she’s not a dumb Duggar and doesn’t need to show her growing pregnancy with daily boring self-absorbed selfies. In the end, she’ll be much happier not tweeting photos of it. Her happiness is all she needs!

Marky on

If those of you posting such negative stuff had going through multiple losses, finally got pregnant, and were insulted the way you are insulting her…you would lock yourself in your room! You must be raising a bunch of bullies who treat other kids like dirt! She’s showing off her pregnancy, thrilled to be pregnant and showing, and you can’t wait to take her down and give some pretty pathetic excuses while you do! Bet you showed off your bump or whatever you called it, and couldn’t wait to talk about your pregnancy at every turn. There are plenty of people who like Chrissy Teigan and John Legend, and if you don’t…move along and try to act like decent people. Wow! Coming on this site is often like Lord of the Flies!!!

Jae on

I’m under the impression that I’m about as far along as she is and my bump is popping out all over the place. It’s ridiculous and I feel a little bit crazy but every pregnancy is different and every person is different. Everybody shut the hell up.

hehe on

Well she’s sending a lot of mixed messages. Puts up a picture and comments on her pregnancy. Then gets upset that others are commenting about her pregnancy in a way she didn’t want. Says it’s a good thing she’s unfazed by people’s comments but then states that she will no loner be posting about her pregnancy in reaction to the comments.

Shell on

Yes, please stop talking. Not everyone cares about your pregnancy. Can’t stand her.

Gayle Nichols on

I think it is freaking sorry and low that jealous people have to make other people feel bad for loving their lives. She’s pregnant with his baby. Let her glow and be happy. Some of us love to see updates and can handle when gorgeous celebrities show they are human!

Susan on

It didn’t sound like “shaming” to me. People are just curious why she looks so visibly pregnant when most women can hardly tell at 3 months. Relax world, relax Chrissy, and relax morons who glom on to the “you’re body shaming me!” nonsense.

lola on

Not a fan of either her or her husband. She is quite annoying!!
Wish her a healthy pregnancy and child.

Betty on

Good. No one cares.

Sheri on

You look wonderful. Tell the shamers to go find a corner to crawl into. Your body has to catch up to your emotions eventually when you are pregnant. Enjoy your bump. It is over way too fast.

dd on

why should she care what anyone thinks? she’s got it all.

Pam on

You’re gonna have a baby! Who gives a crap what a bunch of idiots think about that? It’s not about them, it’s about you and your family. Focus on that. Go away for the rest of the pregnancy. Like seriously just relax. It’s not good to be stressed when you’re pregnant.

Sierra on

Some people show earlier then others. I am currently pregnant and am all belly. I started showing very early. I don’t get why she is being shamed. Such hateful people out there. It’s the most exciting thing to start showing off your baby bump. Yes, I called it a baby bump. Apparently, that became offensive in this article as well.

Aria on

She waited to announce because she has had difficulty getting pregnant and I am assuming didn’t want to jinx something as awful as a miscarriage… Plus even people without fertility issues wait to announce it. My sister in law waited until she was 3 and a half months before she made any announcement. A cousin waited till she was almost 4 months. This isn’t anything new. Also bringing to light and being open about fertility issues doesn’t mean she couldn’t be pregnant. People who don’t have cancer talk about cancer. People who survived cancer talk about their experiences suffering from cancer. People are being petty. I for one and very happy for the couple. 🙂

Nina on

I have never known women to have the same type of pregnancy-some have morning sickness, some don’t. Some have big belly’s early on, some don’t. So who are these body-shaming people to judge this one person on her belly? It’s amazing-no one can be happy for anyone these days-let’s crap on her because her bump is so big, forget about all the stuff she and her husband went through just to get to this point.

Robyn Ousby on

Seriously people call her fat? Um, why? Someone would have to be a pretty pathetic person to sit in front of their monitor and call someone fat for growing a human. Lame.

guest on

She’s got to toughen up. There are so many nasty people out there who will try to tear you down, but there are more who will encourage you. Ignore the losers and just embrace the joy and well wishes of the majority. Its the risk you take as a public figure, well it actually even happens to private people too there are just a$$holes in the world…deal with it.

really on

I think she’s adorable. People are so mean! She should be loud and proud about this baby. People who are criticizing her for whatever reason need to STOP.

Sherae on

I love how open she is. But really, folks??? She obviously waited until she was about 4 mos along to announce. That is normal. How dense are you all for suggesting there is something she isn’t telling us??? And even if there were, that is her right! Let that woman live and stop asking stupid questions!

cjm on

Even though I can’t stand her, how low has our society sunk that we feel the need to body shame a PREGNANT woman? How do you think you got here, folks? Your mom was pregnant with you once! Lighten up!

Karolina on

I am so happy she is finally expecting, especially after the troubles she’s had conceiving! I hope she has a good pregnancy and a healthy baby.

SarahJane77 on

The amount of negativity posted here toward someone none of us have ever met is crazy. There are plenty of “regular” people that post every little detail of their pregnancy, would it be ok for any of us to post mean comments on their Instagram or Twitter pictures? She might be a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean her feelings don’t deserve to be respected.

Nicole on

This woman really annoys me. If she was unoffendable as she proclaims then she wouldn’t swear off tweeting about her pregnancy. That will last all but 12 minutes anyhow as she needs ways to remain relevant.

Anonymous on

The thing I love about Chrissy is that she is not ashamed to show her real self. Girl, ignore the haters, you look beautiful!!!

KW on

My God. If SHE, of all people, is body shamed over that adorable pic then there is no hope for the rest of us.

Guest on

A little over-sensitive considering that she is CONSTANTLY sharing all levels of intimacy with everyone. Not everyone worships at the Chrissy-shrine – gee whiz get over yourself.

Tammy on

She looks beautiful and anyone who thinks her bump is too big should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror. Ugh, so damn sick of people using social media or hiding behind a computer to just be MEAN.

crysrandy on

Chrissy – I don’t know much about you – but seriously – pay no attention to all the insignificant haters. Don’t let their comments get to you. I think your belly looks adorable and I wish you much luck and comfort in your first pregnancy. Enjoy it and don’t let haters ruin it for you.

Lola on

So she posts a pic of her belly for millions to see and alludes to it being bigger than even she expected so soon (“early to the party”) and then freaks out when people agree and feed into her “look at me” bait. I’m confused. Nobody “shamed” her, they just asked if she was having twins! Even SHE made it seem as though she was surprised by her belly size! And since when do we refer to our unborn children as “the damn thing”?!?

crysrandy on

And who really cares how big your belly looks. She probably waited a little longer than the second she found out she was expecting. Seriously – people just have nothing better to do!! Don’t let the haters get you down Chrissy. Your belly looks adorable. Enjoy this time!! It goes by so fast!!

Dawn on

She’s beautiful and women’s baby bumps are all different. I can’t believe anyone would use pregnancy as an excuse to be critical. Pregnancy is a blessing and people should be of that mindset when they comment. She’s a beautiful lucky woman



Ozadora on

Listen, this just goes to prove that she was just posting her pregnancy tweet to get validation as to how beautiful she looked pregnant. When the comments were negative, it hit her like a slap in the face. Definitely a lesson learnt Chrissy, if you don’t want people to judge you on your appearance, stip posting egomaniac pics of yourself all the time, end of story !

stefani on

i don;t get why all these holier than thou people can’t just leave others TF alone! why be so mean??

Kathleen on

The oddest part, to me, is that she said she gets ultrasounds every few days.

Frederice on

I think this woman has a good heart, but is dumb like sh….
She always comes across extremely infantil and naive! Why he married her is a mystery to me! I already feel sorry for this child having a dumb nut like that as a mother!

Dawn on

Congratulations to her and John. People will always have both good and bad things to say, that is just the way they are, unfortunately. You can take it with a grain of salt. As for showing, I personally did not how until I was about 5.5 months along when pregnant with my second son, and he was 21 inches, 8 lbs 3 oz at birth.

mourningautumn on

I feel for her in the terms of people being stupid. She is probably a lot further along than “just finding out” like the rest of us. This is the celebrity world. Like she said. She is getting ultrasounds done every few days! This is not normal life which means she probably hid this from the world until she absolutely couldn’t anymore.

Vamanos on

People really love saying mean things about her. I don’t understand why.

Vamanos on

You mean she has almost 1 million followers, not 100,000.

dancer92136 on

SOME people will always be mean. They just live to insult others. Sad reality. Can’t wait to see this beautiful baby.

Amanda on

If people don’t like seeing baby bumps or are offended by pics of people, selfies, body pics, pet picks, whatever, then STAY OFF THE INTERNET!

Kate on

What a beautiful little baby bump!

Shalla on

Show your baby bump proudly. To hell with body shaming. Women gain weigjt during pregnancy, their bellies grow. Love that baby bump!

jaintn on

What does she expect. In reading through some of the comments below it’s clear that most of these people must dine on Purina cat show or a saucer of milk. Meow meow meow. The woman is a well paid model married to a rich singer. People are going to slam her for that alone. I don’t know why these people post things on twitter or instagram and then get upset by the nasty remarks. People are jerks and when you add jealousy into the mix it’s not pretty.

Sally on

I’ll be honest and say if I wanted to know a blow by blow of her pregnancy I would follow her tweets. I don’t so I don’t follow her on Twitter. However, body shaming is not necessary.
People, you over cover so many celebrities people are sick of them. I wanted to hear she;s pregnant, I want to know when she delivers, what she has and the name. The daily blow-by-blow is not necessary on these celebrities.
Who cares who cuts their hair, who cares who got their ear pierced, who cares that the person that just cut their hair got extensions.

KC on

No body is obsessed with her uterus other than her OB/GYN. If she didn’t tweet the the information and share about her infertility struggles–then no one would have anything to say. Private issues keep private. . . . don’t share in this information age without your followers being a little critical of you at times. Show off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arlene Romeo on

If you don’t want to be criticized then don’t put yourself out there – stop tweeting yourself taking a selfie – people are very judgmental so why put it out there.

Annie on

That is cute “bump”.
Looks good on her!
Congrats Chrissy!!!

K on

Vamanos — No, to pop means that your belly is finally reflecting pregnancy. I’m guessing you’ve never been on a pregnancy message board.

Kj on

Why shame a pregnant woman? I looked very pregnant at eight weeks. My Dr. told me everyone’s body is different and to embrace it. We all need to be more sensitive and stop saying things on social media that you wouldn’t say in person.

guest on

If she is so bothered by idiots “body shaming” her growing baby bump on social media then she should just stay off all together. Talk about insecure….. she must be way too concerned about superficial stuff.

Mm on

Too bad it had to be trolls to teach her you don’t have document every d@mn thing that occurs. Even though you are suppose to ignore trolls, at least she won’t be doing daily updates on how big stomach is becoming.

MFB on

Sucks about the shaming. But GOOD… take a break from sharing every dang thing, every dang minute. Stay in the moment and enjoy your pregnancy.
Although, who wants to wager her ass will be taking belly pics again soon. These people can’t stay way from the attention and adoration.

Anonymous on

I’m glad she is not allowing the negative comments to bother her. congratulations!

Jeani on

Ohhh. How sad. No matter WHEN this beautiful event occurs. It is beautiful to me when a mommy to be shares this journey. A miracle. And Mommie to be you are beautiful. Forget about the negativity. Smile every second.

Lesli on

Since she and John had fertility issues, I’m sure they waited until they were past the first trimester to announce the pregnancy.
I think she looks great.

drgrady on

She’s a cute pregnant lady!

nastinessduck on

she is the least “unoffendable” person alive. Her skin is thinner than the hair on top of Bernie Sanders’ head. NO one is more prickly, insecure, and huffy than this woman. Lesson learned? Not hardly. If the lesson were learned, you wouldn’t post “lesson learned,” you twit! Live your life already, turn off the fricking phone! Sit alone in a room and decide if you actually have an identity!

Marie on

Look at her scary fake teeth in the La Mer pic wow.

Meg on

It is not uncommon to get more ultrasounds when doing ivf. Also, when dealing with fertility problems, people tend to not announce a pregnancy until after the first trimester especially if you have ever dealt with a miscarriage. I announced early and then was devastated to have to explain that it wasn’t going to happen. Lesson learned for next time if there is one. Anyway congrats! It is a tough road trying for years with no success.

Nancy on

Good. . . Ba-bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon on

Just shut up already. She wants to be “popular,” and complains when she receives too much attention. Not everyone likes you, deal with it.

Tara on

I think shes freaken hilarious and I was happy for her when she announced she was having a baby. For all of you criticizing her- stfu. Seriously- why click on an article if you “cant stand her”. Shes funny, doesnt take herself too seriously and think her and John are gonna have an adorable little baby. Some of you need to grow up, stop being such asshats, and get over yourselves.

Kate on

She’s “unoffendable”, but yet she was offended enough to go on the defense and vow not to post again about her pregnancy—oookkkaaayyy whatever you say, Chrissy T.

What on

There’s nothing wrong with her baby bump. I think j it’s simply because she isn’t well liked. I can’t stand her but I would never criticize her belly.

Lion on

This trick will do anything for attention. I don’t see any evidence of “body shaming” And if you don’t want people asking about your pregnancy or lack of stay out of the spotlight. She didn’t want attention until she spent 10s of thousands of dollars most women dont have to get pregnant and now there she is shoving it in everyones face.

stefani on

What I don’t understand is someone giving comments about a woman growing a human inside of her! She said she struggled with fertility? yes could mean she has been trying for years! now she is pregnant! can we not embrace her beautiful changing body at whatever weeks or months she is! SHAME ON WOMEN! have we become so selfish that we feel the need to put down even a pregnant woman! please I hope she is reading this. Not all of us are cruel! congrats to you and your husband and I hope you grow a huge beautiful belly with a happy , healthy baby at the end of it!

Debora on

Haters gonna hate! I hope all goes well for them and the baby is born healthy!

Sloan198 on

I seriously cannot take her. She has the filthiest mouth and always seems like she’s in attack mode……. it amazes me that John Legend is attracted to someone with a mouth like that. As a mother of two, I cannot imagine referring to my child as “damn thing.” Wow, way to go “mom.” John must be so proud.

Carol on

I don’t get why celebrities feel the need to share personal aspects of their life with total strangers, then act surprised/shocked/offended when those strangers express their opinions.

LadyV on

To all the women that tried body-shaming Christy: let’s see pictures of YOU when you were pregnant so the rest of us can make snarky comments. For pity’s sake, when a woman is as slim as she is, of COURSE the bump is going to show early. I think all the haters are just jealous that Christy looks better pregnant than they’ve EVER looked.

Anonymous on

very nice dont pay attention to haters

SS on

Enjoy your pregnancy, post pictures if you want…just ignore the negative comments! Enjoy every second, it goes by fast…especially when it was hard fought to get there!! Cute Bump!

Becca on

What kind of feral animals body shame a pregnant woman? She looks wonderful and had such a struggle to become pregnant. People can be so mean-spirited.

Wow on

LMFAOOO to all the people defending her. Did you read the whole article or just the poorly written title?
1) She called her precious miracle baby a “damn thing” -That is just sad, wrong, and disgusting. SHAME ON HER FOR THAT!!! Her child could read that one day and anything sweet she’s ever said looks tainted after that. That is the most shocking thing of this whole article. CHRISSY IS BABY SHAMING HER OWN CHILD yet somehow is the victim??? Not buying it.
2) The “body shaming” comments are pretty standard non offensive FUN speculation about her elusive pregnancy that just about every pregnant woman ever has also endured.
3) Like others said, she gave a very wide introduction to her growing child and once again left room for speculation and commentary
4) She swears off preg tweets? Who the flip cares?!?! Since when is preg tweetin a major thing? I thought the main point of pregnancy pictures and memorabilia was for remembrance and sentiment not only for yourself/family but for your children to see later on, because you cared and can show everything it all meant to you to bring your children to vitality.
5) “Get out of my uterus” – Does she realize how immature and ridiculous this sounds from a woman about to be 30 who is in the “limelight” therefore should care to be a better/classier role model, not just for fans now, but mainly her own child. Speaking of which, her child is the only “damn thing” in her uterus, so really just Wow.

thetruth on

Am I the only one out there who is sick of the term: “bump”!?

Bw on

She’s tiny. She’s going to show early. End of story

Dawn on

Chrissy Teigen is beautiful and obviously maybe a size 1 to start with. Of course she will show faster, it only makes sense. Body shaming pregnant women is just not right. A child is carried and protected in our wombs. We should celebrate not criticize. Besides, our hormones are completely out of control so those comments hurt more when we are pregnant. Congratulations Chrissy and John.

Anonymous on

Poor, Poor, Chrissy.
Oh, the Horrors! “Body Shaming” No more Twitter??!!
What will you do?

JanM on

I don’t really see how asking if she’s having twins is body shaming. Or even offensive. And just because they only put in one embryo doesn’t mean it couldn’t have split into twins.

Guest on

She needs to learn most people are know it alls. When I did ivf & announced my pregnancy and due date, my coworkers started to correct me on my due date like they knew more than my fertility doctors. Finally I said ‘I think my doctor knows more than you!’. They finally took a hint & shut up.

Bethany on

It’s so easy for people to hide behind a computer screen and say hateful, mean things. I don’t get it, if you don’t care for her, don’t read her Twitter &
Don’t read articles about her.

I’m really happy for her & her husband. They make an adorable couple!

Isabel on

I not interested in her bump or any other celebrity’s bump. I am wondering why she is describing her baby as a “damn thing.”

Ann on

@Mia,I suppose that is the reason why she had IVF(in vitro fertilization) procedure done. . .she can not conceive by natural process. Read the artcle again and don’t just look at the picture. . . .unless, of course, you are just trolling.

SickOfHer on

She is as big a fame whore as the Kardashians.

Guest2 on

She was mean BEFORE she got preggo
That’s what she is finally getting…geeez
Peeps hated her B fore, lol

Guest22 on

She was MEAN and disliked BEFORE the pregnancy ,lol

Jen on

Oh, you poor thing. Nobody feels sorry for you. Get over yourself!

laila on

Ppl talking about a pregnant women..omg please…pathetic and jealous…love me some Chrissy Teigen

Mrs on

I don’t get it. She tweets lots of private stuff, but screams “get out of my uterus” when someone asked if she is carrying twins. If you open yourself up to strangers on social media, you know you are playing with fire. on

No matter what there will always be jerks out there that will criticise, demean, or ridicule people for the slightest thing. I hope that she has an awesome pregnancy and safe delivery.

Angel on

Here’s hoping the baby looks like Daddy 😆

GG on

People should really just shut up and mind their business.
The woman is pregnant. Leave her alone!

I agree- the term “baby bump” needs to go!

lori on

Yes, ultrasounds are safe every few days. They are not x rays, geez. High risk pregnancies often require such monitoring. I had 2 a week due to large volume of amnio fluid, which can be dangerous for the baby, amd ended up delivering premature.


She shouldn’t be body-shamed for being pregnant & anyone that is doing so needs a reality check. However, I’ll be happy to see less stories about her as I think the media is trying to make us think she’s the “next big thing”. The public isn’t buying it.

me on

She has nearly 100,000,000 followers People, not 100,000. She has 990k.

me on


Charity on

Good! Nobody needs to see this imbecile’s bump.

KT on

If she’s smart, she waited until after the first trimester to announce her pregnancy. If so, the size of her belly is perfectly normal for this time in her pregnancy. Social media su*ks because haters are always going to hate. That’s good she learned to keep the rest of her pregnancy private. It’s a lot more special that way.

Tati on

If she wants to say her belly poppeD, Let her. If she wants to reveal her pregnancy at 4wk or 4mths let her. If she wants to tweet about her excitement and happiness of her child, LET HER. So sick of people making dumb rules for how women need to handle their pregnancy. And PS. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. Some carry high some carry low but that is not how you tell gender. Some are big some are small regardless what your size may be. Some may need ultrasounds more often than others.I’m sure their Dr knows more than you. Let them enjoy their moment. My goodness!

Anonymous on

congrats to you and your family. it is your body and every prego body is different, I hope you share your journey as it may help other woman.
thoes who are mean will have there own… deal with.

goodie on

Here’s an idea. Stop thinking everyone and their mother needs to see your body, to eating a hamburger documented every second. If you strived for this pregnancy, then turn off the darn phone and enjoy it!

Anonymous on

IVF is selfish. Don’t think so? Let’s ask the kids who are waiting to be adopted.

Amber on

Some women show earlier than others. She’s also tiny pre-pregnancy so her size may have a lot to do with why she’s showing so early. People need to learn to keep their mouths shut.

Guest on

I mean, I think she looks amazing. I imagine they waited until there was no hiding it to announce, meaning she was probably at least 3-4 months along. You can’t blame them with the trouble they’ve had getting pregnant. Congrats to the two of them.

Mainoh on

If you don’t want negative comments about your body, don’t put it out there on social media!!!!

Guest on

Good news! One less self absorbed twit to have daily People article about. Keep your business to yourself & no one will have anything to ‘shame’ you about.

Jetlagg on

Wow are people rude!! I didn’t tell anyone besides my immediate family until 12 weeks, you have miscarraige and fertility issues and see how guarded u become!! U look great Chrissy!! I was showing right at pregnant bc of meds, I was asked multiple times if I was having multiples, so I started asking those people how far along they were…knowing they were not prego!!! I didn’t care, years I wanted that bump….I finally had one and that’s all that mattered!! Hope you have a great pregnancy!! Enjoy it!!

Amy on

Baby’s aren’t grown in thighs, fat is. If she’s not careful she will eat herself to a stretch marked pig. She’s not eating for two. She should maintain an extremely healthy diet for one. She’s not growing a 150 lb man. It’s a 7 lb baby.