See Chris Brown Cuddled Up with Daughter Royalty on His New Album Cover

10/17/2015 at 05:15 PM ET

There’s nothing like a father’s love — just ask Chris Brown.

The singer, 26, made his affection for daughter Royalty known by including the 16-month-old on the cover of his new album, which shares the little girl’s moniker.

In the cover photo, which Brown debuted on Instagram Friday, the shirtless rapper is seen holding his baby girl close to his chest.

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“#ROYALTY ALBUM COVER,” Brown captioned the image.


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Royalty is Brown’s daughter with Nia Guzman. In September, the rapper was granted joint-custody of the tiny tot after a dramatic custody battle.

The court decided that Royalty will use Brown’s last name and split her time between her mother and father. Brown will spend 12 days per month with the girl, and will have to pay $2,500 a month in child support along with covering Royalty’s schooling, health insurance, medical bills and nannies, TMZ initially reported.

— Lindsay Kimble

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Diane on

Who would’ve thought that Chris Brown would change after having a child? Very happy and grown up of him.

msliftbig on

That’s beautiful! I hope he continues to be a positive influence in her life.

DaisyMoon on

Who would give their kid such a pretentious name…oh wait…

I do like the album cover though.

Charli on

The cover is beautiful but he named the album after her, has on the cover and there is a parental advisory in the corner. The poor baby can’t even listen to the album named in her honor. lol

Pam on

She is beautiful.

rubyovertherainbow* on

So sad that he’s using that poor child to try and rebuild his sick reputation for violence.

dd on

cute kid, and that outfit she’s got on …tutu with workboots is adorable. Well maybe since he has a beautiful daughter, he will become a better boyfriend now.

Vamanos on

What a cute idea.
Wow only 26 and so successful.

Tiffany on

Rooting for Chris Brown to continue with being positive. Beautiful picture.

Stephanie on

The fact that he’s only paying $2500 in support should tell you his career has suffered a bit. Halle Berry has to pay something like $16,000 a month to her ex. Can you imagine?

cdnreader on

Say what you will about him but he sure loves that little girl and has certainly stepped up to the fatherhood plate.

Sue's on

So happy to see Chris Brown, mature and take parent so seriously.. I’m loving the fact that he’s taken parenthood seriously and she has become the number one little lady in his life.

Anonymous on

Say what you want about Chris Brown, but it’s obvious he loves his daughter. Rooting for Chris! Talented guy.

Emma Jane on

You know that Nia isn’t married to Chris? And they just had one hookup. Yeah they got a child out of this affair. And Brown has millions! He does pay for the (private) schools, nannies, health insurances, medical bills and other things, so I think 2500 a month should be enough for Nia alone.. And she got more money for back support. They aren’t married so this is a good deal.

The name is… ugh.. But the mother decided to call her Royalty. I don’t think Chris had a say in it… He didn’t know straight away that he was the father, she kept him in the dark for a long time.

The picture is beautiful though! Hope he stays on this positive track!

jps mom on

I hope falling in love with this precious baby girl will make him think about someone calling her derogatory names or physically harming her and change the way he treats/views women. Your daughter will be dating one day, do you want her to end up with a guy like you? Be the kind of man you want her to be attracted to

Jamie on

I can’t believe becoming a Dad has made him grow up. Doesn’t excuse his past but maybe he’ll become a more respectable role model for his daughter.

CareBear on

I’m not a fan of Chris Brown at all. That being said, I do hope becoming a father will make him a better person. His daughter is beautiful and the picture of them is beautiful as well. That name though …. I just can’t.

Lyn on

What is it with black people giving their children grandiose names? Royalty, Majesty Rose, Queen, Prince, Divine, etc. are extremely off putting and bound to get the kids bullied in school.

Katie on

jps mother, good point…Chris Brown should be the kind of man he would hope his daughter will date. He also needs to know that she WILL date the kind of man her father is, as most women do. If he loves her, he will change, whatever he has to do to deserve the chance to parent his daughter.

Stephanie, he is paying more than $2500 if he is paying all those bills for his daughter. Sometimes when a man is paying a larger amount, there needs to be a trust that those things will be provided and the nomey will not go for whatever mom wants. I know someone who paid nearly $1000/mo, and the parent receiving the support used it for a fancy truck payment, claiming the child rode in the truck so it was needed. Then they claimed they didn’t have the money for doctor bills, nor did they have money for sports etc. Happens all the time, so it may be better for the rest to be paid directly to the provider of whatever is needed.

nichole on

chris brown u is so got dang fin i will do u until i am old

Anonymous on

His daughter is very cute!