Tom Brady: Daughter Vivian Has ‘Got Me Wrapped Around Her Little Finger’

10/14/2015 at 04:00 PM ET

With a supermodel mom like Gisele Bündchen, it’s no surprise little Vivian Lake has her own strong sense of style.

That means the 2½-year-old doesn’t listen to dad Tom Brady‘s fashion advice when she picks out what she wants to wear each day.

“My favorite color on her is yellow, and she always wants pink,” Brady, 38, told PEOPLE of his “little girl” Tuesday night at the launch event for TAG Heuer’s Carrera – Heuer 01 watch in New York City. (The New England Patriots quarterback is the Swiss company’s newest brand ambassador.)

Tom Brady and Vivian Courtesy Gisele Bundchen

“I say, ‘What about the yellow?’ and she’s like, ‘No, Dad, I want the pink,’ ” he says, smiling. “So she’s the girliest of all girls. It’s amazing how she’s got me wrapped around her little finger.”

Brady also raves about the rest of his Boston-based brood: wife Bündchen, 35, and sons Benjamin, 5½, and Jack, 8.

Tom Brady Courtesy TAG Heuer

“I’ve been fortunate to be very blessed with so many friends and family that have supported me, so many teammates over the years that have given me so much support,” the football star explains.

“When I win, I win for them. When I play, I play for them. I represent them, and that’s why I still do it and I still love doing it today.”

— Michele Corriston

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LIN on

He makes an awesome dad.

rubyovertherainbow* on

On the Golf Course ? Really Tom? No one believes this at all.
Please just say it. You’re GAY and all the children in the world won’t change that.

Guest on

You go Tom! What a lucky little girl!

roxytm13 on

Good thing this isn’t an article about the little boy, who is also HIS SON, that he left in the dust with Bridget Moynahan…….. but he’s an awesome Dad, right?

Jan on

So many nasty comments….I don’t get it….this man is a wonderful dad to all THREE of his kids….unlike so many athletes who beat their kids and wives and are a disgrace to their sport…Tom Brady is a role-model on how to be a good family man…he should be congratulated and emulated instead of all the rude comments….guess it’s just plain envy and jealouse that destiny gifted him with talent, looks, success and a great family as well….I say God Bless you Tom Brady !!!

Alia on

Now he and Gisele are back to their perfect lives. They sure stayed off social media and every other media over the summer during Deflate-gate! Now it’s back to the usual. But still I do think he’s a great Dad and I think a great husband too, although not sure about that part (never can know for sure).

rubyovertherainbow* on

We know he swings the other way.

Shell on

I used to have alot of respect for him – but the deflate-gate and his Trump endorsement has me thinking twice.
In saying that, I think he always seems like a doting and loving father to ALL of his children.

clmarion72 on

Everybody keeps saying that he ignores his son with Bridget Moynahan. Jack – 8 is his son with her. He only has 2 children with Giselle. He is in the local newspapers in New England with photos of his son Jack all the time.

gracie on

rubyovertherainbow…no, we all do not know.Just because you make something up in you mind, it does not mean it is even remotely true.
roxytm13…Tom did not leave Jack”in the dust”. He spends a great deal of time with his first son, as is evidenced on various social media sites. In fact, Jack was just in Boston for his aunt’s wedding two weeks ago.
sallie…you might want to do a little research regarding gender identification and young children. Girls do not identify as such because they are “programed”…but rather because of what happens in their developing brains prior to birth. Transgender children are perfect examples of the inabilty to program a child to identify with a particular gender.
Dads and daughters often have a very special connection, different than the special connection a dad might have with a son. One relationship is not more important than the other.
I assume Tom was asked a question about his little daughter and if, given who her mother is, she has started to exhibit an interest in what she does or does not wear. He was just answering the question. He clearly loves his kids…all three of them.

patsfan1281 on

roxytm13…the oldest son, Jack, IS his son with Bridget Moynahan! What a bunch of losers on here complaining about Tom Brady when they don’t even know him! He seems like a great father and people should just mellow out!

patsfan1281 on

Shell…he did not endorse Trump, he had a Trump hat in his locker and was asked about him, he answered that he would probably be a fine president. He later clarified that he wasn’t endorsing him, he pays no attention to politics but has played golf with Trump and thinks he is a nice person. I was a little concerned when I heard it, (I’m a huge Patriots fan), but glad he clarified.

Anonymous on

And when you cheat, who exactly do you do that for?

Kiki on

What a lucky girl 🙂

Jo on

roxytm: Tom & Gisele and Bridget have a wonderful relationship. Jack spends a lot of time with them both in Boston but also Brazil and Costa Rica!

stephanie on

Roxy – this article does mention his son, Jack. Brady is not the first person to NOT MARRY a woman who got pregnant. The paparazzi snaps shots of Brady and Jack quite regularly. As a matter of fact, Bridget was recently interviewed about the very positive, working relationship she and Tom have regarding their son and how involved Tom is in everything. Get over it!

Moi on


Linda Picardi on

I love your picture. I had a Dad that I also had wrapped around my little finger. Loved him until he died much too young. You are a lucky man to have that much love from one adorable little girl.

NatesMama on

Roxytm13….um, they mentioned his son with Moynahan, Jack. He spends tons of time with his dad and step-mom, and I’ve even seen pictures of Giselle and Bridget hugging as they were watching Jack at a game. You need to update your info, sweetheart.

Donna Owens on

Yellow or “Maize?” Glad you’re enjoying those babies ~ Go Blue!

Sue on

and guess what, Tom Brady, we (the fans) love you and we are so proud of you! Go Pats!

Sue on

Guess what Tom, we (the fans) love you too! And we are so proud of you in every way! Go Pats!

Valarie on

Lovely picture! Happy for the family.

Colleen Gagne on

Tom Brady is a great husband, father and football player. I’m so proud to have this wonderful human being a part of New England!

Nail on

Congratulations LOL.

happy on

rubyovertherainbow: You are stupid and have no class so just admit it! Unnecessary comment so back at you!

Natasza on

I think Tom is a good dad but Beidget has full custody and Jack lives with her,no with his father.

Kx on

They are a fortunate family.

sarah on

you are such a great man. Your wife and daughter are so blessed to have such a wonderful soft hearted selfless man like you. I find it soendearing that you so in love with your beautiful daughter. I love it how you gloat on her.let me tell you you are few and far between. God bless you and your family.

lily seavey on

the less said about the remark of Tom’s daughter will be just another day- for anyone w/children, they will be doing a lot of anxious play and banter about- doesn’t anyone else have small children? hellooooo already! by the way, am not a Patriot fan here either, but I do support little ones and what happens when spontaneous occurs- RELAX and enjoy them, it passes so fast.