Chris and Adrienne Bosh Are Expecting Twins

10/11/2015 at 11:00 PM ET

Miami Heat star Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne, already the parents of three children, have hoped for a family of five children and now will be getting their wish.

“Chris and I are so excited about having twins,” Adrienne, 30, exclusively tells PEOPLE of the news they first learned over the summer while spending the off-season in their Malibu, California, house.

Chris and Adrienne are already parents to Trinity, 6Β — Chris’ daughter with Allison Mathis —Β Jackson, 3, and Dylan Skye, 2. Adrienne says the couple have previously talked about the possibility of having two more little ones because they love children and want a big family.

“The whole thing is amazing,” says Adrienne. “The Bosh side of the family has two sets of twins, so they are overjoyed at the news of having another generation of them.”

Chris and Adrienne Bosh expecting twins
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The news of the pregnancy comes at one of the busiest times in Adrienne’s life.

She is set to open a retail store on Lincoln Rd. in Miami Beach next month called Sparkle & Shine Darling.

The glittery, glam showroom-styled emporium will be a special place where women can come and shop for carefully curated items ideal for themselves, their moms, sisters, babies and friends.

They can also host baby showers, wedding celebrations, charity events and other personal or business parties in any of the three event spaces attached to the 3500-square-foot store.

“I got the idea for the store after Chris surprised me with a celebration in Paris for my 29th birthday,” says Adrienne. “He created a tea party-like atmosphere for me there with all kinds of gifts that were bought at 25 stores and flea markets. I loved it, and when I got back, I wanted to do something like this all in one location.”

Bosh Babies
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But Adrienne had to put her store on hold when Chris got sick last February and had to miss the remainder of the NBA season due to a blood clot found on his lung.

“I took a delay when Chris was in the hospital,” says Adrienne.

“I was by his side until he gained back his strength and recovered. In fact, it was Chris who reminded me to go back to work and get the store open. He is so supportive.”

Meanwhile, Adrienne knows she’ll need 10 versions of herself to manage the store, her new twins, the day-to-day needs of their other children, and her husband’s busy basketball season, which begins in a couple of weeks.

“I focus, but I know it really does take a village,” she says of her crazy days.

“Chris and I have our dads living close to us for help. We organize to make our lives work. And we are so ready to welcome our twins to the family!”

β€” Linda Marx

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Fatima on

Congrats, I hope you have very healthy pregnancy and babies. God Bless Your Family!!!!

Cece on

Congrats to the lucky parents. They are so blessed!

tosha on

shes really securing her future!

MMM on

Congrats!! Adrienne seems sooo sweet. I couldn’t do five under ten or five at any time haha but that’s why it’s not happening to me. She seems to just adore their children. Good for them πŸ™‚

Lisa on


Get Ho on

She is a fat pig with severe ghetto booty.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

Marky on

There is nothing about her that seems even slightly ghetto, and I am sooo tired of people claiming every pregnancy is about “securing her future” when referring to a celeb’s wife having a baby. Some couples enjoy having children, and some don’t, but if a couple chooses to have a baby, it’s their business, just seems disgusting when there are so many rude, hateful comments from people who don’t really know these people at all.

MissScarlett on

Forget this store for now and focus on raising your family. Five children is a lot and will require all of your time.

Xavi Malcolm on

It takes a village, allright, which is why she has a house full of nannies, cooks, hairdressers, etc. The article didn’t mention any if that.

Charity Dawidi on

Congrats Chris n Adrienne, be blessed always.

Nicole Carter on

This girl is nothing more than a gold digger. She was a well known pass around for guys like Lil Wayne before landing Bosh. Used to tell people she had cancer just to get money. Women like this don’t change their spots, just their sponsors.

sally on

sounds like your trying to do it all! better remember to slow down and take it easy during the pregnancy! plus, your kids will only be babies for a short time- so enjoy them!!! don’t shove them off on others or nannies!

bellabee on

The announcement is adorable. But, did they just slip in there that he has a 6yr old with her, a 3 yr. old with someone else, and then a 2yr old back with her? Hmm…interesting.

Kimberly on

Actually no, bellabee
the article states: Chris and Adrienne are already parents to Trinity, 6 β€” Chris’ daughter with Allison Mathis β€” Jackson, 3, and Dylan Skye, 2.

The eldest child is not her own, it is his with Allison Mathis and the two younger children are theirs.

TLC on

Nope, don’t believe it happened naturally but congratulations to them.

Anonymous on

TLC- She never claimed it was (just that they have twins in the family). That being said, considering she’s only thirty and they have two other kids (born back-to-back to boot!), I somehow doubt they have fertility issues. πŸ˜‰

Brooke on

If you know Adrienne’s story, you know that she IS securing her future. This chick was known for dating Lil’ Wayne, being a side chick to several athletes, before she found one that would actually marry her.

Anonymous on

Brooke- Maybe she just likes athletes!

PX on

Congratulations to them!

Valarie on

They look like lovely couple!

Sara on

Awe, they are a lovely couple. Congrats ya’ll from the great state of Texas! Go Cowboys ~