Coco Austin Is ‘So Proud’ of Her Growing, 30-Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump

10/10/2015 at 08:00 PM ET

Nicole “Coco” Austin‘s baby bump may be small, but it is definitely growing!

The 37-year-old wife of Ice-T, 57, tweeted a progress photo of her growing belly, saying she is “proud” of her 30-week bump.

“I’m so proud of my 30 week baby bump,” Austin wrote on Saturday while posing in a purple maxi dress. “Being pregnant is straight-up awesome! #ChanelNicole will be so loved!”

Coco Austin baby bump 30 weeks
Courtesy Coco Austin

Earlier in the week, the model wrote that she was surprised at how fast her first pregnancy is progressing.

“I can’t believe how fast it goes! I love being pregnant,” she wrote.

Austin has been enthusiastically documenting her pregnancy on social media, even sharing her 4D ultrasound videos and revealing that she watches them “every day.”

“I can’t take all the cuteness,” she wrote on Friday. “She seems so sweet! She’s at a healthy 3pounds already with 10 more weeks to go!”

Austin caught a lot of attention in late September when she shared a picture showing her small baby bump at 28 weeks.

Chanel will be Austin’s first child and Ice-T’s third child as the rapper is already father to Tracy and Letesha, his two adult children from previous relationships.

— Maria Mercedes Lara

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cheryl on

omg….love you CoCo….I am soooooo thrilled 4 u and Hubby….Love the name, so appropriate……All the best lady….your the Best….

Anonymous on

maybe someday her “bump” will out do her boobs.

dd on

now she looks pregnant….was nice of her to share her ultrasound pic of her baby. Every outfit i’ve ever seen her in is cleavage baring.

Godfrey on

I love to phuck women in the ass when pregnant.

Anonymous on

Ooh her boobs is much larger than her bump.

Mrs. B on

Her fetus is really adorable. They didn’t have all these fancy ultrasounds when I was pregnant. My husband and I would have been on cloud 9 to be able to see our baby’s features like this.

Anonymous on

Congratulation on the new baby.. So happy for both them. Btw that bellly is finally popping appropriately… I knew that flat belly wasn’t going to last forever…

Sue's on

Congratulation on the new baby.. So happy for both them. Btw that bellly is finally popping appropriately… I knew that flat belly wasn’t going to last forever…

Kathleen Ansaldi on

WHY would you dress like a whore when you’re pregnant with a child? Really gross, narcissistic behavior.

Jen on

I really like them, and I’m happy for their pregnancy. However, maybe she could take some photos without her boobs taking center stage? In a few years, her daughter may look at her baby book, and that will be the image she sees.

Rebeccah on

She barely looks pregnant to me? I have no children so I can’t speak on this but I find it hard to believe that a woman can be almost eight months pregnant and barely showing at all. That’s the size of my belly when I eat too much Mexican food! Lol

Callie on

This article is so refreshing compared to Kim K who is always complaining about being pregnant. I’m so happy for these two! Congratulations.

Kathy on

Why would anyone do that to their body? o much plastic.

Nancy on

Congratulations to them on the new addition.

Lisa Marie on

Congratulations! I just think naming her Chanel is a big mistake, very narcissistic. Yes, the mother is big into fashion. But the daughter may be like me, hate it. I think it’s unfair to name a child after your interest as they may not share it. Anyway, I’m very happy for her!



Chelsie on

I’m sure her daughter will be real ‘proud’ when she sees these pics of her pregnant mom looking like a porn star.

Anonymous on

As someone else who is, shall we say, over-gifted in that particular area, let me say that it’s not always about wanting to look like a porn star. For us “big top” girls, it’s more often than not about struggling to find stuff that fits properly in that area (and when it DOES, it usually doesn’t fit properly in OTHER areas!).

Now granted, I would never in a million years wear something that revealing. However, the point remains that when you’re large in that area, sometimes the girls simply take on a mind of their own! 🙂

gardenboy on

So irresponsible to do all this stuff before the child is born,anything could happen.

Stella on

I already feel sorry for that baby! She is already exploiting her, before even being born! What a trashy mother to be!!!

guest on

Am I the only one that recognizes the joke? Her nickname is CoCo and she’s going to name her daughter Chanel. Ummm…

guest on

Umm, am I the only one who noticed this baby’s name? Her mom’s nickname is CoCo and they are going to name her Chanel. Yikes!

kathy from fla on

I am guessing her boobs will out weigh her baby!

kathy from fla on

Will her boobs weigh more than her baby?

Nanu21 on

This baby will be loved……

Pnut on

Sorry, but naming your baby and telling everyone the name before it is born is tacky. And it opens up the door for people to say what a stupid name that is for a human.

Trulove on

What a tramp! She’s not showing off a baby bump she’s showing off her purchased boobs! This poor baby will see these photos someday & be totally embarrassed by her trashy mom.

button on

When you get such large breasts, you kind of have to show them. If you wear a conservative neckline, you just look fat. Oh course, she doesnt have to reveal THAT much bustline…..

sharon on

Her baby is being raised in a different world then we wre. Celebritys have no priblem with their lifestyle, that doesn’t mean they don’t love their babies and I don’t think her baby will think bad of her. Congrats to you, your hubby and your family.

Anonymous on

gardenboy- That’s true…but if, god forbid, something DOES happen to baby Chanel, at least Coco and Ice-T will have plenty of happy memories of the pregnancy and will be able to lean on their fans as well as their family for support.

sharon- Finally, a sensible comment! She has chosen to share her pregnancy with her fans, and I fail to see how that’s a bad thing. And if she IS embarrassed by these pictures of her mom when she’s older, it will hardly be the end of the world. Virtually all of us are embarrassed by our parents at some time or another!

Jen on

She’s a beautiful baby, can’t wait to see the birth pics. Congrats to them.

KL on

she looks beautiful!! Cute bump! But cover up your boobs cause it DOES NOT look very tasteful!! especially when you’re pregnant

Vol on

Wow she looks so sexy in the purple dress.