Jessie James Decker Shares Breastfeeding Photo: I Love ‘Feeding My Sweet Boy’

10/08/2015 at 11:00 PM ET

Jessie James Decker is a vocal advocate for breastfeeding, so it’s no surprise she shared a sweet snap of the moment on Instagram.

On Thursday, the mom of two posted a photo letting fans in on quiet time with her son Eric Thomas. In the selfie, the “Lights Down Low” singer cuddles up with her 5-week-old as he nurses.

“Love being a mommy and feeding my sweet boy,” James Decker, 27, captioned the photo.

Jessie James Decker breastfeeding son photo
Courtesy Jessie James Decker

In the September issue of American Baby, James Decker expressed her love for nursing saying that she was even looking forward to the bonding time again after enjoying it so much with her daughter, 18-month-old Vivianne Rose.

“I really loved breastfeeding the first time around,” she said. “It’s such a wonderful, intimate thing to share with your child. I remember that full, happy look Vivianne would get when she was done. I also love all the cuddling during the baby stage, like when a baby snuggles up under your chin.”

Love being a mommy and feeding my sweet boy ❤️

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Defending mothers who love to capture the picture-perfect moments of nursing, James Decker said she doesn’t understand why those selfies are deemed unacceptable, but “half-naked” women on social media are applauded.

“In photos of me nursing, there’s probably less cleavage than what I’ve shown on the red carpet,” she explained. “Sharing breastfeeding photos online is a good example for other women who want to nurse. Nursing is hard. It doesn’t always come easy and we need to support each other.”

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lisa on

I get the whole breastfeeding issue, but this lady is trying to be sexy breastfeeding. Completely opposite message breastfeeding mothers advocate most against. It is like the baby is an afterthought or prop, “don’t mind this baby breastfeeding, I still look milf.”

hautemom on

plus one on the previous poster….it is just creepy to make a duck face and be in full makeup and hair…’s actually a little disgusting…way to ruin a perfectly lovely act “Jessie James Decker”

lisa on

I totally disagree.. A woman CAN be sexy AND breastfeed. She is what she is.. and she is beautiful! AND!!! Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing too.. Kudos for her, my daughter, and every other woman out there that chooses to breastfeed! And for those that choose not to? It’s all about choice people. Where breastfeeding mother’s don’t judge you, please don’t judge them.. and please take note; It is NOT a sexual thing.. It is one of the most natural things on this earth.

Anonymous on

Somebody needs some attention.

Melanie on

We get it already! You’be proven you’re still sexy even though you just had a baby. I mean, that’s what it’s about, right? Because I don’t need celebrities showing me their boobs to understand breast-feeding is good for babies.

gyl on

All moms breastfeed in full makeup and a duck face. She is just an attention seeking “look at me, I can breastfeed” type.

Sara on

Beautiful and so sweet!!

dd on

weird, trying to look sexy while breast feeding….i’m feeling like she’s and exhibitionist

dd on

typo: an exhibitionist

Betty's Bees on

“It’s such a wonderful, intimate thing to share with your child.”

Intimate? Not when you’re trying to milf it up in a national magazine! Keep it intimate by keeping your tata selfies PRIVATE.

Meghan on

I’d buy it a little more if she were even acknowledging the kid. Just another attention wh0re.

Claudia on

These pseudo famous ladies using breastfeeding to make it to a magazine are pathetic.
It’s such a beautiful thing to do and not all mothers get to do it but this is NOT a competition, and it is SO private.
new rule: if no one cares about you anymore, send a selfie trying to look hot while breastfeeding and you’ll be in the cover a a magazine, especially if you “fight” for the “free” to show us your boobies
And this comes from a mother of two who breastfed them both

lucylooooo on

Oh but the guys are going to love this! Way to sexualize breast feeding, which is the opposite of what women who advocate for breast feeding are trying to do.

No on

Attention seeking. this is about her, nothing more.

Mrs. B on

This is kinda creepy because she’s not even looking at her baby. She’s too busy looking into the camera trying to appear seductive.

Edie on

No, you love attention upon yourself. The photos are nothing but self promotion.

MissScarlett on

Oversharing. We don’t need to see every private moment of your life.

Gah on

Breastfeeding is so boring to report on. Been doing it since the beginning of time…

tiffany on

Why is there such a push for people to accept all of these breastfeeding photos being thrown at us? This is a special bond between mother and child, but are photos necessary? Plus, she’s doing this to showcase how beautiful she is, just attention-seeking.

Pinky on

Looks like I agree with the consensus. Nothing worn with a sweet nursing photo but I am surprised the baby was in these. What with the duck face and full makeup they are all about her.

button on

We don’t want to see your boobs either red carpet or breastfeeding. I breast fed two babies too but I didn’t post pictures of myself doing it. I wonder why she doesn’t post a pic of baby’s dirty diaper. I loved changing diapers too, it’s a sweet moment as well. Oh, yeah, you could show off your body that way….

button on

couldn’t, I meant…..

schlaumeier56 on

America’s obsessive exhibitionism marches on!

As if selfies, sex tapes and Facebook self-marketing weren’t nauseatingly enough, now we have to add the pseudo-sentimentality of breastfeeding à la the social media.

sally on

So I get it, It’s the new trend to post pics of breastfeeding. I don’t think it has anything to do with the actual breastfeeding. It’s getting old.

Kestrel on

I LOVED breastfeeding! I couldn’t with my first but I did with my second and I can honestly say that formula-feeding doesn’t even come close to the bond you develop by nursing. The hours you spend every day, snuggling, singing and talking to them, grows into a very different relationship than the ooone you build with a bottle fed baby. You can give anyone a bottle, prop it up for them (don’t!), let them hold it themselves….it just isn’t the same as cuddling that little person and feeding them what was speck finically made to be that baby’s specific mixture.
KOne is optimal, the gold standard, and one is a distant second. Not just because one is a batch of chemicals and the other is an optimal, custom-made blend of exactly what your baby needs.
Unfortunately, we have to make everyone feel good so we say that formula is just as good and bottle feeding is a perfectly good equivalent. It isn’t. Oh, they won’t DIE from it. True. But it isn’t anywhere near what the experience is supposed to provide: perfect nourishment with the person they need to bond with in a way that fosters a deeper relationship. The expressions and integaction is critical to their brain development as well as their emotional depth which is set in them by 18 months (yes, really. Check it out!).
That someone can view this as sexual makes THEM the deviant. Breastfeeding is as physically arousing as peeing. I don’t know how may people view it as disgusting but it seems to me to be the mental health problem of some people that really needs to be addressed. Thinking a baby nursing is offensive means they have some serious issues to deal with.

Anonymous on

so sad, and here we are as women STILL BASHING each other, who cares if she looks beautiful or if she doesn’t, get a grip ladies, seeing these comments and just the negativity and the bashing, makes me embarrassed to call myself a woman. Shame of you.

Anonymous on

I am all about breastfeeding, 1000%, having breastfed both of my children for over a year. HOWEVER, to me, these pictures are not about breastfeeding advocacy. There is nothing natural or beautiful about them. In fact, they kind of creep me out because they are “sexy” photos with basically a nursing baby used as a prop to justify exposed breasts. I mean…she is not even connecting with the baby….she is connecting with the camera. If they were truly natural pictures, it would be a different story entirely. Instead, just looks like a photo shoot. Not tasteful.

really on

Lots of people breastfeed and don’t blast it on social media while trying to look sexy (and I stress the “trying”) No need for that. We all know it’s important but guess what, it’s not for everyone….glad you’re doing it, but we don’t need to see it.

Can't help but comment on

I follow her on Instagram and these were taken from her page. Two ways to look at it, what to share and what not to share. For me, I am modest so I choose to share very little, specifically when it comes to my body. Is it an insecurity, sure, however if I had her confidence to not give a flying eff, maybe I’d take a different stance. End of day, she wanted to share as she shares quite a lot. She’ll look beat up, primped up, you name it. She bares it all, no pun intended. She’s a cute gal who has a sweet family. Give her a break with all the judgments.

Kel on

Disgusting. Can’t believe she can actually bf with those nasty implants.

Ali on

OMG!!! The sharing of breastfeeding photos needs to stop!! Holy attention seeking! GET OVER YOURSELF! The whole world doesn’t give an EFF if you breastfeed and we certainly dont need to see it. Get over your damn self and stop being one of those celebs following this photo fad! definition of pathetic

Nancy on

LOL . . what the HELL is wrong with women? Breastfeeding is as old as dirt . . we get it. Just DO IT IN PRIVATE. I don’t want to see your TIT . . I like sex but I don’t take pics of my partner and I having it and then POST IT. Unreal.

Dingosbaby (@dingosbaby) on

You can actually SMELL the desperate plea for attention. Breastfeed, don’t breastfeed, no one cares – please keep it to yourselves.

youwrongiwrite on

She claims it’s not posed. UM…so posed not even funny! Full hair and makeup with her duck lips. Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing when it is natural and not being turned into an attention grabbing sexual thing. Not enough attention on you lately Jessie? You need to do something so inappropriate to get us talking? Well, you did it. Shame on you!
You give a bad name to all breastfeeding women! No one needs to see your boob. You want attention…do something that matters other than posing nude!

Jen on

Wow, lots of hate on here for a woman’s body. It’s empowering to nurse your baby. Why should women be embarrassed to feed their child? Why should they have to look haggard to feed their child? Brag on proud momma, you go! Haters going to hate.

Barb on

This focking pig needs to keep these images to herself. Its a private thing. But all these trailer trash celebrities think its okay to show everything.

Amy on

OK SO SICK OF THE BREAST FEEDING ISSUE!!! YES! WE GET IT! FFS THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE FOR! STOP ACTING AS IF YOU ARE THE FIRST TO EVER DO IT! You are not making a statement! Now, you just want to try to look like a hot mama. If it is so intimate…keep it that way! I’m sure your child is not going to like seeing his/her pic with their mom’s boob hanging out of it especially when they are like 3 or 4…thanks a lot mom!!! Good Gosh….get over yourself and your boobs…remember they are made for that, you are no smarter for figuring out how to feed with them than anyone common woman!

Anonymous on

It was only a matter of time before she released a photo like this. No surprise and no surprise she is doing it with full on hair and make up. And of course, her signature duck lips. Oh, and trying to be super sexy because that is what the average mom is thinking about 5 weeks after birth.

Not jealous of her one bit. I fully support breastfeeding and breastfeeding pictures, but this one is ALL about HER! This is not about the bond between her and the baby, which is what it should be about. Clearly staged and starving for attention.

Lo on

We get it. As a young breast cancer survivor, this topic is old. Not everyone has a choice….

Robin on

I’d rather see a breastfeeding photo then a “nip slip” on TV.

What on

“It’s such a loving intimate experience between a mother and her child”, now let me post it for everyone else to see. That’s what bugs me. You can’t have it both ways ladies.

S on

I find this werid how she is trying to be sexy while doing this…

S on

I find it werid that she is trying to be sexy while breastfeeding. …

lisa on

@other Lisa
You sound kind of crazy, you missed my point. The point I am making, is she set up a shoot, probably had a makeup and hair stylist, is making “sexy” duckface, isn’t looking at her baby, isn’t holding her baby. It looks weird, tacky, and just an excuse for publicity using her son.

Nanu21 on

Thrilled she felt the need to share this…….YAWN!!!!

tiffany on

Really over-sexualizing breastfeeding…. this is more creepy than a sweet moment.

annabella on

Congratulations for sexualizing breast feeding. Jessie is a disgusting person with a truck driver mouth on twitter.

johnna on

She said she would show more cleavage than on red carpet? ? Only thing covered is nipple. The way her arms up posing, not looking at son, nothing about this is about breastfeeding. And her music sucks.

Anonymous on

Eric Decker could have married anyone he wanted. Why he chose this piece of white trash I will never understand.

maryhelenc on

I don’t understand these photos, mostly because I would be super mad if someone took a photo of me while I was eating. I support women and their choice to feed their children however they want, in public, because baby should eat. I just wouldn’t want someone photographing me eating a sandwich, so I feel the same about babies. They’re just eating, no big.

lala on

Eric Decker could have literally married anyone he wanted. Why he chose this ugly piece of white trash I will never understand.

Melissa on


Linni on

Very sweet. I wish I was still nursing my 9 month old daughter but wasn’t meant to last as long as with my son, who nursed until he was 14 months. She looks great. Hope she nurses him as long as she can and enjoy those tiny baby moments. They stay that small for only a blink of an eye.

Dawn on

So sick of women being criticized for breastfeeding pictures. It’ would be okay if she covered more, it would be okay if she wasn’t wearing make up, no matter there are people who are going to be hateful. This should be no big deal it’s just breastfeeding. I’m glad women are brave enough to post these pictures

kammi on

I have big fake ones too but would never use my son as a prop. She’s just a wh0rex plain and simple.

Em on

Yeahhh, I breastfeed my newborn daughter and I have countless friends who do/have done the same without needing to advertise it. I don’t understand this need to broadcast everything, it’s a sickness in our society. Live your own damn life. You are not a martyr for advertising this.

Caleb Thomas on

She’s just seeking attention. Jessie has taken from women what they have worked hard for literally for years to normalize breastfeeding by sexualizing it. You’re not cute so of coarse you have to use your body Jessie Joke Decker.

Tay on

Reeks of desperation. “I’m not posing” I’m pimping out my baby for my own selfish advertising.

Anonymous on

I don’t know who she is but we don’t need to see a picture of u breastfeeding…I have nothing against breastfeeding. I breastfed my kids but I don’t have to show the whole world. Disgusting and gross! Some things should be private and this is one of them! So please people some posting these pictures!

Momof four beauties on

So she’s supporting other women breast feeding by posting a pic of herself with hair & make-up done to perfection (because that’s how we ALL look while doing this, right ladies?)?? Seems like another “look at me” moment, followed by the usual “I’m defending breast feeding because it’s the most natural thing in the world.”

cammom on

I don’t know who she is but we don’t need to see you breastfeeding…I have nothing against breastfeeding I breastfed my kids but I didn’t need to show the whole world. It’s gross and disgusting! Some things should be left private and this is one of them. So please people stop posting pictures like this.

Momo on

Yeah breastfeeding is good and I get all that but this tool is trying to look “sexy” while breastfeeding the baby!

Me on

I will also love feeding my sweet boy in a few months – with formula – but I doubt this woman extends the same respect to formula feeders that she expects to get by putting her breast feeding pics all over social media. Why is she posing in a provocative way while nourishing her child? Ew. Feeding a child does not need to be a public event.

Bad Mother Award on

I have zero respect for any parent who whores their child out on social media for any reason. Exploiting kids on the internet is all about the parent and their desperate need for attention. And also, congrats on sexualizing breastfeeding.

Laura on

So because she is beautiful its staged? Give me a break. Because you don’t ever go through your photos and chose the one the represents you the best when given the choice….And for all the “its private” comments. No, it isn’t. Breastfeeding is feeding a child. How many times have you seen a child being feed in public? This is no different. Moms who breastfeed NEED to post pictures like this so that it is actually seen as normal, which feeding your child is, and when that happens and this no longer gets a reaction like this has then these photos will stop or you can lump in as just another selfie.

Birte-75 on

Oh my god, these pictures are sooo embarrassing! What is the Message? Nursing has NOTHING to do with sex. So please don’t concentrate on you and your perfect look but on the binding between mother and child! And please do it in private! If you like to pose sexy for everybody, one hint: nobody likes to see a toddler on a picture…

ChristinaM on

Gorgeous photos of the most special moment between mom and baby!

ChristinaM on

I love breastfeeding photos. They are beautiful moments between mom and baby.

lynn on

OMG – thought I would see sweet pics of a mother and child. Boy was I wrong! She talks about breastfeeding being a wonderful and intimate thing you share with your child. There is absolutely nothing intimate about these overly made-up, hair done, pouty duck lip pictures. Heck, she isn’t even touching her child other than where he is latched on to her. Hey, Lady, how about holding and cuddling your child while feeding him. Looks to me like you just wanted an excuse to post pics of your boobs on-line. Nothing loving about these pictures.

Ashleigh on

White TRASH. Her bio is “I pee in the shower” What any respected mother would have right? With a bio like that nothing she does would surprise me.

Wow on

Why do people post stuff like this. It’s just breast feeding. It just a way to feed your kid. Why ask for attn for it? And why get all glam for your photo. Get a life
You’re not special. Feed your kid and move on.

Anonymous on

I love feeding my Blake too. Best feeling in the world!

QDPie109 on

I want to start out by saying I am a mother who breast fed their child. However, I don’t under stand why woman feel the need to 1) breast feed in public and not cover up and 2) the my have the need to post a picture of them doing it.

Denise on

This is so stupid. These women who beat their drums over something like breast feeding are pathetic. Get a freaking life, already. #needy #mediawhore#turnupyourvibe

Amanda on

Good for her! Words of wisdom. It made me tear up a little bit because my three year old is in the weaning process, and I don’t know if I’m going to have another.

Enjoy every second, JJD!

Nicole on

Where is she “trying to be sexy?” Because she’s wearing make-up? Because her lips are pursed together? Or because that’s the way YOUR mind saw the picture? Who knows what she was doing before she had to nurse her baby boy. I nursed many times in the course of 2 years in full make-up and my hair done, big deal. I used to get up, shower and get ready, daily… still do, bease it makes ME feel good. Stop bashing and just start supporting women. If you don’t like it? Don’t read the articles.

Kara on

Yeah looks like she is seeking attention.