Giuliana Rancic on Having a Second Child: ‘The Dream Is Definitely Still Alive’

10/06/2015 at 01:15 PM ET

Giuliana Rancic wants second baby
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Giuliana and Bill Rancic aren’t actively trying for another baby, but the former E! News anchor admits they’re open to expanding their family.

“We would love to have another child,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s always a conversation we have and it’s something we definitely would love to do. If God blesses us with a child, it’d be incredible.”

But while the couple would “love” to give their son, 3-year-old Edward Duke, a sibling, Giuliana says they have plenty to keep them busy for now.

“There’s really nothing in the works right now to be quite honest,” she shares. “I think there’s been a lot on our plate lately with moving to Chicago and Duke starting school there.”

Giuliana and Bill have been open with their fertility issues on their reality show Giuliana and Bill and she has been public with her battle against breast cancer in 2011.

After welcoming Duke via surrogate in 2012, Giuliana’s final embryos were miscarried in 2014.

Now the 41-year-old says she is focused on her one blessing.

“I always want to make sure I’m super present with Duke — he’s always my priority because he’s my son and we fought really hard for him, obviously,” Giuliana explains.

“We were so lucky to have Duke and he keeps us really busy. He’s great and thriving and an amazing little boy, but we would love to expand our family. We always wanted to and that dream is definitely still alive.”

Giuliana is promoting breast cancer awareness throughout October with P.F. Changs and the American Cancer Society‘s #PFChangsPink Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

“If you find breast cancer early, you have over a 90 percent chance survival rate, which is incredible, but the key is you have to find it early,” she explains. “We can’t stress enough — everyone can’t stress enough — you have to do the monthly self exams when you’re in the shower.”

— Jessica Fecteau

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Callie on

Met her in Chicago while on vacation 2 weeks ago and she is truly a lovely person. She was with Duke walking him through the neighborhood.

Pnut on

She should adopt. 🙂

Carrie on

If they really want more children, and can’t conceive and the last embryo is gone- maybe that is a sign from God telling them to adopt. They have the financial means necessary to adopt a child domestically or internationally.

rubyovertherainbow* on

Duke has never been her priority. Her figure, her clothes , and her job have always come first. Her husband is a great father and the one true presence in that childs life.

LA6226 on

I know someone whose child is in the same class as Duke and she (the mom I know) said that Giuliana is very involved and walks him to school every day, that they don’t have a nanny. I find that very respectable considering who she is.

Suzanne on

I am a huge fan of the family! First class.

Elizabeth on

I don’t understand why the hand wringing over having another child? If you want one so badly, then adopt! Good grief- if Rosie O’Donnell can find and adopt ( as babies) all of the children that she did- surely there’s another caucasian baby out there “perfect enough” for the Rancics ! If you’re not really wanting another baby- then quit the public grab for sympathy!!

K.B. on

One word for Giuliana and Bill: ADOPTION.

Steph on

I am sure they have thought of adoption. Why does the general public feel the need to tell families struggling with fertility issues, to adopt, like they haven’t considered it? You don’t know their situation. Adoption isn’t just a clear matter of deciding they want to choose some unwanted baby!

Anonymous on

Love that Giuliana is very involved to her son even she can have nannies to help her.

Carrie on

we actually do know their situation since Giuliana and Bill have been very open with it– it is not traditional fertility issues. They have no embryos left and she can’t have kids due to her past cancer.. As far as I know any future children would have to be adopted… Thus, saying “if God blesses us with a second child” is a bit blank since it would be their decision to go forward with the adoption process

Paula on

Um her son is cute LOL.

Brooke on

I think that once Guiliana found out she couldn’t HAVE a baby…she checked out. Duke came along and it was Bill that stepped up and became the active parent. She never seems engaged.

Molly on

They seem a lovely family, very happy for them

Izzie on

Why don’t parents get haircuts for their little boys? They look so unkempt with long hair and the slicking back is just ridiculous.

Guest on

Giuliana & Bill – give it a rest already. Enjoy what you have and, if you have more to share, adopt a child who will benefit from your love & generosity. Stop trying to replicate yourself.

NH on

They do have a Nanny – actually, a Manny, named Bill Rancic.

KT on

Omg, they have the same forehead and hairstyle!

themominva on

How about getting a donor egg to go with Bill’s sperm….then finding a surrogate mother. They have the money and it would be a genetic half brother or sister to their little boy. they had the money..this could be a very happy option!

exit82 on

a 3 year old with a comb over? He looks like Donald Trump

Dana on

Perhaps, she should eat something. When she’s going through menopause, she’s going to be frail.

rhkjkl89 on

I agree with her about monthly self-exams (though I don’t take showers). And mammograms are all they are cracked up to be.

Yes, they could adopt, or she could use a donor egg, or her OWN eggs if she stops the tamoxifen

It’s great they love their kid in spite of his appearance, hahahahah

Ann on

Stop pushing adoption to infertile couples, because it is offensive, hurtful and cruel. It is not the same calling as havig your own child.

Mia on

She looks so uncomfortable…

Guest on

She clearly has an eating disorder
If u look at photos from her life pre Bill ….
even dating Bill she looked normal.
Perhaps she is depressed….

Kelli on

I am sure that adoption is something they’re considering but as someone who has experienced infertility, it gets exhausting and frustrating to always have people give their own two cents, and say “you can always adopt” or “why don’t you adopt?”. Why are people who are struggling with infertility the only people who have adoption shoved in their face? Fertile couples can adopt as well! Let people choose their own road to completing their family. We were blessed to have a beautiful daughter through IVF and our second daughter who was also conceived through IVF was stillborn. We had also used our remaining embryos. After spending so much money on IVF we couldn’t afford to adopt. With so many children in need of homes, maybe if they lowered the cost of adoption, more people would consider it. Our daughter is now 13 and our family is complete. It wasn’t our plan to have only one child, but we are so thankful and feel so blessed to have her. A word of advice, please don’t make suggestions to friends and family who are struggling with infertility. Just be there to support, love, and encourage them to seek what is best for them. If they want your opinion then offer it, but until then please just offer your support.

Page on

She looks kinda thin, needs to eat more to gain some weight.

Tina on

He looks just like his dad.

Sue's on

Few years ago, I had a heart attack with my heart issue, conceiving a child could kill me, so hubby and I decided to go to the rout of adoption. The cost for adoption is over 40k… then someone suggested embryo donation.. Again the cost of Embryo donation is over $50k , how in the world can a normal loving family afford it the cost ? and just because we couldn’t affords the adoption fee, didn’t mean we were not able to provide or love a child that in need of a home.

Sue's on

I agree, the cost of adoption needs to go down.

Donna on

Her little boy looks like her, a giant forehead, too bad he didn’t take after Daddy in the gene department. Oh boy, big deal, a 3 year is heading off to school, bet she spends hours a night with him on homework,,,,,,,,,,good grief, can she exaggerate any more on everything in her life. Who walks him to school when she is in LA for big events,,,,,,,,and the taping of shows she is still on, and Daddy flies all over the country giving lectures??????

Jamie on

to those criticizing the adoption comments– this is not a typical infertility issue where they can try IVF or pray for a miracle. She froze her eggs when she dealing with Breast cancer. They had to have a surrogate carrier for Duke and they tried a number of times for the surrogate carrier and they either didn’t go through, or were miscarried, as was the case with the last egg.

She has no more eggs and so if they want a child they will need to either adopt, foster, or use donor eggs… So when she says she’d like another child or if God blesses them etc. they are actually fairly in control of the second child issue.

Linz on

Did you know it’s very difficult to adopt when you have had cancer and she still takes a low dose of chemo for like 5 years after. Dont judge until you know all the facts.

Anonymous on

He looks so cute LOL.