Kim Kardashian West: ‘Pregnancy Is the Worst Experience of My Life’

10/05/2015 at 03:35 PM ET

Kim Kardashian pregnancy worst experience
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Don’t expect Kim Kardashian West to espouse the miracles of childbirth.

The reality star, who’s expecting her second child with husband Kanye West, shared her true feelings on pregnancy in a post titled “How I Really Feel About Being Pregnant” on her website and app.

“I’m gonna keep it real: For me, pregnancy is the worst experience of my life! LOL,” the 34-year-old mom-to-be writes.

“I don’t enjoy one moment of it and I don’t understand people who enjoy it. My mom and Kourtney clearly did! More power to them but I just don’t relate!”

Kardashian West, who’s due with a son in December, has already made a stand against embracing maternity norms — from her wardrobe to her packed social calendar.

“I’m not sure why I don’t like the experience like others do. Maybe it’s the swelling, the backaches or just the complete mindf— of how your body expands and nothing fits,” she shares.

“I just always feel like I’m not in my own skin. It’s hard to explain. I don’t feel sexy, either — I feel insecure and most of the time I just feel gross.”

The expectant star says she felt like people didn’t divulge the “gross things” that happen when you’re expecting a child. “Do you know you basically have to wear a diaper for two months afterwards?!” she adds.

Kardashian West wanted to share her feelings as to not “hide anything” from her fans.

“But I will say, as much as I really hate the whole feeling of being pregnant, I enjoy the challenge of getting my body back after it’s all over,” she explains. “I feel so accomplished when I’m back to where I want to be.”

Oh, and having a new addition is also a perk too.

“Really, it is all SO worth it when you have your precious baby in the end,” Kardashian West writes.

— Lindsay Kimble

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lilly pond on

This loser troll had the nerve to say that “pregnancy is the worst experience in her life”….then went on tv telling everyone she had trouble conceiving. Kim does not care about anyone except herself, including North or the baby to come. How disgusting and trashy this family is.

EllaHella on

Oh she is such a self centered twit. She complained about not being able to conceive now she is saying being pregnant is the worst experience of her life? Do us a favor and just shut up.

Anonymous on

Omg! She complains about not be able to get pregnant and she complains when she is pregnant! Ugh!!

Mom of 3 on

I can see where she is coming from in a way. My first pregnancy was easy, gained the classic 20-30lbs the professionals preach that you should. The second and 3rd time were doozies, gained weight everywhere no matter what I did, was swollen like the stay-puff marshmellow man, and I thought my boobs were going to smother me in my sleep. IT WAS NOT FUN! But I can’t wait to do it again. I do feel she should be choosier with her words and think of ladies who have never been successful conceiving. And PEOPLE mag too. The headline alone is a stinger. My 2 cents 🙂

guest on

I was waiting for her to say this after complaining about her first pregnancy. Why did she try so hard and complain about the difficulty of getting pregnant the second time then?? I don’t get it. Pregnancy is what it is and you just have to accept the negative parts of it because the payoff is so worth it. I know she says she gets that but I don’t think she really does.

guest on

then maybe keep your legs closed you fat piece of karTRASHian?!?

Cher on

I am so tired of this chick, and her mother, and her sisters, and her man, and her mother’s man, and her sister’s men. Can their 15 minutes of fame please end? PLEASE!!!! They are famous for NOTHING and they have made millions for doing NOTHING. People wake up!!!

holla on

and honey….pregnancy doesn’t look good on you either….win, win! shut your pie-hole and just give birth already! I can’t believe you have 2 1/2 more months to go, you look like beached whale, boom!

Deanne on

How self-centered! She complains when she can’t get pregnant and she complains when she’s pregnant. Does she even realize that she’s saying???

Jen on

Maybe she’d be more comfortable if she wore clothes that actually fit a pregnant woman’s pregnant body. She can’t say she’s bucking maternity trends by wearing what she wears, then complain nothing fits.

Also, just get a surrogate if you want a child and hate pregnancy so much. All she does is complain about being pregnant (both times).

Andrea on

As someone who longed or but was never able to have children or even become pregnant after years of trying, I have NO SYMPATHY for this mindless, selfish twit. How dare she complain about not being able to conceive, then complain about being pregnant because “nothing fits”, which just confirms that she’s an empty vessel who’s only concern is her looks. I hope I’m around when those looks start fading, which by my calculations should be any day now since she’s already ruining her face with Botox and who know what else. I also look forward to the tell-all books her poor children will no-doubt pen all about how selfish and cold their “once-beautiful” mother was. Ugh. Just go away.

Sara on

Then why get pregnant twice? lol. What a joke she is, and what a narcissist.

elaria on

stop reproducing,
stop wearing 4 sizes smaller than what you are. Even when she is not pregnant; her choice of sizes are smaller than where she should be.

edalizmelendez on

Can you imagine the amount of women out there not being able to get pregnant and having to read something so outrageous!?!?!? Do you know how many people would LOVE to be able to get pregnant? Become a mom? Apparently, this means no biggie for Mrs. Kardashian-West. Hope and pray your children don’t feel any remorse toward you for making such horrific statement!

BriscosBuckKnuckle on


Sara on

She is too selfish and vain to enjoy it.

Ermaly on

Of course it is. Pregnancy is about giving up your body for the health of your child. You swell, you gain weight, your mood changes, you get stretch marks etc. It’s no longer about YOU or how YOU look. Something Kim is all about and only about. That’s why she made sure to spend enough money this go round so she could pick out and make sure she was having a boy so she wouldn’t have to endure the horror of another pregnancy.

Barb on

I hated it too. Your body is overtaken, the birthing process is extremely painful. I only did it once. They say you forget the pain. I will never forget the pain, I did natural all the way. Never, ever again would I do that. EVER.

Tara on

She is so gross. Her pregnancy fashion is the worst experience of my life.

Kelli on

Um, it could be because you’re too busy trying to wear the tightest outfit possible instead of being comfortable. The clothes are unflattering and obviously uncomfortable. I would feel gross too if my boobs were always hanging out! Try dressing down and wearing some comfortable shoes for a change! I’m sure it would help with the backaches, too!

Rachel on

I like that she said people don’t divulge all the bad parts. I don’t ever hope to be pregnant because it is not for me, but I do feel like everyone out to be this beautiful thing and tries to talk ladies into it. I just feel like it’s gross. I say good for her for being honest. Just because she conceived and is glad to be having a baby doesn’t mean she needs to love being pregnant. I usually don’t like her at all, but I say good for her in this case.

Tina on

You are a piece of sh** Kim Kardashian. How about those of us who would love to have the experience of pregnancy and bringing a child into this world. You are the most self-consumed, ridiculous, narcissist in the entire world. SHUT UP already.

rayka on

actually, the only loser trolls here are the ones who say she’s disgusting and trashy. Maybe she has a past as does everyone, but in the here and now she is not that person. I LOVE her honesty about pregnancy being the worst time of her life. People seem to think she’s a piece of crap for saying that. If you don’t like what she says, why are you here lapping up everything about her every day and taking the time to comment? Weird….

rayka on

She’s still thrilled about the end result. She’s allowed to vent about now enjoying the process, not sure why people trash her for that. In fact a lot of the posts sound extremely mean spirited and jealous. It’s great that she’s sharing her pregnancy experience with her fans, don’t think that means the haters as well.

Jen on

These are her feelings about pregnancy and shouldn’t be discounted. Yes, she had a difficult time conceiving and she obviously wanted biological children. Pregnancy is not a joy for everyone including myself. I had no complications during my pregnancy but I disliked every moment of it (except the c-section) and have enjoyed every moment of being a mother of one. Everyone has an opinion.

L SHarp on

Self absorbed, self indulgent, egocentric loser. Yes, Kim, your body changes – YOU ARE GROWING A HUMAN BEING INSIDE. Yes, Kim, you have discharge for quite a while after the birth – if you are too stupid to learn these things in the run up , it’s no one’s fault but yours. Here’s why it is so miserable for you, poor wittle baby: You base your self worth on how many shares and likes you get because that is all you have. Famous for being famous. That’s it.

trish on

My first pregnancy was wonderful absolutely no problems, I worked right up until my date. My second which is the LAST was a nightmare, certain things I ate or drank would results in bumps all over my body. I had months of morning sickness and headaches and my feet was the size of watermelons. I could not wait to get him out of me, it was like my body was not mine. It is how I felt and while Kim in not one of my favorite people as a woman I can understand but I believe one of her problems is she wants to wear the same clothes and shoes that she was wearing before she was pregnant and that’s just stupid.

anon on

Well she certainly dresses like it is the worst experience of her life — all kidding aside she ought to think about the fertility challenged when she makes a statement like that. She comes off exactly as she is, a privileged, trashy buffoon.

Paula P. on

You know what, Kimmy? We kouldn’t are LESS!!!!

PMc on

She finally speaks the truth!

kristina Billotti on

Once again it’s about Kim and her narcissistic self. Instead of seeing her body is performing a miracle and nurturing a new soul she makes it out like it’s a humongous inconvenience to her. Oh woe is me!. Kim there are lots of women the world over who would gladly suffer(no wait that’s your image of it), feel blessed to carry a child no matter how difficult if only they could get pregnant.

kathy from fla on

Wah wah wah! Poor little spoiled rich girl. This woman is a skank! Shut up already Kim!

G on

I think it is horrible for Kim to state her pregnancy is the worst experience of her life when I would KILL for that experience and I am sure others who can’t have children would agree with me. Shame on you for actually being able to conceive then trashing it. Others don’t get to be so lucky.

laura painter on

wow. Kim, really?? I’ll admit towards the end of my pregnancies i was ready for it to be over, but I really loved being pregnant, it is the most wonderful feeling on earth knowing you are carrying a child. Sorry she doesn’t feel the same way, she sounds quite vain. and that is really sad.

Anonymous on

we pity your children with role models as you and your husband … I wish your parents did decide not have kids instead

cynic1018 on

“most of the time I just feel gross.” that’s because you ARE gross KKW. STFU and quit complaining about everything.

Callie on

She is so SELF-ABSORBED it’s disgusting!!!!!!!!!!

burt on

I’ve had a few friends and family members say that while they are crazy about there kids they didn’t care for the pregnancy part at all. I guess the whole caring, morning sickness etc thing isn’t for every.

Sam on

Can she get any more vain and narcissistic! So unintelligent and unlikable.

TinaCookie on

Maybe if she stopped wearing skin-tight clothing and embraced motherhood, she wouldn’t feel so miserable. What a self-centered waist of space.

Karen on

As someone who had tried to have a child and going through all the procedures for trying to get pregnant and not being able to – she really does have a lot of nerve. My husband and I had to stop using fertility treatments as we could not afford it. Kim, you are so selfish. Think of the women out there who would have liked to experience having a child – you do not deserve it.

OverIt on

This makes me feel so sad reading because I just turned 50 and was unable to conceive a child. What I got mainly from her comments was that it changed her body and she didn’t feel sexy. Not the morning sickness as much or any possible crisis that could come from childbirth – just the way it makes her look in her outfits.

I’m not naive to believe every woman cherishes being pregnant but when you complain about not being able to conceive (for just a few months after having your first) and then complaining about how it alters your selfies…. FOH!!i would have loved to have seen my belly grow. And guess what? They make shorter heels and larger dresses that still make you feel beautiful. #ItsNotAlwaysAboutYou


This is actually the 1st time I have ever found her to be real. I sure didn’t understand the women who said they had never felt better. My pregnancy was hard from day 1. I felt like I had been mislead.. lol ..

Jen Austin on

I have to agree with her, I hated pregnancy, too. Throwing up multiple times a day for 5 months straight and then severe depression where I had suicidal thoughts. Heartburn, rib pain, peeing my pants… The list goes on. I loved giving birth though and felt a million times better the second my baby was born. Now when I find out someone is pregnant, in my head in thinking “aww I’m sorry”

Lisa on

At lest you get to experience the joy of getting pregnant. How about me and thousands of other women who can’t get pregnant. You need to count your blessings and quit being all about you!

karen on

This just proves to that she did not suffer from infertility. If she truly had she would never say that. In my experience people who complain have never been through loss and or trouble conceiving. That is NOT to say that every part of being pregnant is amazing, but no one who has suffered heart ache would say that being pregnant is the worst experience of their life.

Lyanna on

This chick is dumber than elf sh*t.

Ash on

I threw up every single day of all 3 of my pregnancies so I never”loved” being pregnant. So I understand someone not loving those 9 months. That being said, this idiot wears 6 inch heals that are too small. All of her clothes look like sausage casings. She is obviously a narcissis that cares more about how she looks than her children.

L.M on

At least she’s being honest. Can’t fault her for that!
I think the whole thing is gross too. Nothing attractive about it, but at the end of the day that’s the sacrifice you make.

Carol on

I think if Kim would wear the correct clothes for being an expectant mom, she would be more comfortable. She’s trying to squeeze into clothes that are really not for expecting moms. I heard he say when she was trying so hard to get pregnant, I know I complained alot with last baby but I’m not going to complain with this one. She did everything she could to get pregnant now she’s going to complain. She’s going to wear skin tight clothes and spike heels and go across the world and expect to be comfortable. This is a time to be happy, waiting for your new child. She knew what she was getting into, why did she do it again. I have zero sympathy for her. She is blessed with having another child. How many woman would love to be in her place? Woman that can’t have children. She’s really shouldn’t have gotten pregnant again, she knew what she was in for. I had three children, I wasn’t comfortable, but it is what it is. Stop the moaning, grow up and wear some decent clothes. Stay home, take care of your daughter and rest and be comfortable. Don’t think about how good your going to look when it’s over. She just irritates me. Don’t ask for something, then get it, then moan and groan about it.

Guest on

Her clothes might fit if she bought the right size! Pregnancy was not the most comfortable time in my life, but it was far from being the worst thing I’ve ever been through. She might want to make sure it never happens again, but then she wouldn’t have anything to whine about. What a waste of humanity this whole family is. Sick of seeing those plastic faces on here every day!

Kat on

Feel free to stop breeding, then, Kimmy.

jlo27916 on

I do not like Kim, but for once I can relate. My only pregnancy was my twin boys and I literally hated every second even though I really wanted kids. I wasn’t ungrateful for feeling that way, I was being honest. Should I put on a smiley face and say I loved being sick (from day one and until I gave birth), the extreme fatigue, and the back pain from my second trimester until birth? I don’t think so. Almost everyone I know enjoyed their pregnancies- I think (I cannot believe I’m defending her- ever) she means just what she says- pregnancy does not sit well with her. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel it isn’t worth the prize at the end- bringing life into the world. And I don’t feel for one second I was self-centered for feeling the way I did. You can despise pregnancy, but find it totally worth it and love your child. Geez.

K.B. on

It’s such an insensitive statement. There are so many women who would give anything to be pregnant and just can’t. Shame on her.

cillap on

Am sick of anything Kardashians especially articles like this. Talk about ungrateful, first whining about not getting pregnant and then when she does, complains about how gross she feels. Please get over yourself. And in a perfect universe, there will be no more crap like this.

Guest on

Kim, you walked right into this one. I get it because I didn’t like being pregnant either but you bring some of the feelings on yourself. Stop trying to look sexy and squeezing your self into stuff that doesn’t fit. Including them hot ass boots to cover how fat your legs are. Your pregnant who cares! and cover your ass because it took looks pregnant but that is what happens to some women. Just dress to fit your body and you will feel better about yourself.

Anonymous on

Wasted space on this website and in the magazine. What’s the draw for these selfish and arrogant people?

mary on

I read she is having a C-section on Christmas Day. What happens if she goes into labor before Christmas, Kanye will make the doctor sew it shut til Christmas. They all need to go away.

Patty on

Her quote says…“But I will say, as much as I really hate the whole feeling of being pregnant, I enjoy the challenge of getting my body back after it’s all over,” she explains. “I feel so accomplished when I’m back to where I want to be.”
Oh, and having a new addition is also a perk too.

Out of the whole pregnancy and giving birth the only thing she looks forward to is getting her body back? What about the baby that you just brought into this narcissistic world of yours? This piece of trash makes me want to vomit!

Aily on

She doesn’t like it because she makes it so so so uncomfortable, look at what she wears, come on let’s keep it 100, who wears tight clothes and high high heels, talk about feeling horrible you do it to yourself! her mom and her sister Enjoyed pregnancy because they had the right mind to be comfortable and they embraced their pregnancies! pregnancy is a time for you to bond with your baby Some women are so lucky to get pregnant because there are women out there that can’t even get pregnant you should count your blessings Kim Kardashian, and maybe if u put some flats on and comfy clothes u would enjoy ur pregnancies.

Anonymous on

Kim Kardashian is a POS. There are so many people out there who would die to have a child and here she is complaining about it. She is vain, self-centered and her 15 minutes should’ve ended a long time ago.

Marcy on

Could we really expect anything less from this Trash who doesn’t have a motherly bone in her body? What mother poses totally naked? What mother wears the skin tight boob flashing outfits that this woman wears? I’d like her and her entire family to disappear from the face of the earth! We’d all be better off, including her poor innocent children!

Mary on

That statement definitely speaks volumes to style over substance.

taradoug82 on

I agree with her- I hated it all, except when I finally had my baby! None of it was fun. The only thing that was kind of neat was feeling kicks. I had one, and I’m done. I can’t imagine going through it again. Some women are just lucky and have that ‘magical’ experience, and some women just have a tough time.

GG on

Kim Kardashian is a POS. There are so many woman who would give anything to have a child and here she is complaining about it. She is vain, self centered and absolutely disgusting.
I am tired of looking at her. I wish she’d go away.

Dina on

Clothing doesn’t fit? Try wearing clothing you should be wearing during pregnancy, instead of tight clothing that makes you look like a sausage. Go away, all of you. Dopey, disgusting, annoying jackasses, all of you.

Maggie on

I wish I was given the opportunity to at least have one pregnancy, only to find out I will never be pregnant. For this dumbass to speak the way she did……..she needs a good back hand slap on her ugly face. Can’t stand the entire family!!

Anonymous on

The grossest thing about her pregnancy is that she’s got Kanye’s spawn inside of her.

Anonymous on

She is a disgusting pig. Period. Cannot believe she has a platform to say such garbage.

Deborah Crawford on

Diapers?? I didn’t need no stinkin diapers!

Vee on

I’m not surprised that she hates being pregnant. That makes sense when you consider the image she creates for herself.

me on

The grossest thing about her pregnancy is that she’s got Kanye’s spawn inside of her.

Ronda on

Maybe Mrs. West should try fighting cancer like I have been for 2 years. I have had over 80 rounds of chemo and hoping for a bone marrow transplant in November. Poor thing, her clothes don’t fit! Get a reality check

Betty on

She’s looking forward to getting her body back and looking “good”. Oh yeah. And the baby is an afterthought.

bribribri on

hmmm…interesting, conversily your television show is the worst experience of our lives.
i hope you have an elephants gestation period!

Jamie on

then why the hell have kids??????????????????????????????????????????????

Bella14 on

Gee that’s funny. Your pregnancy is the worst experience of my life too. We have to see your stupid self in all those ugly clothes. We would just rather not see ya.

Smithy on

It’s the worst experience of our lives too honey.

Meghan on

It’s because you are vain and everything is about. Pregnancy is about the baby. You can’t stand that.

Julia on

Maybe because she is a fat ugly pig married to a piece of shit?

jeans75 on

‘“Really, it is all SO worth it when you have your precious baby in the end,” Kardashian West writes.’

Glad she was able to fit this into her selfish, insecure, diatribe. What an idiot. She must be in hiding because there are so few pictures of her lately. Anyone with insecurity like hers to the point of speaking out loud like this about every complaint she has is just so COMPLETELY CLASSLESS.

She is spoiled, over privileged, over indulged, zero boundaries, zero self-understanding, zero care about life outside of her that she is so undeserving of the money she has from everything she is a part of. I have never witnessed such narcissism.

Misnomer on

Go F@@ yourself you ungrateful woman. I would give anything to go through what you are going through. You disgust me. I would give anything to feel unsexy and be pregnant.

pedrito68 on

“…and most of the time I just feel gross.”

Finally something we can agree on, Kim.

Lucy on

And she dresses gross – that may be part of her problem. And I tried for years to no avail to carry a child – shame on her. –

Sue on

Way to keep it real, you selfish POS! Does she have any idea how many women would give anything to be pregnant? Oh, that’s right. She doesn’t care!

Jo on

This creature is soooooo pathetic it isn’t funny. I only hope she doesn’t pass this negative attitude about it all onto her daughter. Of course she will since she wants her to be as self centered as she is. Even though I suffered through the same problems with morning sickness that Princess Kate did, I loved being pregnant and count it as being a very special time I will always cherish. All this bitch cares about is her body and even when she’s not prego, it’s not that great. Her a$$ is huge and her fake hooters are already hanging like an 80 yr. old’s. She is a joke !!!!

ll on

Kim it’a shame you feel that way. There are so many women out there that would give and put up with any pregnancy just to be able to carry their own child. Count your blessing dear Kim….

S on

Calm down, everyone; it’s entirely possible she would want to conceive and have a second child (and express frustration about not being able to do that), but yet not enjoy the physical symptoms of pregnancy. It’s not a crime to say what the reality is: being pregnant isn’t the best experience for everyone, and I know for a fact most people don’t spend their entire pregnancy enjoying every single second. When did we become the political correctness police, insisting that every celebrity word everything perfectly 100% of the time so as to not offend someone or the other? Can’t we just appreciate that this is one person’s perspective and this is how she feels? Also-it just gets me every time I read through some of the comments how judgmental and hurtful people are about motherhood from behind the screens of their computer. I see these comments on any article pertaining to childbirth, pregnancy, and/or motherhood, regardless of what celebrity is being discussed. I agree the Kardashians, in particular, have done nothing to deserve their fame (and are generally frivolous and over-privileged), but I don’t think that merits them (or anyone) being called some of these horrible names I’ve been seeing. We all deserve basic decency and respect, even the Kardashians.

bugsforever on

For all the detractors posting here, everyone experiences pregnancy differently and a lot of women have different experiences each time.
Some of us have wonderful pregnancies-I did.
Some women have horrible pregnancies.
I hope Kim says, “two is enough.” If Kanye wants a bunch of children, he can carry the rest.

Dawn on

If it is the worse experience of her life, then why have another child?! She does not know what she wants.

kim on

if she would stop dressing like she isn’t pregnant she would feel better about how she looks. I don’t care who you are if you look lke a 10 lb bag of lumpy sugar stuffed in a 5 lb bag, it isn’t going to look good.

fatalreview on

Kimmode being pregnant is a hideous curse on the entire social media as well-whining skankk is a curse upon the world-she hates pregancy cause it is is not all about her for a change and she can’t even photoshop herself not to look like the hideous pig she is-it’s hard to be a sex worker while pregnant-she has already commited fetal abuse -bleaching her hair platnuim blond for her first month of pregnancy and waist training with corset cinched down with a mac track for her first trimester all while moaning and whaling about NOT being able to get pregnant-BOOO BOOO BOOO BOOO

Commentor on

Only someone as classy as she is would even think to call pregancy a mind—-. Maybe (we can only hope) she will stop procreating.

Daniel on

It’s because while you are pregnant, its about the baby. I am sure any experience for her that is about somebody else, is the worst experience of her life. Next, supervising the nannies that are raising her children while she takes 1000 selfies a day will be the worst experience of her life.

bugsforever on

For all the detractors posting here, everyone experiences pregnancy differently and a lot of women have different experiences with each pregnancy.
Some of us have wonderful pregnancies-I did.
Some women have horrible pregnancies.
I hope Kim says, “two is enough.” If Kanye wants a bunch more, he can carry the rest.

GoAwayKfam on

What a shock….a Kardashian complains when they actually have to work for something and not just have everything handed to them on a silver platter. Ps – it is incredibly inconsiderate, stupid and snotty to whine about not being able to get pregnant and then complaint about it when you do. There’s so many people who we never able to conceive or expand their family. This family and their influence and fame is what’s wrong with the world. And what a shock, she talks more about getting her body back then she does about the reward of having her baby after. Selfish.

Diedra Langton on

Really…because witnessing her lack of fashion skills
is the worst experience of my life!

Rain on

So why the eff are you overpopulating the planet, idiot? ADOPT!!!!!

Kristin on

Maybe if she tried to wear a pair of flat shoes, and some clothing that fit properly she wouldn’t feel so gross and be uncomfortable. As a pregnant women I admit there are ups and downs, but in the end its worth it. She should be grateful she and her baby are healthy. Besides her comment about wearing a diaper for two months after the baby’s birth is exaggerated and not necessary. Grow up Kim, try putting your baby’s needs before your own.

Marisa on

She’s a self-centered b!tch. Feel sorry for her kids.

Anonymous on

Boohoo!!! She whines about everything & nobody cares what her latest opinion is cuz shes so shallow & superficial! BLAHHHH! She looks more disgusting when shes pregnant a/w cuz she don’t know how to dress period & her huge ass is her fugliest “asset” whether shes pregnant or not

Jae on

As a woman who has experienced a stillbirth and miscarriage and still has empty arms I had some sympathy for her fertility struggles. But once her dream to become a mom came true and she got pregnant again how DARE she complain about that experience. She doesn’t have to love it, it doesn’t have to be a magical experience. But shut your damn mouth about it and be grateful for your blessings. Many of us are still waiting to be in your stilletto’ed shoes.

Angel on

Maybe if you stop trying to fit your pregnant buttttt into a sausage casing, you’d be more comfortable you Twit!

cesa on

I thought the worst experience of Kim’s life was having Ray J give her a golden shower. Pregnancy does not look good on her.In the photo she has on the tightest dress ever, and she looks like she has three balls on the front of her.

Kim on

Eh … My first pregnancy was great. This second one has been pretty miserable. I have not enjoyed it like my first. The aches, pain, morning sickness, constant heartburn and fatigue are just not pleasant. Each pregnancy is different. For some women, it really is a physically miserable experience. It doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the ability to have a baby.

Tiffany on

Being pregnant can be difficult at times but I certainly won’t say it’s the worst experience of my life. The last month completely sucks though lol.

Torked on

Typical knee grow lover

christine on

Sweetie pie, Ms KKKKKKKKlan member, you’re “gross” 24/7, 365. On top of which, this time it’s obvious you’re having triplets. Two out the backend and one out the front…

Jennifer on

Are you kidding me? With all the pregnancy complications of getting pregnant in the first place and being able to spend thousands of dollars to have a child and you are going to complain. Shut UP! No, I’m sorry, you can’t complain because you whine about everything life has to offer. Stop being a spoiled brat! You’re creating life. You’re given the opportunity to do what thousands of woman struggle with. Oh and no hunny, you don’t get your body back in shape, you pay your way to surgery to make you look good. Who are you kidding? You don’t know what hard work is.

anne on

She’d feel more comfortable if she wore maternity clothes instead of Spanx !

NotHappeningRightNow on

Then stop getting pregnant you vain little tart!

jaunk on

she’s right. Pregnancy is awful. Mine was worse than hers; I had contractions from month four, I couldn’t laugh or have orgasms, I had 45% chance of a “live birth” and 90% chance of premie. I couldn’t do anything, and fear tracked me. Kim is right, pregnancy is terrible. You feel like you have an invader within. Your boobs hurt, you can’t sleep well, your crotch hurts….for some it means no alcohol (i never drank before anyway). I had to have a C-section and the scar still hurt five years later. Kim is lucky, she got a perfect kid out of her first one. My kid had surgeries in his first year and then was diagnosed with a neurological problem. sigh. I cannot fathom why ANYone has more than one child, unless there is no choice or the children are needed as labor.

sachanikoll on

I understand exactly where she’s coming from. Some women have good pregnancies and some don’t. I had a pregnancy from hell and will never go through that again.

Bem on

I agree about not enjoying pregnancy. I’m 28 weeks along and I can’t wait to be done. I haven’t liked one bit of it, and I have not even had a particularly difficult pregnancy. Even the “easiest” pregnancy is still very hard on your body. I’ve always though people who talk about loving pregnancy were lying. Just because it is a “natural” and “miraculous” process, doesn’t make it fun or take any less of a toll on your body.

Jill on

My first thought was how all the women feel reading this who CAN’T get pregnant. Kim should consider herself very lucky to have the ability to get pregnant and have her own children. A lot of women aren’t that lucky. Did I enjoy being pregnant? Not necessarily, but it was one of the best experiences of my life! And the fact that she complains that nothing fits…well maybe if she would stop wearing skin tight clothes, she might be more comfortable. You know, they make clothes for pregnant women! It’s called maternity wear. Sheesh. Can’t say I’m surprised though. This woman is as narcissistic as they come!

Angi on

Wow!!! For someone who whined so much about how difficult it was to conceive- you would think she would count her blessings. The fact that 90% of her comments about what she ‘dislikes’ about being pregnant are about her body changing- show that she cares more about her body and her looks and image. Maybe that’s why others enjoy it so much more. They focus on the amazing things that their body is doing to bring new life into the world- rather than how uncomfortable it is- and how horrible their expanding bodies are.

becky on

Wait, she says she hates it and then says but she loves being able to get her body back afterwards….and then throws in oh yea and having a baby..This entire family is just trash…she is more concerned with getting her body back than the joy of having a child…for those of us who couldn’t have one, let me just say, I will take all the aches, pains and swelling just to have my own child. Keep your self loathing, self absorbed gripes to yourself. You really don’t know how blessed you are. What a piece of garbage you are.

wow on

I don’t get the criticism from people who can’t have kids or have lost babies. Just because you’ve had tragedy, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a right to admit she doesn’t like pregnancy. Who the hell are any of you to tell her to shut up? I’m pregnant for the first time and I absolutely don’t like being pregnant. That doesn’t mean I don’t want or love my baby. I’ll be damned if someone is going to try to guilt me for stating my personal opinion. I can’t believe you jerks have got me defending a Kartrashian, but there it is!

kdm on

Maybe she would not find pregnancy so awful if she did not insist on wearing clothes that are so binding and restrictive in an effort to been seen as sexy. You should not need to grease up and shoe-horn your ever-expanding body into your clothing. And cover up your veiny boob-globes while your at it. There, problem solved. Nitwit.

KC on

Ms. Kardashian,

Your appearing on television is the worst experience in our lives. If you didn’t want to be a breeding cow, then don’t. Otherwise shut up you prima donna.

guest on

The vanity of this woman knows no limits.

Gramma2three on

Just shaking my head. Mama told me if I have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything so I will follow that.

Dana on

Her boobs are atrocious. No woman should feel like she has to look like a hooker everytime she walks out the door. It’s truly sad because she is a beautiful woman but because of the way she acts and looks, there’s nothing beautiful about her.

Patty on

I get what she’s saying, but honestly what she said is probably best kept to herself.

kbowsza on

This woman is a selfish pig. Most women wouuld gladly embrace whatever inconvenience and discomfort for the sake of their child. Most women would actually sacrifice ANYTHING for the child. Talk is cheap. She just showed her true colors and where her focus really lies. It’s all about her “sex appeal” which to me is non-existent. She’s a skank. And I would be ashamed of any male in my family, and yes I was BLESSED with two sons and two grandsons, who found her the least bit attractive, maternal, female, sexy or HUMAN. She’s gross. She’s an embarrassment to real women. She’s an entitled, selfish, egotistical brat.

Onee Mussif on

Perhaps one wouldn’t be so uncomfortable in their skin if they let it breathe instead of stuffing it into clothing that it obviously too tight. You’re growing a baby, not a fan base. Or perhaps, this is how you grow your fan base, and the child is secondary to your “style” and getting that manufactured body back into “shape”.

freya on

WHAT AN IDIOT. Way to go to tell your future child that carrying him was your worst experience YOU SELFISH, SELF CENTERED NINCAMPOOP !!!

Terri Brady on

So then do us all a favor and don’t have any more! I am sure her kids will feel all warm and fuzzy when they read this someday. Worlds Worst Mother!

lori on

Did everyone miss the fact that she was more excited to get her body back in shape rather than the joy of a child. I get the fact that not all pregnancies are a walk in the park, but the joy of seeing that little one is the greatest thing.

Andrea on

wow….spoken like a true Narcissist!

Khloe on

Very sad how she speaks of her own child… day her son will read this brainless statement!

rubyovertherainbow* on

Kim is the most selfish self centered human being that ever lived.

soul girl on

Well she doesn’t like being pregnant because she is very self-centered. She is right, she is very insecure. It is one of the most spiritual experiences can have in giving life. But Kim is very self-centered. God bless the kids. She really thinks she has a nice body when she is not pregnant. She is soo out of portioned and not balanced in her figure. it is kinda of gross.


Words cannot express how awful her post is! So many women struggle with infertility like she did & when she’s blessed with not one, but two precious children, her focus is on how horrible it is? I swear it amazes me how ungrateful some people are.

Erin on

A woman can have trouble conceiving (although, four months in doesn’t actually constitute “trouble) and still dislike actually being pregnant. Listen, if people clicked on this article, they cared – even if it was to leave an angry comment. The post was on her personal website. She wasn’t calling strangers and giving them this information. Pregnancy can be difficult, painful, disgusting, and tiring for some and at the same time, beautiful, exciting, and happy. There is no right or wrong way to feel. I wish, as women, we were kinder to each other.

thediaryofamobilediner on

Boo hoo Kim. You can’t have it both ways. Earlier this year it was “poor me, I can’t get pregnant” now it’s “I hate this”

stacy on

I hated being pregnant as well. it has nothing to do with loving your child, it just is not pleasant for everyone. I also think its refreshing to hear someone actually speak the truth about it. For the people who find it necessary to be so cruel and judgemental I feel sorry for you. It takes so much energy to be that upset about someone you don’t even know.

Anonymous on

She is absolutely terrible! How dare you complain that you can’t get pregnant and now all you do is complain how awful it is. There are women out there that would take feeling like garbage every day for the rest of their lives if it meant they could have a child. If you’re miserable, keep it to yourself.

mybabyhenry on

She says its the worst experience of her life, how awful it is, how she hates it… does she even know how many women would do anything to be pregnant and have a beautiful baby? How many women have lost infants and children, all while she makes stupid remarks.

She WANTED to get pregnant, she lamented about it for ages, saying how she is struggling etc. Just so she knows, trying for 4 months or so is not struggling, she was looking for attention with that nonsense too.
Now she cant stop saying how much she hates it, good lord Kim get over yourself. I had pre eclampsia with both pregnancies, swelling so bad you cannot imagine, the mother of all heartburns for 7 months and I LOVED it because it is the greatest thing in the world.
I got stretch marks that wont go away and a C-section scar, and I LOVE them.

She is so vapid, and needs to shut her face. Rubbing it in everyone’s face that she’s pregnant and then complaining daily. Idiot. And then when she has the kid, she fobs it off on anyone and uses her as a photo prop. She needs to get some advice from Kourt on what a mother is.

LIN on

Nothing makes this self centered B**** happy. Just go away already! I’m sure very few would care.

Mom O Twinz on

My can’t she speak honestly about how she feels about being pregnant, and her opinion be respected? Just because your experience was a pleasant one, doesn’t mean everyone else is. Respect her for being honest. I miscarried twice before having twins 15 yrs ago. My second pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage, was not a pleasant experience. I was so sick and couldn’t keep anything down. My pregnancy with my twins, I felt absolutely wonderful. I can respect her for being honest, it doesn’t make her a bad person or mother. It doesn’t make her love her children and less. Pregnancy is hard for some.

mybabyhenry on

Idiot. She wanted a baby so badly and “struggled” for what- 4 months to get pregnant. That’s not struggling. How many women would do anything to be pregnant and have a baby, not to mention how many have lost babies and infants? She is so vapid, she loves having a photo prop and the title of Mom, but she only cares about dressing a toddler in leather pants and black clothes.
I had pre eclampsia with both pregnancies, the worst swelling you can imagine and stretch marks and a C-section scar and I LOVED IT. I loved it so much, we are planning our third. She needs to get over herself and shut up, no on cares about how much you hate it. Shut up

Mom Of Twinz on

I applaud her for being honest about “how she feels”.

Cheri' on

Pregnancy is not for her. Doesn’t look good on her either. But, does she milk the attention she gets ! Acts like she’s the only one EVER to carry a child. Did Kanye pay her for the 1st one with a promise of more $$ for this one? Wouldn’t shock. Parenting’s not good for her either. She doesn’t do it well & needs endless helpers to pick up her slack. Too self-loving to absolutely love anyone else, including her children. Never should have happened.

celebfan on

LOL at the fools paying to access her web site when sites like this just publish content from it anyways.

Nancy on

She is one vain, ungrateful human being. LOL. She complained that it took her forever to get pregnant with her second child and now that she is, she complains about it! SHALLOW, SHALLOW, SHALLOW. Please I’m begging you for all HUMANITY, GO AWAY and take your entire family with you!!!

Me on

I love how all the people who cannot conceive are making this about themselves – and have the nerve to call her a narcissist! She doesn’t love pregnancy, but she shouldn’t be allowed to say so because some women cannot conceive? What kind of screwed up, self-centered logic is that??

Mom of 7 on

She doesn’t feel sexy because she hasn’t been sexy in a long while. How can anything you see on a daily basis be sexy? Hell, we’ve see enough of her to be her OB/GYN !! She says she feels gross and fat. She IS !!! Sure we gain weight when pregnant, but she uses pregnancy to indulge like a sow at the trough. That’s on her. Hope we never hear she’s preggers again.

Sarah on

While I do think it’s good for women to be honest with how they feel while pregnant, it is also super difficult to read for someone who is infertile, having trouble conceiving, has had miscarriages or a stillborn baby. I think that while she should feel free to tell it like it is for her- she also should be very sensitive to the fact that there are MANY women longing for the chance at pregnancy at any cost.
If your focus is on yourself and getting your body back, you are really missing out on the joy of actually being pregnant and how it’s an incredible gift and miracle.

georgiaonmymind on

Here is the problem. I counted SIXTEEN “I”‘s in those short statements. Maybe she should work on that and she would be a much happier person! We should feel sorry for her and her children. They will never know true love from their mother! The world seems to revolve around her.

maryhelenc on

I don’t care for this woman, but I can appreciate what she’s saying. I hated being pregnant. I was sick all of the time, on bed rest, etc. and it sometimes felt like the worst experience of my entire life. I love my three daughters, but I hated the process to bring them into the world. Everyone made me feel so badly when I said it, called me ungrateful, a bad mother. My best friend struggled for years to have a child and felt the same way and was told she should be grateful she got pregnant in the first place. Perhaps if we tried to understand that it’s not magical for everyone and focused on respecting that every woman’s experience is different, maybe there would be fewer cases of PPD. Let’s build up all mothers, even Kim Kardashian.

Anonymous on

Your clothes don’t fit because you’re trying to squeeze into the most inappropriate and unattractive clothing’.

PS on

She is a fat whore! Only doing this for publicity. She doesn’t look after the kid she has and won’t be looking after the next one. Funny isn’t it, Kanye the pig is never at home. Do you think artificially insemination? Really who would want to touch something that has been touched by sooooo many! Gross the whole family. Go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queen Stuart on

It highly irritates me that she complains that she couldn’t get pregnant and now is complaining how much she hates being pregnant. Do you know how many woman would give everything to be able to carry a child and never complain about it? How self centered can you be????

Lees on

The main thing is that she’s excited and looking forward to the new baby. She’s just venting now about how she finds pregnancy difficult. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you don’t like it, don’t waste your time reading about her.

blimpsville on

hey Kim, I totally agree. As far as pregnancy is concerned, it is a formality you have to go through with to have a baby; there is nothing fun, cute, or comfortable about it. And yes, feeling gross sums it all up. I didn’t mind it so much with my first two, but the last two was the worst. Gross just barely even begins.

Xan on

Deeply sorry to all those who can’t conceive. I can’t imagine the sadness and pain. Right now, I’m pregnant with my first and much awaited and already beloved baby. I consider myself very, very lucky. Despite looking forward to this since I was a little girl, I am still shocked to find myself admitting that I don’t care for pregnancy at all, either. Being sick for months on end takes a toll on some people. She’s just being honest.

Belle on

So much cruelty coming from these comments. Absolutely disgusting. She’s a still a person.

lily on

Honey, no, your clothes aren’t going to fit! Good grief! She’d be a lot more comfortable & enjoy her pregnancy a lot more if she wore maternity clothes, rather than trying to stuff her expanding body into regular clothes that end up looking like a sausage casing on her!

SC on

I may not be the biggest Kardashian fan, but I appreciate her honesty. She did say at the end, “It is all SO worth it when you have your precious baby in the end.” I think the reality is, some women REALLY enjoy pregnancy and others like Kim don’t, but ALL say the baby they birth in the end is worth it. I don’t think they should be vilified for stating their truth.

librababe on

What an ungrateful nitwit. I know she was saying it in jest, but when you think about how shallow she’s already shown herself to be, it just comes off as a really pea-brained thing to say.

pamela on

SMH How incredibly self-centered

Anonymous on

She wanted to get pregnant so badly and now she’s complaining about it. There is a special place in hell for fertile women who aren’t grateful.

Judy on

Says the most vain, selfish woman with world ever made famous. She is an idiot. Please Please Please mae her go away!

Shell on

The picture and the attitude are disgusting. Low life.

Jess on

There is a special place in hell for fertile women who get pregnant and then complain about it.

Sarah on

I kinda get where she’s coming from! My 1st pregnancy wasn’t bad at all until I went to give birth lol but my 2nd & 3rd made me so I’ll I could hardly keep down water, let alone food! And I lost so much weight! I gained afterwards when I got my appetite back! But I have 3 Amazing Sons I love beyond anything in this world! I’d do it all again in a heartbeat for them! Just my last 2 pregnancies where really rough! Not to mentioning swelling, back aches, hormones!! Every woman is different and each pregnancy is different!!

Lorax on

Well, come on now…….. much as there is negative to say about this fam, Kim is merely stating her experience. That should not undermine the grief that women who want kids but can’t have them feel – really has not a thing to do for it — why make KK the spokesperson for women of the world?
Personally, bearing the child was a pleasure, raising him for the last 28 years has been a bit more of a challenge.

tk on

Waa, waa, waa, oh gee her life is just so hard…I can’t stand this spoiled brat attitude she has. She is truly stupid not to realize how fortunate and blessed she really is. Oh, and another thing, if she wore appropriately fitting clothing she might be more comfortable.

Nycgirl437 on

Weird. After all the discussion of pregnancy there was really only one insincere token comment about the actual baby at the end. Very strange.

mtns on

seeing Kim Kanye pregnant in inappropriate pregnancy outfits is the worse experience of my life too. Nothing wrong in a pregnant woman in a tasteful bikini etc but Kim Kanye in her cleavage bearing skin tight and nude colored outfits is so trashy.

Trish on

you should be grateful that you are able to conceive and carry a baby to term… many women out there wish they could have a baby and there you are complaining about your body and pain….pleeeeaaase!
Look at how you dress, pregnant! Let all the tight clothes go for a while….you are a mom, dress like one!
I don’t need to see your buldging breasts nor your baby bump…….dress appropriatly….

guest on

i agree with her…pregnancy sucks. the end result might be good, she even says it s worth it, but the process sucks. and breastfeeding sucks too, i did it for 5 minutes and am so happy i didnt stick with it. i am tired of being told i have to love breastfeeding, love when other ppl do it, now love pregnancy too…no! it sucks! and, while we re on the topic, pumping at work is disgusting and i should get 45 minutes a day to do nothing like these pumping women do. it is a joke. either breast feed or work. not my fault you had to go back to work…i don t want to smell your breast milk twice a day. ahh, i feel better for venting:)

Casey on

She just wants the child naturally, so that’s why she got pregnant again. Not everyone enjoys being pregnant. I doubt I would when I am lol.

Anonymous on

how dare she complain about it being difficult?! how UNGRATEFUL!!! she lives the most sheltered and luxurious life, and being pregnant is yet another PRIVILEGE that she is too spoiled to appreciate.

FarmSpice on

Wow — she just cannot STAND that she is now a middle aged mother of two. And the “hot comments” go to all her other sisters. Complaining about all that goes with this amazing pregnancy experience? I can’t even get my head around it — oh, hot tip. How about buy maternity clothes. That fit. . . . smh

Sru on

Well DUH!!!! It’s not easy!!! It does suck! Some women can deal and others not so much. In the end u forget it all after u see ur new little baby!

Mel on

Go fu@$ yourself you ungrateful woman. I would give anything to be pregnant just once. Absolutely inexcusable that you are a role model to anyone? You do not deserve the blessings you have. It is a mindf$&! That you have been blessed with two children with the attitude you have.

Anonymous on

I was also due in December but lost my baby in July. I would take all the bad pregnancy symptoms to have my baby back. I’m so glad she can stuff her pregnant self into nasty outfits and complain about what her baby does to her. Be thankful for your baby Kim, you can lose it in a heartbeat.

Mh on

Diapers for 2 months? That isn’t right at all.

sue on

Rapid weight gain causes a miserable pregnancy…

Mya on

With all of the swelling, discomfort and complications she has had, it’s easy and within her right to say it. Pregnancy is not for everyone but it’s a means to an end. Marian Carey has sworn off having more concern for the same reason. It’s as much a woman’s right to carry a cold as it is to complain about it.

ellis on

You want to know what the worst experience of my life was? Doing two years of fertility treatments and having three miscarriages.

Get over yourself, KK.

Sue on

She is a fucked up person. Good luck to her in the future. They have children they are so full of themselves why have kids, just to neglected and confused in the end. Very sad.

Guest on


Mandy on

Try wearing clothes that fit, stop wearing high heels, & stay home! I have no sympathy for this paparazzi ho. She will do & say anything to stay in the spotlight. Please let this family fade into oblivion.

Guest on

The Kardashian tribe has been, and will be, called many things…..but never ladies.

Di on

What a conceded, disgusting, fake female she is. What is worse is the stupidity of the people that like her. Keep drinking the Kardashian Kool-aide

Alia on

While I see how she’s getting “hate” by saying this, I’m going to cut her some slack because at least she didn’t do it by surrogate just to save herself from the “negatives” of pregnancy – like MANY rich wives doing nowadays….see Beyonce, see Ralph Lauren’s daughter. I’m sure there are countless others who don’t want to “mess up” their bodies so they get surrogates. Wth her money she could have certainly gone that route, but she didn’t.

Carrie on

I am not one to respond to celebrity nonsense, however this is just so irritating. Coming from someone who has lost a baby, she sounds so insensitive, moronic, and just plain hurtful. I know that pregnancy can be difficult and there is a lot to “complain” about, however to go so far as to say it is the “worst experience of your life” is so narrow minded and unaware of those that have struggled with pregnancy. I wasn’t much a fan to begin with and I will never be one now.

myuntidydesk on

Wasn’t she crying a year ago that she could not get pregnant? She might feel better if she wore maternity clothes and flats.

Heidi on

like many people have already said, she would be more comfortable if she actually wore maternity clothing or even loose clothing. Sometimes she is just foolish and she clearly doesn’t think about what she says . Something she has in common with her fool of a husband.

ava on

good for her!:)
I’ve gotten to like Kim more and more (her public persona)

GL on

I can sort of relate to what she’s saying. My two pregnancies were not the most pleasant experience for me. Once the morning sickness that took over my body for the first 5 months was over, I was in excruciating pain, unable to walk, sit, stand or sleep, until I delivered. While I am beyond thrilled that I have my two children, who I love more than life itself, my pregnancies were not all roses, rainbows and butterflies.

Megan on

I totally agree with her. I’m pregnant right now and I feel miserable. I as well had trouble conceiving, as do many other women… It doesn’t make the pains of pregnancy any easier. Yes we’re blessed to have children, but there’s nothing wrong in saying the process to get the baby can be atrocious.

Canon on

Vanity at its finest right there. She’s so terrified she won’t be as physically flawless as possible for every moment that she’s missing out on the whole wonder and beauty that being pregnant can be. Life isn’t about being perfect in your selfies Kim. Grow a little.

debra on

find some maternity clothes that fit and you might not be quite so uncomfortable and miserable.

jules on


kendra joy bethune on

i am not having a baby i can’t relate i am an aunt i helped my sister carolyn mitchell through her pregnacy during the queen of the night years and the way u love me years paula abula you’re sharing this with the wrong woman kendra joy bethune not carolyn mitchell she does’nt have people .com when i frist held my nephew

NYC on

She looks like a bull frog.

Anonymous on

Listen I had a rough pregnancy. Was on bed rest for the last 4 months of it but there was never a time were I did not thank god that I actually had the chance to have a baby. I enjoyed feeling him move and grow and the fact that I knew I was giving life was amaZing to me. What an ungrateful disgusting slob she is!! Makes me sick.

Dick Hertz on

Can you imagine the smell of her annus?

Anyway, if you’re going to breed with an ape, you can’t expect it to be comfortable.

Mainoh on

To tell the truth, I don’t think she ever looks comfortable in her clothes. Her breast and butt implants are too big for her short frame. Then, she wears clothes and shoes that are just too tight. Perhaps if she adjusted her wardrobe and didn’t gain so much weight, she would feel better.

Celebsarah on

This article 100% confirms what I already suspected to be true. Kim did not suffer from infertility (how long can you be trying when your daughter is a year old?!) and she did IVF to select the gender of her next and final baby to make sure that Kanye got a son. I can’t think of a single redeeming quality in this moron and we certainly know enough about her life to make an assessment at this point. I hope you get the birth of your nightmares, Kim. Healthy baby, but worst labor EVER.

guest on

For everyone criticizing yes she wanted a baby she DID want to be pregnant but it doesn’t mean its the most pleasant experience in the world and she has a hard time with it. People just seem to have to find fault with every single thing she does. Its so unnecessary!

mommea on

She’s a certified nut case!!!!

Celebsarah on

It’s hard to not notice this article’s biting and disgusting headline under an article about Brittany Maynard, a woman who would have given anything to stay alive and have a baby. Go away, Kim. You are a piece of trash.

Truthfinder on

Not a lover of her by far…but it is HER experience sa self-centered as it sounds.

Guest on

You feel gross because YOU ARE GROSS.

lulaberri on

Well, it does look like she is wearing a full diaper anyways with that big fake butt of hers.

E on

It’s ours too!

twofacecat on

She’s too vain to enjoy it.

Anonymous on

Novel idea if you try to wear maternity clothes designed for when you are pregnant and not try to squeeze yourself into normal clothes it might would be a better experience.

MnNice on

She is sharing too much info and the way she talks is vulgar.

Jan on

This is exactly how I felt!

DanYell on

Seriously? Obviously pregnancy is uncomfortable.and gross. The human body is gross. Grow the eff up. And this isn’t her first rodeo. If She hates it SO much, then why was she boo-hooing about her fertility struggles? She’s so offensive to those who actually love bringing life into the world and those who wish they could. Maybe it’s because she looks HORRIBLE pregnant. She’s such a hag. Grow up.

jackie on

Honestly can’t say that I have ever seen boobs like that before, looks like 2 watermelons in her shirt.

Anonymous on

I hated being pregnant, and I was 5 yrs old than you…but I do think wearing those crazy outfits don’t help you…who makes you wear them? you don’t look stylish, you look pregnant trying to look stylish….you need to relax, because no one cares what you are wearing…you look, big, that’s all…relax and wear comfortable clothes without looking like a beached whale who wants to be stylish…

honey on

What a sad commentary especially knowing that October is the month we remember those who have suffered the loss of a pregnancy or an infant. Most of those mothers would GLADLY bear the discomforts of pregnancy. Kim K., if you would take your mind off of yourself and think of anyone beside your self, you just might find something to be joyful about as you grow the gift of a child. Those without gratitude or a sense of wonder are undeserving of the gift! Stop the whining and the “bless my heart, ain’t it awful” and show some gratitude for all you have and you might find a way to be rid of the sullen face and actually smile!

Shawna on

Pregnancy is the worst experience of her life? Try having a severe autoimmune condition and being in constant agony every second of your life. Oh, and knowing your body is slowly shutting down and that you will have a shortened life span and won’t be around anywhere near as long as you would like for your 3 beautiful children. Try that experience on for size.

cdnreader on

She might enjoy pregnancy a bit more if she did not wear shoes that have 4 inches heels, clothes are way too small and not meant to be worn with a pregnancy belly, and always had to be “on”. I am sure her kids will love to hear that their mother hated being pregnant. (to clarify there are some pregnancy bellies that can wear any clothes but others just can’t and she can’t accept her body just can’t wear certain clothes….although it is not new as even when she is not pregnant her choice of clothes is questionable.)

michael jackson on

what a stupid cow, no wonder only loser black guys like this moron full of fake body parts

Nicole on

I’m not sure why everyone is having such an issue. She wanted a child, had trouble conceiving and is now pregnant, but it isn’t all sunshine and roses. She’s allowed to complain, she’s allowed to be honest. Pregnancy isn’t a baby shopping and showers… it isn’t always fun and pleasant. Sometimes it sucks royally. Just because other people have trouble conceiving, or can’t conceive, etc., doesn’t mean that she isn’t allowed to say that she hates being pregnant. I wanted children, so being pregnant was a necessary thing. And I hated most of it… it was horrible at times. Being sick all the time, being tired, swelling, etc. Get over it. If you’re tired of hearing about her, stop reading the articles about her. I’m sure she totally gives 2 f*cks about the opinions of some keyboard warriors.

Amanda on

Poor Kimmy, its all about her and getting her body back. Never not once has she thanked God for giving her the Blessing of giving life once again after all She says she has been through. I have a sister who would love to be able to have kids, but unfortunately she can’t. She would give anything to experience having a child. Doesn’t matter if you gain weight, get stretch marks, feel morning sickness or your body changes! It’s all worth it!! There are other people who have it a lot worse than you Kimmy!! Disgusting, self absorbed whiner!

Amy on

Poor Kim KarTrashian !!!! How about the people who can’t get pregnant and are doing everything to adopt ?!? Some woman would love to have the experience (good or bad) to be pregnant. I hate the KarTrashians and shame on People Magazine for always reporting on them !

Anne on

There are women who throw up, have blood pressure issues, become diabetic, or bleed during pregnancy and then lose their child. Trying to squeeze your fat ass and enormous boobs into clothes that are not for pregnant women should be of the lowest priority. This is just a reminder of how shallow Kim Kardashian is and why we all just wish she would just go away for good.

Lisa Kom on

On one hand, I can relate to what she is saying because it can be true. The discomfort, the weird bodily function malfunctions, the swelling and pain, I had all that too with my second pregnancy only. It’s no secret that it’s not always a blissful joy actually being pregnant. But on the other hand, I want to say what an ungrateful bitch. So many women struggle with infertility or miscarriage and then the gall of this asshole to complain after she paid a shitload of cash for IVF for this child she’s carrying, even pre-selected the gender she wanted, and here she is complaining? She doesn’t even offer any gratitude with her bitchfest like “but don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be pregnant with this child.” I don’t know why I’m surprised. I hate just about every word I have ever read from this chick’s mouth. Just wish this entire family would go away already.

Amy on

Poor Kim !!!!!!!! What about the women who can’t get pregnant and are doing all they can to adopt ?!?!?!? Some people should not be able to have kids and she is one of them ! Piece of S*hit !!!!

guest on

Yes, pregnancy and having kids is all about getting your body back to pre pregnancy shape asap. Only then she feels like she has accomplished something. I feel sorry for her kids.

RazzleDazzle on

Sounds so immature and self centered. She’s not happy with the experience because in her world it’s still “all about me”. She just made herself sound like the biggest whiny crybaby about the whole experience. And my favorite part about the whole thing? How she mentioned how it’s so worth it, like it was just a side note.

andrea on

ANNOYING!!!!! I have four sweet boys. Three of my pregnancies were miserable, I yet I loved it! I was hospitalized three times during my first pregnancy because I was dehydrated because I couldn’t keep anything down for the whole pregnancy. I would throw up 20-30 times a day. My third and fourth pregnancies were the same. I loved feeling them move, I loved the anticipation of waiting to meet them, tracking their progress. I would do it again if I could, but I can’t.

Carol on

I don’t understand how one could be comfortable dressed in such tight-fitting clothes. Seems like she could help her situation a little by dressing based on her current size.

andrea on

What a whiner. I have four sweet boys and three of my pregnancies were miserable. I would throw up 20-30 times a day and was hospitalized three times during my first pregnancy because of dehydration. My third and fourth pregnancies were the same. I loved being pregnant though. I loved feeling them move, I loved tracking their progress, I loved the anticipation of being able to meet them and seeing what they would look like. She is missing so much right now because of her poor attitude.

Emily on

It should be the most incredible experience you’ll ever have. You’re giving birth to a child. You’re bringing new life into this world. That’s what makes it so amazing. Nothing else matters in regards to pregnancy. It shouldn’t be simple. Nothing that is truly worth it comes easy to anyone.

Botero McDow on

Sure she’s miserable and unhappy about this pregnancy…look who she’s married to…Nuff said!!!

meme on

She’s allowed to complain about being pregnant. Having trouble conceiving or the fact that theres women who cant conceive doesn’t take that right from her. That would be like me telling someone they can’t complain about their mom because I don’t have one. Pregnancy sucks. I’ve had three children but I HATE being pregnant.

Guest on

Maybe if she wasn’t so pre-occupied with trying to look “sexy” and wearing the most idiotic things while pregnant and wore normal comfortable clothes she might enjoy this amazing experience more. How selfish to publish this for her children to read when they grow up-this person and her partner (I just cannot refer to them as parents) do not deserve these children. Without the staff they have helping with the kids she would be complaining about how hard raising children is too, just because she complains about everything. Being a parent is the hardest job, but so rewarding!

Anonymous on

Hey Kim…you & your publicist blew it – it’s all on “I,I, I and Me, Me, Me”. You tried to pull at everyone’s heartstrings because of your conceiving issue – and it almost worked until you and your team chose the story of your selfish, narcissist nonsense. Boo Hoo you don’t like carrying your kids – some day, your kids will find out what you said and it will hurt them terribly. Your self-agrandizing attitude that you’ve put out there – it’s truly sad and pathetic – so you have money in your bank account – money sure doesn’t make you smart, caring or genuine – it just makes it easier to buy stuff. As a NICU kid myself, why don’t you take your couture shopping and spending and donate to your Cedars Sinai NICU and help financially & emotionally to those who need/want their babies and would gladly take the most difficult, bed-ridden, ill pregnancy over your selfish,bloated commentary! When is the publicity enough that you crave. You are Insensitive & so is your PR team! Unfeeling and Uncaring – you need to grow up!

Mom on

I totally relate to Kim. I didn’t enjoy being pregnant either. Only reason I went through it twice is obviously to have my kids. Nothing enjoyable about the process. Sick four 4m, stretch marks, swelling of the feet, verical veins, peeing every few hrs, etc… Kids are worth the pain in the end.

Shannon on

WHAT did I just read?! Is she serious? You know what, it’s my fault as I know better….. feeling the instant karma…….

stacy on

I believe her when she says it can be a difficult experience, but at least after it’s all over she’ll have her beautiful baby boy

dabinsi on

She only got pregnant to get the attention and now that her pregnancy didnt work, she hated it. This is the sign that her 15 minutes of fame ia almost over.

MiaSara on

When your job is to look pretty and perfect all the time, pregnancy will be a nightmare. I hope people around her are not judgmental or cruel but supportive and kind.

Matt on

just die already

Luvmytwins on

Yes,pregnancy is hard, but also an amazing experience. What about the joy of hearing the babies heartbeat, feeling them move inside of you, watching them grow every month. It must be hard being rich, flying allover for your photo shoots, TV shows, while the nanny takes care of North in your mansion. You have it made, try being more grateful and appreciative and thank god for your blessings. Buy some sweats and stay home you will feel better.

gymluv on

I can only express my feelings in one way that won’t get deleted…SHUT THE FULL CUP YOU INGRATE!

Kelly on

Having to look at her in these horrible outfits is a pretty bad experience for me. Lol

Sue on

Nothing fits because you’re not buying the correct size you shallow, vile, piece of trash.

Pam on

Shut the f up! There are women who would kill to experience being pregnant but can’t.

sam on

I was not shocked to hear her say this. Im surprised Kanye isn’t complaining as well! What a drama queen and I’m glad that all she’s happy about is getting her body back after she gives birth wow!!! Poor children at least they have nannies to raise them, thank god for that!

Baby on

I guess we are all different. I was born with a disability (spina bifida) yet I had a wonderful pregnancy even though I was advised not to have a baby because of the possibility of me dying or my baby having what I had. I was sick the first three months like Princess Kate gets but after that smooth sailing. Loved the pregnancy and the life inside of me. I did love wearing maternity clothes also because they were made to expand with your belly.

gina stoll on

Bitch needs to just STFU!

just my thoughts on

It’s too bad she thinks she has to look perfect every moment. I’m surprised she actually took the time out to actually achieve children before it’s too late.
But the growing of a life inside of yourself is truly a precious gift. I am so blessed to have experienced it twice. Boy and then girl.
Sure it can get very uncomfortable at times when an 8 1/2 lb person is cramped inside you. But that’s only the last month or so.
She had better hope this baby makes it out healthy and doing great. Those high heels are a death trap just waiting to happen.
If this is her last child, she better ensures his safety inside her. Glad she hasn’t flown in aa few days. Perhaps she should give that up also. Just relax and enjoy this downtime with your daughter before life changes soon.

Stevie on

Y’all just a bunch of Kim haters. You know it’s possible to hate pregnancy and love your child and want to go through the grueling 9 months of it for the joys of having another child in your life. What the article doesn’t mention is she had preeclampsia with North which is horribly uncomfortable trust me I know it made the last month of my pregnancy horrible I almost didn’t want to get pregnant again. I’m always astonished how women just want to break other women down when it comes to their honesty about the bad things about pregnancy and childbirth every ones is different just because she’s in the spotlight doesn’t deserve an ounce of respect. If you want to hate on her fine whatever but what if other women hated their pregnancy for the exact same reasons? Are they selfish? Do they hate their babies?

Monroe on

Extraordinary . Some people would give up all they own in order to have a child. This ungrateful ho is always just thinking about herself. Let her lose the child she’s carrying and see how she feels. This child is a blessing that should have been bestowed upon someone more deserving.

mommytoane on

Lawd thisgirl is crazy. If she hates being pg, why throw such a drama fit about not getting pregnant in the first month of trying? Not to mention its not like being prego is the only time she does not truely fit into her clothes. She never does! on

Maybe if u tried to dress comfortably for a pregnant woman, instead of the $2 hooker u r-it would be better and When u make statements Like this- it just shows how self-absorbed u are-Instead of grateful for the gift you have received of a child-

ali on

Maybe if u tried to dress comfortably for a pregnant woman, instead of the $2 hooker u r-it would be better and When u make statements Like this- it just shows how self-absorbed u are-Instead of grateful for the gift you have received of a child-

julia on

You are gross, you fucking idiot.

You know how many women would LOVE to be pregnant, no matter what the physical & mental price to themselves? I am lucky enough to have an incredible 2 year old & I’d love to have more children some day. If pregnancy is the worst experience of your shallow life, then you should just sut the hell up. I cannot wait until this idiot family is out of the media.

Debra on

What a selfish shallow person. All the drama to get pregnant and she hates it.

Caitie on

I can’t help but wonder how much of this is because Kanye wanted a son and Kim will do anything that man asks. Clearly, she had some pretty series complications with North. She had pre-eclampsia earlier than normal onset of it in most women. I don’t know if she lied about the infertility but perhaps it was used as a cover up for getting inseminated with only Y chromosome sperm to make sure they had a boy so she didn’t have to go through another pregnancy.

Man, I feel bad for their kids.

Caitie on

I can’t help but wonder how much of this is because Kanye wanted a son and Kim will do anything that man asks. Clearly, she had some pretty series complications with North. She had pre-eclampsia earlier than normal onset of it in most women.

I don’t know if she lied about the infertility but perhaps it was used as a cover up for getting inseminated with only Y chromosome sperm to make sure they had a boy so she didn’t have to go through another pregnancy.

Man, I feel bad for their kids.

Candace Groves on

It is a sad legacy to leave if Kim cares more about her body than bringing life into the world. She should feel blessed to have healthy children.

Terrance on

That’s not surprising considering she’s caring the spawn of kanyuk worst.

Sloan on

This time it will be surgery that gets her body back !!!!!
More babies more money from Kanye. Neither deserve a child as they are raised by nanny’s and only seen with the parents for photos with the paparazzi

mayberry angel on

Woman do not talk openly enough about the real rigors of motherhood. If it validates another in their feelings that deviates from the Cinderella story then let that be a good thing. I was 17 and pregnant and alone. I remember how scared I was. I was afraid to say anything because I was so judged at being pregnant at such a young age.

Diana on

Complaining about being pregnant is one thing. No it isn’t entirely comfortable but to say its the worst experience of her life? Really?? Sometimes you should think before you speak and think about what you say that the whole world hears could really hurt people that are unable to experience this “worst experience of your life” and would do anything to experience. She is a total narcissist and I wish we could stop hearing about her and her whole family.

Guest on

I don’t really care for Kim Kardashian, but it’s nice to see someone being honest about pregnancy. It’s okay to hate being pregnant, it doesn’t make a person selfish to hate pregnancy. It doesn’t mean they love their child any less. I’m tired of hearing people gush about just how wonderful pregnancy is, and how beautiful it is. Sometimes it’s not so wonderful and not so beautiful.

Ilona on

poor bitch !!!!

Anonymous on

She should embrace every moment of being pregnant instead of worrying about how she looks. She should also dress like a pregnant women instead of her normally trashy self. Her comments just show how vain and shallow she really is. I feel sorry for her children because it all about Kim and they will take second fiddle to her and her wants.

Shana on

I know so many women who would do anything to be able to have a baby and this ungrateful pos just can’t be happy.

donnasfineart on

KKW has probably said the worst statement ever! It’s fine she doesn’t like being pregnant, a lot of people don’t, but to use fertility drugs to get pregnant! I guarantee she did it so the attention would clearly be back on her and not “Caitlyn”… it is all about how much exposure KKW can get and not anyone else…

Wow on

As someone who’s never had the privilege to carry a child, as someone who still struggles to conceive, I especially don’t believe about her struggles or respect anything that she says or does during pregnancy. It doesn’t add up.

If she really has the uterine issues that she claimed, she’d be high risk, meaning your child is at risk, meaning she should keep her sorry phat azz still, comfortable, and monitored. It would be any professional’s direct order. But no. That isn’t her concern or her MD. What is a concern is how unsexy she feels?? TF is wrong with her????? The way she wants to destroy the sacred sanctity of bringing life to this Earth by making it another objectified subject is disgusting. The way she ignores healthy pregnancy habits is shameful. The way she complains is downright annoying.

I call BS on the whole “struggle”. She said she would never complain again if she could just be pregnant one more time but alas that didn’t last long. When you really struggle, you say these things with all your heart because in the forefront of your mind and heart, your child is the first and only concern. Her child was mentioned last as an after thought to her terrible woes of unsexiness. It isn’t about the Baby, it is about her staying relevant.

If she becomes the First Whore of America….I’ll be renouncing my proud American citizenship as this country will be irrevocably doomed.

Kat79 on

Even that I don’t like the Kardashians, I was going to try to defend her here until I read her reasons why and I think hers are all superficial. All pregnancies are different and I remember seeing so many others who appeared far along having no problems shopping, eating, etc but I couldn’t. I was extremely nauseous from the time I was 5 weeks pregnant up until I gave birth with both of my boys. I couldn’t function or enjoy it at all but I’d still never word it the way Kim did calling it the worst experience of my life because for me it wasn’t and someone who thinks like that is too selfish and you can’t be selfish to be a parent. It’s also very insensitive to those who aren’t selfish and really can’t have a baby.

I especially don’t care for the flippant comment on the end “oh and having a new addition is also a perk too.” THE BABY IS NOT AN ACCESSORY!

I saw her on Tru TV’s World’s Dumbest yesterday. The clip showed her leaving a hotel in Paris to get into an awaiting SUV to take her to the airport. She reaches the vehicle and pauses with this utter look of confusion on her face, seconds tick by before a quick look of embarrassment as she goes back into the building. She then comes out with her baby North West, the poor little accessory she forgot.

Shannon on

Look, she is what she is. If you don’t like her…don’t click on articles about her. I think if this were some average Jane mom talking…a lot of people would resonate with the intent behind the article. Pregnancy is difficult and all encompassing and even though it ends with a beautiful child…that doesn’t mean that you have to love every part of it. I do understand that some women would give ANYTHING to conceive and carry a child and my heart hurts for them and how stories like this must make them feel. But again, there’s about a 98% chance that a Kim K preggo article will contain superficial BS that you don’t really want to know; so just protect your heart and don’t go there. ❤️

Flavia on

1. Nobody forces you to get pregnant. With all the money you two have, surely there will be no problem adopting. 2. Please before speaking, think about all those women out there who try to get pregnant and take all kind of medicines hormones or worse without any result. 3. I don’t know who told you you had or have a perfect body: 80% is fake 20% is fat

Rocío Carvajal on

I agree with her for the first time!

Emily on

Poor Kim, if only the Nanny could carry the baby for you as well that’d be just perfect! I was always on the fence with this woman but after reading this selfish piece of trash that came from her distorted mouth, I am going out of my way to never see or hear her in the media EVER again! What an insult she is to motherhood! Don’t like pregnancy? Then don’t get pregnant! Simple! Suck it up and shut up! Ugh just need her to GO AWAY

Anonymous on

Wow, so many haters!! Now I’m no fan of the Kardashian clan but can we all just take a step back for a minute before we all judge her so harshly? Not all women have to enjoy being pregnant in order to love their kids! It’s easy to call her self-centered for her comments but really, don’t you think it’s better that she’s being honest? Women spend so much of their time under pressure to “feel” a certain way about a lot of the things their bodies go through, and while pregnancy is a beautiful and miraculous thing, it is also very uncomfortable! You get sick, your body changes beyond recognition and it’s normal to no longer feel comfortable in your own skin. I’d much rather hear her being honest about how pregnancy makes her feel than have her pretend that everything is okay and amazing just because other people are judging her for not enjoying the experience as much as society says we “should”. It doesn’t mean she loves her children any less. There isn’t a right or wrong way to feel when you are pregnant, everybody feels different about it and she has the right to express her opinion. Women are not going to advance in society until they STOP JUDGING and STOP HATING EACH OTHER!!

Guest on

I actually don’t hate her for saying this–women are supposed to love being pregnant because other women have fertility issues, but a lot of women don’t feel good or enjoy it. Babies are wonderful, but pregnancy is really uncomfortable at best. And while she certainly could have added the disclaimer about being “blessed that we were able to conceive” and whatnot, she doesn’t have to lie and say she likes pregnancy just because it freaks out other women to hear it.

viviandarkbloom on

Well at least she’s honest. I like her a little more now.

Roo on

Well, maybe if she didn’t squeeze her fat self into clothes that are 2 sizes too small, maybe she would feel better.
She should be ashamed of herself for saying it’s the worst experience of her life! How many women would love to be pregnant but can’t be??
She is below stupid!

Autumn on

If you hate pregnancy so much, then why on Gods, good, green earth, are you pregnant AGAIN?!

Darlene on

Can I have some cheese with that whine?

Misty on

Maybe because you are insecure and GROSS!

Courtney on

Hey, you wanted the little brat, so suck it up.

KuntrashianWorst on

She should feel ugly. Shes carrying a mini kanye. Lol nahhh shes not really pregnant! Take off that fake bump kimho

Selina jemison on

Kim really needs to pray and thank God for the baby she has been blessed with carrying the baby is a blessing within its self just ask your sister Khloe that wishes she could carry her own babies. I am sure she would be more then willing to give up a so call hot body to bring in to this world a health baby. You are really a mixed up selfish person God could turn this around and you not have such a blessing. After you tried so hard to get pregnant now you for get the struggle, really I was really disappointed too hear you say what you said about you not like been pregnant with your baby.. Be careful whit you say because someone is always listening to you.

ALH96 on

I’m just going to put this out there. I was told I would never be able to have children on my own and I struggled with that for years. However, a miracle happened and now I’m 33 weeks with my baby boy. Yes I wanted this and struggled to get it, however, I do NOT enjoy feeling sick to my stomach everyday,I do not enjoy having to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes, or the constant cramping, aches and pains. I don’t enjoy watching stretch marks appear everywhere, I’m hot/sweaty most days and I just feel gross, how many of you can say you wouldn’t complain at least once during the 280 days?? I love my son more than anything, I love feeling him kick and I know it will all be worth it, but that doesn’t lessen any of those pains. I’m incredibly blessed to be pregnant, I do not enjoy every moment, I even hate some.

Momoftwins on

I would never complain about my pregnancy even if it was difficult and uncomfortable . She is just lucky to be having another baby . I thought I read she had a hard time even conceiving . She should lay low , and stop making so many public appearances in tight uncomfortable outfits that are completely inappropriate . If I was her I would use this time to rest and be thankful for my growing family .

Wendy on

Maybe, just maybe if she wore looser clothing she wouldnt be so uncomfortable. She looks miserable with the painted on plastic

Niko on

What a vapid, self-centered, hopelessly narcissitic wench. I hope her poor kids aren’t gonna learn that mommy hated being pregnant with them.*SMH*

Robin on

She is entitled to her own opinion. Why comment and bully her? If you don’t have anything nice to say, leave Kim alone. She is a beautiful women and a good mother. You don’t even know her. Do you live in a trailer park?

joan on

her clothes dont fit? Yeah, we know. Try buying and wearing clothes that do fit and are comfortable.
pregnancy isnt supposed to be a bed of roses…. you are growing a person inside of your body. there will be changes to your body, but geez, grow up already.

AreyouSerious66 on

I pray for the day all media outlets stop covering the Kardashians. This has to be the most self centered person I have ever read about. I had one live birth (the pregnancy was extremely difficult). I lost a baby at 20 weeks. Her comments are thoughtless, her clothes are atrocious, and the fact that people think she is someone to look up to is pathetic.

Vanessa on

What a selfish cow. I would give anything to have a child and take every good or bad experience that comes with the joy of pregnancy.

The whole Kardashian family just need to pi$$ off.

anmal on

Oh people, grow up! For some people, pregnancy is a push to the outer limits. I fretted with both my pregnancies because I had preeclampsia with the first one and knew it was possible with the second. It does not mean I did not want children just because I did not enjoy the experience, and yes I complained about it too. After all , it is my body. Kim, keep keeping it real.

Julie on

Hey whiner Kim, how do you think girls who can’t afford sanitary products feel? They can’t afford them and snap doesn’t cover them so why don’t you and your big shot husband donate a years’ worth of sanitary products to give away for FREE to those who need them? You can start with the Los Angeles school district and go from there.

Anonymous on

Hey whiner Kim, how do you think girls who can’t afford sanitary products feel? They can’t afford them and snap doesn’t cover them so why don’t you and your big shot husband donate a years’ worth of sanitary products to give away for FREE to those who need them? You can start with the Los Angeles school district and go from there.

Anonymous on

Kim is a poor whiner!

MariLu on

I know where she is coming from.. I had trouble conceiving did the whole fertility treatment deals and once I got pregnant, I hated it! Being pregnant was a horrible experience besides feeling the baby move…. I’m with her on this one. Pregnancy sucks!

MariLu on

PS. Love being a mommy regardless of how bad I hate being pregnant.

Nanu21 on

Maybe if she stopped SQUEEZING into all those fugly outfits she would feel better but evidently she loves being the Drama Queen being the center of attention so maybe this is she last pregnancy beings she is just so uncomfortable and just wants her body back so she can expose it but this time she might have to work extra hard….lol

nicole on

Someday her poor child is going to find this article online where she called bringing him in to the world “the worst experience” of her life. I guess that’s not as bad as finding your mom in a sex tape. Oh wait…..

Roen on

If you hate it, then WHY did you get pregnant again in the first place? Because you CLEARLY don’t love either your daughter or the baby you’re about to have. Oh, right, now I remember. You did it for the PUBLICITY.

Elena on

She feels like nothing fits because apparently nothing from her wardrobe does fit. If she knows she’s going to slim back down after all of this, she should just relax, wear properly fitting clothes that show some taste and actually exhale and focus these few months she has to carry her son. Then, when he’s born and she’s ready, she can get back to working out and squeezing into whatever it is that floats her boat. Life is full of seasons and her entire life should not be spent being obsessed over how her body looks and her clothes fit. She is not the best judge of either of those when she isn’t pregnant anyway. Pregnancy is a very short season and from the way she has explained her health woes, this will be the final pregnancy for her so she really should be at peace with it and her gratitude for the gift should be far greater than her concerns over the temporary and superficial.

Anonymous on

Kim, do you realize there are thousands of women that cannot have babies that would swap places with your self-centered self???

Julie on

Keep it real right ! The only reason why this stupid selfish B**** doesn’t like being pregnant is because she can’t get all that work done on her face that she gets all the time to try to make herself look good. As for the Challenge she claims to love with getting her body back after . Please you dumb twat stop lying most people know the truth how you get your Body back with plastic surgery then make videos and take pictures making it look like you workout all the time . Ha please just fall of the face of this earth already .

SQ on

VAIN is the BEST way to describe this person and her family. I wish that they knew what real beauty looked like. I guess coming from a family of many shapes and sizes I feel grateful to have been raised in a family that has real beauty and not the fake stuff. The sad thing is ….. Is that girls look up to these girls or women and think that’s what they are suppose to look like ….well NOT. Real beauty comes within a persons soul. I have had the experience to be apart of many lives that have real life struggles like cancer, facial deformities, women who can’t get pregnant and would love their skin to stretch if it just meant they could experience a life inside of them. This family could make a difference in this world but they choose to be petty and self absorbed. Real beauty to me are so many things but it is not this family. Beauty is our soldiers who fight for our country, countless men, women and children who fight any life changing diseases, the doctors and nurses who fight to save lives, police and firefighters who run towards the fire on 9/11 while everyone else ran away. While my mom lied in my bed dying of cancer waiting to take her last breath just skin and bones was so beautiful……. Why are all these things so beautiful because of that soul that is or was inside of each and everyone of these people. My list could go on but I will end up just rambling. But just thought that maybe these women could stop focusing on the fake stuff in life and start looking for what is real. Cause truly they come across as very vain people and it’s so sad.

Anonymous on

While not a fan, I have to say that after 2 horrible pregnancies with babies I truly couldn’t wait to have, I spent more time in the hospital than not. Just because you truly want babies, the pregnancies could be horrible. From throwing up every 15 minutes 24/7, to being told at 19 weeks that preterm labor could start at any time and it did 9 weeks later, to sciatica. You’re beyond uncomfortable and scared to death. Try having to sleep sitting up because you have reflux in your sleep and it comes out of your nose and you can choke to death. I was jealous of all of the woman around me having the most amazing pregnancies, no complications and they glowed. I just prayed that we would both survive.

Jayne Steiner on

She is only being honest. I loved my baby but hated every moment of being pregnant. Nothing felt normal.

Chloe on

Dude, no one forced her to have kids. She could have adopted a couple and avoided this whole mess. I don’t get why she didn’t- she has all the money to.

Jamie on

You can tell pregnancy, for her, is a bad experience. As soon as she starts losing her shape, she starts hiding her body and wears slimming black. Kourtney is a better mother and embraces pregnancy a whole lot better.

Tanya on

I had toxemia with my first, gestational diabetes with my second ( 1st 2 were 3 weeks early)…. My last had no
Issues but was born 4 weeks early… My OBGYN said because of the little torso I have at 5ft tall, my baby’s / my body goes haywire at 7 mo… Hang in there mama, you got this!

Shirlene Weir on

You do know what’s causing it, right? !
Ever hear of restraint or birth control? You are such a whiner. Millions of women deal with pregnancy. Suck it up buttercup. That’s what happens when you spread your legs. At least this one is legitimate, unlike North and the Disick children.

mickey2942 on

Kim, two down, 17 to go!

AngieS on

Kim, this is an insult to those who wanted children and could never have them! Because you have a privileged life, you have no concept of what it’s like to struggle. Yes, you may have had a difficult time getting pregnant, but you have millions to put against it to make it become a reality. Not everyone in the world has that.

Yes, pregnancy can be difficult but there are lots of couples out there who would give their arm or leg to be able to get pregnant. Not everyone has an easy time with it. I’m sorry if pregnancy has been tough for you, but this is extremely insensitive to those who have to struggle with infertility day in and day out of years and still end up with no baby. This is like slapping someone in the face who have experienced it. You will get a baby, and they won’t.

You made the conscience decision to try for another child. Millions of infertile couples would endure the difficulty of a tougher pregnancy and be grateful for the opportunity!

Anonymous on

Coming from the mouth of somebody who used to be a sex symbol and all her being was based on her look and body. She just simply can not bare the fact that she is done. Nobody cares about her look or how cute or sexy she is.. Her younger sister took her spot and the kim k look is no longer in its soo 2011 2012.. She is mother, wife and just ordinary women like Pam Anderson, Sharon stone or Jessica alba .. Times they were in is past so some of them accept it and move on to be successful business women and mothers, kim can not do that. Still desperately try to get back to be sexy angain and try to pose naked as much she can to get that attention. Come on kim the reason you and your family are still in papers and tv is the freak circus created by your stepfather:mother Caitlyn, your sisters man who drink and use drugs much and your younger sister who is getting attention cause her look and dating tyga. I do understand the fact not feeling good and don’t likeing be pregnant – I felt the same way, but we all know that for her is just about the attention and envy towards younger women..

Irish on

I can relate and I don’t even like this woman. My first pregnancy I had shortness of breath! I struggled to breathe the last few months! The outcome was so great I decided to do it again just once more. My second pregnancy was a nightmare! My morning sickness was constant and I threw up alllllllll the time. It rotted my teeth, I lost weight, and I had to go on zofran. My leg/ankle swelled the last weeks and the doc said it was common, turns out it was blood clots!!! Truly a nightmare. Just because some people who can’t conceive wouldn’t mind going thru that, doesn’t mean we have to love it! I hated it and I’m not afraid to say it!

Kelly on

Stop cramming into skin tight clothes and you might be a bit more comfortable.

porkie on

How awful for a woman to be honest!

Carmen Electra on

I totally relate to this. Pregnancy can be the worst experience specially with severe morning sickness. Puking all the time for months is not fun and none but just who has experienced it, would understand. Yes at the end you’ll emrace the amazing miracle of life, but does not take away the horror of being so sick.