Rachel Zoe on Being a Mom of Boys: ‘I’m Surrounded by Testosterone’

10/02/2015 at 01:00 PM ET

She may be a world famous fashionista who pales at the sight of her beloved Chanel (vintage, please), but at home, Rachel Zoe‘s life is decidedly less haute couture.

“I have a lot of men in my life. I am surrounded by testosterone,” the mom of sons Kaius Jagger, 21 months, and Skyler Morrison, 4, tells PEOPLE with a laugh. “I’m a boys mom. I’ve been pooped on and puked on, you name it. It’s really glamorous.”

She continues, “It’s even happened on Chanel. It was a sad moment. But it went to the dry cleaner and it lived.”

The 44-year-old stylist and designer, whose new chat show, Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe airs Thursdays on Lifetime, happily trades a spill or scrape here and there for the joy that comes with being a mom.

“It’s everything and more,” says Zoe of motherhood. “I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. The things that used to eat at my insides and keep me awake at night just aren’t important. When you become a parent, your priorities shift in such a way that the right things matter.”

Rachel Zoe mom of boys Rodger Berman
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And so does your ability to multi-task, apparently. “Because I have two boys, I only know how to wrestle them to do anything,” jokes Zoe, who is married to Rodger Berman. “I have to hold Skyler down while I put his pants on. It’s a tackle.”

But Zoe says she lives for the calmer moments — especially the cozy ones. “I kiss my boys every second,” she shares. “I kiss them on the lips. At some point, I know that might not be okay, but for now, that’s what happens! They sleep with me, we snuggle. It’s the greatest thing ever.”

She adds, “There is definitely a bond between moms and their sons. It’s like a love affair you can’t describe.”

Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe airs Thursdays on Lifetime.

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— Aili Nahas

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Truthfinder on

You have darling boys…now cut Skyler’s hair!!

Kim on

Her oldest looks like a girl.

Suzanne on

I have always been a huge fan of Rachel Zoe! What a beautiful family! A true inspiration to all.

Ally on

I loved watching her transformation into motherhood. I’m so glad she took that leap. Love the Zoe.

Anonymous on

LOVE her, HATE her show. LOVED the RZP. Her new show is so beyond awful.

Callie on

These boys are too stylish to grow up straight. She’s turned them into girls

akri on


erica2 on

I agree with Rachel…having a son ROCKS! My little man is such a mama’s boy. He puts a smile on my face everyday. Rachel and Roger make beautiful children.

KO on

Where’s all this testosterone I was reading about?

Robin on

With the name Skylar and the long hair, I thought her older son was a girl at first, at least in these photos. Oops!!

Robin on

@Truthfinder: I agree 1%.

Robin on


Kathy on

Yay her kids are cute LOL.

Momoftwins on

The boys look just like their father . They got lucky .

Anonymous on

Congrations to the happy family.

Melissa on

Is anyone else sick of strangers giving hair advice to celebrities in regards to their children? If a girl has short hair does she look like a boy? Did Jesus look like a girl? How about our founding fathers? The latest fad is for boys to have short hair, this doesn’t make boys without it look like girls. Hell, all babies used to wear dresses, purple was a masculine color, men wore wigs and makeup. Pick up a dang history book.

ej on

They are so cute…BTW I have to wrestle my girl to change her nappy, I don’t think that’s just a boy thing 🙂

Carina on

I love long hair and little man buns on little boys. When they have well taken care of hair…why not? Native Americans believe the longer the hair, the more spiritually tuned you are. I wouldn’t cut my son’s hair unless he asks himself.

Both her sons clearly look like boys.
Also teaching boys how to dress and take pride in their appearance is a great thing. It doesn’t make them anything other than independent and confident in themselves as they grow older and start to find their own style. I’d give props to any young man who can dress himself handsomely without drooping pants, mismatched tones, sweats, or muscle shirts.

Sarah on

@Melissa & Carina – THANK YOU!

They in no way look like girls, the rest of you. Please advance to the current century.

Paige on

her youngest is SOOOO cute!

Testosterone? on


rayka on

I know what she means about the kissing. I kissed my son constantly, on his lips, all over his face, and on the top of his head. He was so sweet I couldn’t resist. Now he’s 30 and has turned into a great person…. And no, kissing them or having their hair long is NOT going to turn them into girls!

julie on

Beautiful boys!

stacey on

That baby is just darling!!!

Molly on

Yeah her oldest kid hair is long for a boy.

Ritz on

Boys? Omg I thought they were girls …. Cute tho..

cheryl on

oh well..whats with the oldest and the long hair…!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no barber shop in Cali???????

Trini on

These children are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!, they take after their mother

Nanu21 on

Handsome boys but that one needs a haircut…….

MissScarlett on

Cut their hair! They look like girls!

Testosterone, where? on

There’s nothing testosterone about that family photo. Very feminine auras from those boys.

And the bed shot looks so staged.

Carolyn on

It’s her hair that I think is ugly. Long and stringy.

rayka on

Some people think they have the right to comment on the length of a child’s hair. They’re not your children. DUH….I see two adorable and happy little boys. Try to get it into your tiny brains that this is the most important thing.

Ben on

No, you’re surrounded by children. Why do we feel the need to so strongly gender children and identify them with adult sex stereotypes?

Sam on

She needs to smile more, now that I think about it I have never seen her smile. Very cute kids!!!

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