Kristin Cavallari on Dinner During Football Season: I Cook with My Son on My Hip

10/02/2015 at 08:15 PM ET

With football season now in full swing, Kristin Cavallari is keeping a routine when it comes to raising her two children, sons Jaxon Wyatt, 16 months, and Camden Jack, 3, with husband Jay Cutler.

“We’re used to having Jay around a lot for the last few months,” the television personality turned designer, 28, told PEOPLE of the 32-year-old Chicago Bears quarterback while at the Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry shoe preview in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

“In the mornings, now, I’m by myself with the boys. I like the mornings with the boys, so I don’t mind that.”

However when the sun sets, the current mommy of two — who’s expecting the couple’s third child, a daughter, in November — finds it slightly more challenging.

Kristin Cavallari pregnant Chinese Laundry
Courtesy Chinese Laundry

“Cooking dinner, for me, is a little bit harder because Wednesdays and Thursdays, Jay doesn’t get home until around 5:15 p.m., and we usually eat around 5:45 p.m.,” she explains.

“I’m usually having to make dinner and it can be tough those nights because Jaxon, especially, needs a lot of attention. I’m usually holding him on one hip while I’m trying to cook.”

But the couple’s older son is all about Daddy — especially when he’s out on the football field.

“It’s really cute,” Cavallari, whose book Balancing in Heels will be out in March, says. “He’s really into [football] now and he tackles Jaxon — which is not good — but I’ve been taking him to the games and he’s been having a lot of fun.”

But Camden has picked up on one of Mommy’s quirks, as well.

“I swear a lot, so that’s been tough for me, but I’m trying really hard,” Cavallari admits.

“Camden said the F-word once. He said it like, ‘Mommy, why did you say f—?’ so he didn’t just say it for no reason. It really makes you catch yourself and make you be aware of what you’re saying all the time.”

How Cam survives mommy work boredom…spinning around and around 😜

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In between playing referee to her boys, Cavallari has been busy prepping for the family’s new addition to arrive.

“I just discovered that Zara makes little girl clothes, and oh my God, their stuff is amazing. I just ordered a bunch and I’m hanging everything up in her closet now — of course, it’s all pinks and purples,” she shares. “I finally got her first little tutu, so we’re definitely having fun.”

Lucky for Cavallari, her pregnancy this time around has been “the exact same” as it was with the boys — aside from one notable difference.

“I feel like I’m carrying slightly higher, so there must be some truth to [what] they say, you lose your shape with girls because you carry them higher and have no waist anymore,” the mom-to-be explains.

— Nicole Sands

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bbb1975 on


Ok on

Is she being serious? Husband gets home at 5:15 two nights a week…. Sounds real tough. When does her son see his dad on the football field? He’s always injured.

Amy on

My husband is a football coach. I’ve been there and done that. Hard to go from all summer together to single mom!

sue on

I’m sure they can afford a nanny or at least a babysitter. She probably has help, but failed to mention that.

Anonymous on

She’s lucky she has him in the off-season. How many women have husbands who work well into the evening all year long? Or how about the women who are single mothers all year long? Kristin is very blessed…gratitude over attitude!

heather on

She looks different in that top photo. Barely recognized her.

Are we supposed to feel bad for her? Can’t handle it, don’t have so many kids!

Guest on

That doesn’t look like her.

Guest on

Oh you poor little girl. There are mommy’s & daddy’s whose do that all the time when their spouses are deployed. And guess what?! They don’t have all the money in the world to have the luxuries that you have. Their spouse is in a war zone with little to no communication, they’re at home juggling the kids & everything else too all the while wondering if their spouse will come home injured or some other way or with major PTSD. So no, we don’t feel bad for you while you cook dinner with a kid on your hip during football season.

Me on

Oh boo hoo poor her. Please. *eye roll*

mary 4278 on

PLEASE! This is not tough! Follow a hospital nurse or doctor around for a week or two that also has a family1 Think of all the military families that are left alone while their spouses serve the country. What about single parents that juggle constanlty. I just want to say grow up!

sarahkmilam on

Oh her husband gets home at 5:15? I feel so bad for her, that must be terrible. Try having a husband who works 80-100 hours a week or better yet, is deployed military. Give me a break.

Kristin on

So do a lot of other mothers.

Texas Gal on

I’m kind of hoping that People took liberties with what she actually said because all of it sounds like a load of crap! First of all, one should never cook while holding a child and a toddler is heavy, especially while pregnant. Do her kids not take naps?? You can cook while the kids are taking naps so you don’t have to hold one on your hip.

I would love for my husband to be home “as late as 5:45” twice a week! Most of the time our kids barely see him because he’s working so much. I’m hoping she isn’t as shallow as this article makes her out to be!

Tam on

Oh please people give this woman a break. Just because she has a rich husband and a huge house doesn’t make her life any easier than ours. We are all moms who deal with the same issues. Your military life doesn’t justify criticizing other moms.

Ella on

Do us all a favour and stop whining about your cushy life. While you’re at it, keep your unvaccinated children at home.

Your poor life choices should not affect the rest of us.

Lynne on

Oh, your poor thing, your husband doesn’t get home until 5:15??? How ever do you survive?! I wish I got home from work that early. Never liked this girl, not on Laguna Beach or The Hills and it doesn’t sound like she’s changed much. Seriously, though, Jay Cutler is constantly injured and not playing. I’d imagine he gets home much earlier than 5:15.

Nikki on

only 2 nites he comes home at that time? other nites earlier? there are plenty of women with kids that manage..and the swearing…THATS A BIG NO NO FOR ME..if you didnt always say the F word your kid wouldnt pick it up

Ugh on

Good god this article was hard to take. At first I was going to post something snarky like “Oh don’t worry sweetie, he’ll be injured or benched soon so you’ll have Jay around a lot.”

Then I read her inane quotes. Seriously, life is difficult because two days a week he doesn’t get home until 5:15-5:45? Welcome to the rest of our lives. My husband I both work full-time and are both home – if we’re lucky – by 5:45 after our commutes. It’s survivable. Definitely not something to talk about with the gossip rags.

Tonja on

Oh yeah, real tough lol. My son and I are both asleep by the time my husband gets home from work.

l1vel0ve on

Oh no 5:15pm?? How terrible. Really??!! Bitch has so much money and gets to see her husband for 8 months without working, while she dabbles in shoe design. Life is so hard. Try working alternating shifts with your spouse or dealing with a husband that deployed or both parents working 2 to 3 jobs to make ends meet. And chi get your kids vaccinated!!! So ignorant.

Court on

It’s terrible to see all this mommy bashing. I hope you all are nicer in real life rather than the negative face you’re using online to shame a person who you do not know.

Criskayl on

Um ok. My husband is a football coach. At this moment my children and I are waiting for him to come home from an “away” game. Sorry that you have to make dinner with your baby on your hip. I put my 2 1/2 year old in my Tula on my back. Much easier. When you and your family make a commitment to a sport, you know what sacrifices come. I jokingly call myself a “football widow” 3 months out of the year. Seriously, she needs to deal with it. If you can’t handle it, don’t pop out 3 young kids. There is a reason mine are 10 and 2. I was smart and waited.

Ej on

Poor thing has to cook dinner with a baby in her hip!? Welcome to the real world!

Melisa on

Football season is hard on Jay Cutler too.

I am finding Kristen to be just about as annoying as Gisele Buchden or however you spell it. Vapid self absorbed brats.

Anonymous on

so she does what every other mother does when she cooks dinner. Why is this news? Adjust your schedule and it later 2 nights a week if it’s such a big deal. Grow up and get your big girl pants on. Rich people problems!!!

Bem on

It’s called being a mom – she acts like nobody has ever done this before. She has it easy compared to so many moms out there.

sam on

She turned out different than I thought she would’ve… i don’t know that i pictured her settling down having 3 kids before 30, and then also still working with fashion.

Hope she’s happy.. seems like a great life.

Lucy on

Calm down everyone! They asked her a question and she answered. They are a lovely family, God bless.

Kol on

Unless regular people, they have lots of money to offer nannies to help for cooking and other things.

Anonymous on

To have her kids vaccinated is more important for her now!

Emily on

Hoooollllyyy bitchfest in these comments! It’s really sad to see mothers do this to other mothers….I guess the mommy wars are alive and well!

You need to remember that all life challenges are relative to those experiencing them. What may be tough for you, is easy for another and vice versa. Having money doesn’t magically solve problems. Enough with the sanctimonious billcrap!

Elena on

Oh Kristin- just keep you mouth shut. Everything that comes out makes you look more and more annoying and out of reality.

Edie on

Oh my gosh she sounds ridiculous! My daughter is married to a ups driver and is lucky if he walks in before 7:30. This article is really superficial and embarrassing.

Anonymous on

You all need to relax, She is not going out of her way to complain. She is just having a conversation and saying what her life is like. There is no part of this that is trying to make her life seem more difficult than any of yours. We are all moms, doing the same thing. So, just stop.

Librababe on

Cussing around your kids so much that they pick up on it is a quirk? More like a bad habit.

Anonymous on

Is 5:15 supposed to be late???
Go get a real life.

Carina on

She didn’t say anything about vaccinations so leave that out of it. What is best for some, is not for all. End of story.

Don’t expect any boo hoos for any woman here, when you decide to have a baby, that is the mother’s choice. Once a mother, always a mother. No matter where the father is, it doesn’t matter. We take care of our young and shouldn’t complain about squat. All motherhood is challenging. Get over it and focus on your child. No one told you to have babies with men knowing they will hardly be around due to prior commitment. Duh. Now stop measuring woes as if the children aren’t the best things that happened to us.

Me on

Boo hoo, Kristen. Maybe you should have thought how tough raising kids with a football player would be before you “accidentally” let him knock you up after he dumped you.

Von on

5:15 is not that late, most people get off from work way after that time!

Michelle on

I’m hoping this was a statement in an interview that People desperately made into an article. I hope she mentioned what happens during dinner time vs complaining about it. If she’s complaining it does seem quite silly 😁

Blair on

She is not comparing herself to other moms. You are taking it upon yourselves to do that. Not once in the article did she compare except that to her own life. She is comparing the difficulties of Jay being there, as opposed to Jay not being there. But a slow clap to all of you struggling mother’s with “real” lives out there.