Kim Kardashian West Shares Adorable Snap of North and Ellen DeGeneres Playing with My Little Pony

10/01/2015 at 08:30 AM ET

It looks like North has a new best friend: Ellen DeGeneres!

Kim Kardashian West shared a photo of the budding friendship on Instagram, showing North and the 57-year-old comedian playing with My Little Pony ahead of Kardashian West’s appearance on Wednesday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Who saw @TheEllenShow today? Well this is right before I went on…Northie & Ellen brushing My Little Pony’s hair lol,” the star captioned the photo.

In the pic, DeGeneres, who dons a very serious, focused expression, is seen holding a small toy pony as North brushes the pony’s mane.

Kim Kardashian North Ellen DeGeneres playing
Courtesy Kim Kardashian West

Kardashian West, who is expecting a son in December, seemed to have Ellen-fever, sharing an Instagram photo of herself with the host playing around on the set.

During the appearance, the 34-year-old reality star revealed a possible name for the West family’s new addition.

“I do like the name Easton, Easton West,” the mom-to-be said. “I don’t think my husband likes that name, but I do like it.”

— Char Adams

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Myra on

Why is that girl dressed only in black? I am not a girls-should wear-pink person, but give the child some colours.

cynic1018 on

oh look, she is wearing black. how unusual for that child, LOL!!!!

elaria on

Kid loves princess themed (Disney), my Little Pony, mermaids and all that sweet fun stuff…YET THE PARENTS DRESS HER LIKE ITS A FUNERAL, A BOY OR DARK OBSCURE COLORS!! let the kid dress like a kid!

Rachel on

You’re not supposed to put girls hair in such tight ponytails until they’re at least 3. From what I remember it can lead to premature hair loss.

Anonymous on

She is an adorable little girl, but it would be nice to see her dressed in some cheerful colors.

LotsaCritters on

First time I’ve ever seen that child smile. Anyone else notice that she is smiling when she’s NOT with her mama?

Susan on

Oh look…..she’s dressed in black…….AGAIN. SMH

Carrie M on

Is she going to a never-ending funeral? Ever hear of pink, lavender, blue, etc…
She is a cutie pie however. Too bad she’s stuck with idiot parents!

Dawn on

This girl is adorable. Too bad who she’s stuck with as parents. Hopefully a nanny is involved to make her a better representation of that family.

Jeannie on

why are you all so negative.. this is a child and she is beautiful and looks beautiful in whatever color they dress her.

Bella on

For everyone who keeps commenting on North wearing black??? What’s the big deal? There are photos of her at home where she is wearing colours & disney clothing. So what if her mother decides to dress her in black for formal occasions, and for the general public. My mother did the very same thing. I was always wearing colourful clothing at home, but when my mother would take me out, i had to wear black, navy blue & sometimes white. I wore stockings, lace up boots, black dresses & rompers, black cardies, black bows & beanie caps. My mum believed the way i was dressed was a reflection on her. And i dress my two little girls the very same way. It’s better than seeing all those dirty, snotty nosed children with holes in their clothing or wearing clothing that’s too big for them on account that they’re wearing hand me downs. If you have money, then use it on dressing your children up. I love my little girls dressed up beautifully, and black just happens to be a very fashionable colour. There is NOTHING wrong with it whatsoever! My daughters are both very much into fashion & even pick out their own clothes which are always in darker colours, even though ones bedroom is all pink, and the other is a mixture of blue & green. Who are you to judge Kim’s parenting style anyway? Go parent your own children!

Special1 on

You guys are a bunch of self-righteous bullies! WHO cares what they dress “THEIR” kid in…. first it was Beyonce and her daughter’s hair, now it’s Kim and what she chooses to put on HER kid….

What a ridiculous bunch of arm-chair, expert parents! SMH

kathy from fla on

North is adorable! I am only sorry that she has to endure such loser parents! Hopefully she spends as much, if not more time with the nanny!

Jo on

North is adorable in any color. With that said, her mother is a ding bat. She sounded so dim witted on Ellen that it was hard to watch. Her voice is very irritating as well.

Tiffany on

I don’t really care what she wears but I do hope as she gets older she is allowed to pick her own clothing and her own style.

Winter Haven on


Montana Mom on

Mom and Dad need to put some color in this girls life…………………Not hard to color code her closet I guess. Black, Brown and Tan………..BORING. Kind of like Kanye’s new clothing line……………..BLAND, BLAH, BORING, PAPER BAG CLOTHES!

cj on

@Bella, take your meds you are losing it. I believe the perception of always in black is the fact that many people believe in letting your toddler have some choices and typically clothing is an easy “what do you want to wear” situation. Especially when kids typically go towards bright colors not somber colors. I feel for you having to be dressed so formally for outings. As long as we were clean and covered it was anything goes.

barb on

More pictures of North and less of Mom!! Kids are sooooo cute at this age.


Look how damaged North’s hair is because Kimmy insists on putting it in an extremely tight bun! Doesn’t she realize she’s making her child go bald??
She looks so much better with her hair natural. Kim is such an idiot!

IMO on

It could be that she is dressed in black because people are ALWAYS taking photos of her, no mother wants their child splashed across headlines with ketchup on their pretty clothes. If anything it’s the media that won’t let her be a kid, I wouldn’t want my kid to be chased by the camera’s all the time. Then people will complain about how dirty her parents keep her if she is in photos with soiled clothing.

Still a fan of the Kardashians/ Jenner with the exception of Bruce, Chris and Kanye.

lilly pond on

Very disappointed that Ellen had this piece of trash on her show. She sounded like a idiot. Who cares about the karTRASHians/jenners. They are all a bunch of pigs.

Roo on

Why would I be jealous of a snot-nosed little Kardashian?

Charity on

The picture of North West and Ellen is great. She is a beautiful child. Im a big fan of Kris Jenner, as a mother and grandmother myself

Shannon on

Why don’t you idiotic people worry about what your kids wear, there is no RULE stating that girls should be in pink all the time, she can dress her child how she chooses, and she can comb her hair how she chooses, her hair is not pulled back tight, it is up in a puff ball, you people have nothing to criticize so you make crap up, just shut up about it, there are kids out here with no clothes and starving and you are concerned about how this woman is dressing her kid? the child always looks clean well dressed and healthy, worry about something that matters, bunch of sickos.

Shannon on

@lillypond it takes trash to know trash, you are indeed an idiot.

Robin on

Do Kim and North wear anything but black? They match Ellen colour wise.

Kal on

Yay this is a rare picture to see North smiling.

LilyM on

North is the cutest celebrity baby to me. She’s just way too adorable!