Kim Kardashian West Says Son’s Name Won’t Be South, But She Loves Easton

09/30/2015 at 11:15 AM ET

Kim Kardashian West has found a baby name she loves — and with plenty of time to spare!

“I start thinking [about names] at about eight months, so I’m about a month away,” the reality star, who’s expecting a son in December, says during a Wednesday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Despite being weeks ahead of her deadline, Kardashian West admits there is one major problem with the moniker: Husband Kanye West isn’t a fan.

“I do like the name Easton, Easton West,” the mom-to-be, 34, says. “I don’t think my husband likes that name, but I do like it.”

Kim Kardashian West pregnant Ellen DeGeneres
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

While host Ellen DeGeneres happily offers up a few suggestions for 2-year-old North‘s baby brother — including Wild, Mid and Tito — Kardashian West adds that the couple will likely steer clear of the compass for inspiration.

“I don’t think we’ll go another direction,” she explains. “It’s definitely not South, every time someone says South, I just want to roll my eyes. It’s not a good direction.”

Even if they settle on Easton, they may need to eventually go back to the drawing board: Kardashian West was told a brood of babies is in her future.

“A psychic emailed me the other day and said, ‘You’re going to have twins in 2018,’ and I was like, ‘Lose my email. No I’m not!’ ” she says with a laugh.

— Anya Leon

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Jen on

Easton is a nice name, but not with the last name of West.

bellabee on

She must really like that name, as she was considering it for her first child as well. It’s a cute name. Like her or not.

Anonymous on

Other than the imbeciles of the world,,,,,Who The Heck Cares?

Ed57 on

Who the heck cares?

Ummm....yeah...... on

If it’s not “King” it will be “Prince” or something royal. Keep in mind the 2 egos here! Kourtney already used “Reign”, so that won’t be it.

Kay on

I heard the baby’s name is Wilde. I definitely believe it!

Ummm....yeah...... on


Ally on

Kane West would be the best name ever.
It would be like his dad’s a lot and most dad’s like that.
plus Kane West sounds hot

lilly pond on

Who cares about this pig and her disgusting family. Please make this trash go away!!!

love on

the scariest thing on earth would be those guys in the white house. are you kidding me? and america might just be dumb enough to vote them in. Anyway please stop with the plastic surgery Kim…it’s not flattering. And south isn’t a good direction? did she really just say that? OMG …PEOPLE why do you continue to make these people famous? Is this not embarrassing as an American that these are the types of people we are glorifying? Simply mortifying.

OneCopsGirl on

Excuse me while I go kick my own a** for reading this article.

Justme on

Oh goody! Her kids name are as intelligent as she is.

Commentor on

I am SO happy to hear more of Kim’s disdain for the South. Since that’s my home, it is comforting beyond words to know that she will never live here. Ahhhh… 🙂

charlotte on

It pains me that Ellen is giving this narcissistic cow, lame-brained twit an audience………….

stacey on

Perfect choice! That’s my little boy’s name!

Anonymous on

East n West North West.The woman is mental.

gardenboy on

East n West?
North West?
Is this woman certifiable or what??

Robin on

Why does Kim have to a cimoass direction as a name for any baby? Can’t she find something more normal?

Laurin on

Easton West sounds good.

linda on

So I guess these thousand or so web reports about them having a baby born on Christmas are false..more like Thanksgiving.

Vanessa on

Didn’t someone say months ago that the rumour was the name would be Easton? A friend of a friend or something like that?

Steph on

How about calling him “Wild” West?

Momo on

This is news????!!!!

Debra on

She is so plastic and cannot smile. She shows joy, glow, or nothing.

maryhelenc on

I like Wild. Or Key.

But you know it’s going to be something ridiculous.

MB on

Lol I like Ellen’s choice of names!

Nanu21 on

….might as well call him East West

dee on

Well she has been “south” enough to know. I really wanted to think she wiukd grow as a person when she had children but she is still so shallow. It is so scary that young women follow these girls and look up to them. It says so much about our society. I hope her daughter turns out to be an intellectual that shuns the spotlight. Those poor kids.

Anacomp on

She doesn’t want to use the compass as inspiration but likes the name Easton West…….really? (insert eye roll)

Anacomp on

She doesn’t want to use the compass for inspiration but wants to name him Easton West…(insert eye roll)

Gab on

Kim must really love Easton since she thought about it for North at first too. It’s an adorable name I hope she is able to give her baby boy the middle name Easton that way she has the name she really loved.

Ilyas Mirza on

Sanit is a nice name.