Chrissy Teigen on Sharing Her Infertility Struggle: ‘It Didn’t Feel Right to Tweet’ About My IVF Shots

09/29/2015 at 08:00 PM ET

Chrissy Teigen was just waiting for the right moment to speak out about her private struggle to conceive.

That time came during a recent segment on her new talk show FABLife, when the model admitted she and husband John Legend have been trying to start a family for years.

“I wanted to talk about it for so long,” she tells E! News. “It didn’t feel right to ever tweet, ‘Ugh, doing my IVF shots again.’ It just sounded silly. It definitely was not planned in that episode at all.”

Despite Teigen, 29, and Legend, 36, never addressing their issues with infertility publicly, the couple’s difficult path to parenthood wasn’t a secret in their inner circle.

“I think we just have really good people around us that never said anything or else you would have known,” Teigen explains. “I have a team of maybe 60 people, John has hundreds and everyone knew. They knew the failures, the successes, everything, but it’s never gotten out.”

Chrissy Teigen on Sharing Her Infertility Struggle IVF Shots
Tammie Arroyo/AFF-USA

As she waited for the right moment to reveal their story, Teigen has fielded nonstop questions about starting a family since she wed Legend in 2013.

“It’s a sweet question. It comes from a good place, but sometimes you never know what the person [is going through],” she says. “What you really want to say [is], ‘I’m trying and I can’t.’ ”

The discussion surrounding infertility also prompted a change in conversation on Teigen’s social media accounts.

“Usually I’m getting crap from people, but the amount of stories that were shared to both of us was really cool to see,” she explains.

“Like I said, John and I have been going through this for years and it’s something that has been a part of our lives and our friends have known. So it’s just nice to have a show and to be able to acknowledge it to people because I felt like I was keeping a secret from them and it was weird.”

— Anya Leon

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Anne Ganrs on

I really think a lot of these cases can be attributed to stress. Our lives are so much more stressful than they used to be. They are traveling all the time, shoots, shows, work commitments. I would try taking a half of a year off from all of that and then try IVF. If you are rich enough you can just loaf for six months no problem.

msliftbig on

I wonder if she’s too thin? That can mess with your fertility; underweight or overweight.

Jess on

Obviously neither of you have ever struggled with getting pregnant. People always say, “maybe you need to be less stressed, put on more weight, stop trying so hard, etc”. Guess what. I’m not stressed and normal weight and struggled for almost 2 years. It’s not always so easy and when you act like “oh if you just did this or that you’ll get pregnant” it’s hurtful and insulting. If only it was that easy– a lot more women would be pregnant!

guest on

So why share all of this now???

Guest on

Please, refrain from giving unrequested advice to infertile couples. There’s a number of medical reason why a man or a woman has difficulties conceiving a baby. Treating this issue in a casual manner is cruel to those of us who want a family, like everybody else. I heard, endlessly, that if I “just relax, eat healthy, have some wine, forget about it, when you least expect it, it will happen, for sure”. I have low quality eggs, so it is in God’s hands, nobody else’s.

That is why infertility is rarely discussed in public. To other people dealing with infertility, I recommend to only discuss it with people who love you very much.

Julie on

It didn’t feel right to tweet about her IVF shots but she’ll show her boobies to everyone! Ha! Nevertheless, I do wish her well in her quest to have a baby.

@guest on

I agree with others. Please refrain from assuming or giving advice. I’ve had inexperienced doctors tell me I’m too thin or maybe it’s stress. The good thing is that these women can afford the treatments. Insurance doesn’t cover these types of treatments which really says a great deal about our insurance companies and governments.

Annonymous on

So my husband having a really low sperm count isn’t what’s prevented me from getting pregnant for over 2 years?!? Guess I just need to relax a little and stop thinking about it and it will happen…

Some people just don’t understand that it really is a huge struggle and there most of the time is not anything that can be done to “fix” the cause of infertility. IVF is our ONLY option to have a child whether I’m stressed or not.

Anonymous on

guest- Didn’t you read the article? Chrissy said it felt “weird” keeping the secret and that she also hadn’t planned on sharing. Sometimes stuff just comes out! Anyway, I wish both women the best, and urge them to think about adoption as well. 🙂

Anonymous on

“They knew the failures, the successes, everything, but it’s never gotten out.” Am I the only who’s confused by this? She obviously hasn’t had a child yet, so how could she be having successes in TTC?

facelessbandit on

Her honesty really touched me. I am pregnant now but it took 2 yrs to get here and it was so hard emotionally. Every time I would be asked my heart would break a little more. So having woman address the issue and shed light on this subject is warming. Don’t ask about someone else’s reproductive timeline! It’s no ones business!

facelessbandit on

Also, how condescending to tell someone to just relax, gain weight or have wine. If a doctor with years of experience agrees I need treatment because I might not get pregnant on my own, who are you to advise me? If my eggs are of a bad quality, no vitamin will fix that. If my husband produces no sperm, he won’t magically make some if he takes time off. Couples going through infertility have the same depression rates as people going through cancer treatment. It’s a life crisis. Don’t diminish it with your “advice”.

Anonymous on

Nice to know some people actually have friends who care to keep privileged information to themselves vs. trying to find a stealth way of being a paid “source” to a story that is nobody’s business! This kind of thing is BEYOND PERSONAL!

This situation is extremely stressful to keep going through and I am so beyond amazed that they are fortunate enough to have people in their lives who actually know what support is vs. trying to bring attention to themselves in a passive aggressive way by being nice to their face but gossiping behind their backs for attention and money or just the attention.

I wish them their dream soon!

chase on

She didn’t feel right posting selfies about her IVF, but yet she chose to show us her husbands but….child pleasssee

Kris on

She’s 29 and they are both otherwise healthy and in good shape. I see this as more of a PR, get off my back type response to her actually never planning on getting pregnant. She’s way too interested in her appearance to allow her body to get pregnant. Much easier to just say, “hey, I can’t get pregnant, I’m having xyz probs, then to admit she doesn’t want to and get the public off her back.”

spowalla on

@Anonymous (3:17am) poster: maybe by successes she means she might have had a couple successful fertilizations via in-lab but in the end weren’t viable for transfer to her body. Also, maybe she possibly has had miscarriages…though I would think she would have said so if that were the case.

Anonymous on

She feels right not keeping it in private, she is living for spotlight.

bkable on

My husband and I just got married. Literally 5 days after the wedding, a colleague asked when we were going to start trying for kids. And she definitely was not the only one to ask in the last 3 months.

I don’t understand the need to put pressure on couples. People will have babies when they are ready, willing and able. Not just because you are nosy and want the details. Probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever experienced. I can only imagine how much more hurtful it would be if we were actively trying and not having success.

Volly on

Wow she looks gorgeous in that white dress.

Laila on

What will be, will be. You never know what you are meant to have in life. I wish she would share less.

Guest on

I understand we need to KNOW everything today about celebrities BUT this IS personal!!

As someone who has been in a relationship for 16 yrs and married almost 11 with NO babies YES, I UNDERSTAND!! Also since we love children and I was once a preschool teacher; it still is asked often. I also have a crew like Chrisy, we have a wonderful group of ppl around us that protect us!!

There are SO many reasons WHY and it’s amazing how many women stay mum about them. All I so is STOP the assumptions, Shaming and Guilt you out on women!! It’s already there, (although try not too) have those feelings… Please don’t add to it!! Just don’t!! So when you g to comment on something you haven’t experienced before, please in this situation don’t. It’s too hard. Thank you.

Anne Ganrs on

I wasn’t giving advice. I was sharing my opinion because this is a board and yes, I got pregnant after an accident made me take time off from work, so take a walk on a short pier all you overly uptight women!

cv on

Annonymous- I’m right there with you. Same exact struggle. Went through four cycles of IUI that were unsuccessful and now am doing the IVF thing. It wasn’t because I can’t relax or because of my weight, sometimes these things just happen. I feel for Chrissy. It’s a frustrating, sometimes humiliating and really painful (both physically… my gosh: the migraines! and emotionally) process.

Carina on

@Anne Ganrs. How insensitive can you be? Giving an opinion is one thing, coming off purposely as a female dog is another. If you became pregnant by accident, good for you. How about you go take a walk off a short pier as you don’t even apply to this topic. There is a major difference between a welcome accident and many failed purposeful attempts whether you’re too stubborn to see that or not. Get over yourself as no one cares.

tinsel2003 on

So many more people are infertile now a days.. Why is every one infertile???

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Anonymous on

I have been struggling to get pregnant for over 4 yrs with my husband. The only time I did get pregnant 6 years ago when we were dating, I miscarried. I was formally diagnosed with pcos in 2014 when I was only 24 and my husband was 25. Since then I’ve tried dieting, exercising, clomid, progesterone cream, acupuncture, and nothing!! It’s really hurtful when people ask you when you’re going to start a family or assume that you don’t have kids because you don’t want to. Then to top it all off insurance companies don’t cover infertility procedures! Basically I have to either wait until God sends me a miracle or go to Mexico to get ivf because apparently an iui wouldn’t be good for me because my problem isn’t that I’m infertile, but that my follicles don’t mature!!! This is the hardest struggle I’ve ever had to deal with in my life because it makes me feel like I’m less of a woman because I can’t even get pregnant. It also kills me to see on the news when people hurt or kill their kids, which makes me angry with God because it’s like why can those demons have kids and I can’t?!!! I don’t want to be angry with God, but I’m only human and dealing with infertility is something that has brought me to dark thoughts I’ve never had before. I’ve even gotten to the point where I seriously told my husband to divorce me, so he can find someone else and start a family, but I’m blessed with a good husband who has stuck by my side even when I wanted to give up hope. I still have hope and pray God will bless us with a family soon before I go nuts!

Marissa Otis on

To every woman it’s always a joy that after marriage the next should be holding her child, I did gave birth to mine but after 4 months I lost her and since then I have not been able to conceive again for the past 7 years after I lost my child. I have been to so many hospitals and I have done series of tests. Though I have a very supporting and understanding husband but I was always thinking about it. It became my major problem every time I see children calling their mommy. I was willing to do anything and willing to pay any price at all just to have a child of mine own. Now I discover one of Kyiv clinic, which helps every couple who addressed to them. But for me it’s too late. Such a shame that simply not having children can’t be enough of a commonality to come together. I find it sad that adult women are resorting to this type of exclusionary behavior. Genuinely don’t understand why it’s worth anyone’s time to fuss about over how someone else chooses to label themselves. We really have to stop complaining about being misunderstood if we’re not willing to try to understand anyone else.