Jessica Seinfeld Reveals the Real Reason Jerry Married Her (It’s Not What You’d Expect!)

09/28/2015 at 01:00 PM ET

Jessica Seinfeld knows the power of a good chicken parmesan.

The philanthropist and mom of three — she and husband Jerry Seinfeld, 61, are parents to sons Shepherd, 10, and Julian, 12, and daughter Sascha, 14 — began cooking when she was 5 to help her mother, who worked full-time as a social worker.

From there, she volunteered at soup kitchens and homeless shelters — and now has three cookbooks under her belt. But the family favorite is, hands down, her Italian dish.

Chicken parmesan! It’s why Jerry wanted to marry me. It remains the glue of our family,” Seinfeld, 44, told PEOPLE at a Baby Buggy charity event Thursday at Rebecca Taylor in New York City.


And this glue of hers seems to be sticking!

The Baby Buggy initiative, which works to bring essentials to families in need by recycling gently used goods, is a family affair: Jerry is spearheading the Baby Buggy Fatherhood Initiative, and their kids volunteer often, packing goods for families and trying (before being shut down by a grouchy neighbor!) to sell lemonade.

Seinfeld seems to be instilling some solid values in her brood. And they don’t get special treatment at meal time either.

“We eat one meal together — I am not your slave, this is not a restaurant,” she says of her secret to getting her kids to eat healthy foods.

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— Kristen Caires

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ELC on

There is something very off-putting about Jessica. Maybe I’m putting my feelings of not caring for her hubby on her. She is doing a good job showing her children volunteerism but Jessica herself was caught stealing someone’s recipe. I am just not a fan of the Seinfelds.

Mainoh on

I wonder what her first husband thinks about when he sees her all over the media. You know, the one she left just after her honeymoon when she met someone more wealthy.

Callie on

Her hair looks horrible!! She is a natural brunette and needs to stay one. She looks completely washed out. They only eat one meal together, really?

Callie on

Hey Mainoh – WHAT’S IT MATTER? It’s been 17 yrs, move on

taradoug82 on

I agree, Guest. Never saw what he saw in her. She is hard to look at, and he could have his pick of just about anyone.

Debora on

Kitty Kitty put your claws back in! Try eating something else other than Meow mix! 🐱

Snorth on

The bleach blonde does not suit her, she looks very harsh with this hair..

Guest on

He married her because she is down to earth, domesticated…not in show business.She wanted a family, not a career. She is very zen and he wanted a calm life. And she wasn’t that physically attracted to Nederlander her brief husband. When the earth moves….

Guest on

I agree there is something very off putting about
About this woman?😱😳

Red Skye on

Her eyebrows are too dark for her blonde locks!

guest on

I have to say it has been a long time from her 1st marriage to now, so I think her 1st husband has moved on. I do give her credit for not having kids with the 1st husband & dragging the marriage out, move on people.

Anonymous on

I am not a fan, but complaining that they only eat one meal together is ridiculous. My kids are 16 and 13, go to high school and middle school, which start an hour apart. One needs to be up at 6 and is already gone when the next one gets up at 7. I get up at 5:30, husband at 7:30. There is not time on a typical day for breakfast together. Lunch is at school or work, and dinner is together. That’s typical for most families with school aged kids and work schedules.

Realistic on

Here’s a woman instilling great values in her kids and making a difference in some underprivileged persons life…and negativity is what some of you come up with?
You got to be kidding me!!
How about, that’s great!!
We have to give love, kindness and kudos to those making a difference!! Come on people!! We all have to live on this planet together!! Let’s stop tearing each other down with the middle school comments!

susan on

She did not steal any recipes! They went to court about it and she won. She had those recipes for a while before that lady’s book even came out.

Marge Samuelson on

After these harsh comments I don’t blame her for wanting to stay out of the limelight.

Marge Samuelson on

After reading some of these harsh comments, I don’t blame celebrities families for staying out of the spot light.

Marsha on

I think when she says “They eat one meal together” she means she cooks the same meal for everyone, not different meals for each kid…man what a bunch of haters on here.

Kat on

Bull sheit!!!! That woman was already engaged to be married to another guy but jumped ship when she met Mr Moneybags Seinfeld.

Tom on

Wasn’t she married to Nederlander? And was she married when she met Jerry in a fitness club? Questions questions.

Leeza on

When she said “we eat one meal together” she meant she’s not going to be making separate meals for everyone’s likes and dislikes. What is this? A bunch of illiterates on here who can’t read? She’s fine. She does good work. Stop trashing her for no reason. I’m sure you’re so perfect you can criticize other people. Live and let live and get a life so you don’t feel you have to be nasty to others.

rayka on

Why do people keep bringing up her first husband? Who cares. That was 17 years ago. Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. In this case there were no kids involved. It doesn’t matter.

rocco on

Nah, she dumped her husband (and her first name!) for Jerry, but it was a good decision! Now she needs to undump the black hair, get rid of that blond, YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!! And philanthropy is a good thing, she should do more and more and more. Kaley Cuoco, donte some of your huge salary to good causes (not just dog rescue, small time). And Jessican didn’t steal anyone recipe, she hid vegetables in her kids’ food, we have ALL DONE THAT!

guest on

I think what she means by they eat one meal together is that she doesn’t cook different things to please each family member. She makes one dish and they all eat that one dish. Anyone else with me on this?? I like her and Jerry and I’m sure her first husband is over that she left him. Maybe they had an unhappy marriage or married for the wrong reasons?

Debbe on

I really believe her story that he married her for her food. When my young little boyfriend moved and married, I asked him about his wife, “what is it you like about her, what does she do?” He replied, “She cooks.” Darn it, I should have taken cooking classes. 49 and still single and still not much a cook. Oh well, I would rather have someone to cook WITH not FOR anyway.

Yolanda AA on

It’s very easy to criticize someone we do not like. After all these years, we still can’t believe she dumped her first husband on her honeymoon to hook up with Jerry. It must be love, she’s very plain, nothing like Shosana. I don’t understand why some brunette a go blonde, it’s not attractive. As for the recipes for hiding vegetables in food, there was a young woman who wanted to have her book published and Seinfeld got a copy. He had it and then Jessica published her own version. It was all a bit suspicious. Two books on the same subject?

juan on

Oh, i know, i know. the real reason, wasn’t loooooooooooooooooots of MONEY?

sonia on

Why does everyone bring up her first brief marriage. Her first husband has since married twice, has children and is a successful attorney. He doesn’t need your sympathy.

Dayle on

Not a fan of Mrs Seinfeld…she always seems to have RBF! Also dye your hair back to its real color…she looks washed out as a blonde.

Anonymous on

I believe she meant that she cooks one meal, and everyone is expected to eat that one meal that has been prepared for everyone to eat (i.e. not make special accommodations for picky eaters); not that they only eat one meal per day together.

Zinnia on

I like Jessica’s highlighted hair. I think it’s nice. She seems like a decent person and I like the fact that she’s helped out at various soup kitchens. Pretty cool to find out she’s been cooking since age 5. I’ve purchased one of her cookbooks and made my own “vegetarian” version out of it. In reading her book, she puts a lot of time, effort and love into feeding her family. She appears to be a very thoughtful person.

Kathleen on

Anonymous seems to think we care about her family’s schedule. Odd.

Anonymous on

She looks like him

Anonymous on

Um she looks older than her age.

Nanamn on

Good news first glad she and her kids volunteer and the she isn’t a short order cook for her family!
Bad news- Who let her leave the salon with blonde hair? And what did Jerry happen to keep a straight face when that walked in? Wasn’t she married and on her honeymoon with her first hubby when they hooked up?
Not that what I think matters to the Seinfeld famoly!

megan on

Who told her that outfit & hair was a good idea ? Yipes

Carol on

Jessica Nederlander Seinfeld is proof that not everybody can pull of being a blonde.

Anonymous on

I thought I remembered seeing this article –

Do you remember when Jessica Seinfeld left her husband right after they got married for Jerry Seinfeld? She might have known what she was doing. For what seems like the third or fourth time, Broadway producer Eric Nederlander has been accused of terrorizing a woman in his life. His second wife had to get a restraining order which effectively keeps Eric away from her forever. Now, his most recent girlfriend had a protection order against Nederlander but he violated early yesterday morning when he somehow got a key to her apartment while she was sleeping, let himself in and checked her cell phone. He then woke her up by grabbing her hair and yelling at her and accusing her of cheating on him. I’m guessing it was things like this that might have made her want to get the protective order in the first place. Nederlander was arrested and if convicted could serve up to three years in jail.