Coco Austin Shows Off Tiniest Baby Bump Ever – at Almost Seven Months Pregnant

09/28/2015 at 11:00 AM ET

Where’s that bump?!

Nicole “Coco” Austin took to social media on Sunday to post pictures of herself backstage at her husband Ice-T‘s concert — and despite being almost seven months pregnant, the Ice & Coco star is barely showing.

“Chilling baby..I’m just chillin…” she captioned the photo of herself on Twitter sporting white skinny jeans, a sheer blue blouse and heels. “Backstage at BC concert supporting my man. Thats how I roll #28weeks.”

Nicole 'Coco' Austin
Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin

Austin also uploaded a similar shot to Instagram.

Austin, 37, and Ice-T, 57, announced in July they were expecting their first child together on their talk show, Ice & Coco.

In early August, the hip-hop couple revealed they will be welcoming a baby girl, whom they plan to name Chanel Nicole.

The baby will be Ice-T’s third child as the rapper is already father to Tracy and Letesha, his two adult children from previous relationships.

— Aurelie Corinthios

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Rebeccah on

Okay, I’ve never had children so I’m not sure but…is this normal? Is it normal to be almost 7 months pregnant and not showing at all? I’ve had friends who have had children and at 7 months, they had a sizeable baby bump. I hope everything is healthy with her pregnancy.

hahaha on

Where is her uteus…in her boobs?

Anonymous on

I didn’t show at all until I was 7 months, and then only friends and family that knew I was pregnant could tell…at about 9 months I finally looked pregnant to strangers and the day before I had her, I looked about 5-6 months (just a little obvious bump). I was very sick the whole time and actually lost weight up to 6-7 months. She was born 6lbs 10oz so on the smaller size but perfectly healthy. People judge too much.

Susan on

With my 1st child you could tell I was pregnant from 3 months on but, with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy I just had a little bump. Perfectly normal to be 7 months and not really showing. She looks great !!!!!

Kris on

she’s not pregnant.

betty on

I don’t see a bump at all?? Maybe her boobs are bigger than a 7 month belly so the shirt hides it? Or maybe they’re faking it an using a surrogate?

Anonymous on

Not a fan of those shoes

dawn on

if she’s eating right and exercising, you do not need to gain 50lbs you can just gain 15 lbs and that’s ok, my doctor told me just eat another small meal during day and you will get enough for u and baby.

Mimi on

her boobs are very big – there is whole lot of space under this shirt.

larkwoodgirl on

Nope, not buying this. This picture is old.

Vanessa on

I was the same way hardly looked pregnant and then at 7.5 months exploded.

Kathi on

I didn’t see any bump just some seriously way too tight pants.

jp'smom on

I don’t think she is pregnant, they must be using a surrogate. There is no way she could be 7 months pregnant and not be showing

really on

OMG she’s pregnant, why does she have to post like a total whore? That’s disgusting. Have some class.

Susan on

Me too Vanessa! Seemed almost overnight I went from barely bump to HUGE and straight out! My son was over 8 pounds.

arabrabbra on

Well THATS super creepy????

lilly pond on

She looks like a hoe in that outfit. Maybe she is using a surrogate. Clearly she is not pregnant in this picture.

Awwshucks on


Miriam on

No, way. I know some people show small, or not at all until the end. But she is using a surrogate. 1st she has the money to use one, 2nd she’s older so it would make sense to use a surrogate and lastly what are the odds that a girl that is this curvy wouldn’t get even the tiniest bump in her belly yet. Sorry. I got sick and had horrible morning sickness and lost weight and didn’t start showing until I was 4-5 months and even then it was a small bump. But still at 7 months you could tell I was pregnant.

jeans75 on

No bump—they should not have even posted this “story”–there IS NO BUMB AT ALL and that is not normal and I am sick of women with breast implants— there is no story—-which is exactly what most “stories” are from this rag.

Justme on

Well I didn’t show until 6 months. I believe she pregnant, I also would rather see her than Kimkow any day. Oh by the way…Kimkow has the surrogate.

Ashleigh on

Is a surrogate carrying her baby? Her face nothing looks pregnant.

Mimi on

There is no baby.

Ashleigh on

Ices grandchildren will be 20 yrs older than their uncle. Wtf.

TheresaQ on

No, she still has 12 weeks to go (full term pregnancy is 40 weeks) so this is pretty normal. As she enters the third trimester she will “pop” big time. I am happy for them – they tried for a long time to get preggers.

Nanu21 on

Excited for them but not fan of that awful outfit nor shoes she has on…..not a flattering look for her age!!

BriscosBuckKnuckle on

Anything would look small next to those ginormous breastisis.

Tigger Too on

Coco is SEVEN MONTHS pregnant? I am the mother of one son, and even though I only weighed about 100 pounds when I became pregnant, I looked like A WHALE by the time I got to seven months. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t seem quite healthy to be “showing” so little at this point. Then again, it’s kinda hard to tell where Coco’s boobs begin and her stomach starts. Yikes.

Congratulations to Ice-T and Coco on the impending birth of their little girl, but jeez… This isn’t the maternity fashion MOST gals would wear. And those shoes! I can’t speak for every woman, but when I was pregnant, I was lucky to cram my swollen tootsies into flats and athletic shoes, much less six-inch spike-heels.

CC on

I had a friend that never even needed maternity wear when she was pregnant. I think she only gained about 15lbs and 8lbs was her healthy baby girl. Not all women blow up when they are pregnant. Especially the really fit ones like CoCo, she works out and does yoga. We cannot decide what a pregnant woman is suppose to look like. Stop being hateful and judgmental because when you were pregnant you were a size of a house. Just an FYI the doctors recommend that a woman doesn’t gain more than 30lbs while pregnant.

Congrats on

Eh, I barely looked pregnant at months pregnant. Plus, as others have said, she does have very large breasts. May make her belly look small in comparison. 😉

zombie_hands on

she is so not pregnant. There is no shame in saying you are using a surrogate.

wanda on

If she is knocked up then im the damn virgin mary!!! I have had 3 children and my last one i was showing by 5 months… she looks like a slut in those clothes IF she is…. Have some class!! I hope the surrogate is showing!!

Butch on

This story isn’t about you Tigger too so stop sharing.

Brooklyn on

It could be the angle..the shirt is loose and not close to her stomach (probably because her boobs are making her shirt more flowy and away from the stomach. Maybe she would look different if she was standing sideways.

Luna-tic on

It’s not only that she doesn’t have a belly. But most women look pregnant in the face. Your body changes, gets softer somehow. She looks just like before. I personally don’t buy the pregnancy thing with her.

Elaine on

I knew someone that was 8 months pregnant and I couldn’t tell at all. She had no belly. It was so weird.

Anonymous on

I guess everyone is different. I was around 98 pounds pre-pregnancy with both my babies. At my 8 week appointment I had gained at 18 pounds with my last . With my first I gained weight quick too. I had a bump a 2 months lol.. At 9 months with my first I gain 90 pounds and around 80 with my second. I wish I would have looked this good.. I was gross but thank god I lost all my weight in 6 months..

Ana on

Yes you can be 7 months pregnant and have an extremely tiny belly. My aunt has a tilted uterus and all of her pregnancies I didn’t even know she was pregnant until she told me. She is tiny so a baby bump would have been noticeable, but for her she was seven months pregnant and barely had a belly. All babies were born healthy and at a good weight. Every woman is different when it comes to being pregnant.

Lauren on

I think the really issue here is her shoes. Ugliest things I’ve ever seen.

jewels1972 on

@TheresaQ: Coco recently stated that it hardly took any time at all for them to get pregnant once they “officially” started trying. So idk where you got your info that it took a long time for them to conceive?

Lisa on

She has more fat in her knees than anywhere else. Those “skinny” jeans be workin’ hard. This is probably a pic from 2.8 weeks and she forgot the decimal!

heather on

She posted a picture last week in a tight dress that showed a normal sized bump.

Lisa on

This is me…3 days before I had my son. I was 36 weeks pregnant. He weighed 4 pounds 8 ounces. This is the most I ever showed. The receptionist who checked me in when I was in labor, couldn’t even tell I was pregnant…and I was wearing shorts and a small shirt.

K.B. on

Kylie Jenner’s lips are bigger than that “baby bump”. She doesn’t even look noticibly pregnant. Kind of shocking, actually.

bbb1975 on

I was like this with my first. With tight abs (like Coco) and your first child, its perfectly normal not to show much. I didn’t show with my first until I was 8 months. When I told people I was due in a month they thought I was lying. Now, with my second? I started showing the moment the pregnancy test came back positive! LOL

sue's on

When I was pregnant with my 3 kids.. I carried most of the weight in my boobs, then my belly, and yes it was painful, because they were engorged till the time I gave birth…

PunkinCat on

Seems a little odd that she always wore tight clothes, but now that she is pregnant, she is actually trying to cover up. Hmmm…

taradoug82 on

People are so rude. She looks great! If she were bigger, you all would be calling her a whale (like Kim K). Can’t win! I’m proud of her; that she’s not eating everything in sight like a LOT of pregnant women.

Kim on

It is extremely unusual to be this small at supposedly 7 months. I have had 2 babies and was showing at around 5 months. A few women I work with are pregnant and had baby bellies clearly by 6 months. Doesnt look normal atall.

Tina Merkel on


gardenboy on

Coco and Kim are both these inflated cartoonish charcters,who sexualize their pregnancies by dressing like a cross between a hooker and a drag queen.Do they really think they look attractive?

Shannon on

I am one week shy of seven months with my first and it is obvious that I am pregnant. I LOVE my bump and can’t wait for it to get bigger. I would be very disappointed if I didn’t look pregnant.

gymluv on

Don’t want to see your boobs on display. Cover yourself up and have some class. Ditto for that other media fool that keeps her boobs fully exposed.

Anonymous on

The idea of these two reproducing is just so scary.

Anonymous on

I do not believe she is pregnant. I would gues she has a surrogate or he sister is carring a child for her.

If I was her i would stay off social media people given the opportunity are not going to believe this at her age. she even looks thinner now than on her reality show.
To each theere own..

margaret jackson on

God Bless this marriage and new family.

Curlyemma on

too odd. what does he see in her. he should gave married a good looking wrapper

jenni on

Please do not “calorie restrict” (diet) while pregnant. 50+ years of medical research proves it will damage the health of your child into their adult life (obesity, heart problems, diabetes, etc.) No matter what, that’s the result for your child if you are a selfish idiot and try to diet while pregnant. Gain 15-20 pounds, be healthy, eat healthy, breastfeed, and within 2 weeks of birth you will be back to pre-pregnancy size and weight.


You can’t see that she’s pregnant, BECAUSE SHE’S NOT !!! Why do the people with money feel they have to LIE about carrying a natural baby? Its not our business whether its Naturally / biologically their’s, IV or Surrogate… It’s your baby but don’t go around Lying about it.. There’s no point to that at all. COCO is NOT pregnant! smh.. Not a fan of her honestly


And… Any expectant mom is excited about pregnant pics, some way, shape or form.. Holding the tummy area and showing the (Bump) as Hollywood calls it, off! She doesn’t do it at all expect show her body n boobs off.. Those aren’t a baby duhh

Anonymous on

Of course you can be seven months pregnant and hardly be showing. Doesn’t anybody remember Nicole Kidman?!

jenni- You’ve got it backwords. It’s gaining too MUCH weight during pregnancy that puts a child at risk of those issues. While dieting certainly isn’t something that should be done during pregnancy, it’s more of a risk to the mother’s health than the baby’s (the mother’s body priotizes the baby and gives it nutrition before itself, even going as far as to leach nutrients from it’s own tissues if necessary!).

JustMe- Uh, we’ve seen Kim’s BARE belly several times (including on video- which, unlike photos, can’t be faked!).

Wendy on

Im worried that all the tight clothing she is wearing by harm the baby.

Cocolatta on

She is conning the public, and using a surrogate. Why the deception?

Anonymous on

Maybe she’s having a squirrel. I loved my pregnant belly!

Anonymous on

I think she looks great.. I was here size when I was pregnant with my TWO youngest… People would say I wasn’t eating and that my babies were unhealthy but my daughter she came out weighting 6pounds 13 ounces. and my son came out 8 pound even….. For those who think she is to small you have to take in that she is very active also……You don’t have to be big to have a healthy baby….

Lorraine Enriquez on

Everyones body and frame is different, you can’t compare or make judgements because she looks better than you did during pregnancy. people should be happy for them,and quit hating on her.

Anonymous on

Looks like she trying hard to present herself like sexy hooker plus that ridiculous shoes.

Melisa on

When your t i t s stick out 3 feet in front of you you could be pregnant with a volkswagon and not show.

Wow on

I pray she is being healthy instead of trying to be tiny.

Anonymous on

Wow she’s super lucky to be this tiny!! Wish I had this problem for people to be upset about!

Bebe on

Either the baby is growing in her butt or she is using a surrogate.

cg on

Just everything about this does not look normal.

donnasfineart on

I’ve had 5 children and not counting my twins, each pregnancy, even in certain amounts of stress, morning sickness, etc. I always showed at 28 weeks. I even showed at 20 weeks! This woman needs to see a real doctor, not someone who will agree with you because you don’t want to gain weight! It’s not healthy for the baby. Just like in the 1950’s when women wore corsets to hid their pregnancy because it wasn’t cool to look pregnant, she’s not cool not gaining weight. So either we’re off on the due dates, or her doctor & herself are idiots! GAIN SOME WEIGHT LADY!!!

Staci on

I do not for one second believe this publicity seeker is pregnant. She’s pulling another Beyoncé….hide the surrogate while she does all your dirty work.

Peachy on

No bump, and she said absolutely no morning sickness. Yeah, I’m starting to think she’s using a surrogate too. Otherwise, it’s a phantom pregnancy.

Dawn on

My first pregnancy didn’t show until I was 7 months–literally walked into work after a long weekend and my boss went, “whoa!! You’re pregnancy?!” Haha after that it was all belly about 5 minutes before I turned a corner. 2nd pregnancy I showed about 4 minutes after I took the pregnancy test haha She’s wearing a pretty flowy shirt and her tatas are humongous, her tummy may be well hidden. Stop with the nasty petty comments, chicks! Support each other! If you can’t wish her well, than hush and move onto the next story 😉

Besspaula on

Wow she’s 7 mos preg. Seems like where is it. Looks good. Unless last 2 mos she’ll pop.

Anonymous on

she is gross

Babybump on

When I was pregnant the first time, I didn’t show until I was almost 8 months pregnant. I had SEVERE hyperemesis that lasted all 9 months. I lost 22 pounds, I gained 5, my baby was 9lbs 1oz. I left the hospital 40 pounds lighter than my PRE-pregnancy weight. Once I did show, however, I did have a big bump. Some people carry differently than others. Just because her experience doesn’t fit YOUR experience doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Geez.

dd on

she looks chuncky everywhere but her belly region. Weird how some women have to show their chest….IN EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT AND PHOTO….ugh redic

dd on

typo: chunky

Anonymous on

I don’t think she is pregnant. She is faking and using a surrogate!

Barb on

Some women don’t start popping until after 7 months. I was the same and only gained 25 pounds even though I ate everything in sight. Blueberry pie and chocolate ice cream and peanut butter and jelly on Whole Foods grain bread, cut thickly.

lunaticlarry on

I didn’t show at all until about 32 weeks; I’m tall and when I gain weight (of any kind) no one really knows.

IceCheap&CocoHoho on

Surrogate, surrogate……..Ice Cheap, learn how to use condoms! A lot of baby mamas is NOT cute