Ivanka Trump Expecting Third Child

09/24/2015 at 09:05 AM ET

Baby on the way for Ivanka Trump!

The businesswoman and her husband, Kushner Companies CEO Jared Kushner, are expecting their third child, she confirms to PEOPLE.

“Jared and I are thrilled to announce that we’ll be welcoming baby number 3 to our family early next year. It’s an incredible blessing,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively. “We feel so grateful — and so excited!”

Trump, 33, also announced the news Thursday on her Facebook page, sharing an adorable video featuring her and her two kids.

In the sweet clip, Trump and her cute helpers hold up number signs with the brood’s birth order: 4-year-old Arabella holds up the number one, her brother Joseph, 23 months, holds up the number two, and Trump holds up the number three in front of her growing belly. (Outtakes of the video are featured on her website, IvankaTrump.com.)

Nathan Kraxberger

“We wound up having such a fun time in the five hilarious minutes that we were filming, that I had to share the moments that didn’t make the cut … Arabella is a ham and was totally camera-ready, but I had to resort to bribery to get Joseph to cooperate,” Trump writes in her announcement post.

“I usually try to feed my kids healthy food, but I gave Joseph his first lollipop ever in exchange for his best behavior. It’s the mommy trick we all say we’ll never do, but when you have multiple children, it’s pretty hard to be above it — it just works too well!!”

The fashionable and fit mom, who’s been married to The Observer Group owner Kushner since 2009, shared on her site that her kids already have strong opinions regarding the household’s newest member.

While they are excited about welcoming a new sibling, Trump says the kids are split about whether it should be a sister or brother: Arabella is rooting for a baby girl, while Joseph would love to have another little man around the house.

“I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have a career that I am deeply passionate about, but, at the end of the day, it’s my family that is at the center of my life — and to be adding another baby to our family is a tremendous blessing,” she writes. “Jared and I are so thankful, and so excited!”

— Mary Margaret

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mary on

Congrats on baby #3. Her kids are so cute.

Natasha on

Congrats to her and her husband but I still hate her loud mouth bigoted dad and pray he’ll never be president.

Elizabeth on

Oh, boy, another job opportunity for a nanny in N.Y.!!

Anonymous on

I don’t understand this. How much time does she spend with the ones she has?

huh? on

Her father is going to be so jealous.

Jane on

Ivnka Duggar? Her kids are cute and so it the announcement.

Mary on

I’m so glad when this election is over and we’ll never have to hear from her or her orange bloater again

cj on

You may not like her father’s politics nor the fact that she is a working mother who employs a nanny, however, she and her siblings are all educated, well spoken, respectful and law abiding citizens. None of them had the major meltdowns of many of the ober-rich. So congrats.

Anonymous on

A shame her father is such a moron.

Janie on

Congrats to both! Wonderful news!!

anon on

Can’t stand her father, but I actually met her and her husband in synagogue once and they were lovely people, I have to admit it. And their children are adorable. Congratulations!

Debs626 on

I wonder who the father is, her husband or her father the Donald???

Susan on

Wow, so much hate for a woman just because of her father. What ever happened to just saying something nice or not at all? Congrats to the Kushners on their third child.

sally on

Congrats to the beautiful family. But she needs to know you NEVER give your child candy- drinks that are BLUE. All those dyes are horrible for kids- but if you have to bribe, pick something that won’t turn his mouth a dark shade of blue.

really on


really on

Absolutely adorable family!

Tracey on

She’s beautiful and classy and elegant with a great figure. She has all the money in the world and has never known any struggle or hardship in her life but that’s just the luck of the draw. You have to hand it to Trump his kids are all law abiding citizens, not in trouble with the law and no tattoos. The only Trump kid I don’t like is the one that hunts.

Liv on

I actually like her. But her father disgusts me. What kind of moron would say something like dating his own daughter!? Sorry Ivanka but I always associated that comment when it comes to the Donald subject although I know it isn’t your fault.

Irish on

Lighten up, Sally. It’s one lollipop. It’s not enough to do any lasting damage.

KT on

Such a gorgeous woman with tons of class. Congratulations to her beautiful family!

Anonymous on

Cute picture with the numbers! And people are criticizing her for having a nanny….really?!? People in my neighborhood work and have nannies, as do my family members. Lots of people do! Not understanding why this is a big deal.

Poppy on

If I didn’t have to actually take care of them and raise them, I’d keep having babies, too.

Meghan on

Where are all the accusations that she got pregnant to benefit her dad’s campaign? That’s all we heard when Chelsea announced.

Cj, it’s not respectful to murder elephants.

Just a Duck on

I’m not a kid person, but at least she makes her kids behave in public places. So Ivanka should have more, properly behaved kids, and parents who think their kids running around and shrieking in stores and restaurants should get free birth control and sterilization! Congrats Ivanka and Jared!

cds on

Wow! Congratulations to Ivanka. I will always wonder what it is like to have as many children as you want and not ever have to worry about money or help.

maryhelenc on

How cute!

And how rude are some of the comments! Ivanka is a working mom yes, but she’s always stressed that Arabella & Joseph are her priority. Why does everything have to be working mom vs. SAHM?

drgrady on

Happy for them! She has cute kids.

Meanie on

Those Trumps breed like rabbits, don’t they? This is Donald Trump’s 8th grandchild and he has five kids himself. At least she doesn’t have to worry about health care or that she can provide a roof over their heads and keep food on the table. Money doesn’t bring happiness, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

charlotte on

Congrats on the new addition! She is the only Trump that I actually like!! Beautiful family.

GoldaMir on

She is gorgeous and sweet and probably a great mother! Her kids are beautiful and lucky to have her…who cares if The Donald is her Dad…She is one smart cookie on her own…Congratulations Ivanka, the only thing I would change is your name…

Anonymous on

I left an earlier comment about her having time for the ones she has….and I am not a SAHM. I work a full time corporate job and have children around the same age. I am sure I work less hours than she does and it is a simple fact that you do only get a few precious hours with your children each day if you work full time outside of the home. She runs multiple businesses and is very career focused. The more kids you have, the less of that limited time you have for each one. That is just reality.

Marilyn on

She’s trying to catch up to her brother, LOL. He has five kids.

julie on

She is beautiful, smart, and classy. Her children are precious.

Bmoremommy on

Goodness!! Wonder if her brother will be making a baby announcement soon, welcoming baby #12. Do they ever stop, geez

Jayne on

Whoa! a LOLLIPOP? Dont over do it. SMH.

How about a picture in jeans and a T shirt…a ponytail…..maybe a pic in the park with the kids? These staged, in a dress type pictures makes it hard to see her as normal.

Kay on

Always so much hate for someone who can afford help. I have a family member who was a nanny for a family for years, the parents were still heavily involved in the kids lives. Besides any working parent uses help, whether they have family watch their children while they are at work or the kids are in daycare.

Kelli on

@Jayne- What’s wrong with wearing dresses? I wear dresses often because they’re feminine and girly, and I don’t like to look unkempt. Where do you live and what type of work do you do that a woman wearing a dress is abnormal?

Miriam on

Thousands of mothers have children or are expecting every day. Why do we always have to hear about ordinary events about the rich and famous. More time should be written about the down and out and how we can help them.

Eva on

What, two aren’t enough for her in this already overpopulated world?? The “cute” kids will probably receive extensive plastic surgery once they hit puberty, just like she did.

Miriam on

Her kids look very Jewish – nothing like Ivanka.

Kathy on

Yet she had lollipops on hand. Congrats on #3 – definitey make beautiful babies together. I love hey are close in age. Be blessed

Kathy on

at Miriam – what a snide comment. Her children look healthy, well cared for and loved.

Etta on

It is refreshing to see someone that keeps most of her private life private, someone who works and not just looking for handouts or publicity. Regardless of what you may think of her parents I think they did a really good job raising their children into responsible adults. And why all the fuss about having a nanny? Most working families hire sitters or enroll their children into daycare. I think it is a fantastic choice for those that can afford it.

chipperchick62 on

She seems like a very well-grounded and gracious person despite her father’s bombastic ways. Congratulations to her and her family!

Nanu21 on

She is always a very classy lady….

ELC on

Sweet looking children…congrats on baby no.#3.

Smitten Kitten on

I’ll admit, I find her father a boorish thug, who sounds ridiculous whenever he speaks.

However… all of these people talking about another kid for the nanny to raise, couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, she is a working mom, so OF COURSE she has to have child care… just like the millions of other working moms in America. What should she be doing with her children while she works?

However, unlike I imagine the majority of those commenters, I DO live in NYC & if the people making those comments did too, they would see an adorable family together constantly on the weekends.

Ivanka & Jared are ALWAYS with their children, they’re playing on the great lawn in Central Park,walking around down by Chelsea Piers, they’re out & about EVERYWHERE with their children… there’s no entourage, there’s no security & guess what?? you never EVER see a nanny with them!

They look like any other typical family, enjoying each other on the weekend. Their children are polite, well behaved & sociable with everyone.

She’s by no means anywhere near similar to many of the other spoiled, entitled, Upper East Side elite, that although the mother has NEVER worked, she still has 2 or 3 nannies (day & night, of course darling) they’ll sleep until just before noon, late liquid lunch with friends, then it’s off to Barneys & mani’s & pedi’s (oh my!) with a quick dash in for botox touch ups. Then finally, finally peeking in on the kids as (sigh) the nanny reads them their bedtime stories (right before she comes in & puts mom to bed too!) & then we start again tomorrow!

It’s easy to take jabs at people you don’t know or may be envious of, but that doesn’t make it right.

Roxanne on

So tired of hearing about anyone named Trump. Ivanka loves exploiting her family. Who really cares that she is expecting her 3rd child. Enough of her family pictures or her entire family and especially her father who is nothing more than a shameful embarrassment to our country.

Valarie on

Yay congratulations on the #3.

Taylor on

I agree with Smitten Kitten.

Clearly, there are some extremely jealous people leaving comments, who have nothing better to do than hate on someone else because they have more than them. It’s kinda pathetic.

To be so green with envy, must be absolutely miserable.

Congrats Ivanka & don’t let the haters get you down.

Kris on

Wow, lot of butthurt in this post. Some of ya’ll need to simmer down and tame the green-eyed jealousy monster in the mirror. She was raised with wealth, and having formal photos, so her in jeans and a t-shirt is probably incredibly dowdy and too casual to her. So she works! Good for her. Ya’ll sound incredibly jealous of someone with money, looks, and a life outside home. And Miriam, you sound like an anti-semite.

Tina on

Ivanka is a class act. No matter what her full story is she is smart, tasteful, educated, beautiful and a class act. Stop the hate.

coneyro on

Her son is the spitting image of Donald. A beautiful family. The Trump’s kids have all been brought up to be productive, respectful citizens. Some of your less than kind comments are based on jealousy. Of course,these children will have the best of everything money and influence can buy. But they also seem to be loved, and THAT is priceless.

anna on

it is a really fuuny way to announce the new baby in the family. It shows true happiness.

reba on

some of the hatred that is being posted, unbelievable, have a child is a wonderful thing, something to be happy about.
With all the chaos around the world and so much to be worried about you would thing everyone would be happy to join in a share in the happy event and wish them well, and Congratulate them.

Anonymous on


Galanne on

Blessings to you both and your beautiful family.

Shaun on

I was wondering who would mention something about her giving her kid a lollipop. Some one did. Who cares? Glad your perfection. Congrats on doing life right Ivanka. I wouldnt mind the money but I could do without the fame. People are so mean and rude.

Joann on

I admire the Trump family, and congratulations Ivanka on your next child.
People are just plain jealous. Keep up the great work and make America great again.

nba on

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