Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Introduce Daughter Jagger Snow

09/24/2015 at 02:00 PM ET

Meet Jagger Snow Ross!

The 8-week-old baby girl — joined by Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson — made her digital debut on Thursday in a sweet snapshot posted to Instagram by her proud new parents.

In the family photo, the couple gaze down at their daughter, who’s dressed up in a white tutu.

“We love her so much!!! She is beyond everything!!! I have the best baby daddy in the world,” Simpson, 30, writes.

The Wicked City star, 27, shared the same picture, writing, “Every day has been the best day!!! Such a wonderful blessing. Love you [Ashlee] best mommy in the world.”

Ashlee Simpson Evan Ross daughter first photo
Kristin Burns Photography

The couple’s first child together arrived on July 30 and joins Simpson’s 6½-year-old son Bronx Mowgli.

“We are overjoyed about the birth of our precious baby girl,” they said in a statement at the time.

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— Anya Leon

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cds on

She’s adorable! I’m sure Diana Ross is tickled to have another grandchild.

pat on

That Baby is so sweet! Beautiful pictures of the family. Evan seems to have so much love and respect for Ashlee. You are a lucky girl, never take it for granted…..

guest on

Beautiful baby!

stacy on

welcome Jagger Snow. may all your years be happy, healthy and fulfilled

Michelle on

Isn’t his real name Evan Olav Næss? Whats with the Ross?

ImALadyToo on

She is a pretty, little girl and looks like she will get prettier as she grows up!

Georgia Brown on

Beautiful baby, but does Ashlee not realize “baby daddy” is a mildly derisive term used to describe a man who is not married to the mother of his child? And since Evan is the best, does that make Pete Wentz the second-best? So many questions….

JenW on

Everything is beautiful about this picture…except for that ‘stache. It’s unfortunately the first thing I saw.

James on

Her poor kids. Those names. Just atrocious names.

Karen on

What a beautiful family. I wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

Jodie on

Ugh. really like ashlee but Jagger snow and bronx mowgli are the worst effin names

PMc on

The baby looks like him. Kind of cute

grandiose on

She’s very cute but why impose scratchy material on an infant (or on anyone)? Just for show! Babies deserve to be comfortable! The world is filled with grating stimuli; put her in natural fabrics, or no fabrics at all. A tutu? Jeez!! What are people thinking? And could Ashlee look more plastic? That bleached hair, and FALSE eyelashes for a pic with your infant? Eeee? As for the names, Jagger is pretty meh, but Bronx has about the BEST kid name on the planet!!!! Love love love his name!

anon on

Oh! So pretty!

A on


avf on

I am in awe on the love Evan Ross shows his wife and child. In spite of growing up in a spotlight, he has realized what is important and what is not. Kuddos to Diana Ross! And congratulations to Ross family.

jones on

She is really cute.

Brandi on

@ Michelle – yes. Evan’s legal name is Evan
Olav Næss but he’s professionally known as Evan Ross. It’s pretty simple to understand why he uses that as his stage name…Ross is his mother’s maiden name/last name and more pronunciation-friendly than Evan Olav Næs. It’s not uncommon at all for celebrities to use their mother’s maiden name or a surname from their family line as a professional last name.

Long Live the King on

Is it just me or does he look like Diana and Michael Jackson’s love child?

Susan on

I love the comments about his facial hair in the second pic. I thought that the mustache finally made him look like a grown man! In that first picture he looks like a 15-year-old high schooler.

fanofboradwalkempire on

Beautiful little baby girl! so happy for the family!

charlotte on

Beautiful little girl and I like the name too! No comment on her parents…………

facelessbandit on

i hate the term “baby daddy”.

dancer92136 on

Beautiful baby girl…grandma Diana must be over the moon. Enjoy!!!

What the who? on

A while back he said what they name her would be easy to figure out. Huh? If her name had Diana somewhere in it, then it would be clear. Named after a bisexual English rocker and precipitation? Don’t get it!

Pam on

@grandiose How do you know it’s uncomfortable? I just bought a tutu for a baby and it’s soft and doesn’t touch her skin anyway. Geesh. Get your panties out of a bunch.

grandiose on

He is a good-looking man. I don’t like the jewelry, though.

Great face!

grandiose on

to Pam: I don’t wear panties (I’m sure you can guess why). Ick. And yes, that material is scratchy. I used “tactile google” to check

grandiose on

To What the Who: Snow in the urban dictionary means anything radical, cool, or totally awesome ; you might remember it is also used as slang for an illegal substance some people ingest. As for Jagger, Soleil Moon Frye has a daughter with that name, so clearly that is why Ashlee (who has the WORST NAME HERSELF) and Evan chose it.

Lilah on

Beautiful family! Congratulations!

Robin on

Does she have a thing for animal names or something?

Marilyn on

She’s so cute!

sdb on

no doubt ashlee thought her first husband was the best “baby daddy” in the world too at the time. i wonder how she will describe her third husband?

Truthfinder on

Baby daddy?? Not quite the term I would use to describe my husband and the father of our daughter.

Truthfinder on

Darling baby…

Julie on

The baby is stunning! Beautiful family.

Julie on

Grandiose you are so negative.

Jane on

So at one time they said we would be able to figure out where the name came from once they announced it. All I can think of is Mick Jagger and winter.

Smithy on

Yes I’d like to Jagger, then Shagger.

Said by all of her 2028 classmates.

Tessa on

All I can say is “I have the best baby daddy in the world” means you are trashy and belong in a trailer park. Sorry honey, that’s not a flattering comment to make about your man. Idiot.

Jook on

Good job on selling out thousands upon thousands of years of your genes to have a lower IQ kid that looks nothing like you! It never will. And neither will the other suicidal mothers. Congrats!

sue on

She’s beautiful… Hopefully she doesn’t inherit her mother’s nose.

stacey on

That baby looks exactly like her hideous dad. And that name????

Debbe on

I would not have used the terminology “baby daddy” for the best dad in the world but congrats to them.

PunkinCat on

Good-looking family. Much happiness to them. The only negative is that they don’t have her son in this photo. They are a “blended” family, so why isn’t Bronx in the photo?

Chris on

That is a very cute baby!!!! Adorable! Congrats!

xoxo on

She is beautiful – Congratulations to them all!

Trini on

How cuteeeeeee

dd on

cute kid

reneadijab on

There is no law that says you have to have a baby with EVERY man you marry…

Meghan on

Brandi, let’s be honest, changing his name had more to do with coattails riding then pronunciation. See his sisters, actresses Tracee (Silberstein) Ellis Ross and Rhonda (Silberstein) Ross Kendrick.

Meena on

What a cute little baby.

Too Shy on


CC on

1st the baby is beautiful 2nd Baby daddy??? Does she know what that term means?? Ugh the things celebrities say bc they can?? Oh yeah that explains it all bc of her sister n the chicken of the sea nonsense…😏

Volly on

She is so cute!

Abby on

TO JOOK: What the heck are you taking about? Lower IQ baby? Racist much?

Kat on

“Baby daddy?” Aren’t they married? If I was Evan I’d be offended by the reference, wt. . .!

Ella on

The name is easy to figure out. She was obviously conceived while listening to the Rolling Stones in a snow storm.

lilly pond on

Michael Jackson, Jr……….

Anna on

Let’s hope she raise this one because she doesn’t seem to want to bother with the 6 year old.

Anne Ganrs on

@grandiose has lots of sand in her vagina. Girl, dust it out and take a shower! It’ll be alright.

tiffany on

She cheapens their relationship by referring to him as “baby daddy.”


He’s so feminine looking….

Leigh on

I find him to be extremely girlish.

Donna on

She has adorable eyes,,,,,,,,,what a sweetie

Autumn on

Jagger looks like Evan 💙

Nope on

I’d appreciate it more if Bronx was in the pictures as well.

Reese on

That’s one adorable baby girl!