Ciara on Having Another Baby: I ‘Definitely’ Want More Kids

09/15/2015 at 09:30 AM ET

She may have named her latest album, Jackie, after her mother, but Ciara also loves boasting about her sweet baby boy.

“He is awesome! He is 15 months going on 3 years old,” the singer told PEOPLE of her son, Future Zahir, while attending the Essence Street Style Awards on Sunday.

As Future switches from baby babble to his first words, the Grammy winner admits she’s had to watch what she says while around her son.

“He’s like a parrot now, he’s in the parrot stage so he [copies] everything you say — which you have to be careful with!” she says.

“The other day we were saying, ‘Thank you, Jesus’ and I would say, ‘Say, thank you!’ and he would say, ‘Tank you!’ I’d say, ‘Je-sus’ and he’d say, ‘Yee-yus.’ It is so sweet!”

Ciara son Future Zahir talking

Ciara, 29, made headlines earlier this year when she and her boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, shared their religious vow of celibacy in their relationship.

When asked how Wilson, 26, is with her son she says, “He is just an amazing guy. Honestly, him being in my life is really sweet … Life is pretty good, I can say that.”

As far as siblings for Future, Ciara, who often visits Seattle Children’s Hospital with her boyfriend, tells PEOPLE, “I definitely [want more kids], yes. [Russell and I] discuss a lot of things … a lot of good things!”

Jackie includes the touching lullaby “I Got You,” a song she dedicated to Future.

— Kristen Caires

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gracie on

I guess now that Russell Wilson has signed for the big bucks, Ciara is looking for him to put a ring on it. He has only been divorced for a few years…she might be waiting a long time.

Vivian on

Maybe consider getting married first this time so you can be a wife and then a Mother..not just another baby mama. I like Ciara, but for her to allow herself to get knocked up by a womanizing rapper who already has several babies by several women is just silly. I would not have even been having unprotected sex with him TO get pregnant. I really thought she was smarter than that. I think this new guy is definitely better for her. I just hope she gets engaged, then married for a while and actually plans this pregnancy.

charlotte on

thanks @Vivian. I was wondering who the baby daddy was and if she had been married to him. I am a fan of Russell Wilson, but know nothing about her and was quite honestly surprised to read this. didn’t know she had a child out of wedlock, her being “chaste” and all. good for her, good for them. hope they are happy.

Guest on

My ears are still hurting from her US Open attempt to sing live!!! If Russell were my son I wouldn’t want him marrying her. What she named her son after a rapper with a million baby mama’s said a great deal!!

Not a fan on

Get this gold digger away from my QB, please. He hasn’t played well since this ho bag walked into his life looking for another meal ticket.

erica2 on

I Love Ciara…I Love Russell and I absolutely LOVE them together. She got rid of her Bozo and found a Boaz 🙂 Baby Future is adorable and Ciara is a hands on Mom that glows anytime she is with her son…her ex should feel like a fool right now. Glad to see her get a shot at true happiness and I am glad she and Russell are going about it the right way. I am predicting a wedding in the future non pun intended.

msrational on

Glad to see the hating women of Seattle has for another story where they can use their comments to vent! Ciara is not the only person to ever have a child before being married. She was engaged to her child’s father and that was her choice. No one is perfect as being a divorce man at 26 proves in regards to Russell. They were fortunate enough to find each other and is giving love another try the way it was intended. So rather than siting the seething in hate, go find you own happiness as some of you come of as being nothing more than bitter Beckies! Ciara had money from the age of 16. She is a complete woman who has manage to hold on to her acquired wealth without waiting for a child support or alimony check. She is out there working, taking care of her child and not sitting at home waiting for Russell’s accountant to write her an allowance check. Some of you should stop being so bitter and find out what it takes to make a real man happy before attacking her, because the last time i check Russell appeared to be basking in his love for and from her!

tdor on

People must hate their own lives, not to want the very best for these two. I’m really rooting for them.

Molly on

Ooh her son is so adorable.

msrational on

@Guest. Your ears might be hurting, but I can guarantee you it’s not from listening to Ciara’s performance at the USOpen. I do have a theory though, it might be from the increase use of Botox and fillers that you are no doubt using, do to the many wrinkles and frown lines your hating Azz has develop. Mind you, Ciara’s name doesn’t just pop up on your computer screen you know. You have to actually google her or Russell’s name or go on social media deliberately looking for these stories. If her singing was so terrible as you implied why listen? You’re way too old to be such a hater. Ciara is a Grammy Award Winning Musician, with a career span in excess of 10 years. She has sold millions or records and won countless awards. She has a fan base of a combine 11 million people on social media. I don’t think your opinion will cause her to cry or stop singing. The difference between an old fool and a young fool is an old fool know when to quit, but apparently you don’t!

Anonymous on

Did anyone actually read the article? They are abstaining from sex until marriage. Therefore it’s pretty obvious that Ciara won’t be having another child out of wedlock (at least with him)! 😉