Kim Kardashian West Admits to Being ‘Mortified’ at Her First Pregnancy Style: I Tried Borrowing Kourtney’s Looks

09/14/2015 at 02:45 PM ET

After Kourtney Kardashian received rave reviews on her maternity style while pregnant, Kim Kardashian West thought she would just follow in her sister’s footsteps.

But borrowing a few looks from Kourtney’s closet turned out to be one of the mom-to-be’s greatest fashion faux pas.

“Everyone used to say Kourtney had the best pregnancy style, so I would borrow a dress she wore when she was pregnant, and OMG it did not look the same!” Kardashian West writes on her new website and app, launched Monday.

“The side-by-side comparisons were just not good for my soul, so I finally had to figure out my own style that worked for ME!”

Kim Kardashian West website launch

The final straw, and motivation to find her own outfits, came after working with a team of five stylists vying for entirely different looks on the mom-to-be.

“I didn’t even know my signature style yet, let alone how to dress for a baby bump!” she explains. “My style kept changing and nothing was consistent.”

Things have since changed: Unlike her pregnancy with daughter North, Kardashian West is all about showing off her growing baby belly while expecting her second child.

“This time around, I know what I like — plus, I am confident and not trying to hide my bump. I actually want to accentuate it,” the reality star, who will welcome a son with husband Kanye West in December, says.

“And yes, long coats to cover my fat arms and ass! It’s such a trip how your body grows and changes, and at the end of the day, you have to wear what you are comfortable in and what you feel good in.”

She adds of her decision to constantly don a coat during summer, “I don’t care what the weather is, I will always wear my coats. I am always freezing, so it works out perfectly for me!”

Now that she’s finally found what works for her and her baby bump — neutral colors and black — Kardashian West isn’t afraid to look back on a few of her former ensembles and cringe.

“I also look back at my last pregnancy looks and sometimes I am mortified,” she admits, adding that her pre-eclampsia made dressing difficult during her first pregnancy.

“I actually am a few pounds heavier this pregnancy than my last, yet somehow I look so different. Maybe it’s because you carry a boy differently than a girl, maybe it’s because I don’t have the swelling that I had last time when I had preeclampsia, OR maybe it’s because I am confident in my style and know what to expect.”

Kim Kardashian West website launch

Unlike her mama, 2-year-old North tends to opt for simple yet chic looks: She prefers to stick to loose-fitted clothes — and plenty of fun accessories.

“North loves wearing oversized clothes. She wears this Peas & Queues sweatshirt around the house all of the time because it’s so comfy!” Kardashian West shares.

“She loves trying on Mommy’s Jacob & Co. jewelry, so I let her.”

If you want an all-access pass to all apps, premium content lives behind a subscriber paywall.Jen Garcia, Executive Editor of the Kardashian/Jenner Apps, told PEOPLE that all products the sisters share on their individual apps are ones they are truly passionate about, and most will be shoppable for fans. “There are no partnerships or advertising on the sites and apps at this time,” she confirmed.

“Kim is very high-end. It’s about mixing high fashion with being a mom,” Garcia told WWD. “You’re going to see a lot of beauty from her. She’s focusing a lot on tutorials.”

— Anya Leon

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tk on

Honey, look in the mirror, you should be mortified again. Try some “high end ” maternity wear, you would look a hundred times better.

Ridiculous on

That is the single most ridiculous outfit I’ve seen on a child. That hold necklace, pfft!! It makes me think of the children of Brad and Angie, who seem to be supported to wear what THE CHILD likes and what suits THE CHILD’S personality. But here we have the opposite, total narcissism from a parent, dressing a child how it suits THE PARENT:.

give it a rest on

Wow..she finally owns up on her figure..folks shouldn’t bash her..I am not saying I LIKE her style, but I dont have to..

Jen on

I’m sorry, but those coats are ridiculous for summer in southern CA! And ENOUGH WITH THE 20 PAIRS OF PREGNANCY SPANX! Is that really good for the baby?

Leeza on

I like her stretchy pregnancy dresses. They look very comfortable and wearing a long, loose and flowing top over them is a great idea.

Leeza on

Stop fat shaming a pregnant woman. Very rude and tacky. It’s her style and the clothes are not on your body. Grow up!

A on

Is that a choker? #1994

LIN on

Who is she trying to mimic, the pilsbury dough boy?

Amanda on

Fast forward two years from now and she will be mortified of these looks as well.

She strikes me as the type that doesn’t accept the changes in her body while pregnant, so instead she tries to dress like she’s not pregnant or hide parts of her body that show her pregnancy figure. I understand women may not always feel beautiful while pregnant but it is a beautiful time and I wish Kim would truly embrace it. But…vanity wins.

Mary on

please make this idiot go away !all she talks about is her looks – honey you destroyed your looks ,you have a wasted looking frozen cat face ,you look like c r a p ,no one cares about your lack of style

Jayleen on

If she wanted to borrow a style look for pregnancy, she should look towards someone like Kate Middleton. At least she would look like a lady and not some tramp on a street corner.

Cris on

She might say that she is confident but her actions scream insecurity. I find it hard to think that she had five stylists and this is the best that they collectively had to offer. Her body type is awkward at best and the minute she puts on weight, it shows everywhere. That’s just even more of a reason not to wear skin tight and those heavy long coats.

Grace on

Good God! Could this woman be any more vain!?!? Why not thank God you are blessed to be pregnant at all? Hiding a baby bump in your first pregnancy and flaunting it with your second. Worrying about your “big arms and butt” should be the least of your worries. Accept ALL of the changes that happen to your body. That being stated, perhaps if you didn’t wear skin tight clothes (not saying you need a muumuu) might make you look and feel more comfortable. Also, pregnant woman are beautiful; remember that.

guest on

I think the problem is that she is NOT wearing maternity clothes. She is wearing regular clothes designed not to accommodate a pregnant belly so she ends up looking like a stuffed sausage. She is very fashion forward and in no way am I suggesting she should be wearing a mumu but she should be wearing more flattering maternity wear.

Dani on

That necklace is ghetto as #3ll. Kim couldn’t smell stylish or elegant if she tried.

Marisa on

You should be worse than mortifiec with this pregnancy style. What a joke!!

Sara on

She looks terrible. Mostly because she wears clothes two sizes too small.

Ari on

That’s because Kourtney is a lot smaller than you! Borrow her style in your size.

LS0919 on

Oh honey, I’d have to say your style this pregnancy has been worse.

jamaro on

She’s such a liar. I never saw Kourtney wear any of those hideous outfits that Kim wore when she was pregnant with North!! Kourtney never dresses like a slut….that’s Kim’s style…..Tight, low-cut, cleavage-baring, drab, ugly clothing. Now Kim looks even worse than her first time! She’s clueless!!

huh? on

please tell me how this one is different. It still sucks every seam seems like its stretched to the max, and everything is spandex.

huh? on

What’s the deal with every outfit being paired with a coat

Rachael on

Why oh why.. do we need daily updates on this family?

fatalreview on

so blame it on Kourtney like where she dumps the kid all the time-whatever and sorry Kim Kow no one believes you fit in anything in Kourtney’s closet when your not pregnant let alone when she turns into the Macy’s parade balloon blimp and her sweater sweat suit dress with the bath gowns and heavy coats is not a “style” it’s moo moo blimp attire 101

Please on

Well, I’m mortified by her second pregnancy style. Honestly, does she ever look in the mirror except to take selfies.

Helen on

Her problem is that she insists on forcing herself into the same hideous garbage she wears when she isn’t pregnant. It looks down right cartoonish sometimes. If she wore actual maternity clothes she’d look better and be more comfortable.

Aussie cathie on

She looks like a hog regardless

Lucy on

North needs a new stylist.

Anonymous on

Is that Kris holding North?

Guest on

Is that Kris holding North?

huh? on

200 lbs of beef on the hoof squeezed into a 100 lb bag.

Sara on

She needs to fire her stylist. She wouldn’t need a coat if she wore maternity clothes. Maternity clothes stretch in your 3b’s (boobs, butt, and Belly). Skin tight non-maternity clothes just make her look bigger than she is. Jessica Simpson did the same thing.

Sara on

She is wearing a winter coat and the girl behind her is wearing a tank top. This is how you know it’s a fashion miss.

LOL on

Keep trying, sweetie. You are still have the tackiest pregnancy style I’ve ever seen.

huh? on

She’s got the kid’s hair slicked back with bear grease again. What’s wrong with her natural hair??

And congrats, Kimmode! You look almost exactly like your mom now (after this latest plastic surgery)

Robin on

Why can’t she just wear what feels comfortable and looks okay? Kim, you’re pregnant, go with that “style” of you need one.
Copying your sister of following the advice of so called fashion “experts” while pregnant is nktxthe right way to go.

JeffWinterwolfHewitt on

Kim Kardashian West Admits to Being ‘Mortified’ at Her First Pregnancy Style: I Tried Borrowing Kourtney’s Looks

Nothing’s changed.

Khloesmum on

I actually think she looks great with this pregnacy. She looks way more comfortable. As for the coats I completely understand. I’m pregnant with my second baby and have been wearing sweaters all summer because I’m always cold as well. That being said she wore a skin tight leather skirt the other day that dis not look great. But I love the stretchy dresses the most.

Thora on

I look forward to seeing what KK is wearing – i appreciate all the far out looks and kind of wish i could have as much fun with my own style – big and baggy clothes would only dwarf her – it takes courage to wear what you like when your body doesn’t conform to the dangerous standard set for women – most of all she pulls it off with confidence. Not saying i celebrate everything she does – but her fashion and celebrity suggests that she can love the body she’s in without hiding perceived flaws. I wish she had the same confidence with her natural beauty instead of plasticizing her face – can’t win ’em all.

michelle on

Narcissism at its finest.

Maxine on

This is the rare picture that she didn’t dress black. Kim looks fine in white dress.

Crazy on

Who dresses a toddler in a chunky gold necklace like that?!

mary on

I think you look worse this time, of course your taste in clothes or Kanye taste in clothes sucks all the time.

Nanu21 on

Kim is what….HIGH END…..when? How much money do these reporters get paid to build her up like she is something so special? She can’t even dress her daughter cute so obviously has no fashion sense at all and neither does that raggy hubbie of her’s…….sickening!!!

life goes on on

Some people should wear real maternity clothes , so they do not look like a sausage.

rm on

well…uhm seems to me she still has some figuring out to do….

lilly pond on

Please put this ugly pig to rest.

lilly pond on

Please put this ugly pig to rest…..

lilly pond on

Please put this ugly pig to rest!!

lilly pond on

Trashy pig.


And the LIES keep on comin’!!


She can never own up to her own downfalls…..always has to blame someone else for her poor choices.

Julie on

I’m mortified at ALL her pregnancy looks!!!!

Volla on

Kim needs new stylists!

Kelly on

Okay…I am not a fan, and I do not like to hand down compliments to this family, but…I saw Kim up close last week at one of the shows and she does not look the same as she photographs. For whatever reason the pictures make her look bigger and sloppier at times. She is tiny. Very tailored (for being pregnant) and beautiful. As much as I’d like to write something negative I’d rather be honest. Maybe it’s all the flashes that make things look like they don’t fit her well but it’s not really accurate.

erica2 on

Kim…3 words of advice…FIRE…YOUR…STYLIST! Blunt Translation: DIVORCE YOUR HUSBAND!

Anonymous on

Yeah Kim is kinda a narcissistic lady.

Sandy on

She looks so much better now. NOT!

MZ on

Go away Kim!

tbh on

She clearly doesn’t know how to dress. When I see her clothling line in the mall they looks pretty bad as well so I don’t buy her clothes. Also she’s pregnant so why is she trying to pretend the fats not there??!! She’s not fooling anyone it just looks ridiculous