Jaime King on Regaining Her Body After Baby: I ‘Don’t Believe in the Word Diet’

09/14/2015 at 10:50 AM ET

Jaime King says she got back into shape after the birth of her second son Leo Thames earlier this summer with the help of an organic food delivery service — just don’t call it a diet.

The actress also credits her firstborn, 22-month-old son James Knight, with helping her shed the pregnancy pounds.

“I was chasing [him] around for my entire pregnancy and then chasing [him] around as soon as I had the baby,” King told PEOPLE at the Michael Kors Gold Fragrance launch party in New York City on Sunday.

While the mom of two also credits Ballet Beautiful and her organic delivery service Paleta for her post-baby body, she says her commitment to healthy eating doesn’t mean she’s dieting.

“I don’t believe in the word diet because I think the word dieting comes with judgment,” King, 36, says. “When I hear the word diet, I want to punch the word in the face because it tells people that you can’t have something. You should be able to have things that love and nourish your body.”

Jaime King Michael Kors Gold Fragrance launch party
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She adds, “I feel like I ‘dieted’ my whole life in some way shape or form. When I let go of it and said, ‘I’m not doing this anymore’ — when I stopped letting go of the judgment of eating cake or cookies or having burgers, which are my favorite thing in the whole world — then I finally was at a balanced weight.”

King is also still thrilled at having one of her best friends, Taylor Swift, as the godmother of her new baby boy.

“She’s the best,” King tells PEOPLE. “I feel very, very blessed. She’s an incredibly prolific human being and I really couldn’t ask for anything greater.”

— Alexandra Hurtado

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Shawna on

Articles like this make me angry because it is so unrealistic for the average woman. I’m sure we would all get back in shape quickly if we didn’t have to worry about cooking and had all our meals delivered to us. Try actually raising your kids with no nanny and having to grab a quick meal whenever you get the chance and see how quickly you get back in shape.

wendyw2407 on

We all know her weight loss is from not eating, let’s be honest here Jaime.

sfmom on

Another rich skinny chick telling us how “chasing a toddler” made her lose weight after pregnancy.
We all saw pictures of Jaime King during her pregnancy. She was toothpick thin throughout with a very small belly. If you start out your pregnancy in good shape and very thin, and then you continue to eat a meager diet (the portions on those meal plans are TINY!), you will likely gain a very small amount of weight. If you don’t gain a lot of excess fat during pregnancy, it will usually fall off almost immediately following birth. I’ve had 4 kids, and my youngest was born just two weeks ago. The only pregnancy where I didn’t lose all the baby weight was with my second child. I ate considerably more, gained a LOT more and it never came off, even with (admittedly half-assed) diet and exercise. I am still carrying around a good 20-30lbs of extra weight from that pregnancy. I’ve had two more children since then and each pregnancy, I ate a healthy, balanced diet and did not eat to excess. With my third I gained 22lbs and dropped it all in the first three weeks. This time, I gained 25lbs. At 2 weeks post partum, 21lbs of that is already gone.

How healthy you are when you start pregnancy matters.
How you eat during pregnancy matters.
Your metabolism matters.
Your genetics matter.
And finally: Your resources and post partum support matter. These all contribute to how you will recover from birth, physically and emotionally. It is foolish to discount those factors when addressing the issue of post partum weight loss.

And when you are post partum, trying to establish breastfeeding, reeling from sleep deprivation, trying to navigate life in a culture where post partum support for new mothers is all but non-existent (“Oh hi, you just had a baby a week ago? Can I come over to your house and see the baby to satisfy my curiosity?” Yeah. No.)….the last thing you really want to hear is a lovely, thin Hollywood mom who has every resource at her disposal chortling about how easy it was to get back to fighting weight. I seriously think part of it is that these women are so isolated in their bubble that they truly do not understand how privileged they are, or what real life is like for moms outside of Hollywood.

Congrats on your adorable kids Ms. King. I am happy for your good health and easy recovery.

MD on

Is Jamie’s occupation talking to People magazine about her being a mom because that’s the ONLY thing I have seen when she’s mentioned.

megan on

Since she is supposedly a former drug addict, I think it’s pretty safe to say “running after my kid” did not help with the weight loss

Armanda on

Because they are in the public eye they will never admit to starving or plastic surgery. The backlash would be career-damaging. Instead, they must make average moms feel worse about themselves for not having the willpower or drive to get their pre-baby body back. It’s all about the mommy shame. Shame on you ladies for NOT having the willpower to successfully gain an eating disorder.

Special Guest Star on

Dieting LEADS to weight gain. To those who don’t believe–read “Intuitive Eating.” It’s not BS and it’s not magic–you simply end up eating less.

Courtney Thorne-Smith was a notorious mega-dieter (and battled anorexia on Ally McBeal). She marveled at her Melrose costar, Heather Locklear, who was (and still is) stick thin and would order a cheeseburger for lunch… Then Courtney realized Heather’d only eat a few bites till she was satiated; she was a natural “intuitive eater.”

There’s a reason consta-dieters are always heavier… And it ain’t genetics.