Eric Decker Can’t Wait to Start ‘Kicking Some Footballs Around’ with Newborn Son

09/12/2015 at 09:45 AM ET

Eric and Jessie James Decker are only a week into their new life as the parents of two kids, and the family dynamic is “great already,” he told PEOPLE.

Well, mostly.

“I guess, with two kids who aren’t sleeping through the night makes it a little more hard — but other than that the dynamic is great already,” Decker, 28, said at Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day in New York City Friday, where he was supporting the EJD Foundation.

“Obviously [newborn son Eric Thomas Decker ll is] only a week old but [17-month-old daughter] Vivianne, our oldest, is just very nurturing and very sweet with her brother.”

Eric Decker baby
Courtesy Jessie James Decker

With two kids at home, the New York Jets wide receiver said things are coming into focus for him and his recording star wife, 27.

“We had this conversation yesterday: It’s like, all right, it’s real, like we’re parents now,” Decker said. “Not just one kid — it’s like children.”

Decker said his wife has “obviously taken the brunt of the no sleep, but she’s doing great.”

“She’s just a natural mother, and it’s just fun to see her in this realm,” he said. “She’s such a good artist and business woman but to see her as a mother, especially breastfeeding, it’s real cool.”

Vivianne, he said, is like a sponge: “She knows what she’s saying, she’s trying to copy what you’re doing.” Decker can’t wait for his son to get there, too.

Jessie James Decker son
Noam Galai/Getty

“Just that stage when he gets there, having fun, rolling around, wrestling, kicking some footballs around,” Decker said. “Take him out fishing. Take him down to the beach, just the fun things I enjoyed and just enjoyed growing up, just to kind of get him in that environment and see him smile and have fun.”

After all, that’s what parenthood is all about, he said.

“It’s such a crazy feeling,” he said. “Seeing your kids smile and be happy and having a good time is so rewarding.”

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— Adam Carlson with reporting by Alexandra Hurtado

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julie on

Beautiful family!

LIN on

Just wish their show would come back. I loved it.

Ellie on

You can also do all of these things with your daughter….

Anonymous on

Ellie- You bet you can. I did all of the things that Eric mentioned with my father (except for fishing, but that was only because I wasn’t interested and my dad’s never been much of a fisherman)….and I loved them! In fact, I enjoyed most of them more than my brother did (he was much happier doing quieter things, like drawing or building with Legos!).

Also, I don’t like how Eric is obviously dumping most of the nighttime childcare onto Jessie. I realize he can’t nurse (and it’s way too early to introduce a bottle), but he could easily get up with Vivianne when she wakes up.

Kol on

Congratulations on their new addition.

Kaitlin on

He may well be doing all those things with his daughter – he didn’t say he isn’t. He just said he can’t wait to do them with his little boy.

As for his wife doing most of the no sleep thing – maybe he does get up, but it’s easier for him to fall asleep again, or something like that. He never said he doesn’t get up, he simply said she’s taking the brunt of it. Who knows, maybe the kids don’t want him at night. I know my younger sister would scream bloody murder if my Dad went to get her at night until after she was 2, so it was just easier (not to mention it meant me and my older sister didn’t wake up) for my Mom to just do it herself with her. You don’t know the whole story – don’t make snap judgments.

Ashleigh on

I know people from Minnesota. Jessie ostracized him from his family. She wouldn’t like it if her son took off and never had anything to do with her anymore.

Anonymous on

Ashleigh- Or perhaps HE decided he didn’t want anything to do with them anymore (and honestly, after having read a bit about them, I can’t say I blame them. I wouldn’t want to be around people who didn’t accept my spouse, either!). I hate it when people always blame the spouse!

Jen on

Why isn’t their daughter named after the mother?

Angie on

He is adorable LOL