Tarek and Christina El Moussa Welcome Son Brayden James

09/11/2015 at 08:05 PM ET

The Flip or Flop franchise is expanding!

HGTV’s home remodeling stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa welcomed their second child, son Brayden James, at 8:15 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 20, a rep for the couple confirms to PEOPLE. Delivered by emergency c-section, their son weighed in at 8 lbs., 9 oz.

“He is absolutely perfect! He’s such a sweet baby, he hardly cries and he is so cuddly,” Christina, 32, tells PEOPLE.

“I know people say babies at two weeks don’t really smile, but I swear he does. He will look me in the eyes and do a sideways grin. It melts my heart.”

Tarek Christina El Moussa son Brayden James photo
Melissa Stewardson Photography

Also parents to daughter Taylor Reese, who turns 5 this month, the reality stars’ journey to becoming parents for the second time hasn’t been easy.

In September 2013, Tarek was diagnosed with thyroid cancer just before the couple went through two failed attempts at IVF — including one resulting in a miscarriage at eight weeks.

“After trying for over two years to get pregnant, we are ecstatic to finally be a family of four,” says Christina. “Taylor loves being a big sister. Her favorite part is reading him stories at night.”

This guy melts my heart!!!! ❤️ #BraydenJames

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Tarek Christina El Moussa son Brayden James photo
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And as far as Brayden’s future, proud papa Tarek, 34, has big plans.

“He is already planning his Major League Baseball and/or home flipping career,” jokes Christina.

— Emily Strohm

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Anonymous on

Congrats to their beautiful family! Praying for health for Tarek and all.

Tammy on

I love them and I love their show. I’m so happy for their new little blessing.

Libby on

Such pottery barn generic names – and such a beautiful exotic last name …..

Is tarek Moroccan? There are such lovely middle eastern names.

Selena on


I could be wrong but from his appearance he could be turkish or lebanese. I hate giving my opinions on folks kids names because what I think doesnt matter and im not the one changing diapers.

But I also thought the same thing when I saw the names…Brayden James? So dull and lifeless. Taylor? Typical valley girl name. It seems as if hes whitewashing his background by having these generic names stamped to his kids own.

Kind of like when chinese folks name themselves Tom. Or I had a Bengali friend from england who bought a lord ship and renamed himself Andy Williams. Seriously? Sooooo many western names to choose from and you decide on Andy?!

anja on

Love them!! That little girl is the spitting image of her dad in that picture.

Kilraa on

Congratulations to you all! Brayden is absolutely handsome! 🙂

Pam M. on

What a wonderful surprise!!! Wishing your family all the happiness in the world…. Love you guys as a couple and think your show is well done….really enjoy watching it and seeing all you accomplish…

Anonymous on

Libby and Selena,
Tarek was actually born in Alexandria, Egypt.

Kaitlynn on

Finally a normal name in Hollywood. I like the name, James is traditional but Brayden is a new popular name that I have been hearing a lot lately, he is adorable. I love the family picture before he was born. I also hope the whole family is healthy and enjoy this new addition.

gymluv on

Heartfelt congratulations. I love a happy ending after a long struggle. I hope sharing their story inspires those who are also facing difficult times.

Just a Duck on

Tarek’s mother is European and blonde. She’s been on the show several times. I don’t know about the ethnicity of his father.

Julie on

Precious new baby boy and family. I enjoy their show.

DaisyMoon on

I’m dyin’…the smiling photo…cutest thing I’ve seen in a very long time!

Anonymous on

Okay, I just clicked on where it says “welcomed their second child” and read that story. They banked his sperm and did IVF because they were told that after radioactive iodine treatments, you should not get pregnant from that sperm for six months to a year. She’s only 32, why couldn’t they have just waited until that six months to a year was up and then tried?!

Anyway, congrats to them! Also, does anyone know how old Taylor is?

Mi77 on

Kind of an odd sign in the photo of the three of them…. “Only Child EXPIRING Aug 2015”. Reads like she’s going to die. I *know* what it is supposed to mean, so no yap yap necessary!

LIN on

Absolutely my favorite show. What an adorable family.

Callie on

I didn’t know about his cancer; that explains why he has been so skinny. Congratulations to them both on the birth of the baby, love the name.

Callie on

Is it possible for you people to just say congratulations and then shut up?

dd on

congrats! i like their show.

Camila on

Selena and Libby since when last name indicates a culture that you must follow. Perhaps the other side of the family had larger cultural immersion and maybe the middeleastern culture was not a big part of his upbringing for whatever reason.

Realistically lots of people have a mixture of Ethnic backgrounds who are you to say they should follow all of them more or less.

I myself am French, Irish, German with middeleastern last name and in my home we mainly follow European/American culture.

I find your comments inappropriate and racist.

emma on

What a cutie am happy for them

sally on

OMG, such beautiful pictures!!! Congratulations!

Amira on

Just a cool tidbit regarding Tarek’s cancer diagnosis. A woman who was watching the show, who also happened to be a nurse, noticed during certain scenes that there was a suspicious lump on his throat. Her nursing background gave her the knowledge that the location and shape of the lump was of great concern. She contacted them through their show website and expressed concern to the point that Tarek was made aware of her post. He made an appointment because of this caring woman, and that is when the cancer was found.

Tarek and Christina credit this nurse and fan of their show with saving Tarek’s life. They knew he was going to have to undergo radioactive treatments to kill the thyroid and the cancer within, so they banked his sperm. The miscarriage and failed attempts were following the cancer diagnosis. It was either too dangerous, or not even possible, for Christina to get pregnant traditionally.

I would have loved to hear a somewhat exotic first or middle name to go with El Moussa, but for whatever reason, they chose otherwise. Taylor is a blonde, female image of Tarek. Baby Brayden is absolutely gorgeous.

Bee on

Love their show. They flip houses in and around the area that I grew up, so it’s always fun to see familiar places. Those are some adorable children!

Valarie on

Yay congratulations to Tarek and the family.

Ewwwww on

Their daughter seems like a spoiled brat and I’m guessing this kid will be too

Anonymous on

Amira- Yes, it obviously was too dangerous. But they said the “danger” period only lasts six months to a year. So I don’t know why they didn’t just wait and then try the old-fashioned way. Oh, well, not my problem or my business!

EWWWW- Where are you getting that she’s spoiled? I’ve seen the show a couple of times (I’m an HGTV nerd!), and I don’t get that vibe at all. She just seems like a typical small child to me!

Pam on

Love their reality show. Congrats!

grammadiamond on

Congratulations to the whole family, and I think the names are terrific! I was so tired of these weird names for celebrities’ children. Finally, some really NICE names, that can actually be pronounced, AND spelled!! I wish them all the best, and continued success!!

felicia on

I just saw a commercial for the show and I knew Tarek was sick. I am so sad I didn’t know he was diagnosed two years ago. I pray the best for them and there new addition to the family and I pray for wellness for him.

Anonymous on


Barbara on

Congrats to Tarek and Christine, these lovely hardworking Americans who overcame financial hardship and then triumphed over serious illness. They did not give up hope but were creative and followed their American dream. They are amazing role models of perserverance and success.

Anne on

Wow, I didn’t even know she was expecting! I watch their show all the time and think they are a wonderful couple. Congratulations and enjoy that beautiful baby boy!

Anonymous on

Taylor looks just like Tarek! Congrats to them on their baby boy!

Lee on

His wife dresses like a whore and it’s readily apparent that most of their profits made go to her high maintenance up keep. A big chunk no doubt goes toward her clothes, hair, nails, spray tan, piles of make up, and expensive accessories like Gucci purses and jewelry. He needs to reign her in and tell her to cover up a little more when she’s in front of all those construction workers instead of flaunting herself like a hooker.

Marilu on

I love to see children that are so loved and taken care of. I have the utmost respect for both Christina and Tarek. Their show is my absolute favorite. As for Anonymous and Lee, you are both hateful jealous turds that need to get a life.

Valerie on

Are they even still together? I heard she got cought cheating.

Lee ann on

You are a beautiful family and your daughter is a little sweetie. She is always smiling and you can tell she loves her mommy and daddy. She will be a big good sister too. Bet she wil be protective. Christina your dress is so pretty. Tarek don’t push yourself to hard and take care of yourself.

Thomas on

@Selena, you are clueless. Just accept the fact that it’s the parents’ right to name their kids, and if you find it boring, that’s just too damn bad.

iva clark on

We watch Flip or Flop everyday. Your children are darling.

Cee on

If Tarek’s background is Moroccan, he should be proud to have African DNA. Africa is the richest continent on earth. Sadly, many people believe that a WASP image is synonymous with success. I’m shocked he didn’t change his last name.

Harry Bunting on

Come on guys, they had this baby in August and now, in early December, the marriage is OVER!!!

Harry Bunting on

Cmon People, They had the baby August 20th and now December 13th, the whole marriage is OVER. We heard in late November that the road show they were on was cancelled but we don’t know why??

What’s next???

El Shaarawy on

Tareq El Moussa sounds like 100% Egyptian name to me.

Donna phillips on

Your are the most beautiful ever
You could be a model I hope that you two work it out if not I I relate atleast you can survive in in life I have always struggled as a single mom but never regret a day cheers to two beautiful amazing people who have made. Difference in my life

chris on

I love you guys it has taken days to find a site that I can let you know you two are the originals. No other flip or flop couple compares to you two. I am 66 a grandma and married for 32 years. I know stuff happens. Forgive and Forget your lives are precious.

ana on

Camilla, you’re right about Libby and the other woman sounding racist ~ not only that but Hello, Morocco IS NOT in the middle east!