Julie Solomon Schaech’s Blog: Overcoming the Postpartum Blues

09/11/2015 at 08:45 PM ET

The first photos following the birth of Johnathon Schaech and his wife Julie Solomon‘s son showed a smiling, happy family of three.

But now, on the eve of their son’s second birthday, Solomon is reflecting back on the first few months following Camden Quinn‘s birth in September 2013.

According to Solomon — whose husband appeared in HISTORY’s miniseries Texas Rising in May and will soon star on ABC’s new show, Quantico, premiering Sept. 27 — shortly after they left the hospital with their newborn, she began to experience symptoms of baby blues.

“There were times that I would be crying in the shower, as the shower seemed my only place of peace and refuge,” she recalls.

In a guest blog, Solomon, 31, shares her postpartum journey, how she managed to bounce back and her thoughts on having a second child in the future.

Solomon, a publicist, can be found on TwitterInstagram and her website.

Johnathon Schaech Julie Solomon son Camden postpartum depression
Samantha Klose/Klose Up Photography

Many women, including myself, face a spectrum of emotions after having a child. When I look back at my blissful pregnancy, and what I see of those pregnant around me, it goes something like this: For over nine months we are nurtured through prenatal care. Midwives quell our anxieties, doulas are at our every need, doctors try to adhere to our every sickness and questions, friends gift us with massages and showers. Family members are there with advice. Strangers open the doors for us … And then our baby is born. Easy, right? Ha!

Fast forward to month three (or sometimes longer) with a child in your arms: You might feel alienated (I did), scared (I did), and possibly on the verge of either a major crisis — postpartum depression — where you feel like you’ve lost yourself (me again!)

Lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance, breastfeeding struggles, living away from family, and too few ladies’ nights leave us stuck in survival mode.

With my son’s 2nd birthday on Saturday, I have started to look back and remember those difficult months immediately following his birth in the fall of 2013. Maybe you can relate with a stint of postpartum that I experienced after having my son Camden.

I was beyond fortunate enough to not have a full-blown case of postpartum depression (and my heart goes out to those women that have to endure the severity and extreme cases of PPD), but I definitely hit the spectrum after my child was born.

My “baby blues” (as some like to call it) started from day two post-hospital and lasted roughly three months (when he was around 12 weeks old and started sleeping through the night. I am no expert, but I am sure they were related).

There were times that I would be crying in the shower, as the shower seemed my only place of peace and refuge. I would have no idea why I was crying, nor did I even know if I was sad … I was just a flat out hormonal basket case, but more than that, I was sick.

I would find myself staring off into space, nothing eased my anxiety. I would be happy one minute, and super moody and angry the next. I lashed out at my family, trusted no one. I wanted no one around, but yet was super co-dependent at the same time. I loved every ounce of my new child, but yet thought I had ruined my life because I would be the worst mom.

I remember thinking to myself as I was breastfeeding early on, “What the F were you thinking!?! Having a baby was the dumbest idea you have ever had …” As sad as it is to admit out loud, at the time it seemed what I thought was my truth.

Johnathon Schaech Julie Solomon son Camden postpartum depression
Samantha Klose/Klose Up Photography

Looking back at it now, it makes me so grateful because I was fortunate to have a husband, family and other moms around me who took PPD seriously and supported me in what I needed for a healthier, balanced state of being.

Fast forward two years later, we have gotten into the routine of our new life as a family. I am even crazy enough to think about having #2 someday (lol) and I am a much better wife, daughter, sister, friend and overall human being on this earth because my sweet Camden is who God chose me to raise.

Even though I see my experience as a gift, I firsthand realize postpartum depression is no laughing matter. I have friends who are AMAZING women — strong, independent, nurturing, successful — find themselves in the never-ending cycle of baby blues, or even more severe, full-blown postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis. Postpartum is serious business, and must be addressed as so.

When I was going through my experience, I came across a woman named Rebecca Egbert, founder of The Mother Love. I started reading her blog and signed up for her Daily Doses of Love emails.

Egbert shares her suggestions for helping postpartum women achieve a holistic balance. Her tips, mixed in with a good sleeping and breastfeeding schedule (don’t even get me started on breastfeeding a.k.a. the hardest thing a woman can ever go through! For me, it was harder than childbirth and labor … and I had a natural childbirth! So give us breastfeeding women a break, okay!), finally helped me overcome my baby blues and get on track to a balanced and healthy new lifestyle as a mom.


Pay Attention to Lab Results
Remember how many times you peed into a cup or had blood drawn during prenatal care? Turns out, paying attention to those labs postpartum is also important. For example, your iron, vitamin D, thyroid, or glucose levels can reveal why you might not be feeling well. Four to eight months postpartum is also when baby blues can turn into a more severe cases of depression and the identification of a thyroid function issue can be determined. If you’re feeling off, simply contact your care provider to have your labs drawn.

Physical Therapy for Pelvic Floor and Repairing Ab Muscles
For more enjoyable sex and preventing prolapse and incontinence, you can work with a women’s health physical therapist within the first four months of postpartum. The proper sequence of healing is: Restore diaphragmatic breathing, strengthen the abdominal muscles, and restore pelvic health.

Johnathon Schaech Julie Solomon son Camden postpartum depression
Samantha Klose/Klose Up Photography

Clean Eating
Eating triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, the system in our bodies where all healing happens. Eating clean is an easy action for our bodies, and helps regulate stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Eliminating sugar is key. It helps build good-gut flora, which is necessary for digestion, but it also assists in weight loss.

Also, keep that wine in check. Drinking more than one glass of wine (or alcohol) a day triggers the sympathetic nervous system. This is the system responsible for triggering fight or flight, makes you feel anxious, and where our stress response happens. So, keep your drinks to one or two a week.

Meditation is the one standardized medicine Egbert “prescribes.” It can provide focus, productivity, resilience, creativity, and less brain fog. If you are not already familiar with a meditation practice, you can buy the yearly subscription to Headspace as a start.

You Are Still You
As we care for these little babes, a lot of us feel guilty about having passions and ambitions. Babies can change your life, and in many ways, turn it completely upside down, but they don’t change what makes you you. Don’t be afraid to go after the things you want. By doing so, you’ll empower strong little humans that believe in wonder, imagination, and possibility. Check in with yourself often and play your intuition in your favor.

Find Your Peeps
Many times, motherhood can feel alienating. Find the women in your life that make you feel strong and invest in those relationships. By creating a band of strong mothers (and non-mothers) who are willing to foster vulnerability, you can create a system that breeds bright futures. If Mom is healthy and baby is healthy, our communities and futures are healthy.

Johnathon Schaech Julie Solomon son Camden postpartum depression
Samantha Klose/Klose Up Photography

The most important thing I took away from the postpartum experience was that it is NORMAL, OKAY and HEALTHY to take time to (as I like to say) “mourn the loss of the ‘old’ you” in a way. There are so many parts of what you knew to be your life and the makeup of who you were that may be gone in order to make room for the new beginning and new life.

Just like with any loss, you have to give yourself time to mourn, reflect, learn and grow. But with this loss comes so many amazing gains that are far more than I could have ever imagined.

What was your postpartum experience like? If you feel open to share, I would love to hear from you!

— Julie Solomon

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leigh on

I just had a baby 3 weeks ago….I needed to hear these things today. Thank you for writing this…

Jcs on

Wonderfully written & refreshingly honest. Wishing continued health to this beautiful family!

Debbe on

…Sure wish he would have dated someone his own age. I would have been SOOO appreciative to have him, someone my own age.

Debbe on

Men my age are with younger women, which leaves me to date an old man. NOOOO I am not ready for that yet.

julie on

To Debbe – Is that all you got out of the article? Depression after birth is tough. Glad you told about what happened to you. It sure will encourage others that they are not alone in their feelings and thoughts.

Leigha on

Great article. My baby is 4.5 months and I can relate. I am blessed to have her but after her birth has been the hardest few months of my life due to PPD. I am hoping it gets better and that I can enjoy better days ahead with my baby.

It is also nice to know I’m not the only one who feels or felt like this. So many times you feel so alone and like no one cares or understands. Gives me hope. Thanks.

rally on

To the woman complaining that he is older then his wife, they look the same age to me. She has deep laugh lines too. So where are you getting that she is so much younger?

rally on

Okay I stand corrected, after a better look at the photo, she looks a little bit younger then him. I see what you’re saying.

Anonymous on

rally- People are saying that because it is a known fact (PEOPLE didn’t include her age here for some reason, but they have in most other articles about this couple). That being said, age is just a number and fifteen years isn’t that bad (especially in Hollywood). Look at this way- he’s technically old enough to be her father, but just barely. That’s a lot more than you can say about most Hollywood May-December romances! 🙂

Anyway, Julie, kudos to you for sharing your story. Stay strong, girl…and don’t listen to the haters!

Erin on

I too cried in the shower. I thought it was the one place I could be alone and no one would hear me. My gig was up about a week and a half when my husband came in to the bathroom and heard me. He opened the shower door and fully clothed walked into the shower to just hold me. He didn’t care that his clothes were soaked he was worried about ME. We talked a lot that night and reassured me life was not over. And he needed me to cry and do whatever I needed to do in front of him so he could take care of me. And elevate things to a dr if needed. We are on baby #2 now and am so thankful for a supportive husband.

Jill on

I had postpartum depression after my fourth baby. Reading this article takes me back to those moments of overwhelming sadness. Thank god that I have a wonderful husband. I honestly don’t think I could have made it through that time period without him. I think that this topic seems to be a taboo subject. I hope this subject will get more. coverage soon. Thank you Julie for being so open and sharing your story.

stella on

I don’t have a baby yet, but I can remember I had very bad depression when I got married and moved to USA. I had no friend, family or money. My husband leaves me in the morning before 8 am and come back home after midnight. haven’t had anyone to talk to. I was alone in the home all day. I used to fight with him for no reasons and felt misarable all day. He call my parents and was almost going to divorce me. I tried to suicide couple of times but I was scared. finally I recovered after getting into grad school. after reading this article I cried for more than 15 min just remembering what had happened to me. That time I had no clue but now I know it was depression.

Joelle on

Julie needs attention, so I’m not surprised she is selling this story to the peoplemag, she and Johnathon make everything public about their private life, showing daily pictures of their little son, even what brands the little one is wearing, Julie so badly wants to be famous, she bought thousands of fake instagram followers to feel popular! She seems very narcissistic with her wanna be modeling pictures on instagram and all the stuff she is buying all the time, her husband is also known for his huge ego, not surprised she is already his third wife and she her second husband! She is far away from being an ordinary mom who really wants to help others, she just wants to be famous but at the end of the day, she is just the wife of an insignificant Hollywood actor who is only known for his divorces. I doubt this marriage will last forever, they are both way too much narcissistic and got a child after just one year of dating! I read rather such topics by mothers who seem authentic and not from such fake wannabe celebrities!

Your Mom on

Wow Joelle, to not like this couple at all you sure do know a LOT about their every day life and seem to troll their social media a lot. Here’s some old age mother wisdom for you – if you don’t have anything nice to say, then shut your pie hole! I swear the world would be a better place if people like you would just not open their mouths, or computers. I always find negative internet trolls like you so funny, and by funny I mean irritating. There always has to be one hateful/attention seeking person out there to try and bring a good person down. I guess misery loves company. Good luck with that!

Anywho, back to what really matters – this article is a beautiful one, insightful, raw and real. Thank you Julie for being brave and sharing on something that so many of us moms go through, but feel as if we can’t talk publicly about it. And I am so glad to see that Julie has teamed up with Rebecca Egbert who has an amazing website for moms! Ignore the hateful trolls Julie! I’ve read your blog and think it is informative and love the pictures of you and your family. Keep up the good work!

Kathy on

Aww Johnathon is so adorable!

Julie Solomon on

Hi everyone, thanks so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts and experiences. It’s my hope that the stories of others can uplift and strengthen the struggles that moms can go through during this transition into motherhood. I will try and respond to each of you and appreciate your feedback!

Leigh – congrats on your new baby! I remember the early stages as well, and they too shall pass! You got this!

Jcs – thank you!

Debbe – I can see where you’re coming from with the age thing. A lot of my single friends say that dating men their own age is also difficult because they find a lot of the men their age aren’t ready to settle down. Any who, my husband and I are 15 years apart, and I am glad he found me and I found him, no matter our age. Every couple’s path is different, this just happens to be ours. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Hi Leigha – thanks for sharing! I’m sorry to hear about your PPD, you’re right, it is hard. But you are not alone! I encourage you to check out http://www.rebeccaegbert.com. Her community is beyond supportive for new mothers, and her blog shares amazing stories. She has an app coming out soon too geared toward helping new moms in the weeks and months post pregnancy! Congrats on your addition.

rally – yes as mentioned, I am 31 and my husband turned 46 last week! and yes, luckily I do have deep smile lines due to years of smiling and laughter! They are scars of a happy life. lol. 🙂

Anonymous – thanks for the encouraging words and for sharing. HAHA and yes, technically I guess my husband could have been a teen dad at 15 and had a child my age!

Erin- I totally feel you on our commonplace of refuge in the shower, but how amazing is your husband! What a rock! What your husband did was beyond beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a vulnerable and private moment. Congrats on #2! Please keep me posted on how this goes. We aren’t there yet, but I am curious to know what your experience has been like thus far! Happy to hear that you are doing well 🙂

Jill – thank you as well for sharing! Sorry to hear about your PPD after #4. Did the Dr. ever say how it could have happened with #4 and not with your first 3? That is interesting to me! I guess PPD does not discriminate and can come with any pregnancy. And yes, when I originally wrote this post on my blog it was to (hopefully) open the conversation about this topic, as it is totally taboo as you say. I was beyond elated when People.com decided to run it as it would be a great platform to raise awareness for moms like us to connect to one another on a honest level. The whole point of social media and the internet (in my opinion) to to allow for connections that may not have ever happened otherwise. It’s important to share and to learn. Thanks for the support!

Stella – I am sorry that you felt so alone in such a major life changing time in your life. I can relate to the feelings of sadness, but am happy to hear that grad school allowed for some productive and positive focuses which hopefully helped your depression. I am so sorry that it got that dark for you, and I hope you are in a better place today (it sounds like it)! That just shows how strong you really are! Thank you for sharing Stella, you are a brave soul.

Joelle – As long as I can remember I have never actually met or even been introduced to a Joelle in my life. So I don’t know if A) you think you know me on some kind of personal level, or B) just happened to come across me and my family via social media. Whatever the case, you apparently seem to “know” me better than I know myself!
I had no idea that I “need attention” or that I “bought thousands of fake instagram followers to feel popular”, or that I “so badly want to be famous”, or that I am “far away from being an ordinary mom who really wants to help others”, and that I “sold this story to the peoplemag” (I actually had no idea that people could sell editorial content and stories to magazines. If thats the case then People Magazine got totally ripped off because I didn’t sell anything to them, lol), or that me and my family are such “narcissistic, egomaniacs”.
Did I miss anything?? Of yes, that my husband is insignificant and I have wanna be modeling pictures on instagram.

HAHA So, thank you Joelle SO MUCH for enlightening me on my life and who I am as a human being. I don’t even know how I have gotten out of bed all these years without all of this knowledge and information about myself.

I am a blogger, and part of a blogger’s job is to share content/brands/products and stories that we love in order to connect with the world around us, and with that also comes pictures our ourself, family and home.

I also share pictures on social media because my husband and I live 2,000+ miles from our entire family. So, in order for our family and friends at home to be a part of our child’s daily life, we choose to share pictures on social media as that is quickest form of digital communication.

But for a honest response to you Joelle, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you wasted even one second of your own time and life cyber bullying my family and writing such negative and judgmental comments about us. I feel sorry that you choose to openly and publicly doubt the marriages and happiness of others that you may think you know, but you don’t know at all. I feel sorry that this is how you choose to perceive people that you do not know. I feel sorry that you use a comment section on an article that is so sacred and personal to so many women out there to spread your own negativity. I feel sorry that you do not respect the other women on this comment section who have opened their hearts to share their stories, and instead make this about your dislike for my family.

You clearly do not like me and my family, and I am completely fine with this. As a 31 year old woman, I know I cannot please everyone in this world, and nor would I ever try. I am secure enough in who I am as a person to accept this. I don’t take anything that you say about me and my family personal, as those are not my thoughts and feelings. They have nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you. I can respect your opinion of me and my family without taking it in, as I choose healthy boundaries over insecurities.

It is my hope that you will stop focusing and judging my family and my life so you can make room in your life for things that are more positive and productive for you. As you said, if you would “rather read such topics by mothers who seem authentic” then please GO and do that! You should never look at my social media or read anything about me ever again, it does nothing but bother you. So free yourself from it.

Thanks for sharing Joelle, and if you ever want to continue this conversation fee free to email me personally at JulieSolomonBlog@gmail.com, so others on this thread do not have to be subject to your negativity and bullying.
We may not agree on anything, but I am open to listening to you and respecting your opinion.

Your Mom – I don’t know whose mom you are, but you sure do have some amazing wisdom! haha Thank you for sharing and for your kind words!

Kathy – he is so adorable 🙂 I agree!

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE! I am always so inspired and encouraged by how many amazing, strong mothers there are in this world. Your strength and courage does not go unnoticed! Please make sure to check out the blog next month (www.juliesolomon.net) as I will be doing a follow up Q&A with Rebecca Egbert, where she will personally answer any questions your may have regarding postpartum issues! So if you have some, you can ask them here, or send them to the blog. Have a wonderful week ahead! XOXO- Jules

Emily on

What a beautiful family! This post is so honest and real. Thank you for sharing and using your experience to do some good. My sister went through PPD and you’re right, it’s no joke. Thanks for using your blog post and public platform as a way to reach mothers in such a positive way. As others have mentioned, it’s nice and needed to hear.

hatersgonnahate on

Joelle, if you don’t like Julie why are you obsessing over every detail of her life? Sounds like jealousy to me…..

Julie is just Julie! I have known her for awhile through a mutual friend and she is honest, gorgeous and hilarious. She fakes it for no one and what you see is what you get. What makes you so much better? I’ll take hilarious and honest any day over fake and boring. She isn’t bragging about labels BTW, she runs a fashion blog and most of her posts are on how to stretch your dollar and still look good…. I wouldn’t call that “bragging”.

PPD sucks and is a very real thing. The more people that put themselves out there and are willing to talk about it the better. We are all moms just trying to make it, no one is perfect. Love this article!

Kathy on

Thank you for this, Julie. It’s very raw and honest. I am going to share it with a friend whom I suspect is dealing with these feelings.

And to Joelle, I do know John and Julie and they are amazing people and not at all as you describe.

Anonymous on

Julie’s son is so cute. Congratulations.

meandtennessee on

You and your whole family are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing such a personal story in such a public way! As I haven’t experienced the emotions that come with pregnancy quite yet, I don’t know how any of this feels. I have, however, dealt with depression for a long time and know how hard it can be to find help. I’m glad that you have overcome this and can experience the everyday joy that a family brings! Best of luck to you!

Jeanne Theriault on

Hi Julie,
It is a wonderful thing you are doing in sharing your experience with PPD. Although I never had children, my sister did and her PPD was extreme. This is an issue that is no really discussed and most women feel alone.
Also, I think you have a wonderful family. Both you and your husband are extremely attractive. It is gracious of you not to be offended by the nasty comments of others. Sadly, the world is full of that kind of thing. Two beautiful people with a beautiful baby. God bless you with only good things.

Maxine on

Very nice and honest post! Glad she has overcome the postpartum.

Sally on

Who is this person? Never heard of her. But she sounds quite self important. And the comments lavishing praise on her famijy seem completely fabricated.

sammy on

Hi guys. Maybe, just maybe a lot of those baby blues are really not a clinical case of depression, but rather a mild case of fear and frustration and lots of other emotions rolled into one at the HUGE change that just happened. I.e you can’t live for yourself every minute of the day any more. You have to live for your baby…whether you like it or not.

When you have a baby, you have to stop living the life we have been taught to live since the day we were born in Western countries…almost entirely selfish. I wonder if people in Africa, Asia etc and other developing countries go through this like we do.

I would also like to add, that I think having a baby that sleeps through the night gives you almost nothing to complain about! None of my babies slept through the night before the age of 18 months (and I have has five of them!).

Linda - Canada on

Hey Julie,

I don’t have post-partum, but I do suffer from depression and have a lot of issues with hormonal imbalance … long story.

Some good tips for anyone with depression or even pelvic issues (I have endometriosis).

Ladies – for someone who lives with a partially functioning pituitary gland – I cannot encourage you enough to get your hormones checked! Push your doctor! Hormones are so powerful and really can wreak havoc on your moods. I can attest to that.

Happy blogging Julie!


Joelle was right on

Responding to Joelle (with a long winded answer) just proved her point!

carecara on

Having my 2 kids were the happiest times in my life.This Woman is making a book……for her own self absorbed lifeJMO

dolphintam on

If I had a husband like Jonathan Schaech, depression would be the LAST thing on MY mind! He is SO hot!!!

Poppy on

If I was my husband’s much younger 3rd wife, I’d have PPD, too. Oh and Julie? Your condescending nasty response to Joelle just proves all the haters point about you being a nobody. Quit trying to compete with Christine and Jana and keep your blog private. The only people that care what you and your kid are doing is your family.

Michelle on

I really appreciate you sharing your story. I also had a baby in September of 2013 and I felt like my life was over. All I did was feed the baby, wash bottles, etc. Nothing for myself and I was exhausted and sleep-deprived. I felt hopeless for the first 3 months and like you, I think I started to feel a lot better once my son started sleeping longer hours at night. The problem I had was that everyone I asked said, oh, it’s a great time and no, I didn’t have any problems. I felt alone and overwhelmed. It would have been so helpful to have a group of women who I could have talked to about the difficulties I was going through. I swear I almost lost my mind. Now, my son is a little over 2 and I want every woman reading this to know that it gets so much easier. I feel OK now and before I didn’t see how I was going to make it through. Reach out for help (therapist, mommy and me groups, the library, etc.) and find women who are going through the same thing. It is invaluable.

Odalis on

I was initially impressed that Julie took the time to respond to posters until the Joelle rant. She spent almost as much time responding to a negative comment as she did responding to sufferers of PPD. Whats with the email? Was that truly inttended for Joelle ? I hope not. The paragraph about being a blogger would have been a sufficient and classy response , and would not have detracted from a serious mental illness. If she wants to be an advocate for postpartum depression responses like the one to joelle should be shelved. My aunt had postpartum depression which escalated into postpartum psychosis, she thought my cousin was posessed and tried to kill her. I take postpartum depression seriously,therefore I find the space and time devoted to that one comment vexing

luvnkisses on

Oh my, too many women with their claws out ready to tear down another for no reason at all. Joelle, Sally & Pop, why don’t you ladies troll the boards of cheating spouses, your anger would make more sense there. Misery loves company! If you don’t care for Julie or her experiences, why bother reading about them? Sounds like you ladies are very bitter and unhappy in your own lives. I bet you dont have loving husbands or a life full of things to be grateful for, so you spend your sad lives trolling the Web looking for someplace to spew your hate for anyone who enjoys their lives. Sad, pathetic women.

jeanette on

I suffered from post partum depression with my first child. He was a beautiful boy, but I could not stand being around him. I know that sounds so blunt and unfeeling, but it was how I felt. I was so scared to admit this to anyone, including myself, that I struggled with it for the first six weeks. Then, I became more vocal. I sought treatment for Post Partum Depression when I saw six months post partum. I waited way to long. I felt better within three months of treatment and have not experienced that darkness since then. I just had my second child, and no post partum depression. I encouraged women to discuss their experiences, both positive and negative so we can feel like their is a social support system for us. My doctor was useless, but when I finally started to talk about it to other women and realized that I was not so strange, I started to feel a little bit better. It does go away ladies and you can enjoy your little one, but you will need support from anywhere you can find it!!

Miss S on

Thank you for sharing your experiences! You have a beautiful family!

I had my second child in May and I have been feeling overwhelmed at times. I opened up to my Grandmother (well she basically sat me down and asked what was going on) she told me she suffered from severe depression when she had her children. She told me it was not something you talked about back when she suffered from it. It was hidden and never talked about so having someone to talk with has really helped me with my anxiety and fears.

DaisyMoon on

Wow…can’t believe you would dignify someone’s mean comment with such a lengthy response…
The better reply would’ve been…NONE.
Man, people like Joelle hate to be ignored, so that’s exactly what you give them.
What you’ve done instead is assure her that you 100% read her nasty comment, and that it 100% hurt your feelings..

Ignore, next time…
If you’re compelled to say something though…hit em with a “Hope your day is going better XXX…I’m sending you good vibes”.
Diffuse their hate.

Catherine W on

I’m a 36 yr old mom of three (9, 7 and 4 yrs old. 2 boys and 1 girl) and I have to thank you. What a beautifully and honestly written piece. I’ve been so happy lately to see bloggers speaking up about their experiences with PPD and baby blues. I had PPD after all three of my kids but wasn’t properly diagnosed until after my third. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, and I hated how isolated and alone I felt! So THANK YOU for spreading awareness about such an important topic. To: Poppy, Carecara and Joellewasright, did each of you really take time out of your Christmas Day (December 25 when you posted) to come on here and bash this woman? Wow, how sad.

TnDogLover1985 on

Wow. Like a few people in these comments I too know Julie and know she is quite the fame chaser. Wives with successful husbands in the entertainment industry in Nashville used to avoid her like the plague because they knew how desperate she was to be in that crowd.

With that said, when I saw she got her claws in someone in the industry I thought good for her. When I saw she wrote this blog I thought maybe motherhood has matured her… But then I read the novel she wrote defending herself! Ha! Some things never change. People don’t get that defensive unless they have something to hide.

PPD is an extremely serious condition that isn’t talked about enough so I applaud her for writing the article BUT it is fair for some to want to warn readers this article is purely for personal promotion and not because she wants to be a friend. Let’s hope People Magazine looks into the background of their next guest blogger a little more!

Catherine W on

Julie, Thanks for this, I have a 6 month old and really needed to hear this today. I will check out Rebecca too. And thanks to all these women who also shared their experiences on here, such a good reminder that we are not alone! And to everyone else on here, why do you care how/if Julie responds to some mean people? It may not stop the mean girls from being mean, but I’m glad she said something. It needed to be said, especially for us women who come on here to support and learn from each others PPD experiences in the comment section. Catherine W, you are so right! I can’t believe some of these women spent their Christmas on People.com talking crap! Just goes to show you how miserable and lonely they must be. I guess they are going to be nasty no matter how Julie or any of us respond. You can never win on these comment boards! Thank you Julie for your honest post. I look forward to reading more from you in the new year.

Catherine W on

TnDogLover1985 – so what you’re saying is the Nashville fame chaser wives avoided another “potential” fame chaser wife because they thought she was desperate to be a part of their fame chasing crowd? Funny how those like minded women you mention think and react. Thanks for the chuckle, I needed that on this Monday.

TnDogLover1985 on

All of the women I know married to successful men in the entertainment industry were dating/married long before their spouse made it big. I’m sure if they were fame chasers they would have welcomed Julie with open arms… I’m not saying she is the only person I’ve come across with big dreams and I mean it when I say good for her. The girl is ambitious.

Im glad she is using this platform to talk about something important but numerous people seem to have opinions of her. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Cynthia on

TNdoglover85 – I agree with you (in part, as most of what you’re saying is just gossip and like I tell my 2 little girls, I won’t advocate the gossip mill) that If she is fame chasing and ambition seeking in order to write such an attentive article like this and giving us moms a great resource like Rebecca Egbert to look to, then keep chasing Julie! I don’t care what the 5-10 or even 50 people may think they “know” or “knew” about her or critiquing how she chooses to respond to an out right rude and pointed reader. I care about what many of the mothers are saying about how this article and her story has helped them. I relate to everything she said on here (especially the crying in the shower) and applaud her honesty on an issue so many refuse to talk about! I checked out the post on Julie’s blog and it seems to be a well welcomed post in that motherhood community too. It doesn’t seem like Julie has written back since the article was first published in Septemeber, so I don’t know if she will read this but if you do THANK YOU! I never knew about Rebecca Egbert and so glad you turned me on to her website via this post. As a mom I can’t express how great it is to have other mothers out there who “get it” and are ambitious enough to speak up on such an important issue!

Catherine W on

TnDogLover1985- so you call her maturity out for responding to a negative comment while you gossip about her on a public forum? Sounds like the maturity level you are questioning is aligned with your own. If you know this woman then why not call her up or write her a letter voicing your thoughts? Could be a more adult way at getting to the truth of your gossip then using the People.com comment board. Just my (mature) thought on the matter. – Kate

Catherine W on

Jules wrote this from her heart. She like blogging and talking. She’s from the south. She’s a wonderful mom. And a good person. I probably will become famous because of how much love she’s shown me and our family. And I graduated in 87 and I love dogs too.

Courtney on

Julie is a spectacular mother and friend…an all around wonderful human being. She helped encourage me when I was struggling with depression and has been a huge support for me even though she is across the country. I have never seen her portray anything but love and kindness to those around her. I feel like her response was classy and she has every right to defend herself. There is no way I could have been that nice if someone said those things about me. I encourage every person who took the time to write something nasty about Julie to look inside themselves and ask why?! Why would you take time out of your day to be so hateful and hurt someone like that?! This is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, child of God…she has feelings and does not deserve to be bullied online for sharing her struggles. My hope is that you will get help for yourself and figure out what makes you so insecure that you would hide behind a computer screen and attack a lovely person. Jules – so proud of you and am glad you have a husband who loves you and a beautiful child who gives you so much joy.

Susan on

DogLover – What does being called a fame chaser by random celebrity wive’s have anything to do with her credibility or maturity to guest blog about the PPD she experienced? If your intention was to discredit her character, then for what basis in relation to PPD? I think it is a well written blog post. She shares a personal experience and has a credible expert weigh in on advice and tips. Which is actually a sign of good journalism.. Instead, maybe you should ask yourself why you hold the opinions of “Wives with successful husbands in the entertainment industry in Nashville” to such a high and credible standard?


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