Ashley Scott Introduces Daughter Iyla Vue: ‘I Just Love’ Her Unique Name

09/11/2015 at 11:15 PM ET

When Ashley Scott‘s husband, musician Steve Hart, came up with the name Iyla Vue (pronounced “I love you”) for their baby girl, the actress admits she wasn’t immediately on board.

“I said, ‘It’s either the greatest name ever, or the absolute worst,’ ” Scott, 38, candidly tells PEOPLE. “It took us about four days after she was born to name her because we weren’t 100 percent, and then at the end I thought, ‘I just love it.’ ”

Now the UnREAL star thinks the one-of-a-kind name is the perfect fit for her “delicate, sweet and tender” 5-week-old — but not everyone in her family feels the same.

“I don’t think my mother is a big fan because I see her face when she tells people,” jokes Scott. “She says it’s a very California name. But I love it!”

Ashley Scott daughter Iyla Vue first photo
Christa Renee

Scott says that now she’ll be reminded of her younger daughter whenever she expresses her affection towards somebody.

“Every time I say ‘I love you to’ someone, I’ll think of her, which is just fine,” she says. “It’s kind of great!”

But despite the mixed feelings about the moniker, Scott insists it’s a perfect fit for her baby girl’s budding personality. “She’s delicate. Iyla reminds me of lace for some reason, the eyelet lace. She’s just very delicate and quiet and sweet and precious,” the new mama shares.

While Scott — who chose not to find out the sex prior to delivery — doesn’t typically splurge on gender-specific items, she is excited to stock up on a few dresses for her second daughter.

“I feel she’s going to be a little more girly,” the actress, also mom to 5½-year-old daughter Ada, says.

“I feel more encouraged to dress her in girlier things just because I feel like that’s her vibe. I’ll certainly let her make those decisions. I don’t paint their room pink or blue. I try to allow the child to navigate their style.”

Five weeks into being a family of four, Scott admits everyone is still adjusting — including the mom of two. “My husband said the other day, ‘We better paint the kids’ room.’ And it solidified [that we have] two kids. I was like, whoa, this is the real deal!” she says.

Ada has been “super helpful” since the arrival of her baby sister — even offering to take on diaper duty by herself! — and Scott credits much of her ability to embrace her new role to the girls’ five-year age difference.

“She was able to communicate her fears. A couple months after we got pregnant, we were at the park, and she put a bunch of sand in her shirt, and she had a baby doll and she said, ‘Mama I have a baby in my tummy.’ And she said, ‘My baby’s feeling sad,’ ” Scott recalls.

“I said, ‘Well, why is your baby feeling sad?’ And she said, ‘Because she’s worried that I’m not going to love her anymore.’ And I thought, how cool that she can express that. And I said, ‘Oh no! That must make your baby feel so sad! What did you tell her?’ And she said, ‘Well, I told her that she was my favorite, but she doesn’t believe me.’ ”

Ashley Scott daughter Iyla Vue first photo
Christa Renee

Scott continues, “I let that be, and then later on that night I said to her, ‘It just adds love, because when Daddy and I met, we loved each other more than we ever could have imagined. Then we welcomed you into our life, and then we had more love. It just grows.’ I think she gets that now.”

But despite all the changes, Scott makes it a point to reassure Ada the love has been multiplied, not divided.

“That’s what we kept telling our daughter — that it doesn’t take love away, it just adds love,” she says. “And it does. It just fuels the fire, it’s beautiful.”

In fact, the love is so beautiful, that Scott isn’t ruling out adding a few more babies to her brood.

“I would love to. I mean, talk to me when she’s 2 and she’s running around and I’m going crazy, but right now when she’s in the baby stage, I could have 50,” she jokes.

For more on Scott’s new baby, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Gabrielle Olya and Anya Leon

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cry me a river on

Ada and Iyla go nicely together.

Carolyn on

Astoundingly strange name.

Lp on

Adorable baby, ridiculous name.

Elise on

Beautiful kid…..completely ridiculous name. In those 4 days, did they consider what it would be like for her as she got older? Wow.

Katie on

Okie dokie

Randie on

How on earth do you pronounce Iyla? That “y” just throws everything off. Should have kept it classy with Isla, if that’s the pronunciation they were aiming for.

Becca on

Beautiful name!

Ura Famehor on

Horrible name; ridiculous spelling. Everyone in Hollweird is so afraid they won’t be unique, so they will do anything for attention, including saddling their children with stupid names. Congratulations on joining the ranks of the “Look at me!” crowd.

Anne on

I don’t get the name… How do you pronounce it?

Alex Call on

So beautiful woman, Im glad she is so happy and I hope see her again on movies

Susie Smith on

Every time you think you have read the stupidest name given to a child, you realize, nope, you haven’t, as this one is the dumbest ever! Way to burden your child forever.

Taylor on

It sounds a little stupid when you say it all together as “Iyla Vue Hart”, but Iyla Hart sounds fine, so idk.

Librababe on

I like Iyla a lot. But the full name, while sweet, is a bit silly.

Frankie on

Whomever this woman is, she isn’t famous enough to name her kid something THAT stupid. This poor baby is going to have to try to get a job someday. At least North West probably won’t ever have to work. Ugh.

naeo1999 on

Beautiful children.

Anonymous on

I like Iyla but the whole ‘I love you’ thing made me roll my eyes so hard I snapped an optic nerve.

kayla on

Iyla V (pronounced “I love”) it ♡

Michelle on

Ugh, awful. Cutie baby though.

Edie on

I foresee a name change in about eighteen years …

MissScarlett on

Poor kids. The mom and dad are flakes.

life goes on on

Please you picked it out, but will the baby when she is grown like it.

Gigi on

And her last name is Hart…I think it’s adorable ❤️

huh? on

Holy chit! I think I just found a worse name than Neveah.

Bee on

Oh sheesh.

Ala Lemon on

Not a fan of the name either. I love Ada in the first picture, she seems like a sassy, funny little girl

ej on

Really terrible name. Isla is ok.. but why oh why make it so ridiculous

Kestrel on

Stupid name but even funnier are the people who can’t figure it out AFTER THE ARTICLE TELLS THEM.

Seriously, it’s not a race to comment. Read the damn thing first.

I love you. That’s what it sounds like.

If they insisted, they could’ve given her an I name like Ivy and a middle name like LaVue and just used the I+middle name phrase. A less-obviously stupid name.

Olivia on

Really! Iyla Vue is a ridiculous name.

Anonymous on

I can’t believe people seriously think this baby will hate her name someday. She may think it’s a bit silly, but I can’t see why anyone would be upset about being named after the sweetest thing in existence!

Me on

I’m offended by the stupidity of this name.

jones on

The name as a whole is silly in my opinion, but at least Iyla is a name that sounds okay when you do not combine it with the mddild name. Both the baby and her older daughter are adorable!

guest on

I must say…out of all of the ridiculous and atrocious Hollywood names out there, this one takes the cake!

Barb on

The more I say it, the more I love it!!!!!!! Iyla Vue!

Nsncy on

I have no idea who this person is, however, she appears to be a major flake! Her children are beautiful but why on Gods green earth would she saddle that child with such a ridiculous name? ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION… Hollywood that’s the make of the game!

gee on

And I thought North West was bad. Yikes. It’s not cute. I Love You Hart??? Poor child.

Anya on

No, no, no. That’s a terrible name. Can you imagine having to say “I love you” to everyone who asks your name? Teachers, strangers, mechanics, Starbucks baristas. No. And the spelling “Iyla” does not make phonetical sense. I’m assuming she’ll just go by “Iyla” but still, it’s her legal name. Beautiful family and I congratulate them on their healthy, lovely baby. But hey failed to think this one through. It’s a curse.

Nicole on

The vue part is kind of strange but I love Iyla. That’s so pretty. She’s a gorgeous woman, I had never heard of her before. Beautiful daughters!! She’s blessed

West on

Cute kids .🌸

Mona Lyn on

Definitely in the worst name ever category.

LAC's mom on

My husband’s aunt’s name was Isla Hart. I think she would have loved this name! I wish we had thought of it for our little Harts. 🙂

Kathy on

Aww she is so cute!

Jess on

My daughter’s name is Isla, spelled traditionally. We wanted an Irish or Scottish name for our daughter and loved it. She has a common name as a middle name (after a family member). People get confused enough even with the traditional spelling!

People won’t be saying this child’s middle name every time they meet her. But I will admit, that it bugs me when people take traditional, if uncommon names, and mess with the spelling to try to make it unique or different. Of course, not my baby, so my opinion doesn’t matter. 🙂

name game on

She’ll probably grow into it smoothly with her parents’ support but will possibly spend her life correcting people. It could be sort of awkward when the teacher calls her by her name, “Iyla Vue, will you please collect the homework.” A little cumbersome. They’ll always be wondering is Iyla the first name and Vue the middle name, or a two part first name, as seems to be the intent of her parents. I’ve never cared for my first name (which I suppose my parents gave a lot of thought to) and always used a nickname, which I frequently have to explain since it’s sort of unusual.