Rachael Krueger Welcomes Daughter Rocket Jade

09/10/2015 at 10:00 AM ET

Marie Osmond is a grandma again!

Her daughter, Rachael Krueger, welcomed her first child with husband Gabriel Krueger on Friday, Aug. 14, a rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Born at St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson, Nevada, daughter Rocket Jade Krueger arrived weighing 6 lbs., 1 oz. and measured 18.5 inches.

“Little Rocket is such a gift! I can’t stop looking at her — isn’t she so beautiful!?” Osmond, 55, tells PEOPLE. “She looks like her mommy! I could not be happier for Rachael, Gabriel and their growing family.”

Marie Osmond daughter Rachael granddaughter Rocket Jade photo
Courtesy of Nutrisystem

In an exclusive photo for PEOPLE, the new mama, 26, poses with her 3-week-old baby girl and Osmond, who, now with the arrival of her first granddaughter, couldn’t be prouder of her Nutrisystem Glamma title.

“I’m a Glamma again — two times grandma, two times as glamorous!” she shares. “Nine years ago, I was 50 pounds heavier. Today, I’ve never felt better and have so much energy to keep [up] with my shows, my family and now my two beautiful grandchildren. I’m a lucky woman!”

Krueger, a costume designer, and Gabriel, a fashion designer, met in Chicago and got engaged in December 2012. Ten days later, they were married during an intimate Christmas Day ceremony in Park City, Utah.

In December 2013, Osmond became a grandmother for the first time when her son Stephen Craig and his wife Claire welcomed son Stephen James Craig, whom she introduced the following month during an appearance on The Talk.

“Hey everyone … I just became a GRANDMA!!!!!!!!” she Tweeted shortly after the birth.

— Anya Leon

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Marcella on

Rocket is our dog’s name. WTH

Penelope Alexander on

Happy for Marie and her family. She’s one of my all-time favorites. BUT….why oh why are people giving their children such absurd names?
I don’t get it……sad to me.

Riley S on

Rocket, really!! What is wrong with people naming these kids such absurd names. This poor child has to go through the rest of her life with a name you give your pet. Sadly, the middle name isnt much better either.

mary on

Beautiful baby, but the name?

Turner on

I feel as though, if in say 20 years, if you were to round up all the celebrity offspring with strange and crazy names, you could have an entire set cast for the post apocalyptic Mad Max films. The names are just that crazy and nonsensical.

ImALadyToo on

Do these parents realize what their kids are going to go through with these nutty names?!

Cynda on

Marie Osmond is such a fraud. First of all, she did not lose weight with Nutri-System, she lost it while doing Dancing with the Stars. Second, she has had so much plastic surgery, she is unrecognizable. The only reason she is famous is because she rode her brother Donny’s coat tails.

Laurie on

Forget the damage the name will do to the child. What Glamma has done to herself will harm the child more.

Marie – stop, please.

huh? on

Rocket??? Rocket????? Rocket??????

JFC, do these people have any working brain cells??

Brooke on

Listen – I am ALL for obscure names….but Rocket? For a GIRL???? Come on…

Sara on

Congratulations! I remember Donny & Marie was my favorite show growing up. Me & my little brother would pretend we were them singing into our toothbrushes. Such nice memories!

msliftbig on

Rocket??? That poor girl..

Kelly122 on

First, I wish her congratulations on a beautiful grandchild. They are all so precious. I kind of shook my head about the name though. How silly. Finally, Marie and I are only a few days apart I. Age. It’s time to stop with the plastic surgery. Seriously. She looks great since losing the weight, but she’s starting to get “joker” face now. She’s rich, it’s not like looking her age is going to prevent her from getting jobs or something. There comes a point where it’s okay to be authentic in who you are. You’re turning 56 Marie, it’s okay to just be the best you can WITHOUT fillers or surgery.

Mingo on

Rocket. That’s just… stupid.
Nice sales pitch Marie at the end there. It’s all about you.

kate on

@Kelly122 – well said. The lips, the cheeks, awful!!! Wrinkles looks better than skin that looks like bloated plastic. The grandchild resembles the old Marie imo.

Mary on

Rocket? Seriously? If you want a crazy name for your kid, use it as their middle name and they can choose to go by that name later, if they want to. Naming a kid Rocket is just mean.

Heather on

When I was a little girl I had Donny and Marie Barbie dolls. Now her face actually looks like the doll. Full circle.

Susan on

Rocket? Really?!! I swear, there should be a law against names that will most definitely give kids a complex! Child services should be called, celebrity or not!

patricia james on


Godiva on

You named your baby ROCKET??
That’s just cruel!

Heartwind on

Marie your granddaughter is gorgeous!! Love her name. You’ve been blessed with such a beautiful family.

kathy on

OMG Rocket? Really? poor girl

Guest on

DUMBA$$ name

Anonymous on

Names don’t give kids a complex, nor does it make them ridiculed. It’s the idiots like some of these commenters.

Ellie on


Patty on

Boy, (most) of you are just not very nice. Some people making fun of the name of this precious baby have names that are not much better. I’m sure when “Riley’s” parents named her people thought the same thing. Be nice and perhaps, just congratulate the new mommy & daddy and “Glamma!”

bb on

Seems opportunistic to use your grandbaby to sell Nutrisystem. Also, its just not kind to name your child Rocket! Maybe make it the middle name but the parents have the normal names of Gabriel and Rachel so they’ve never had to worry….but they’ll saddle a baby with a crazy name. She’ll eventually be a 45 yr old woman named Rocket. Sigh.

Penelope on

Wow, you poor little girl…Rocket, really!?

Celebrities really lack common sense…it’s like the moment you hear of a celebrity who’s pregnant, you immediately think “wait until the child is born…they will give that child a name that’s after a baked good or cooking appliance or something you find around the house.”

I genuinely wonder, when these weirdos name their children, do they actually think when they discipline them or call out to them, the name they will have to say!? I highly doubt it.

ValerieR on

Poor kid. Saddled with that ridiculous name. She is gonna be teased mercilessly. Maybe she will decide to go by Jade instead.

sally on

Seriously, Rocket? I mean- COME ONE!!! How awful.

Taylor on

“Rocket Krueger” sounds like a stage name for a 50-year-old drug-dealing heavy-metal rocker, I’m sorry. Doesn’t conjure up the loveliest image.

Barb on

Rocket? I think that might be the most ridiculous name so far. Idiots.

Debbie Tainter on

It doesn’t make a difference in my life at all. I wasn’t going to comment on this. However, with such negativity, you all have the precious little gift from God, doomed! Regardless, of whatever they chose to name their child does not effect us all one bit. Plus, it’s not what we name our children, it’s how we raise them…Read the newspapers, there are lots of children with all sorts of names who lives are twisted, torn upside down. Anyhow, Marie herself was born Olive Marie, a beautiful name I have to add, it’s my great grandmothers name, Olive. As for Marie, she’s a beautiful woman with a great heart. Loaded with talent, she earned her way to the top, with lots of hard work! Everyone of the Osmonds made their own way through life. It was lots of hard, honest work, loyalty and dedication! Everyone of them are good Honest, people! On a different note, If I had the money, oh heck yeah, I’d be doing the Nutrisystem, get my nose done and tummy tucks and whatever else I could get done! That wouldn’t tag me as a phony or fake person. I’d be rich and enjoy all I could and help all I could help! For Marie, It’s what she does! Marie is a performer, talk show host and a saleswoman, presentation is par the course…I’ve admired each one of them since I was 8 yrs old. The Osmonds are by far the most up front honest and true and true to their beliefs kind of people. It’s not in anyone of them to hurt anyone. Especially, all you negotive Normans and Nancy’s! I can guarantee you all one thing is for sure, after all is said and done Marie and her family will close their eyes tonight and pray for you all and you all should be ashamed of yourselfs after all, all you Negotive people live in an absolutely perfect world, it must be, your on here bashing a beautiful family who are just proud parents and grandparents! I, on the other hand, am truly happy for the new family and wish them all the happiness in the world, God Bless!😇. Congratulations on your precious little girl! Marie, you Rock-et girl, your daughter named her beautiful daughter after you😉. You look fantastic! Believe me Marie, if I had the income, you convinced me yrs ago. It’s a great easy way to lose the weight! For now, I have to do it the old fashion way, the yo-yo system! Love you and the family! Congratulations and enjoy your grandchildren!!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Forgot to add that I actually kind of like the name!

Anonymous on

#QueenOfPopCountrySoulMARIE ❤

Wendy Anne on

May be one of the strangest names I have ever hard. Poor baby. Try going through life with that name. She will no doubt be teased with a name like that. Jade is a pretty name, but Rocket is a horrible name.

Wendy Anne on

Patty, give me a break. It’s a hideous name. The poor baby has to go through life with that name. At this moment, I can’t think of a name worse than rocket.

Brilliant Name on

I love that Wendy – a made up name from Peter Pan that will have died out by the time Rocket is your age – and Mary are among the haters. How boring and traditional can you get?

barry on

These kids rushed their marriage against her mom’s wishes because they were anxious to have sex. (Mormons). Marriage in Dec., baby in August-whoops, they did not make it.