Melissa McCarthy Says Her Daughters Are Already Trendsetters – And Contributed to Her Fashion Line!

09/10/2015 at 09:00 AM ET

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Melissa McCarthy‘s foray into the fashion world with Melissa McCarthy’s Seven7 is already a bonafide success — but that doesn’t mean her daughters will start looking to mom for fashion advice.

“My daughters have their own sense of style, which is a thousand times better than having mine,” McCarthy tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

Georgette, 5½, and Vivian, 8, McCarthy’s daughters with husband Ben Falcone, are already setting their own trends.

“Georgie is very specific in what she wears,” McCarthy, 45, says. “Vivie can be more flexible, but she’s said to me on several occasions, ‘That’s my style, Mama.’ And I can tell when she wears something and feels good in it.”

Ben Watts

The actress says she only intervenes in the girls’ attire when safety is involved.

“For me it’s like: As long as you’re not going to the park in a long skirt that you’re going to trip and fall on, you go for it,” she says. “If there’s no danger issue, wear whatever you want. I can tell you like it, I can tell you feel good about yourself in it, so knock yourself out.”

McCarthy tells PEOPLE she’d support her daughters even if they wanted to wear a shirt “wrapped like a turban” around their heads.

“I just think you’re going to have so many people saying, ‘You shouldn’t, you can’t, that’s not okay,’ that there’s no way I’m going to be one of those people. I’m gonna help fight that as much as I can. So turbans for everyone,” she jokes.

Vivian is so fashion-forward that one of her designs is even featured on a sweater in McCarthy’s range.

“My daughter Vivie drew that cat last year saying ‘Le Meow.’ Because, she explained, ‘everyone should have a fancy cat,'” McCarthy explains. “I can’t even think of what I’ll do when I see someone on the street wearing it. And when Vivie sees it? I’d better be standing next to her to watch her little heart fill up.”

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The Spy star says her own style, however, has been influenced by her children.

“Women are so busy. We work hard, we juggle nine million different things on any given day: kids, work, relationships and on and on,” she tells PEOPLE. “I think our clothes have to work as hard as we do and not be too precious. I have two young daughters, so this means 9½ out of 10 times my clothes have greasy little hands prints on them. I need to be able to just throw them in the washing machine and hope that unidentifiable brown stain was indeed peanut butter.”

Ben Watts

For more on Melissa McCarthy’s fun fashion pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

–Lindsay Kimble with reporting by Kate Coyne

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SeattleDreamin on

Finally! What a breath of fresh air. REAL women. REAL jobs. BEAUTIFUL through and through. Hey Kartrashians and Duggars and Jenner — heads-up (or should I say heads out of your inflated a$$es?)! THIS is what we want to read and hear about — NOT YOU!

Mingo on

The picture on the front makes it look like the two women are her daughters. She’s beautiful. I had no idea she was so short!

Debs626 on

A woman does not have to be as skinny as a stick to be healthy, beautiful and confident. It would be so boring if all women looked the same. Melissa is beautiful and talented, I think she is wonderful just the way she is.

lilly pond on

Love her. Refreshing to read about something else, other then the normal KarTRASHians/Jenner freaks.

bb on

I love Melissa and that she is a good self-confidence role model. I kinda wish her movies weren’t all the same character but I guess if you’ve found what works you just keep doing it! But I laughed till I cried during “The Heat’. 🙂

dancer92136 on

Now that is an outfit I would wear on a Saturday. I have always been a fan of thin jeans and longer shirts even when I as a size 3…and maybe more so now that I am the average size 😀 Love HER

Guest on

@Diane – I think the pic is a joke. She’s not trying to look taller, she’s having fun with the fact that she’s so much shorter than the models. 🙂

Commentor on

@SeattleDreamin TOTALLY agree!! More of this would endear People mag (rag) to me once again.

Elly on

Love everything about her! She’s awesome

Betty on

She’s lost a lot of weight though.

Penelope on

I love Melissa! She’s a breath of fresh air, beautiful, confident, and really funny without being to brash. And I love how she allows her daughter’s to be themselves and wear what makes them feel happy and confident – as it should be.

Nancy on

Melissa is natural and funny lady. Love her.