Jill (Duggar) Dillard’s Son, Israel, Is Already 5 Months Old — Look How Much He’s Grown!

09/09/2015 at 01:31 AM ET

Jill and Derick Dillard and son Israel TLC/Larsen&Talbert

They grow up so fast!

Jill (Duggar) Dillard shared a photo of her son, Israel David, on Tuesday in celebration of him turning 5 months old.

“Our little man is getting so big! Can’t believe he is already 5 months,” the new mom captioned the photo.

The picture shows a side-by-side of baby Israel, with one photo showing him at one month and another showing him bigger and smiling this week.

Dillard welcomed her first child with husband Derick Dillard in April. The 24-year-old’s thoughts on motherhood and fears that she had during her 70-hour-labor were documented in the TLC special 19 Kids and Counting: Jill’s Special Delivery.

Since then, the family of three has moved south of the border for an extended mission trip in Central America.

Their big move came as Dillard and her family were embroiled in a storm of controversy after her brother Josh admitted to molesting five underage girls as a teen and later confessed to having an Ashley Madison account and being unfaithful to his wife and mother of his four children, Anna Duggar.

Dillard and sister Jessa (Duggar) Seewald revealed that they were among Josh’s victims, and while Seewald appears to have publicly broken ranks with her brother, Dillard continues to support Josh, who checked into rehab at the end of last month.

In a post on her family blog Dillard noted that August “ended on a sad note” for her family and asked people to pray for her family during these “difficult days.”

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Anonymous on

He looks like Josiah.

Jae on

Babies grow? Wow I didn’t know.
Please GO AWAY!!!!

Sandy on

Can you people stop? You said you wanted privacy and all you do is photobomb the world.

Really? on

Who cares???

Kara on

Very cute.

dd on

everyone is so mean!! cute baby, cute family.

Lu on

This just in, a 5 month old baby is larger than newborn – news at 11.

Jo55 on

Month stickers?? Holy mother of God – please don’t tell Jessa.

Lesley Keeley on

Who cares? Please stop promoting these people on People!

QDPie109 on

Shouldn’t see already be pregnant with her 2nd? Mama Duggar must be so disappointed in her. 🙂

epic on


Nanu21 on

Its a miracle she is not already pregnant with no. 2………they need to go away!!!

Patty on

5 months old. Time to get pregnant again Jill!

riri on

Is she pregnant again? I like her family but hope she doesn’t have a hoard of kids. She needs time with baby number 1 and her husband. Don’t be like mom.

Notmystinkypants on

Wow look how big he got since the last pic his fame hungry Ho aunt posted just a few days ago!!! Wont be long and he will on his way to college !!

Glen on

Somebody has to be paying People to post Duggar stories over and over. Keep pushing the girls at the public hoping to get that TLC money back YEEHAW!

antibreeder on

Damn they need attention bad. To bad they are scamming people for their so called missionary work.

emma on


Anonymous on

And has a loaded diaper. Thanks for the update People magazine! Can this family please go away now? Nobody cares?!

give it a rest on

Why are you all so hateful? Excited mom posts about her child-on Instagram – magazine publishes it. She goes by Dillard, they put the Duggar. She asks for prayers, the magazine rehashes everything.

Guest on

Has she started blanket training (child abusing) yet?

eh on

I feel like there’s a lot of hate on this board! I look at the Duggar children (and grandchildren) are victims of a system they had no choice to join. Besides Josh, the rest of them seem relatively happy and normal, especially when they get to leave the house like Jessa and Jill have. None of them have had formal schooling, so if this is the way they provide for their families, at least it’s fairly tame. Picture sharing. I can handle that. No different than any other celeb whose publicist sends stories and set up pictures to People. If you don’t like it, don’t click. Pretty simple. But in this case, though I never watched the show, from what Ive seen of Jill and Jessa, I think they need our support, not our hatred. Maybe they’ll come out of this fairly normal, which would be amazing! Remember what they came from, cut them some slack!

Ginger on

Congratulations on 5 months! It goes so fast! Enjoy this sweet time as much as you can. These are the days to remember!

Derpderpderp on


sandy on

You people need to grow the hell up! If you don’t like the Duggar then don’t read or post about them. Geez

ariana on

Who cares? They’re off the air. They should be off of here too. Jill is one of the most boring Duggars…zzzzzzzz

Jody Hilley on

I am sick and tried of People mag and their obsession with the Duggar family! Quit giving these people so much attention and concentrate of some one interesting!

Amanda on

Looks like Jill just stole Jessa’s thunder who originally stole it from Amy’s wedding. What will Jessa do to steal it back again? Wish People Magazine would stop posting about these losers

Nancy on

Oh my…does she look pregnant to anyone else? Maybe it’s just the shirt? But she’s so slim everywhere else!

Anonymous on

They are NOT celebrities so stop writing about them!

Robin on

I hope TLC does a special for Jessa,s delivery in November. Not fair to exclude her because of what Josh did.

jeannie on

Looking at the past pattern of the Duggars, Jill will announce she’s pregnant about the same time as Jessa gives birth.

SC on

Every single time there is an article about one of the other Duggars, mostly Jessa and Jil, Josh’s scandal is always mentioned. Always. These girls have already been victimized enough. They do have their own lives aside from what their brother did. Don’t continue to “ps” every atricle with a “Hey did you forget that Josh . . . ” Lets focus on the good, People.

Enuff of them! on

I didn’t read the article and I really don’t care.

Why does People feel it necessary to publish multiple articles about this family daily?


Anonymous on

Jill had a c-section. Doctor’s only recommend you have four c-sections because of risk of uterine rupture. She started by having a 10 pound baby and a c-section. I don’t think she will end up with a lot of kids.

Emily on

@Nancy, that pic you’re referring to is OBVIOUSLY from when Israel was just born. Women’s stomachs don’t go completely flat right after giving birth!

Emma on

The kid looks like Uncle Fester from the Adams Family and the father looks like he’s on death’s doorstep. WTH is the matter with him?
Both on them are a couple of cons just like the parents. Vile family.

Lynda on

He looks like another Duggar. I bet within a year she is pregnant again.

Robin on

See People Magazine. See People Magazine love the Duggars. See them hate on the Duggars. See the magazine love the Duggars. Rinse, wash repeat.

huh? on

OMG!!! A baby grew!!! Those Duggar kids have talents no other kids have.

Anonymous on

Per my usual comment anything Duggar, who cares?!?!?

Anonymous on

Wow! Such meanness! Look in Instagram…it’s full of pictures of babies. This is not out of the ordinary. People will keep publishing these articles because it generates so many comments.
I feel for Jill and Jessa. They spent a lot of their lives having to comment for a little attention. They appear to have been made to feel less than worthy and told to pray and move on. They have had cameras in their faces for a long time. This is what they know. It’s not their faults that that have had to live this life and it’s not their fault that they have no education to be able to do differently. Why are people so ready to knock each other down rather than raise each other up? It shows the character of the posters more than the people that they are slamming.

go away! on

Two scam artists who live off of donations instead of getting real jobs. Who are the pathetic suckers who continue to fund the never ending vacation for this scum bag family?!

huh? on

JillyMuffin is knocked up again. This one is barely 5 months old and wrecked everything south of her waist. You’d think they could wait….

huh? on

Yep STILL looks dopey.

tami on

Someone should contact a federal agency demanding to know where all of their ” mission donations” are going since it seems they are staying in a spa like setting in El Salvador and are constantly flying home on vacation. The grifting Duggars continue….

tooquiet4me2005 on

Pretty soon, you’re gonna have to rename this ‘Duggar.com’

Judy on

Two scammers from a scary cult with their ugly baby. Go away leeches!

Peter on

Isn’t that “mission” just a crowd-funded extended vacation?

michely on

What is it with the love affair people mag has with this cult?

PrinceOfSorrows on

The Duggars are useless news. Let’s move on from these has-been never-beens. All of them..from the pedophile to the youngest brat. None of them contribute to society in any way. Useless

just my thoughts on

She seems to be blanket training, with shoving and pushing. And that baby side by side picture doesn’t look like he has grown at all. He looks very thin and certainly under fed.
But blanket training does involve withholding food, which is terrible!
Every time I am forced to see this kid it just looks sicker and thinner.
Why can’t they just live their lives in private? It might just prevent any more law suits against these liars and scamming family.