Alyssa Milano Jokes She’ll Breastfeed Her Daughter ‘Until She’s 6,’ Shares Throwback Nursing Photo

09/09/2015 at 10:00 AM ET

Alyssa Milano celebrated her daughter Elizabella Dylan‘s 1st birthday on Friday by continuing her crusade to make others appreciate the beauty in breastfeeding.

The actress, 42, shared a throwback photo of herself nursing her daughter in honor of Elizabella’s special day.

“Happy Birthday, my beautiful Elizabella,” she wrote.  “You’ve taught me that my heart has no end. You were the missing piece to my soul. Thank you for choosing me.”

Courtesy Alyssa Milano

Milano also shared a photo of the tiny brunette beauty donning a special birthday dress.

“My big girl! 1 year old,” the actress wrote.

The former Mistresses star opened up about why she chooses to share images of herself breastfeeding on social media, despite the sometimes harsh backlash.

“I don’t care,” she told ET during a segment on Tuesday, before joking, “I’m going to keep breastfeeding, maybe even until [Elizabella is] 6!”

Milano says she doesn’t understand why her images draw negative reactions, but Miley Cyrus‘ VMAs nipple slip garnered little attention.

“Everyone’s fine with her nipples being out,” she explains. “I think people are more comfortable sexualizing breasts than relating them to what they were made for, which is feeding another human.”

Milano has long been outspoken about eliminating the stigma surrounding nursing photos.

“I think that breastfeeding moms feel like what they do needs to be hidden, or not feel like they’re getting the appreciation that comes along with being a breastfeeding mom, and it meant something that someone was being vocal,” she previously told PEOPLE.

“When I post pictures of me breastfeeding Bella, it’s not that I’m trying to be very outspoken about breastfeeding, it’s that it’s a very special moment in my life. What [other people] take from that is a whole other thing. Support from not only breastfeeding moms, but moms everywhere, has been really powerful and really overwhelming.”

My big girl! 1 year old!

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The star also shares son Milo Thomas with husband David Bugliari, and told PEOPLE last week that the 4-year-old is already a doting big brother.

“He just loves her so hard, he wants to smash her. It’s that kind of delicious like, ‘Oh I love her!’ ” Milano said, adding, “He’s the perfect big brother. I could not have asked for anything better.”

— Lindsay Kimble

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elaria on

beautiful indeed! #GOBREASTFEEDINGMOMS

VaVaVoom on

Breast feed your child..but the need to take a picture of yourself topless and post it to the internet for all to see of such an intimate moment is so attention seeking. I work with a girl who breast fed her little girl for a year and I bottle formula fed my twins and her child is always sick compared to my twins who are hardly sick. Breast feeding is not the end all be all. As long as you are feeding your baby that is what is important. But this “look at me with my boobs hanging out” is obnoxious…

Rose on

Elizabella is so dang cute

Rose on

Thank you Alyssa #normalizebreastfeeding

Chris on

Who woulda thought. The way people have done things for thousands and thousands of years before modern processed ‘food’ in cans actually works. Imagine that.

IDK on

Yeah, I don’t know I’d be that comfortable sharing that kind of pic. Are we moving towards a nudist mentality? If so, I’m going to need to hit the gym more.

KT on

Wow, her daughter is GORGEOUS! And, that newborn photo depicts a MAGICAL moment in time. Good for her for working to “normalize” breastfeeding! It’s the most natural thing in the world, and moms should never have to feel ashamed to do it.

Rose on

beautiful mother and daughter

Nanamn on

As someone who tried but couldn’t breastfeeding feed her children, excuse me I think first that it is great way to feed your baby, BUT some of us for a number of reasons cant! We don’t need someone making us feel like less of a mom, not being able to! Mom one upping is awful!
On to the photo I hope for her daughter sake she don’t take pictures of her 6 year old breastfeeding feeding in 5 years!

sheila rae on

I’m also exclusively breastfeeding and support others who do but would never post pics on social media. I’m happy she’s comfortable doing that.

Easyup on

I don’t find breastfeeding a six year old remotely funny or necessary, she better be kidding. Breastfeeding is for infants and young toddlers. As for the pictures, it don’t offend me at all, she is feeding her infant child. When it comes to older kids latched onto the breast – yuck!

cj on

Feeding your baby is normal regardless if you choose the breast or bottle. Sharing intimate moments to millions of people is not normal and not appreciated by me. I’m not a prude and since my children were adopted did not have choice on the method of feeding my babies. However, I did skin to skin contact and have a few photos of those moments but do not share them with the public. They are what they are to me, my husband and close family/friends – private special moments. I was at a baby shower last month and a woman was breastfeeding her 3 months old and pulled up her shirt and let it all hang out. It was disgusting to me to see her entire upper half of her body on display. If she would have had on a nursing bra and shirt, no big deal, but I really don’t want to see the whole thing and most people were uncomfortable with her nudity not her breastfeeding.

mom of 4 on

I completely agree with Alyssa’s comments, 100%. We’ve become so desensitized to the nudity/sexuality we see in film and on social media that we hardly blink an eye when we see someone like Miley Cyrus (22 yrs old) expose her breast on national television. Yet, a mother publicly breastfeeding her child is offensive and somehow inappropriate? We need to take a long hard look at ourselves, maybe reevaluate both our moral and judgement standards.

Peachy on

I breastfed my son years ago, and there’s nothing unnatural about it, but there is something very unnatural about posting it on facebook, twitter and instagram. Does Melissa understand the whole concept of natural? It’s a private moment. Keep it within your inner circle. I sometimes think these celebs just want the attention. Women don’t need to be force fed this message. They’re either going to be comfortable with it or not. And there are going to be men out there that do se x ualize these pictures. Sorry, but pull your head out of the sand.

JamesPier on

Why are the kid’s toes so spread apart? Looks like a toe defect.

Chris on

She’s spreading her big toe you fool. Sounds like you have a mental defect.

ababab on

Pathological narcissism.

Gah on

Breastfeeding is so boring and for some reason people are incredibly vocal about whether it good or bad. it. It amazes me how often this gets reported on and why people even care so much. But I guess when you need some press, slap a pic of you breast feeding up.

Lasierre on

I don’t know who she’s been talking to but I don’t care to see anyone’s breast, specialized, useful tool, or any other context. If I want to see a breadt I’ll look in the mirror. There is a thing called modesty and propriety that should be more important than sharing selfies of yourself breastfeeding, it’s really not needed.

Lasierre on

*sexualized not specialized


I BF’ed my daighter for 18 months. Took lots of pictures and if I was into the social media craze probably would have posted a couple, only becuase most family does not live close and would have been to share with them.

My daughter had a full set of teeth before we stopped and at dinner one evening the waitress made a really rude comment I told her she was welcome to leave my table and not come back. I was covered up and no one coudl see me.

As a Mom who was lucky enough to BF I am proud of doing so, but also understand those who dont/cant/wont. As long as we all end up with healhy well adjusted kids who cares

Anonymous on

First of all, that baby is not nursing. Unless Alyssa’s nipples are way up at the top corner of her breast, that baby is just chilling and resting and cuddling. Second of all, to normalize something, we have to see it. Celebrities posting breastfeeding pictures helps our society understand that breastfeeding is normal and natural. We think a Kardashian’s cleavage is natural and normal because we see it all the time. There’s no more cleavage in this picture, yet some are saying it needs to stay in private. Well, she’s sacrificing her privacy to help normalize breastfeeding. Kudos to her!

Ally on

Some of you are missing the point…it’s not the breastfeeding that’s offensive. It’s the attention seeking attitude. They fact that women or men need to expose their bodies and private lives to the entire world is just another form of narcissism. It’s not classy or cool. And people, especially women, really need to toughen up. Words don’t hurt, people! Unless you’re doing something wrong, live your lives! Who cares what others think or say. Everyone gets so butt hurt over everything these days. Stop trying to change other peoples minds and move the hell on with your own.

J on

Thank you to the moms who TASTEFULLY breastfeed unlike Alyssa.

Rose on

people get so mad about everything these days, it’s a sad world. I think these pictures are beautiful, and I love the fact that she shares these special moments with her fans

Guest on

Ok, as a mom who tried to breastfeed and struggled, and as a soon to be second time mom who has decided to formula feed because I want to enjoy my soon to be second and last child, I am so sick of hearing about how breastfeeding moms are ostracized. Maybe things are different in other areas of this country, but in my community you are made to feel like garbage if you do not breastfeed your children. The hospital will actually try to make you watch a video to tell you just how bad of a parent you are because you have made this choice. I was formula fed. My husband was formula fed. My siblings, and husband”s sibling, and my husband’s extended family were all formula fed. All of these people are healthy, happy and highly successful. I am not saying that breastfeeding doesn’t have similar results, but it is not the only way and not the best way for everyone. I do not agree that breastfeeding moms are not given the accolades they deserve. Why do these women feel the need to be congratulated for feeding their children? This is something you are required to do as a parent! Also, I do not see the need for posting this is a public media. The only reason to do so is to seek attention for caring for your child, and to push your agenda that breastfeeding is best. On a final note, PLEASE DO NOT BREASTFEED YOU CHILD TILL SHE IS 6 – this is highly inappropriate and demonstrates that this whole breastfeeding thing is not about the child’s well-being, it is about the parent, period.

beth on

Ok, unless her nipples are in a very odd place on her breast, she is not breast feeding that child, it is simple a boob shot for her to show the world. Ridiculous!!

mer on

I am all for showing breastfeeding as it is the most natural and beautiful thing around new moms.

Ellie on

I am just sick and tired of hearing her talk about her daughter who seems to be the best thing in her life!

She is always talking about how amazing, wonderful, special, incredible she is!! She never spoke about her son that way, so he was not worth beeing breastfed until 6?

It will be great for her son to read that he did not teach her ‘”that her heart has no end” but his sister did and that he was not “the missing piece to her soul.”

Her messages about him and his birthdays are way different from those on her wonderful daughter….

And about the breedfasting I have no problem with that, but it’s personnal, I have no pictures on my facebook, instagram with my kids breadfasting…to each its own!

AH on

Gross, gross, gross!!!!! Why do I have to look at this at all. So you want to be like Miley, Why?

Alice on

Another celebrity flopping her jugs out for the world to see. Whoopeedoo!

Nellie on

Congrats !!! You are a nursing mom !!! Kudos to you. You are only doing what millions of women before you have been doing for centuries and continue to do so !!!! It wasn’t a big deal then , and it’s exhausting seeing these women acting like breastfeeding is something so new and splendid that everyone should be doing !!! Let’s all start taking pictures of us having bowel movements too, so we can remove the stigma of poop while we are at it. I nursed my child, but didn’t feel the need to share it with the whole world

Debs on

Because it is DISGUSTING! Just another form of porn.

Steve , RN on

Beautiful mother/daughter moment. Alyssa has the correct idea regarding why the human female has breasts. Breastfeeding is best for babies and mothers.

sharonx9 on

Her boobs. Her baby. I’d much rather see this beautiful moment captured than all the boobs that hang out for no other reason but to promote sex. Breastfeed on!

Aden on

Don’t care to see anymore of her breast feeding photos. Are we going to have to see them for each birthday until her daughter is 6??

Anoymous on

Nice photo, but does she show it for attention?

Lisa on

Like a lot of breastfeeding moms, Alyssa is just trying to start drama/controversy and looking for attention. It’s pathetic that she’s so insecure that this is the only way she can validate herself.

sharonx9 on

You all should be ASHAMED putting down another woman who is trying to do her best for her baby. SHAME ON YOU!

sharonx9 on

You all should be ASHAMED of putting down another woman who is doing her best to do what’s best for her baby. I bet you don’t say half naked models are gross or disgusting. If you don’t like her pic DON’T LOOK AT IT. Go Alyssa!

Lisa on

Hmm. Can’t recall a single photo of her breastfeeding her son but she sure makes up for them with the constant photos of her daughter nursing. Did she even nurse him at all? For what, a day, two days? Was there less need for attention back when he was born or does she just think he’s not as special as his sister?

Never liked her anyway so I usually skip right over her rants regarding breastfeeding her daughter but boy, I sure feel sad for her son from all the pictures posted on here and the little I’ve read.

joan on

I met a friend before she had her last child. She breastfed her daughter, no matter where she was, until she was almost two. She would casually, but discreetly, pull up her shirt and her daughter would nurse. She never showed anything. It was a natural thing.

Chris Weems on

So breastfeed until the kid is 50, who cares! Why the need to flaunt your boobs? When do they stop being sexual objects & become spiritual? When you put a kid’s mouth on them? Get off the publicity kick.

Molly on

Um her daughter is very cute.

Someone on

I have a whole different problem with public breastfeeding which may sound ridiculous (it isn’t, I assure you) for anyone but those who share my problem. I’m not a troll, either, just to get that out of the way. I have emetophobia, and since I heard that babies tend to throw up after feeding… I don’t want to be around them or thier breastfeeding mother because they’re triggers. Just do it where are no people around. Thanks.

Lyanna on

For the grossed out ladies on this board, don’t want to breastfeed? Think it’s gross? Don’t do it. For those of us to choose to feed their children the way nature intended, shame is not an option. The idea that a woman feeding her baby is gross is unfathomable.

Anonymous on

If she wants to breastfeed, let her do it. It’s her child, she can do whatever she wants.

Kar on

Ooh nice boobs lol