Inside Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s Nursery for Daughter Poppy

09/08/2015 at 05:25 PM ET

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent have unveiled their biggest labor of love to date.

In the October issue of Architectural Digest, the couple share the nursery they designed for their 5-month-old daughter, Poppy, in the family’s new apartment in New York City. Even cuter: Poppy joined her proud dads for the cover shoot, showing the world just how much she’s grown since making her debut in PEOPLE in May.

“We knew we wanted to have a family and that we wanted to raise our child in New York,” Berkus, 43, tells the magazine. Adds Brent, “The day we closed on the apartment, we were walking through Washington Square, and I told Nate, ‘We have to treasure this.’ For two kids from Minnesota and California to be living in this apartment on lower Fifth? It’s insane. I always wanted to live beautifully, and the idea of Nate and Poppy and me creating a life here together…”

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's NurseryDouglas Friedman/Architectural Digest

Berkus and Brent and are known for bringing the best of glamour and comfort to their designs — and the interior designers didn’t disappoint when collaborating on Poppy’s bedroom. Complete with grey and white wallpaper, a traditional crib, and metallic accessories, the nursery is a continuation of the aesthetic the dads chose for their Greenwich Village home.

“In all of my work, I look at a house and think about the moments that will happen there, the moments we all long to create,” Brent, 30, explains. “Where will I hold my daughter on Saturday mornings? Where will my husband and I sit and reflect and recharge?”

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's NurseryDouglas Friedman/Architectural Digest

Personal touches that hold deep meaning for the couple pepper the home. An image of Joshua Tree National Park taken by photographer Fernando Bengoechea, Berkus’ former partner who died in the 2004 tsunami while the two were vacationing in Sri Lanka, hangs above a reading nook.

“That work is central to Nate’s life,” Brent says. “So we put it in the center of our house, Poppy’s playroom.” Adds Berkus, “Everyone should be able to sit in a room with pieces that spark memories. If you create the feeling that a home is a vessel for stories and memories, you have succeeded.”

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's NurseryDouglas Friedman/Architectural Digest

When the duo weren’t creating a chic space for their little one, they got to work on a shoe closet that looks straight out of Sex and the City. As daunting as it can be to renovate shared spaces with a spouse (let alone a fellow design star like Berkus), Brent says the process was rewarding.

“The energy we discovered working on our home together is unlike anything else,” he says. “It’s totally unfiltered. We do our best work when we are together.”

Berkus echoed the sentiment, saying Brent, who is the new host of Home Made Simple, has inspired his work. “I look back and realize that before I met Jeremiah, I had sort of stopped seeing,” he says. “Being with him and starting to see through his eyes — I was rejuvenated.”

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's NurseryDouglas Friedman/Architectural Digest

It’s been a big year for the couple, who welcomed Poppy in March and celebrated their one-year marriage anniversary in May. The designers tied the knot at the New York Public Library in 2014.

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's NurseryDouglas Friedman/Architectural Digest

— Nick Maslow

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Kris on

That baby is one lucky girl having to grow up with all that beauty around her. And the men are lucky to have her, she is cute!

Kendall on

Such a beautiful family. “A home is a vessel for stories and memories”… I love that!!

K.B. on

What a gorgeous family!

max on

I am so happy for Nate in particular. It is still fresh in my mind the loss he took just over ten years ago. He has carried on and made a new life for himself, a happy one, and he is bringing that joy to his daughter and partner, too. Well done, Nate, wishing you all good things. And your kid looks spoiled!

Guest on

Cute couple and love the nursery. Poppy is a super cute name too.

huh? on

That nursery is about as warm and cozy as a stand-up meat locker.

Becky on


Holly on

I feel very sorry for this little girl. Every girl deserves a mother-and it is cruel that she doesn’t have one. Men absolutely can’t substitue a mother. It is just wrong to do this to a baby. If homosexuals want to live together that’s their choice and privilege-but it’s not fair for a girl to grow up without another female in the house.

cg on

What a beautiful family! The house too is just so dreamy. I love the nursery!

Amy Poteat on

Adorable, all 3 of them!

angie on

Why Holly?
I am a woman and grew up with a mother around, she was terrible, my father was amazing! He could have raised be alone and I would have more than likely turned out even better.

Megan on

They seem nice, but that nursery is gaudy & overly trendy

Elaine on

@Holly: I raised my 2 kids alone because their father was not very present. A bad parent is just as bad as an absentee one, if not worse. My kids are very well adjusted today at 30 and 27, and my brother was a good male role model all through their lives. I’m sure Nate and Jeremiah have good women friends or sisters who can do the same.

Anonymous on

I wish them nothing but happiness and they make an adorable family. Did anyone else notice Poppy’s room is the size of a closet and their shoe closet is a master bedroom!! Haha!!

lola on

@Holly I had a Mother & a Father and my Mother was and is terrible with children. Just one of those people who should never of had kids. Being female doesn’t make you loving or kind. I am so happy for Nate that he has found love again and has a family. Dissapointed in the nursery design, feels a little cold to me. Why is their closet bigger than her room? Ha!

maryhelenc on

That is a beautiful baby who is clearly loved and cherished by her parents! What a lucky little girl!

DumboMama on

That nursery is gorge! Beautiful little girl!

Menders on

I normally love Nate’s work but this nursery is so cold and hard looking……not at all what a sweet little baby would want. They love soft things and pretty colors.

Mellie on

That doesn’t even look like a baby girl’s room. What’s wrong with it being pink or lavender or cottage style cute? This is way overdone to look glamorous and pretentious. Don’t like.

Z. Cruz on

Their home is so nice, and their baby is just so precious, and cute. Please take good care of her, and cherish the baby moments in as many pictures as you can. Poppy is just beautiful!

Anonymous on

WOW! i like that one also for our daughter YSAh… 😀

susan on

They sound like intense snobs.

aquariusinaz on

While I’m very happy for both of them that they have found so much happiness and created a beautiful family, I’m not really that into their nursery look. It’s beautiful but a bit sterile for my taste.

In any case, I wish them well and love the touch about incorporating the picture and memories of Nate’s former partner in the nursery. That’s really special.

For those of you commenting on the baby not having a Mom, remember that she will be loved and she was very much wanted by Nate and Jeremiah. She will have their support and I’m sure also access to female role models throughout her life…but again most of all, she’ll be loved and cherished. That’s more than most foster children have these days. I’d rather see them create a modern family like this, than see a child growing up in foster care, never knowing what it’s like to have a family of their own at all.

jewels1972 on

Cute family but not crazy about the nursery. Does not look warm or cozy or kid friendly at all. Just my 2¢.

MHR on

What a beautiful family!

Guest on

Lovely room! I am so happy that Nate has found a person to love and now has a child of their own. I was also pleased to see Fernando has a place in their home, that is wonderful. I believe Fernando would be happy to know that Nate is loved and has two wonderful loves to share his life with.

lorie on

@Holly, I think you are horribly wrong. Being raised with incredible role models is far better than being raised by a bad parent. I was raised by a horrible vile mother and I raised 4 sons without an active father. They had great male influence and they are awesome humans. If I had the same opportunity to have loving dedicated Dad without the terrible Mom influence it would have saved me years of ongoing pain and therapy. These are dedicated loving fathers.. their daughter will grow up just fine.

Tara on

She is going to be raised in the lap of luxury.

I am all for it as long as they teach her not to be a spoiled, entitled, ungrateful brat like so many other people.

sally on

The nursery reflects the design of two adult gay men- not a little baby girl!! I cannot see her playing in that room at all. Oh well- they’ll figure it out once she turns into a toddler and can get into everything!

Lenny on

@Holly My mother died when I was four, I was raised by my father and my uncle, they were the greatest parents ever and I couldn’t have had anything better.

life goes on on

What a precious family and Poppy is a gorgeous little girl, she is so lucky to have two parents like Nate and Jeremiah.

Leeza on

That’s a nursery for the parents, not the baby. I would suggest redecorating to a more kid friendly theme when she’s older and has an opinion.

Holly on

My condolances to those of you that had absentee parents or unloving parents-that is truly heartbreaking and I am so glad that you have had a happy life in spite of those obstacles. I did not say that I thought these men would be bad parents-no to the contrary I think they will be terrific parents. My point which I still hold is that I truly think that it isn’t fair for this girl not to have a mother. I am sure on her wedding day, when she gets her first period, when she has to deal with mean girls at the lunch table, when she goes through menopause-she would want to have discussions with her own mom about such things. I think if the men were really thinking about the best interest of this child-and not their own desire to parent-they could see that.

jp on

Isn’t the room with the crib a bit claustrophobic? Cells are bigger than that.

Evie on

I think that nursery is gorgeous and they are gorgeous. Such a happy time. I agree with some posters, this doesn’t seem to be the most practical though. We have four children and white furniture is something I would never consider.

Melissa on

Holly, not having a mother is not the worst thing that can happen. I grew up with a mother and she is a terrible person, so i can’t see how it is bad that this little girl is growing up with two men who will love her and take care of her, because she is wanted and they had to make a decision to have her, unlike a woman who “accidentally” gets pregnant and makes her children’s life miserable…..

Mimi on

no parent is clerly better then a bad parent, and to find a good female role model is much easier than a good male role model. there are always some woman who will be happy to take care of someones child, and very few males who would do that and be not in relationship with a mother.

You were very lucky to have Your brother around.

mer on

What a gorgeous family! I love seeing whatever kinds of families.. just a person / people who love their child.. whatever gender, orientation,.. they can have four legs for what I care, the most important is love and care. And these two guys are just shining with it. I am happy for them.

k on

I’m going to have to agree with Holly; around here Moms rule. All the way down to the invites to the birthday parties to the playdates to whom you trick or treat with. This little girl may run into some challenges….no matter how much money you have. And don’t forget the ones who will only associate with the ones from their own church. I hope things work out for them, but I’m just saying the way it really is around here.

Betty on

WOW. Everything was gorgeous.

Kelli on

@K- What do you mean “around here?” Do you live in NYC? I’m reasonably certain there aren’t many people in NYC who would avoid someone simply because they don’t go to the same church, unless they’re Hasidic Jews, and I seriously doubt Nate and Jeremiah are hanging out in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

As to your concern regarding birthdays- I feel confident a couple of gay interior designers can handle party invitations.

cj on

Their style is not my style for certain and I hope that the playroom will translate into Poppy’s actual bedroom as she grows because her current room looks like a closet. She is a beautiful little girl who seems to have 2 parents who love and adore her. It takes a village to raise kids today and being NYC residents she will likely have quite the unique set of friends and influences. Wish them all well and I envy their shoe closet.

Rachel on

Holly – I met several homosexual couples who have been amazing parents in my years of teaching and in every circumstance there was SOMEONE there of the opposite gender for that child. Be it an aunt, a godmother, or just a family friend. If a little girl grows up surrounded by the love of the people around her and if her fathers have friends and family who are both male and female, I guarantee there will be a woman that little girl can turn to when she gets her first period or has her first heartbreak or is being teased by her friends. Heck, half the time growing up I talked to my aunts about that stuff and I have a wonderful mother! It’s always awesome when a child can have two loving parents… period.

Diana Sanchez on

What a beautiful nursery. The whole family is so adorable. Off topic, but Nate’s husband is a hunk!

philip on

as you can CLEARLY see, for the bigots out there and sickos ..that child is terribly abused by the loving gay couple….sharing their life and sharing thier love of life….blass you both and wish you many yrs of love and happiness

Zol on

The nursery looks gorgeous!

Not For Me on

Not to my taste but as long as they are happy that’s all that matters 🙂

Rainyday on

I love Nate. His personality is just the best, and his style is impeccable. I hope to see him on TV more. Congrats on your beautiful daughter and the nursery certainly does not disappoint.

Sarah on

Beautiful family and nursery!!

Miriam on

They are such a cute looking couple. All the best to them and their family.

Tabs on

Wow, Holly, show’s how much you know. I grew up with 2 sisters and my single dad raised us. My mom was a selfish, immature, awful person and I thank GOD every day that I didn’t have to live through my childhood with that. I am a successful working mother, very happy, and extremely close with my dad. What matters is that you are raised by parents who LOVE you, it doesn’t matter what part that parent has “under their pants.”

BEE on


Gloria on

Maybe I didn’t see it, but where was the bumper for her crib?

Jennifer on

@Angie so your mother was terrible. How do you know this little girls mother will be as terrible as yours. Children should have a right to know BOTH parents. What gays are doing is cruel and selfish.

Lauren on

Oh yeah she is really lucky to have a bunch a lot of expensive and useless things, everybody just need that, money money money..

soncee on

Love it!!

dkenney142 on

I love Jeremiah Brent! I’m so happy he is now the host of Home Made Simple. He is just so sincere and wears his heart on his sleeve, it shows in every show. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nate too but I wish I could have Jeremiah do ANY room for me😇