It’s 94 Degrees for Everyone in N.Y.C. – Except Kim Kardashian West

09/08/2015 at 05:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West is taking no white after Labor Day to a whole new level.

The reality star stepped out in hot and humid New York City (it’s currently a cool 94 degrees) sporting an all-black ensemble that accentuated her baby bump.

Wearing a heavy velvet blazer and leather boots, the second time mom-to-be also bared her pregnancy cleavage in a sheer turtleneck top.

Black was a weekend-long favorite for Kardashian West. On Sunday, she wore a sophisticated black Valentino number with a cape to attend a wedding with husband Kanye West. And a day later, she stepped out to dinner with Serena Williams in her husband’s vintage Ramones T-shirt paired with black pants and a heavy black coat.

Kim Kardashian West pregnant black outfit new york city
Alo Ceballos/GC

Kardashian West is expecting a son in December, and told C Magazine last month about creating her pregnancy style with West.

“It was mainly him figuring it out — what my look was and what I was comfortable in,” she said. “So now I’ve had two years to really come into my own and have my own style. I figured out a formula of what works.”

— Melody Chiu

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Callie on

She is so attention starved she’ll do anything. Stop giving this girl attention!!!!

Laurine on

She’s beginning to look a lot like Michael Jackson……………..

cam on

Ugh………..none of it works… all.

Melissa on

I actually like it , I think her pregnancy style this time around isn’t as bad ..

Daisy on

Why in the hell would anyone wear what she’s wearing on a 95 degree day?!

Janet on

“So now I’ve had two years to really come into my own and have my own style. I figured out a formula of what works.”

Lmao… Someone teach this girl math because obviously the formula is NOT working!!!

Rastah on

It is so hot in NYC right now, steamy hot!!! and all that hair…yuck! PS Kim, having your eyebrows raised to the middle of your forehead doesn’t make up you look taller

bluphin on



SarahJane77 on

It’s just all bad. I thought she’d have learned her lesson from her last pregnancy, but I guess you can’t teach an old Kardashian new tricks…or anything really…

Erin on

Pregnancy styles should be comfortable and classy.I’ve been there twice myself. The Morticia Adams style is not working for her. Comfortable….cool…classy….hint….hint…

Becca on

She looks just like her mom. The outfit is horrific.

Mommy on

Actually I think she is starting to resemble Karl Lagerfeld in the face.

dirvish on

What has she done to her eyebrows?
She looks frozen and so unbelievably unnatural.
Ages her ten plus years.

huh? on

She looks like her 60 year old mother after Thanksgiving dinner.

PMc on

Omg, did she have more plastic surgery?! Her face looks so weird!

PMc on

Weird looking!

Guest on

Omg horrible

Alice on


Guest on

Hot and confused!!!

Anonymous on

What a cow and her plastic surgery is horrible. I hope she did not pay for that!

Montgomery on

Black is always fine in NYC – just not black velvet, black tights and black boots when it’s 94. Anyway, she looks ghastly. A fat Morticia Addams.

kris on

“She’s walkin’ around lookin’ like Michael with your money”.

Chelsie Smith on

Omg this is awful. Just wear a pretty,flowy, cool maxi dress like all the rest of the preggos do in 95 degree heat. You are trying way too hard to be different and it looks absolutely ridiculous. This is coming from a fan of the Kardashians btw…but this is just absurd!

Debra on

Her boobs are always lop sided

Marisa on

She thinks the coats hide the blubber!!

CeCe on

He needs to rethink this whole “look”, cuz it ain’t working. She looks ridiculous!

Anonymous on

After two babies….no one will care who are you! Yeah! We are there and K.H. knew what he was saying. Cover up for the sake of your child.

Bobbi on

Why would anyone wear this in NY during a heat wave? Hope she is wearing a good deodorant! The boobs hanging out like this is just grotesque and makes a bad look look even worse. What is wrong with this woman?

Lacey on

Those shoes are so ugly.

smithy on

I wish for once she would dress as a normal person and stop this stage dressing that she does everyday. It seems so uncomfortable!!!

cg on

That just looks so hot and so uncomfortable!

Anonymous on

She looks hideous!

Sorry on

Here upper lip is going to explode from filler!!!
Michael Jacksons face.

Anonymous on

She looks positively hideous!

Nicole on

Damn fool I hope she suffers heatstroke! I’m sorry between those huge milk sacks and that big fake donkey a$$ she just looks funky as in something smells funky, not funky offbeat and cool!

Nancy on

WOW . . . Why do you keep covering her, following her, stalking her? Seriously why?????? STOP, she offers NOTHING to society; or her siblings . .

luna delilah on

Her whole pregnancy style has been long sleeves and coats throughout the whole summer. She obviously is trying to cover up her body so people wont be able to say “she looks huge”. She’s sacrificing being comfortable just to look a certain way to the public. Poor girl has to just let it go and just be pregnant. Her insecurities show alot to me.

Nicole on

She is starting to look like her mother whose 60 plus years, which is sad because Kim is aging herself with all the fillers and surgery and she doesn’t even realize it.

Nicole on

@ Kris:“She’s walkin’ around lookin’ like Michael with your money”.
On the floor dieing good one! I wonder if he thinks of that song lyric every time she comes home with a new procedure… he should’ve known that one is wayyy to vain to allow herself to age gracefully!

nolanite on

She looks like a drag queen.

michelle on

There’s no way you can be that bundled up in scorching hot weather and not smell. Yuk.

Sloan on

She is Spanxing the baby under the long skirt !!!!!!!!!!

Norma on

Kim is beginning to look like Morticia Adams and not in a good way. Please stop with the plastic surgery. It is not becoming and is at the point where there is no fixing what has been broken! PS. Please tell Kylie if she is going to expose her breasts in public, please make sure they are even. One is much higher than the other. It just looks sad that an 18 year old thinks that is what she must do to herself be valued as a human being.

Anonymous on

Really smart to overheat yourself while you’re pregnant. How can that be good for the baby?!?? I was dying today in NYC. She’s a complete moron!

jules on

Kims style during her pregnancy this time has been NICE but yesterday Kim had on a long coat that looked wool and now she has on a velvet jacket and we are experiencing the third HEAT WAVE OF THE SUMMER. Someone needs to stop her before she literally PASSES out from HEAT EXHAUSTION

Casey on

When is she gonna finally have a breakdown and admit she hates his style and how she hates dressing up too warm on a 94 degree day? Id go ballistic thinking this is insane. Cause it is.

Grace on

KK looks like she may have gone a little too far with enhancing her face.

She use to be very attractive. Now,her face looks totally different.

She never looks happy anymore.

Chloe on

The soul-sucking vampire exits the tomb. Searching for the cameras of this century that she adores. Unable to see her reflection, she relies on the photos to see if she ages.

-A on

It was freaking brutal out today, I couldn’t breath in the humidity and I wore a tank top and shorts. How on earth did she not pass out from the heat?? I’m surprised you can’t see sweat dripping off of her in this picture. Does she choose to dress like that in this heat or does Kanye make her?

Milky on

Gah, her face!! She was so pretty and exotic a few years ago, it’s such a shame. This is just terrifying looking 😦

NickyAngel on

Her sense of style has just gone to the S@#@$ since she’s been with Kanye

Molle on

That dress looked too hot for that heat day!

Mary on

That is just soooo ridiculous it hurts!

Nanu21 on

Does she really think she looks good? Time for this old gal to retire as she is one big YAWN…..Kylie has taken old Kimmie’s place!!!!

SeattleDreamin on

OMG! All I see is Michael Jackson. And, why are her toes sideways?! Disgusting pig!

Mary Mack on

She ALWAYS looks stuffed in her clothes…way too many surguries and “enhancements”….her style is ridiculous and that outfit is hideous… was one of the hottest days of the year today here in NY…

eh on

It was mainly him figuring it out — what my look was and what I was comfortable in,”…. “So now I’ve had two years to really come into my own and have my own style…”
It’s her “own” style that Kanye picks for her. Does she even know what she is saying when she speaks? Why is your husband choosing what you wear? I had a friend whose boyfriend was like that. He was a controlling jerk!

Anonymous on

MJ – is that you?!

Kilt on

Am I crazy or does her face look so distorted with all the surgery and “plumping” that she is looking just like Michael Jackson? My disgust for the Kardashian clan in one thing…I wish they would all just disappear, but she’s the spitting image of MJ in her photos.

lilly pond on

Trashy, disgusting, basically the usual with this pig!!

rm on

the outfit she’s wearing is probably very expensivve…but it doesn’t look nice and I don’t think it’s very comfortable…
And I think she must have botox or something her brows are really out there..
One would wish she’d use all that money to look a bit more stilish