I was hoping it wasn't true-but turns out Jack hates ice cream," Anna Faris wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of she and Chris Pratt's son covered in melted ice cream

Anna Faris Shares Photographic Evidence That Her and Chris Pratt’s Son Jack ‘Hates Ice Cream’

09/07/2015 at 11:20 AM ET

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris‘ son Jack definitely screams for ice cream.

The 3-year-old got a little messy while he enjoyed a sweet treat on Sunday.

In a photo shared by Faris on Twitter, the bespectacled toddler, who wore a cowboy hat and the biggest smile, is covered with melted chocolate ice cream.

Courtesy Anna Faris

Jack held a dripping, but empty, cone, proving that he licked the summertime confection to the last drop.

“Shoot,” Faris joked on the social media site. “I was hoping it wasn’t true-but turns out Jack hates ice cream @prattprattpratt.”

Earlier last week the famous couple joked about the tot’s potty-training progress. Faris shared a photo of Jack standing over a puddle and captioned “Potty training is going so great! I’m a natural!”

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Pratt took time to honor his own father over the weekend, tweeting a throwback image of him and brother Cully Pratt.

“Your to do list: 1)have kids 2)play outside 3)teach them to fish 4)take pictures,” wrote Pratt.

In the vintage picture, a young Pratt poses in front of his flannel-clad dad (who died in 2014), and held tight to a fishing pole in short shorts and a polo shirt.

“Thanks Dad,” he finished. “Miss you man.”

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LilahK on

So precious!

Commentor on

The cutest little fellow ever! Now, if these two ever break up, my dwindling faith in humanity will be utterly destroyed. They seem to be focused on the things in life that matter with work being second.

Kelsey on

Chris Pratt’s dad was Ron Swanson???

BB on

…”empty, cone, proving that he licked the summertime confection to the last drop.” Liars!! The cone was definitely not “empty”! One can clearly see that there is still ice cream in the cone and he did NOT, I repeat, did NOT, lick it to the “last drop.” Nothing was proved at all! It’s this kind of misrepresentation and shoddy reporting that creates chaos in the streets and it sickens me!!

Emilywhy on

Look at those little Superman legs!!

drgrady on

Her tweets are adorable! It’s obvious they’re in love with Mr. Jack. (:

K on

Please have these edited. This is not one of those that follows the, “take out the word and see if the sentence still makes sense,” trick.

Robin on

I love pictures like this if celebs’ kids.

Tonja on

Awe cute pic

Angelica on

Yay he is so adorable.

m patterson on

Hey PEOPLE. i know you aren’t BBC or anything, but do you HAVE to literally have NO ONE AT THE HELM of EDITING this? How did you let this headline go through with this dookie grammar? Dude. I’m used to horrible, horrible grammar from pop-culture internet junk news. But this? This I have never, ever seen before in my life. That grammatical error is atrocious. And in the HEADLINE. Just *pretend* to care, please? Please?