Kim Kardashian Trades Her Maternity Crop Top for a Peachy Ensemble

09/05/2015 at 11:50 AM ET

Kim Kardashian West‘s trend-setting summer maternity style streak – which has consisted mostly of tight neutral basics and chic outerwear – continued on Friday, when she stepped out in Sherman Oaks, California.

The 34-year-old reality star, who’s expecting her second child with husband Kanye West in Decemeber, donned a peach-colored monochromatic ensemble for a trip to a studio.


The light pink jacket, by Kardashian West fave Maison Margiela, had menswear-inspired details, including double-breasted buttons and a wide double collar.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star took a brief hiatus from her go-to look for a family dinner at Nobu earlier this week. Taking a cue from stylish teen sister Kylie Jenner, Kardashian West wore a crop top!

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— Lindsay Kimble

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Leeza on

Her clothes are more stretchy than tight. They look very comfortable as maternity wear. Also, the crop top has been sensationalized. It barely showed anything.

cjm on

Oh look! Kim wears a sausage casing!

huh? on

Cut her hair and she looks exactly like her pimpmom.

Barb on

She looks great. Those shoes are ridiculous.

Katie on

When your bulging knee caps are visible through your spandex tight skirt: you need to go to a bigger size.

kmm20 on

I’m 7 months pregnant and there is no way that is a comfortable outfit. Nor is it maternity.

Anonymous on

That poor womens face.

life goes on on

She stills looks like a sausage.

jezmyopinion on

The hobbit looks like a link of sausage boudin.
Man, her face is getting more frozen/plastic looking by the day.

Guest on

Someone is obviously telling her she looks good in these WAY too small non-maternity outfits. Lots of “yes” people around her I guess. Maybe her thug husband thinks other men won’t look at her if she looks like a cow, and he’s probably right. I would just stay home if I looked that awful.

LilahK on

How can she be comfortable in that outfit? Way too tight and her shoes look uncomfortable.

trish on

looks like that spanks dress is going to snap off & hurt someone.
How does she get into that thing?
Must take an army

Kelly on

Really wish she would lay off the plastic surgery.

Kalena on

I thought old lady’s wear their skirts to their boobs!

karen on

I don’t think the top of the outfit looks bad..if it was loose and flowy on the bottom it would be a very nice maternity dress. I agree with the others that it looks like sausage casing on the bottom it looks like she’s wearing someone else’s clothes.

cam on

How is squeezing your fat ass into a tight sausage casing trend setting?? Puhlease, everything she wears has to be tight tight tight. Who makes this crap up??

Looloobell on

Just a very bad looking woman as she grows older, despite plastic surgery… She should be glowing being pregnant, but somehow she looks unhealthy.. None of that family EVER smiles with their teeth showing.. For being in her 30s, I’ll take my 60 year old self & celebrate with all my teeth showing!!! 😁

Guest on

WTF is it with the coat? It’s summer. And in Cali. Always the coat

Kathy on

She looks good! Only to get off that coat, too hot to wear in summer.

Lindsey on

She always looks like she has several beach balls attached to her.

Lindsey on

Haha that’s a trend I surely won’t follow. Yuck.

Jen on

Trendsetting? No.

I think she’s always wearing a long jacket to hide all the bulges from wearing too-tight dresses all the time. There is no way she can be comfortable wearing the too-tight dress or the jacket when it’s too warm to be wearing it.

Guest on

She just always look so uncomfortable. Maybe loose pastel clothing and flats may be better.

Marisa on

aaaaaaaaahahahaha She thinks these coats cover up all that blubber!! O M G. aaaahahahahaha

Robert on

It doesn’t even look like KIM K smh

J on

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but why is Kim always wearing a coat? It will be appropriate if it was December to late March. But its early september, its still hot outside?!?!

Tesa on

Please use spellcheck. It’s December. Not decemeber. And Kim has a real body. Not Kendall’s 12 yr old boy body.

christine on

Love the ‘fool you’ camera angle… Low shooting up, making her look taller and thinner than she actually is. Triplets: One in front, two in back. She’s a 5′ cow with udders.

Zol on

Yeah her shoes looks kinda ridiculous.

Ann on

Too much Botox above her right eye.

Tonja on

Omg I thought this pic was her mother at first. Lol

lilly pond on

Are the long coats to cover her big fat a$$? She is trash all the way.

PV on

She looks very different than few years ago!