Tamera Mowry-Housley Introduces Daughter Ariah: ‘She’s My Mini-Me’

09/04/2015 at 08:45 PM ET

Tamera Mowry-Housley‘s newborn daughter, Ariah Talea, takes after her mom in more ways than one.

“She’s my mini-me,” The Real co-host, 37, tells PEOPLE of her 8-week-old baby girl. “She looks so much like me as a baby, it’s scary! She has my eyes and my cheeks — I had the droopy little cheeks.”

Ariah — whose name means “Lion of God” — also has a similar personality to her mom.

“We’re both calm,” says Mowry-Housley. “She’s a mellow baby, and the coolest thing is [my 2½-year-old son] Aden is high-energy and [my husband] Adam is high-energy, so I think we’re balanced now.”

Tamera Mowry-Housley daughter Ariah Talea first photo
Coral Von Zumwalt

Mowry-Housley is embracing the differences between having a boy and a girl, especially when it comes to dressing her daughter.

“I have so much fun with the clothes,” she admits. “There are so many more choices! But I try to balance it out — I have really, really girly clothes, and then I have clothes that are kind of neutral.”

As a mom for the second time, Mowry-Housley says she is more “relaxed,” and is able to enjoy all of Ariah’s milestones.

“She’s smiling,” shares the actress. “That’s the first thing that I looked forward to, because you work hard as a mom, and then when you get that smile, it just makes you feel good.”

Tamera Mowry-Housley daughter Ariah Talea first photo
Coral Von Zumwalt

What makes her daughter smile?

“This is the sweetest thing — the first time she sees me in the morning,” says Mowry-Housley. “It melts me!”

For more on Mowry-Housley’s new baby and to see exclusive photos, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Gabrielle Olya

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lola on

She’s beautiful!!

Megan on

“also has a similar personality to her mom.
“We’re both calm,”

I about died laughing. Anyone that’s followed her post Sister Sister career & life knows she is a control freak, definitely not calm & is an insecure poser

LilahK on

Absolutely beautiful!

Mary on

Megan, are we in 1997? Is poser still a thing? Do you know her personally. Good grief.

Maureen on

So sweet. Congrats on your family.

Connie on

Beautiful children and mother. Congratulations!

slawson on

Beautiful baby and family. #Megan, get a life. Your sound over miserable. Poor thing.

J on

She has beautiful children. She’s also beautiful inside and out. I wonder if her daughter has blue eyes like her big brother.

Jessica on

So that’s why she didn’t reveal the baby earlier cuz she was waiting on a paycheck from a magazine!!

Marky on

These 2 make absolutely gorgeous babies! They are both so cute, and so are their parents….

Maya on

Gorgeous Kids!!

Lu on

Absolutely gorgeous children! So nice seeing a child star with a stable adult life.

Lu on

I wonder if Tia is jealous that her sister’s kids are so much cuter than her son, Cree, is?

innis on

She beautiful, and Aden is adorable as usual. Tamera you look beautiful.

BTW!!! Your sister Tia posted a picture of baby Ariah several hours ago and it seem that her Toe Nails had polish !!!!PLEASE SAY NOT SO!!!!! some people were making comments about it,so its not just me, IF SO ? that is so dangerous to put nail polish on a 2 month baby,know you guys are excited to have a baby Girl, hope we are not correct in what we think we saw. Please not being a hater,just concern for your sweet baby.

Krystal on

Geez! There are some truly petty people on this post. She has a beautiful family and I wish them the best.

Beth on

Love the freshly picked crib moccs!!!

Megan on

Beautiful baby girl.

Charli on

Beautiful family! Love her!

Zola on

She looks gorgeous.

Nena on

@Nancy-I don’t think she did it for a pay check. The papparazi got a pix of her and the baby at the airport 2 days ago. I think she was trying to get ahead of the paps to get the babies pix out. That’s the way it seems to me.

Kelly Johnson on

I love this family for some reason. Stunningly beautiful and down to earth. I also happen to like her on fox

Dana on

She has such beautiful children.

julie on

Beautiful children!

Nanadiva on

Lu, Why is it necessary for you to compare the children’s looks and start stuff about differences? Since Tia and Tamera are married to two different men (who are both handsome BTW) their children represent the genes of both their biological parents. Both sisters have healthy beautiful children. ALL parents think their children are beautiful and that is how it is supposed to be, unconditional love. No wonder people grow up with complexes, complete strangers start making external looks an issue from the moment of birth. Character is far more important. Your comment says a lot about your character.

Jessica on

@Lu I wonder if your as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside. You are a terrible human being for speaking about children that way, hope u don’t have any kids!!

myastone on

She births the most beautiful children!!

Jessica on

I don’t mean this in a bad way, but are those pics photoshopped? She looked way bigger when I saw her at the airport.

Maxine on

Her kids are very cute!

Lacey on

Beautiful children.

Marie on

@Megan – Agreed. Tamera seems to be saying what she thinks people want to hear. Everyone who watched their shows knows that she’s the baby and her twin Tia acts like the much older sister. Even her husband acts all old and mature and has to guide her through everything. She’s always a damsel in distress. It’s not judgmental, it’s just a fact. Some women are like that, and some men actually like feeling in control that way. That’s why they are married.

innis on

@Megan @Marie, Why do people waste time getting on a site about
someone so Beautiful to say something about someone they do not Know
PERSONALLY, to make statements they say is a fact!!!!which in its self is a LOL,LOL, ‘OPINION’ from a 1/2 hour TV Show. MY Opinion for both of you !!!the green eye monster is showing!!!ENVY!!!. Which is such a waste of ones time. Because Tamera still has a husband who seem to love her and two Beautiful children. SOOOOO stop wasting your time on Envy. Have a great day both of you.

joan on

what beautiful children.

Truthfinder on

I really love her and love her husband on FOX news. They are a lovely couple with 2 lovely children…did I mention they were all lovely??

Marie on

@innis Can you lighten up? I don’t see anything wrong with what they said. It’s opinion, yes, but it’s also popular opinion. LOL. Tamera has been famous for many years. So whatever.

Best of luck to this beautiful family.

Pam on

Good to see a child star growing up normally and is still successful in her life and career.

Lena816 on

She make beautiful babies 🙂

Amy on

You have such beautiful children. God bless you,your husband and kids.

This was taken when I would say like a few weeks old or so. The airport picture was her now at 2 months. So,she would be bigger now.

TLC on

Looks like baby Ariah has cradle cap. They are both cuties! Congratulations to the Mowry-Housley family!!!

Jessica on

@amy u r such a dumbass can u not read? She was referring to Tamera being bigger not the baby duh!!

Pat D. on

Some of you folks are unbelievable, especially you Megan. Are y’all jealous or just naturally evil. And comparing her sister’s child to her children and saying he is not as good looking is pretty low. Both Tia and Tamara are two beautiful and classy young women, and they’ve both given birth to exceptionally beautiful children, they are both married to handsome men who love and adore them. I wish them both success in their personal and professional lives. If you can’t think of anything uplifting or constructive to say about them, don’t be rude, just move on to the next article.

Someone on

Some of you people need to take a course in manners. It is a baby and her mother both of them are gorgeous. No one on this feed knows this lady other than the persona she shows on tv. If you feel the need to bring someone down it shows that you have low self esteem. As for me I wish her and her family well. Can we stop the bashing and be real woman and lift one another up?

rinda on

she is very adorable. congratulations Tamera. you are such a great mother

DJ on


Everyone likes to be in control of their own density and if that means taking control then I say JOB WELL DONE!!!

DJ on

Congrats on your BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER and I LOVE her name .Stay Blessed and Never Worry to Stress!!

Esther on

She is beyond BEAUTIFUL as many expected! Tamera and Adam have such a beautiful family. So happy for them!

layla on

tamera mowry are baby got pretty……