Kim Kardashian West and North Sport Matching Swimsuits While Collecting Sea Shells

09/04/2015 at 01:40 PM ET

Quality mommy and me time!

During their recent family vacation in St. Barts, Kim Kardashian West and daughter North enjoyed a mother-daughter day at the beach, playing in the sand and examining a few treasures together.

With the pregnant reality star sporting another itty bitty bikini — she was also photographed showing off her baby belly in a bronze version — her 2-year-old mini me opted for a matching black two-piece complete with white piping. To kick her waterside wardrobe up a notch, North added gold accessories to her ensemble.

But sea shells weren’t the only thing Kardashian West — who’s expecting a son with Kanye West in December — showed off during the tropical getaway. The mom-to-be took to Instagram to give her followers an up close look at a few pregnancy perks: Her pouty lips and growing cleavage.

Kim Kardashian West pregnant daughter North
Brian Prahl/Splash News

— Anya Leon

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Olivia on

I thought People Magazine said they weren’t gonna post paparazzi pictures of celebrity children anymore. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kardashians exploited their kids but this looks like a paparazzi picture to me.

button on

Ha ha pouty lips are a “pregnancy perk”? These article are just so funny!

Jaz on

Another photo op trying to appear motherly.

Missy on

People can now stop saying shes faking her pregnancy

Pam on

You’re ridiculous People

Laura on

Not a fan of Kim, but this is a cute pic. Everyone is always saying how she spends no time with her child, but I’m sure those same people will find a way to degrade this pic of her doing just that, too.

Guest on

Just cuz they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should be wearing it. Being pregnant is one thing, but that big azz hanging out is hideous.

Just Wondering on

Anyone notice that this photo shows up a week after Beyoncé’s photo with Blue and her in matching swimsuits. Can’s this no-talent bane on society do anything original? Also, notice the photo-shopped plant leaf covering the cellulite in her thigh – she’s in a shaded area so why is the leaf casting that slight shadow on her thigh?

harry on

Yuck! I feel bad for her kid though. Poor thing looks like her father.

lola on

I really hate when pregnant women wear bikinis when they are pregnant. Uggh!
Love the picture though, very sweet Mommy & Me moment., but kneeling in the sand hurts like crazy.

Nanu21 on

By the end of the day old Kimmie has to be real tired….carrying that XXXL rear end has to be rather H-E-A-V-Y…….pregnant in a bikini is not her best look so throw the old gal a cover up…..

KB on

Really.. People are seriously bashing her for hanging out with her child on the beach? This picture is adorable and I can’t believe people seriously have nothing better to do than pick apart every tiny little thing they can just to be mean to her. Grow up! This is a beautiful picture that isn’t causing any harm, and I can’t believe people have the audacity to say something mean about North. Shows what a good person you are when you call a child ugly over the Internet. Get a life and stop bashing this human being for every single thing she does!

Melissa on

WOW pls cover up! Scary spice!

Melanie on

Who’s gonna help her up? You can no longer fit into a bikini Kim. Just gross!

Matthew on

She makes on her knees look like a normal position.

Dingosbaby (@dingosbaby) on

I don’t know. I think this is a sweet photo. Other than draping her child in real fur, I think Kim is probably a good mother. And I think she looks nice in her bikini and so does little babes.

Megan on

aaaaaahahahahahahaha How staged is this photo?

Shaunna on

“Hi little girl. My name is Kim. You can call me Mommy. I am the lady who takes you to child friendly places like fashion shows to go play.”

Mellie on

Oh my. And she thinks she looks good. This poor cute little child having parents like Kim and Kanye.

Whatever on

Not a Kardashian fan, but this is possibly the best picture of Kim ever.

Marzena on

Does Kim really think she looks good in that bikini? Really? Pls dear do us all a favor and cover that sh$t up!!!

Maria on

When you’re that big, please wear a one-piece swimsuit. No bikinis. Those straps look like they are gonna tear any second now.

Marcella on

Matching swimsuits? LOL. Pretty sure Kim’s is a jumbo. Pls cover up. That is not good.

salina on

wow she looks great..not alot of pregnant women can pull that not pregnant and i cannot look like that
and look how genuine her smile is with her daughter
wow there are alot of jealous people and haters out there.
do u guys sleep at night..really why so much negative comments..has she really done anything personal to u

Godiva on

If I were that pregnant I would wear a great big swim dress, but not in yellow because then people would run up to me yelling “Taxi!”
But I do love this pic.
The baby is adorable and although I am sick of her and have never been a fan, Kim K. is a beautiful woman, in my opinion.
Cute pic!

jmk on

I despise the Kartrashians. Having said that – this is a very cute pic of a mom and child moment. People are too mean.

Anonymous on

What is going on with all the ugly-on-the-inside people posting here. I am shocked that there or so many nasty people out there and refuse to believe that anything other than jelousy could make you so mean!!! I am no fan of kim or her family but this picture is very sweet. A sweet mommy and me moment! You know nothing about her relationship with her daughter and she looks good in that bikini. She is very curvy but rocks that bikini!!! Bikinis are not only for skinny women. I am skinny but have a lot of strech mark and I still wear a bikini on a hot day on the beach. No wonder celebrities have eating disorders and cosmetic surgeries…people are harsh!!!

huh? on

Huh? you get pouty lips when you’re pregnant. Who writes this sh*t, clearly they have never been pregnant

bellabee on

Hate her or not, this is an adorable picture.

really on

Matching suits? Just because it’s the same color? Hardly.

Anonymous on

Photo-op and PhotoShop. Why?

Michlle on

This is a beautiful pic… STFU haters. This is a moment all us Mom’s have shared ……

PuffyBiggles on

That kid is as cute as a button.

Marina on

Those are flash tattoos on North – not jewelry. And she looks as cute as a button!

Anonymous on

Their suits do not match. Come on PEOPLE!

Meg on

North is a cute, sweet-looking child. Her mother needs to be harpooned, however! She looks like a beached whale.

Guest on

Beached whale

Sloan on

Pouty Lips what about the Grotesque Butt, stage makeup on the whole body so she can pose for a picture with her daughter. Posing in front of paparazzi with North is the only time she spends with er

Anonymous on

This picture is so beautiful!!

Rachael on

Matching suits? Hardly.. and in black? What a shocker!

sam on

absolutely sweet and beautiful!

Karen on

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but this is clearly a staged, professional photograph. Nothing about this family is real or natural. Nothing. They just annoy me because they get away with it. That said, North is a cute kid.

YaYa on

This is an adorable picture of KIm and North.

I am sure Kim knew their picture was being taken.

It is a good picture.

Manon on

Just wondering, what happened to your no kids policy? Its the second time you post pictures of North on their vacation…

gisella nyc on

Soooooo cute!

cameron on

Her bikini bottom does not even cover the crack of her behind.

Ritz on

Matching swim suits really ?? Lmao

guest||| on

She looks ready to deliver…She’s only 6 months pregnant!!! Wow

guest||| on

Kim’s Mini-Me??? North is Kanye’s mini-me

Maria on

She looks SO much better in that bikini than she did in that god-awful VMAs dress.

Leeza on

I think it’s great that she’s wearing a biking while pregnant. Why should she cover herself up like she’s ashamed of her body? Also, those who are fat shaming a pregnant woman are shallow and immature trolls. Save your nasty comments for later when you don’t think she’s losing the baby weight fast enough.

cg on

That picture just looks so staged.

stacy on


dolores adamson on

this is a beautiful picture of mommy and her little girl…all you haters out there you think she so ugly you picture and see what we think of you …dear ya

Anonymous on

1. are people seriously getting annoyed that she is just hanging out with her family on a family vacation ?
2. there is nothing wrong with a pregnant woman wearing a bikini to the beach, especially when its someone with bronze skin that doesn’t have a single mark, mole, hair or stretch mark in site (yes she uses her millions to make herself look perfect but we all would too fuckin face it).
3. i do not support the kardashians and they make too much fuckin money for absolutely no reason but hey, i seriously doubt they give a fuck what americans think because apparently good or bad, americans give too much attention to them anyways.

Anonymous on

Lovely picture.

Lindi on

I’m on board with Missy, If there were no photos of Kim in a bathing suit then haters will claim she really is not pregnant like they did Beyonce. I’m not a Kim Kardashian fan but it’s a cute mother child moment.

trish on

Notice the leaf cutting into her left thigh….really? I love rocking a bikini and I’ve been pregant too. But she photo-shops all of the normal signs of pregnancy. Kim does not have picture perfect skin….so stop trying to make the rest of us feel like we are now equal. Her daughter is adorable. Try being real Kim….stop trying to fool everyone because you are just fooling yourself. Get real!

anna on

Such a fake photo. It is obviously not a spontaneous shot. Hello perhaps the morons who took this shot thought it looked natural. They failed.

Yummy on

Kim looks better in bikini than in those dresses!

Jackie on

Does she hate the child’s naturally curly hair so much that she will
pull it horribly tight forever? I feel so sorry for the child on so many levels.

Liza on

Wow so many negative people out there! I actually think she looks gorgeous here. Certainly better than in those tight dresses she refuses to put away during her pregnancies. As for people saying pregnant women shouldn’t wear bikinis, you have ZERO clue what it feels like to try and wrap Lycra/nylon/spandex around your growing belly and honestly how HUGE it makes you look to wear a one piece while pregnant. Bikinis not only flatter the body more during that time but it makes Mama feel a million times more comfortable. Rock that suit Kim!!!

Anonymous on

Lovely photo but, if you look carefully you will see that this was staged due to the strategically placed leaves.

Anonymous on

This woman is pregnant with a 2nd child and has all of these curves but never one stretch mark anywhere? It’s not a candid if it’s photoshopped/airbrushed!

PV on

Yap it looks like photoshopped

Barb on

Very cute but I don’t see matching anything.

Linda on

Orka sighting!!!!

dd on

kims skin looks good…i wonder if it’s real or spray tan….she looks good.

LIN on

Put her in something but black. It’s such a morbid color for a tot. I noticed how she tried to hid that hippo butt behind the plant. Ha ha.

Maxine on

Ooh very cute picture!

Terrance on

Time to cover it up girl.

Anonymous on

This is a very nice picture, Kim’s skin looks flawless.

Vee on

That photo looks completely staged – everything about it looks phoney. It is SO hard to imagine Kim playing mommy. I don’t imagine she spends much time with her daughter at all.

wth on

how about, they aren’t wearing matching bathing suits?
nothing about them matches except that they are black.
and i mean the suits.

Pov on

They don’t have matching suits, except of the color.

Christen on

One day this little girl will be bitter towards her moron materialistic, VAIN parents for dressing her in uncomfortable neutral clothes. Let her be a little girl! This family angers me, I feel abnormal at how much I loathe them and think they are ridiculous LOL.

darwin hash on

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